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I'm Mark Jaroski, a software developer living in Lausanne, Switzerland, and working at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

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I was born in Carbondale, Illinois in 1968 and lived there or nearby for my first 23 years. Since then I've lived in Chicago, San Francisco, Geneva and Lausanne and for a short 3 months in Amsterdam.

About Me[edit]

Hometown Carbondale
Residence Lausanne
Other homes Chicago, San Francisco, Geneva, Paris
Have visited New Orleans, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Venice, Zurich, Berne
Wishlist Bangkok, Malaysia, Croatia


I'm on the Docent list for all of the places I've lived above. Drop me a line here or by email if you need more info than is available in the article for the destination you are visiting.



Map of the 4th Arrondissement of Paris

I've been making maps for Wikitravel since sometime in 2004, and have been trying to work out a consistant graphics style for Wikitravel destination maps which should be easy for others to use if they wish to. I started with Paris in part at least because I was there when I first started the map-making project. You can see a full list of maps and some of the reasoning on my Map page.


User:Mark/WWW-Mediawiki-Client is a perl library which provides a client API for the Mediawiki software. It comes with a script called mvs which allows one to edit a Mediawiki site using a normal text editor and commit changes and get updates from the command line, very much like cvs.


I've visited a number of places (other than the places where I've actually lived), and may or may not have something interesting to contribute about them. If you've got a trip to one of these planned, bug me and I'll put some time into the article.