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Pest is the eastern side of the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. Main tourist places concentrated for downtown, Andrássy út (Central Pest), neighborhood of these, and Városliget area.

The downtown northern part includes the Parliament, Szent István Basilica and some museums, the south part mostly high class accommodations, night life area and the National Museum.

The Chain Bridge and a view of Pest
  • The Jewish Quarter. This area is the biggest part of the Erzsébetváros (district VII.). See more at Central Pest
  • 1 Margaret Island (Margitsziget), Margitsziget, Pest? (From BKV m 2 jms.svg 'Széll Kálmán tér' tram: 4 or 6 to 'Margaret Island' stop and walk in acrooss the two lanes wide bridge consol OR from Metro Nyugati tér take bus 26 which stops several times on the Island). 24/7. Margaret Island is connected to the city by Árpád Bridge to the north and Margaret Bridge to the south. You can stroll for hours in its large parks. There are Sportcomplex, Outdoor 'Palatinus' bath, minizoo, flower garden, hotel, pubs. Free.

Get in[edit]

Coming from Buda, you can cross the Danube with Metro line 2 BKV m 2 jms.svg or Metro line 4 BKV m 4 jms.svg. Important stops of BKV m 2 jms.svg are Kossuth Lajos Square (get off here to see the Parliament), Deák Ferenc Square (major transport hub), and Keleti pályaudvar (railway station). Trams 4, 6, 47 and 49 are also good options.

Pest has two railway stations, the aforementioned Keleti pályaudvar, and Nyugati pályaudvar, from where you can continue your journey on Metro line 3 BKV m 3 jms.svg: or tram 4/6.

Get around[edit]

  • BKV m 1 jms.svg: Millennium Subway (Millenniumi Földalatti Vasút), From downtown along under the boulevard Andrássy to Városliget. The recently renovated metro 1 line. The oldest one in the Continental Europe. More Budapest:Get around:By metro for background). A convenient way to reach the outer areas of City Park. Normal ticket needed, but unlike other public transport, this it is only good for thirty minutes after the ticket is validated.
  • Deák Ferenc Square (Deák Ferenc tér), V. Deák Ferenc Square (BKV m 1 jms.svg,BKV m 2 jms.svg,BKV m 3 jms.svg). The metro network does a pretty good job of covering the Pest side of the river, with three of the lines meeting up at Deák Ferenc tér in the center of the city.
  • Tram no. 2 (Along Danube east bank). This tram line running along the east bank fill in a useful gap. You shouldn't miss a ride along the Danube as it touches many tourist spots in Pest (e. g. the Parliament at BKV m 2 jms.svg: Kossuth Lajos tér and the Great Market Hall at BKV m 4 jms.svg: Fővám tér). This line was recently voted as one of the most beautiful tram routes in the world, so it's a sight in itself and well worth trying.

Suburban Rail (HEV)[edit]

  • 2 Cinkota Suburban Rail Stop (Cinkota HÉV megálló), XVI. Szabadföld út 12. Can change to bus #92. - H8 Suburban Rail stop here between M2 Örs vezér tere (West) and Gödöllő (East), junction toward north to Csömör suburb.
  • 3 Ilonatelep Station (Ilonatelep HÉV megálló), XVI. Magtár utca, Barátság utca,. H8 Suburban Rail stop here between BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere (West) and Gödöllő (East)
  • 4 Mátyásföld, repülőtér Suburban Rail Stop (Mátyásföld, repülőtér HÉV megálló), XVI. Veres Péter út 117-119. H8, H9
  • 5 'Mátyásföld, Imre utca' Suburban Rail Stop (Mátyásföld, Imre utca HÉV megálló), XVI. Veres Péter (Near to Imre utca intersection). Can change to bus #92, 176E, 276E. - H8 Suburban Rail stop here between BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere (West) and Gödöllő (East), and H9 to Csömör suburb.
  • 6 Nagyicce Suburban Rail Stop (Nagyicce HÉV megálló), XVI. Veres Péter út 1. H8, H9
  • 7 Sashalom Suburban Rail Stop (Sashalom HÉV megálló), XVI. Veres Péter út 37-39. H8, H9


Downtown (District 5th)[edit]

