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This template is used to define which topic a topic is in, to define the breadcrumb at the top of the topic page. It will also, if exists, add the article to a category of the same name.

Note that this is only for topic guides.

If no category exists for the parameter a small Create category link will be placed at the bottom of the article to assist in creation.

To use it, add {{PartOfTopic|name parent topic}} to the bottom of a travel topic page.

For example {{PartOfTopic|Driving}}

Optionally a second parameter can be added for a region. It does not add a breadcrumb to the page but added it to a category.

For example {{PartOfTopic|Travel activities‎|France}}

See Wikivoyage:Breadcrumb navigation for more information.

Adds a breadcrumb at the top of the topic page to a parent topic article.

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Template parameters

Topic parent article name1

Identify the topic parent article of the article that this template is added to

Page namesuggested
Only specific region article name2

If the article is specific to only a region, you can specify the article name of the applicable region. No breadcrumb will be added to show this.

Page nameoptional