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  • Function: This template generates an URL to display a map.
  • Usage: {{PoiMap2|1|2|3|4}}
  • Required parameters:
|1 latitude of the map's center, valid range: -90.0 to 90.0
|2 longitude of the map's center, valid range: -180.0 to 180.0
  • Optional parameters:
|3 zoom level, default=15, valid range: 1 to 18 (1=Earth, 18=city block)
|4 layers, default=M, valid: M= Mapnik (OSM), W=Wikivoyage, N= Traffic line Network, O= Mapquest Open, A= Mapquest Aerial, P= Pois of Interest, L= Labels, H= Hiking, S= hill Shading, C= Cycling, D= Destinations. Any combination is possible.
  • Examples:
  • Hint:
This map may be used to "click & copy" the complete template call.