See in Belváros

Terezvaros, Erzsébetváros, and Józsefváros (Districts 6th,7th and 8th)[edit]

See in Central Pest

Angyalföld and Újpest (Districts 4th and 13th)[edit]

See in North Pest

District 15[edit]

Churches in District 15[edit]

Our Lady of Hungary church in Budapest District XV
  • 1 Synagogue of Rákospalota (Rákospalotai zsinagóga), XV..
  • 2 Great lutheran church in Rákospalota (Rákospalotai evangélikus nagytemplom), XV..
  • Reformed Church in Rákospalota-Óváros (Rákospalota-óvárosi református templom), XV..
  • 3 Reformed church in MÁV-telep (MÁV-telepi Református templom), XV..
  • 4 Pestújhely-Újpalota Lutheran Church (Rakospalota evangelikus templom, Pestújhelyi-Újpalotai evangélikus templom), XV. Templom tér 10..
  • Holy Trinity church in Rákospalota (Szentháromság-templom Rákospalotán), XV.. Roman Catholic church
  • 5 Our Lady of Hungary church in Budapest District XV (Rákospalotai Magyarok Nagyasszonya főplébániatemplom), XV.. Monument #13946. - Roman Catholic church
  • Roman Catholic church in Pestújhely, XV.. Roman Catholic church
  • Church of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ (Római katolikus templom Újpalotán), XV.. Roman Catholic church

Other sights in District 15[edit]

  • 6 Hungarian Railway Museum (Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park), XV. Tatai út 95, +36 1 450 1497, e-mail: . Located at a railway station of the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV). The museum covers more than 70,000 square meters and it features over one hundred exhibits, including railway vehicles and equipment. Visitors can not only admire the old machines: they can also try them out.
  • 7 Rákospalotai Museum (Rákospalotai Helytörténeti Múzeum), XV. Pestújhelyi út 81 (From M 2 Astoria take bus 107 to stop Apolló utca and walk cca. 800m), +36 1 419-8216, e-mail: . The museum was established in 1960 a protected monument school building. This includes an ethnographic collection and a gallery (include the legacy of the painter, Viktor Madarász). Here held,-since 2006,-the 'one-day exhibition garden' events, when local fine and applied artists show their works.
  • Town Hall (Városháza), XV. Hubay Jenő tér.
  • The 'skyscraper' of Újpalota (Újpalotai magasház), XV.. a 18 storey building
  • WW I memorial (Első világháborús emlékmű), XV. (Before the Town Hall).
  • 8 Monument #16308, XV.Őrjárat u. 1-3..
  • Building complex of Girls' Educational Institute (Rákospalotai Leánynevelő Intézet épületegyüttese), XV. Pozsony utca 36. Monument #1243

District 16[edit]

District neighborhoods: Árpádföld, Cinkota, Mátyásföld, Rákosszentmihály and Sashalom. The 16th district of Budapest located on both banks of the Szilas Creek, where meeting the plain of Pest and the Gödöllő's Hills. It is bounded by Csömör from north, Kistarcsa and Nagytarcsa from east, the 17th district from south-east, the 10th district from southwest, the14th District from West, the 15th district from northwest. - On the Northern part of its is Árpádföld,-former separate Árpád and Anna settlements, which belonged to Cinkota village before was created Great Budapest (1950's). Cinkota south western part (now east Árpádföld) include the Naplás Lake, the Small Forest of Cinkota, Cinkota Cemetery (Szabadföld Road). Mátyásföld also began as an independent settlement. - Mátyásföld located to East of the former terminal of the eastern (Gödöllöi) suburban rail (HÉV), near to Kelti Railway Station,-on a plateau which is on same level as the Gellért Hill. Rákosszentmihály was named (earlier) Pusztaszentmihály. Owned by the nuns community of Nyulak Island (now Margaret Island). Sashalom belonged for a long time to Cinkota and it was known as Postás (Postman) and later Cinkota-Ehmann Colony.

