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Hello, world!

I've lived and worked in Vancouver, Kyoto, Stuttgart, Seoul, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Dresden so far. I like to travel, hike, and take photos of the things I see. If I get into some place that seems really lovely, on which there's minimal information available, I sometimes provide that information afterward.

I managed to get two photos into the top 10 in China's Wiki Loves Earth 2017, which presumably means I won something!: Commons: Winners of Wiki Loves Earth 2017 in China, or see the list of finalists and winners.

Tianchi (Heaven Lake) in Changbaishan (Baekdu-san), looking north from the western crater rim
Chanadorje (Xianuoduoji, 5958m) and Chonggu Grassland, Yading National Nature Reserve, Sichuan