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Should this article be Shirakawa-go as it is currently, or just Shirakawa (Gifu) (as in 白川村 Shirakawa-mura)? (Note that there's already Shirakawa for a much larger city in Fukushima.) Please correct me, but AFAICT Shirakawa-mura is the incorporated village with current legal status (which on WV we would just call Shirakawa), while Shirakawa-go is a part of that village which retains the historic buildings and keeps the old name of the district. If so, then perhaps Shirakawa (Gifu) is the more appropriate name for the article, and links to it should say "Shirakawa" unless specifically referring to the historic village. On the other hand, since it has to be suffixed with the prefecture to disambiguate it, if the town is relatively well-known as "Shirakawa-go" in Japanese versus "Shirakawa-mura", then perhaps Shirakawa-go is a fine name in English to keep it simple and unambiguous. --Bigpeteb (talk) 17:50, 28 October 2019 (UTC)