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This template is used by User:ArchiverBot, which runs approximately once per day, to archive old discussion pages.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to establish consensus before using this template on any page other than your user talk page. Note that in some cases archiving is better handled manually than with a bot, so a discussion is required prior to enabling automatic archiving.


See mw:Manual:Pywikibot/archivebot.py/setup for complete details on how this template can be used. Parameters that will most often be used on Wikivoyage include:

  • archive - The pattern corresponding to where threads will be archived. For simple cases this might simply be a page name: "Wikivoyage:User ban nominations/Archives". In more complex cases the pattern might be based on the date: "Wikivoyage:Tourist Office/Archives/%(year)d/%(monthname)s".
  • algo - The maximum age of a thread before it can be archived. Note that this parameter corresponds to the last time a comment was added to a thread, not how long it has been since the thread was created. A value such as "old(28d)" would indicate that threads must have been inactive for 28 days before they will be archived.
  • minthreadsleft - The minimum number of threads to leave on a page.
  • minthreadstoarchive - The minimum number of threads to archive at once.
  • archiveheader - When new archive pages are created, this content will be placed at the top of the new page.


The following is an example showing usage of this template to archive old threads on the Wikivoyage:Tourist Office page:

{{auto archiving
|archive             = Wikivoyage:Tourist Office/Archives/%(year)d/%(monthname)s
|algo                = old(14d)
|minthreadsleft      = 2
|minthreadstoarchive = 1
|archiveheader       = {{talk archive}}