  • 9 Evangelical Congregational Church (Evangélikus Gyülekezeti Ház), XVI.Batthyány Ilona utca 53-55 (Bus 45, 92 to stop Rózsalevél utca).
  • 10 Private Ethnographic Museum of Laki Károly (Laki Károly Néprajzi Magánmúzeuma), XVI Kalitka u. 1. (H8, H9 'Mátyásföld, repülőtér'), +36 1 403-7909. H-V: 9:00-18:00 by appointment. The 3,000-piece collection of Hungarian folk culture presents the objects of peasant life. The house has nine rooms and an exhibition garden
  • 11 Lutheran Church in Cinkota (Evangelical church of Cinkota, Cinkotai evangélikus templom), XVI. Rózsalevél utca 46. (H8 'Ilonatelep'). Monument #1245
  • 12 Old Cemetery of Cinkota (Régi Cinkotai Temető), XVI. Rózsalevél utca (H8 'Ilonatelep'). Here can you find the Lutheran Church
  • 13 County House (Cinkotai Tájház), XVI.Batthyány Ilona utca 16 (Bus 46 from M2 Örs Vezér tér to stop Batthyány Ilona utca (half hour long journey time)). One storey house. This was typical a hundreds ago in the neighborhood. Small exhibition.
  • 14 St Michael's Church (Szent Mihály-templom Rákosszentmihályon), XVI. Templom tér 3 (Rákosszentmihály), +36 1 405-58-69. Masses M, Tu, Th, F 07:00, M-F 18:00, Su 09:00, 11:00, 18:00.. Roman Catholic Church
  • 15 St. Joseph Parish Church (Szent József plébániatemplom), XVI. Paulheim József tér 1. (Matyasfold) (Bus 45, 46 to stop 'Pilóta utca' or H8,H9 to stop Mátyásföld, repülőtér walk from both 300-400m), +36 1 407 2855.
  • 16 16th District Council (XVI. kerület polgármesteri hivatala), XVI. Havashalom utca 43 (H8, H9 Sashalom half km, bus 92 to stop Budapesti út 150m), +36 1 401 1400.
  • 17 Local History Collection (Helytörténeti gyűjtemény), XVI. Veres Péter út ~157 (H8, H9 'Mátyásföld, Imre utca', bus stop Mátyásföld, Imre utca 92, 176E, 276E).
  • 18 Local History Alley in Sashalom (Helytörténeti Fasor Sashalmon , Havashalompark), XVI. Sashalmi sétány ~60-68, Karát utca 4-14, Budapesti út 51-53 (Sashalom).
  • 19 Lake Naplas (Naplás-tó, Szilas-pataki árvízvédelmi tározó), XVI. Naplás út (Cinkota, bus 46 to stop Erdei bekötőút). 24/7. is an artificial lake, it has also stream and forest. Rare flora and fauna. Boating and fishing, walking and cycling activities can be done in this place. The protected natural area since 1997. The official name flood control reservoir of Szilas creek. The lake formed in 1978 through the backwater of Szilas creek. The area was declared as protected land because there, around the lake, the surrounding reeds and lower and upper meadow of the 'valley' of the Silas creek, evolved a rich flora and fauna. A protected plant species are found here, such as ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris), different Orchids, Siberian Iris, cottongrass. Among the protected species here are praying mantis (Mantis religiosa) and European Peacock (Inachis io). The lake and the surrounding reeds provides nesting and resting place to one of the richest bird population in Budapest. Also in the 150-hectare area includes the neighboring forest of Cinkota with its sandy grassland remnants. Free.
  • 20 Palace Giselle (Gizella kastely), XVI.Egyenes utca 5-7 (Take a bus 44, 45, 176E, 276E to Egyenes utcai lakótelep), +36 1 2254800. Only from outside. This is a hillside mansion with outbuildings. Built circa 1790. The main facade of gardenside (to West) is a storey. The facade facing to yard (to East) has only ground floor. The building has covered with gable roof, the shell of its is plain tile. The Eastern side portico supported by four Tuscan columns. The facade of east is decorated with triangular tympanum which include a coat of arms with G.Z. initials. The builder was Earl János Festetich. There is a farm building with wooden porch and two wings, located on the northern part of the yard - The building is ruined for decades. Now inhabited again, is privately owned.
  • 21 Villas in Old Mátyásföld (Ó-Mátyásföld villanegyede), XVI Veres Péter út Zsélyi Aladár utca, Újszász u. Nógrádverőce u (H8 Mátyásföld, repülőtér and walk 2-5mins). Many of the renovated building can be found here. Some of its is protected monument (such as the Holiday home of Diósy and VVilla Perl both in Pilota Street, Cottage Antoniette and Villa Csernyanszky, both in Mészáros József Street)


Ferencváros is traditional name of the IX. district. The postal code is H-109X. Here is the north end of the longest Street in Budapest, the Üllői Street is about fifteen kilometer long. Its old name was 'Road to Szolnok' and it connects five districts.

