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We should probably avoid using the same style box as Template:Warningbox; it dilutes the impact of seeing the bright red color scheme. (WT-en) LtPowers 13:21, 27 March 2011 (EDT)

Ok what color or style do you suggest? (WT-en) –sumone10154 11:02, 28 March 2011 (EDT)
Purple or blue would soften it, I think. I used yellow for Template:Cautionbox, which might also work. (WT-en) LtPowers 22:14, 25 August 2011 (EDT)
Purple sounds good. (WT-en) texugo 00:32, 26 August 2011 (EDT)
I couldn't get purple to work well; it turned out pink. I've changed it to a light blue, which I think looks pretty good, though you're welcome to try out some other colors. (WT-en) LtPowers 13:41, 26 August 2011 (EDT)

Displaying date last updated[edit]

I think that the box should display when it was last updated as this information is subject to change frequently. Other caution boxes do this. Does anyone know how to do this? Ground Zero (talk) 12:17, 1 March 2020 (UTC)