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Edmonton is a beautiful city.
This user page was designed by Wikipedia user IMatthew, the layout stolen from RyanCross

Hola, I am Edmontonenthusiast and this is my great user page. Here you can learn a little bit about me and what I plan to do here.


I am a docent for Edmonton and Edmonton's metro region. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Favourite cities

Where I'm mostly working

(potential) Future projects (areas) to work:

Worst attractions

Only my opinion - you can form your own.

  • West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton. Tacky and totally suburban. There isn't anything to it really especially Americans. All it is chain after chain with a few overthetop attractions in between - submarine tours, Pirateship, dolphins, amusement park. Also - what kind of mall has nightlife?
  • Stephen Avenue, Calgary. Promoted well as a nice urban shopping area in Calgs core. Wow! Although - it doesn't feel like a shopping area. It just feels like a meh outdoor mall - no organic interesting urban shopping just chains and everything you can get at Chinook or Balzak.
  • Disneyland, California. Overly tacky and overpriced. It lacks culture and variety - it is just Disney.
  • Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas. Can LV just perhaps form it's own style? Why does it have to copy London, Paris, New York, and a lot of other places? Why does it need a Empire State replica? I find it stupid and waaaay tacky. I would prefer Las Vegas to make it's own landmarks. Not to mention it is sprawl heaven and pedestrian hell. Pollution, pollution, pollution, pollution.
  • Disneyworld, Florida. Just about as bad as the Cali one. Just tacky. It is too crowded and is tooo tooo overrrated.
  • Dubai Towers, Dubai. They just look stupid and dumb. Not to mention, a lot of them have been built without boom or economy - leaving much of it empty - what a waste. This is why you grow organically, not megaboom with little economy. I mean, Dubai has economy but it is more in tourism not condos and office corperates.
  • Valley Zoo, Edmonton. Too tacky and not much to do. Kind of boring. Not to mention, you feel so bad for the animals in there. I'd much rather it be revamped to show the natural animals from the area.
  • Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Akin to Dubai towers it just looks over the top. Really it is just built to be the tallest and grab world attention. Again - built without economy. Anyways it is just lammmme.
  • Osborne, Winnipeg. I don't mind it really. Just when I was there the stores had poor service and the pedestrians were rude and the infrastructure was terrible.
  • Downtown, Las Vegas. Carboncopy of LV Strip - yee haw. The Freemont Experience - how stupid. Then all the parking lots - laaame.
  • Tempe, Arizona. Suburban gore fest. I hope that explains it because all it is is suburbia which is bad for t he environment and humans actually. There isn't anything urban/organic about it.
  • Walmart, Global. You'd be surprised how many people check out Walmarts around the world. It is quite lame and since when is a budget, greedy, mega, chain an attraction? See [1].

Good articles on wt I'd recommend

These are the best for travelers to use and for conrib'ers to look up to for the city that they are working on:

Good job to Inas, Sertmann, PerryPlanet, Peterfitzgerald, Gorilla Jones, and countless others who've contributed to these articles.

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