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Does anybody know how to contact the budget hotels? Phone numbers or email addresses would probably be helpful on the wiki.

20 LE seems to be too cheap to be true on the taxi section, I guess you meant 200 LE from Matroh

Taxis and budget hotels[edit]

I don't have numbers for the budget hotels, but you just turn up in Siwa and you are sure to get a room at one of them. I will try to get in future weeks and add (English speaker, now living in Siwa). Not sure about the taxi service, but you can get a mini bus, comfy enough seats, with 12 others to Mersa Matruh for about 15LE from outside the central mosque. They run all hours of day, usually leave just after prayer times for example. You don't book, just turn up and once they have enough people, they go.

Safety situation[edit]

I'm confused by the contradictory huge red warning at the top of the page indicating this is a dangerous city to visit, and the "Stay safe" section which claims exactly the opposite. Which of them is correct? 10:51, 3 September 2019 (UTC)