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One of these? Danapit (talk) 07:44, 3 June 2013 (UTC)

Shanghai International Circuit outdated?[edit]

The directions seem to be outdated, now there is a metro station since 2011: Shanghai Circuit. So I removed all the direction description, not sure if those buses still exist since there is direct metro. But i keep a copy here, in case we want to revert. Old text: "Special buses run from Shanghai Stadium metro stop (line 1 ) and a few others around the city. They cost ¥50 return and leave every few minutes when they fill up. On Friday and Saturday it takes an hour or so each way (so if you are staying somewhere in the centre of Shanghai budget two hours door to door), on Sunday it is significantly quicker. They also drop you as far away from the main stand as it is possible to get, so budget on another 20-30 minutes to get to your seats depending on where your seats are. On the way back, you are better off just to jump on any bus as they all take you back to a metro station and your door to door travel time should be about the same."

New text: "It is served by metro line  11  Shanghai Circuit station. Pay attention to take the metro 11 to Huaqiao, and not the metro 11 to North Jiading, since this end of the line has two branches. The loudspeakers will say a Chinese text and the first sentence ends with "Hwachao" or "Jiadingbay" respectively, and the front face of the metro also writes the name of the terminal in English."