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What would you think of me?[edit]

The first things you people will probably say are curse words and vows of bringing whoever caused this unfortunate event down. I assume that it is when you cool down that you start to wonder why this site was attacked in the first place. The first few things in your list of reasons would probably be pride or bragging rights, for kicks, rebellion, and maybe even terrorism. Would you be surprised if I told you that we did this because of our love for our country? I can already picture that smirk on your face. Misguided as it may seem, this is the most efficient way for the government to take us seriously.

Information technology and other sciences related to computers and programming are rising at a geometrical rate, but here in our country, at least in the government, it is still not given as much importance as it is supposed to. A bulk of the attention is focused on entertainment which includes, and is not limited to illegal downloads, social networking, and video streaming; but national security? Not even a glance.

Yes, ironic as it gets, we’re campaigning for national security. We broke in to your websites, defaced your pages, made chicken feed out of your computer specialists, and we are asking for security. For those who still don’t get it, we are simply showing you how low the quality of your security is; not to threaten you, but to give you a little heads-up. If a bunch of computer enthusiasts, some of which are only adolescents, can break in to your security, just imagine what terrorists can do. Oh, and they can do a lot. If you people are up to date on current events, you’ve probably heard about the recent cyber attacks, black hat hackers, and Stuxnet (don’t know what it is? Use google). Cyber warfare. It’s gaining participants and victims.

D4e3px (Crew Vice Leader, Philker Developers Network) 00:39, 27 April 2012 (UTC)