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Preferred pronouns: he/him. But I'm not offended by other pronouns. Gender-specific pronouns were probably a bad idea in the first place, but we're stuck with them for the foreseeable.

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Words like "recently", "currently" and "now" should usually be avoided because they go out of date quickly. Here are some examples of where these words have been added to articles and then left to rot like an egg sandwiches in the hot sun:

  • Southlake - someone wrote that this city had been recently chosen as the best place to live within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. That was written in 2006 or earlier, but remained in the article until 2018.
  • Milton Keynes - someone wrote that "the bus operator, MK Metro, has recently been purchased by Arriva". That happened in 2006, and remained in the article until 2018.
  • Chukotka - "Chukotka was until just recently governed by... Roman Abramovich" is pretty awful when you're reading it in 2018, ten years after he left the post.
  • Central Asia - saying that Turkmenistan was "ruled until recently by a post-Soviet lunatic" is misleading when he died in 2006.
  • Rochester's Wegmans store was replaced in 2013, which is not "recently" if you're reading it in 2018.
  • "LIAT, which merged with Caribbean Star recently" - the merger happened in 2007, and this line remained in the article until 2018.


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