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I'm Hans, living near Stuttgart, Germany.

When travelling Peru in August 2003, I had been wondering why there isn't somethig like the famous South American Handbook (all South America travellers will know), but wiki based. In fact, I really was looking for exactly that what Wikivoyage is. Back at home, I googled the web more intensively, and: Here I am.

Why do I believe that a wiki server is that what we need?

All good travel guides live from traveller's feedback. There is no other way if you want to provide detailed and up to date information. The classical way was to send letters (or e-mails) to the editors of a travel guide so that the next edition can be updated. Actually, they never can proof all the many details they get send, but simpley print them. This is exactly the same thing that Wikivoyage does, but much faster and with a free license. What else do you want?

(Well, this was my first impression of wikivoyage in september 2003. But times have changed.)

To my (WT-en) Sandbox.

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