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This template displays currency exchange rates for one or more currencies as shown in the example below. It should only be used on country articles, and should be placed in the "Buy" section of those articles.

Template parameters[edit]

To use this template, invoke it with the following arguments:

currencyCode (Required)
The currency symbol for the currency being converted. Example: "EUR".
USD (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in US dollar
EUR (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in Euro
GBP (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in British pound
AUD (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in Australian dollar
CAD (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in Canadian dollar
CNY (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in Chinese yuan (reminbi)
INR (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in Indian rupee
JPY (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in Japanese Yen
ZAR (Optional)
Set to 1 to display rate in South African rand


| currencyCode=EUR
| USD=1
| EUR=1
| GBP=1
| AUD=1
| CAD=1
| JPY=1
| ZAR=1

...which produces:


Exchange rates for (EUR) European Euro €

Exchange rates fluctuate. Current rates for these and other currencies are set here.

For see when last updated mouse-over values. Click to update exchange rate.

Notes for template use[edit]

  • It is easy to update this template: click on the XE.Com link in the template to go to a web page with current rates for the currency.
    • Wikivoyage does not endorse XE.com - you can use another source for rates if you prefer, just be sure to identify your source in the template.
  • When updating the rates shown in the template, be sure to change the "as of" date too.
  • To avoid clutter, only major currencies should normally be used -- US dollars, euros and British pounds.
  • In some cases, it may be appropriate to add other currencies where a country may receive a lot of visitors from nearby countries, e.g.,
    • Canadian tourists in Mexico and the Caribbean,
    • Chinese in East Asia,
    • Australians in Southeast Asia and New Zealand,
    • Indians in South Asia, and
    • South Africans in southern Africa.

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