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I love photography, nature, space, exploring the outdoors, camping, painting pictures of wildlife and also writing short stories about my recent travels on an every day basis. I'm interested in sustainability, transitions, climate change, community engagement in environmental and social issues, disaster management and conflict resolution. I've lived and travelled in various places around the world and have done many different things, like teaching ESL, farming, professional work, research, etc. I also like to think I have learned a great deal, but really, my learning has made me realise that I know very little and that there is always much more to learn. As I keep learning, I like to share what I do know, which is why I like Wikivoyage. Hopefully, the occasional small edits I add here and there are of help to the wider community. I also occasionally revert vandalism and spam on Wikivoyage. I do gnomish work too, like fixing grammar and dead links, adding refs, sorting article layouts out, welcoming new oncoming users to Wikivoyage and create short articles (which are technically known as stubs). If you ever want to drop me a note, please do!