Churches in Ferencváros[edit]

St. Cyril and St. Methodius Bulgarian Orthodox
  • 22 Chapel of St Barbara (Szent Borbála kápolna), IX. Hentes utca 17./ Bokréta u. 35 (BKV hev symbol.svg6 suburban rail to train stop 'Beöthy utca' and walk or take tram 4, 6 to stop 'Mester utca / Ferenc körút' further tram 51 to stop 'Nagysándor József utca'), +36 1 215-5913. Mass: First Saturday of every month at 15:00. Catholic church. The founder monks are Belgians. The house at Bokréta Street #35 is a rectory.
Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Ferencvaros
  • 23 St. Cyril and St. Methodius Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Szent Cirill és Szent Metód Bolgár Pravoszláv templom), IX. Vágóhíd u. 15 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Nagyvárad tér and take tram 24 one stop to Balázs Béla utca or walk ten min.walk), +36 1 2150039. This is the westernmost Bulgaria Orthodox Church. A listed building. Built in 1919. Architect: Aladar Árkay. Based on the famous Alexander Nevszki Cathedral (in Sofia) and Church of Bachkovsxy Monastery (South-Central Bulgaria). The Church has three naves, and domed chapel in which is the Orthodox liturgy premises. The church represents a unique architectural value, the only one Byzantine-style building in Budapest.
  • 24 Holy Cross Parish Church (Szent Kereszt Plébánia), IX. Üllői út 145. (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Ecseri út'), +36 1 3780356, fax: +36 1 3780356, e-mail: . Masses: Sundays and public holidays 07:30, 09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 18:00, Weekdays 06:30, 07:00, 08:00, 18:00, (summer) Sundays and holidays, 07:30, 09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 18:00. Weekdays 07:30, 18:00.. Catholic church. Founded in 1929. The building can accommodate up to 2000 people. Consecrated in1930. Same year it got two bells. The circular dials of tower clock always show the same time, because it was never
  • 25 Parish Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Ferencvaros (Ferencvárosi Assisi Szent Ferenc Plébánia, Belső-ferencvárosi plébániatemplom, Bakáts téri templom), IX. Bakáts tér 13. (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Corvin negyed' and walk ten min or tram 4, 6 'Mester utca / Ferenc körút'), +36 1 2170214, e-mail: . Summer masses Sa 17:30, Su 09:30,17:30. A Catholic church, The first church consecrated in 1822, but that in 1838 the floods of Pest destroyed. The new church,-now can be see,-built by Ybl Miklós, between 1867 and 1879, in French Romanesque style, A Christ-relief seen on the triangular pediment of the church, above above a statue of St. Francis. Under the whole church is a neo-Romanesque, columned,, cross-nave crypt, The frescoes in the sanctuary painted by Than Mór and Lotz Károly.
  • 26 New Life Lutheran Community (Ferencvárosi Forrás Gyülekezet), IX. Toronyház u. 3/b. (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Pöttyös utca. - József Attila housing estate, in the great hall of the Community House of Desi Huber), +36 1 2813049, e-mail: . Every Sundays 10.00-12.00. Baptist Church, Pentecostal Church.
  • 27 Gate of Buddhist Temple? (Tan Kapuja Buddhista Egyház), IX. Börzsöny u. 11. (Tram 3 to Csengettyű utca, or bus 181, 281 to Lobogó utca), +36 1 275-6712, +36 1 7837491, e-mail: . Every Wednesday masses of Gate of Zen Community in the Dharma Hall.
St. Vincent Parish Church
  • 28 St. Vincent Parish Church (Szent Vince Plébánia Templom), IX. Haller u. 19-21. (Tram 4, 6 take to stop Mester utca / Ferenc körút further tram 51, 51A or BKV m 3 jms.svg: Nagyvárad tér + tram 24 to stop 'Haller utca / Mester utca' or an interesting way take boat D16 to pier Haller utca + tram 24 one stop to 'Haller utca / Mester utca'), +36 1 2155913. Office (beside the church) M, F 09:00-12:00, Tu, Th 16:00-17:00, W 09:00-12:00 and 16:00-17:00. A listed building. Catholic church. Built in 1935-36, designed by architect Gaspar Fabian. Named after Pali St. Vincen. A cross-nave Romanesque parish church. - Farewell: 27th Sept.- Adoration: 19th Jul 19 and 27th Sept.
