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For formatting inline phone numbers (where listing template does not make sense).

  • Displays number in Wikivoyage phone format
  • Checks phone number is in standard international syntax
  • Create click and phone link
  • Saves author having to work out how to type in phone symbol
  • Will allow for quick update of format if policy guidelines change.

{{phone|123456789}} – shows 123456789 which should show format warning (if preference set)

{{phone|+1 2334 5678 9999}} – shows +1 2334 5678 9999 which should be OK

Numbers that cannot be dialed from outside the country should not begin with a country code. Some examples of these are unified local emergency numbers (like 1-1-2 or 9-1-1) and national freephone numbers in many countries (e.g. 0800 737-000, the Air New Zealand Freephone number, is valid only within NZ).

The following number prefixes will not be flagged as having a missing country code: 0508, 0800, 1300, 1800, 01800. Adding a description in brackets after the number of one of the following: "high cost", "extra charge", "premium", "local rate", "in country only", "domestic" or "non-geographic number", will also stop it being flagged as an incorrect format needing country code.

Add a phone number within an article

Template parameters[Edit template data]

Phone Number1

Specify a phone number. Include the country code, unless the number cannot be called from outside of the country.

+1 718 555-0123