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To Do
  • Add a few restaurants to Gravesend, RM Star Grill

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1st edit 16 January 2013 (user/talkpage)
21 February 2013 (article)
100 edits 24 April 2017
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w:BMW E36 drifting at Swaffham Raceway in 2015
w:BMW E46 drifting at Adrian Flux Arena in 2015

About Me[edit]

Hello, welcome to my userpage,
My name's Dave, I live in Strood, Kent, UK
I created the account in November 2012 but started editing in February 2014 although since 2014 the editing has been very sporadic,br>

The only country I've visited is France but in the UK I've visited Bournemouth/Poole,
Blackpool, Dublin, Glasgow and the Lake District.

Also as I'm not on here often any messages/queries/issues should be
left on my English Wikipedia talkpage, Thanks.

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