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I grew up in the small town of Rouyn-Noranda. I spent a year in a small village in northern Germany. Then I lived in Rouyn-Noranda again. Then I lived in Montreal for several years, studying. Then I moved to Urbana, IL (also studying).I'm now still stuyind, but in the much more visually interesting town of Los Alamos, new mexico. I made some modifications to wikivoyage (as anonymous user). I started a project very similar to this, sort of a travel guide dedicated to scuba diving sites. Leave messages on my talk page. Working on starting now (even though wikiscuba isn't quite off yet, but there's another fellow working on this too, somewhere in england), a free photography encyclopedia. Hopefully, this will take off soon. I think that may actually take off faster than wikiscuba (maybe computer litteracy is more widespread among photographers than scuba divers, just by necessity). At the very least, it should have no shortage of nice pictures. :)

Current Projects

(WT-en) Gallery of my images with notes when I'm looking for comments from other users on whether it belongs on a certain page

I tend to contribute in spurious and irregular bouts. So I don't really have projects, but for the sake of it, I'll list here the pages I'm looking at more recently and want to add something to.

Navajo Nation: To-do-->Understand section

Bandelier National Monument: To-do--> Change the picture. I'm there often and I think I have made better pictures than that, some great panoramas among others. Also, go back and take pictures that would be of interest to travellers. Maybe visitor's center?

Rouyn-Noranda: That's where I'm from. A rather uneventful place, but a likeable one. I'll have to remind myself to look at that page every now and then and add a little bit more. Maybe at some point that article will become usable...

Durango (Colorado): I was there for vacation once and just posted some images. The train depot isn't great. There could be something that represents the town better but I didn't have much. I'll have to add the bit about the Polar Express train they have running during christmas time, now.

To-Take Picture List

In order of feasability:

  • Tampa Bay (I'll be there for a conference in a week)
  • Española (will I have time... wanted to go see Borat there sometime this week, but the sun sets early this time of year...)
  • Tent rocks canyon trail (although I think there are already good pictures on here. Naaaahhh... I like to take pictures anyway.)
  • Abiquiu
  • Chama
  • Rouyn-Noranda, Maybe at the end of february, beginning of march. I was going to be there in early january, but the weather wasn't good, so I didn't go.

Ideas that I had once and didn't want to forget (but haven't had the guts to talk to other wikivoyagers about)

I guess that's more for me than other people but you're welcome to look at this and let me know what you think.

American Indian Reservations: Visiting native american reservations can be interesting, but you have to know a bit what you're doing. For one thing, some places charge you to enter on the reservation or on villages. They might also charge you for taking pictures or video. You might be asked to stay on certain paths. There are traditional dances throughout the year (at least here in New Mexico) and it might be worthwile to have a calendar of this (dates typically don't change too much). All these things (and more) would be worthwile to people who want to visit reservations in the U.S. (at least. Canada has indian reservations as well and many are in South America. I don't know if the system there is the same as here).

Jemez Mountains Hot Springs, Jemez Mountains Hiking, New Mexico Hiking, Northern New Mexico Hiking: All these things are interesting, at least to me, and I've been buying small guides on these different subjects ever since I've come here. I don't know if it warrants pages of their own (I think so) or if subpages would be sufficient... hmmm...

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