Pava Street synagogue
  • 29 Pava Street synagogue (Páva utcai Zsinagóga), IX. Páva u. 39., +36 1 326-5113, +36 1 215-8796, e-mail: . A listed building. Built in 1923 by Leopold Baumhorn. This synagogue was built to be unobtrusive, in order to try to hide in plain sight from the Jew-hatred of those days. The interior is resplendent in blue, gold and white colors. Decorated with a Jewish religious symbol, like the biblical king"s sons, Jachin and Boaz pillars, vault with the Star of David or the winding Maccabean lilies on the walls. Around this structured the Holocaust Memorial Center: a museum, a documentation center, a library, an archives, a media library and a conference room.
  • 30 Church of Perpetual Adoration (Örökimádás templom), IX. Üllői út 77. (M3 'Klinikak'), +36 1 216 0610, e-mail: . Catholic church. The convent and the headquarter of Altar Society completed in 1908, in Neo-Gothic style by plan of Sandor Aigner. The church facade and tower built of carved limestone, Above the entrance is a relief: the Blessed Sacrament with two angels can be see. At the entrance also are two niche with paton saints, Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. Twenty meters above the entrance a gallery runs, there starting the bellhouse. Inside: Chapel of Our Lady, the Helper; Chapel of the Holy Cross, Chapel of St. Joseph, spacious sacristy, nine meter high marble Main altar with a two-manual, 28-register organ.
  • 31 Reformed Church on Kalvin square (Kálvin téri református templom), IX. Kálvin tér 7 (M3, M4 Kálvin tér or bus 9, 15 to stop Kálvin ter or tram 47, 49 to stop Kálvin ter.), +36 1 215-4362, +36 1 2176769, fax: +36 1 2153208, e-mail: . Pastoral Office M 10.00-13.00, Tu 09.00-13:00, Th 13.30-17:30. The second largest Protestant church in the capital.The neo-classical style church, built between 1816 and 1830, based on Hilda Vince's plans. Originally designed with two towers. The two separate base of the never-built two towers is made​​, and the tower in the middle standing on edges of two base. The organ is a work of the Viennese Deutschmann company, in 1831. The foyer is decorated with columned tympanum. The side choirs was built between 1854 and 1855, according to plans by József Hild. On the south side located the Kálvin's room. The glass paintings in the Kálvin Hall,-made by Miksa Roth,-Christian symbols and famous Protestant ecclesiastical history persons - John Kálvin, Bocskai István Bethlen Gábor - depicts. In the middle of the stave vault rises an elliptical dome. The interior white surfaces decorated with golded stucco. One of the main sight is Zichy Mano's wife's tomb.
  • 32 Kanizius St. Peter's Church (Kaniziusz Szent Péter templom), IX. Gát u. 4. (Tram 4, 6 take to stop Mester utca / Ferenc körút further Tram 51, 51A to stop 'Szakorvosi rendelő', or BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Klinikák' and walk 400 m), +36 1 215-5913. Mass: Sa 17:00 and the first Sunday of every month: 15:00 also there held lutheran and copt masses. Catholic church. In 1903 the members of St. Vincent order, so called lazarists, built a three-story convent and church (190 m2), based on plan of Antal Hofhauser. In 1941 the National Union of Craftsmen and Youth worker got the building, using for center and headquarter Ferencvárosi Evangélikus Imaterem. Pastoral office and chapel IX. Haller utca 19-21. (First floor of the building behind the Roman Catholic Church) Directions: from Nagyvárad tér (M3) take tram 24 to stop 'Mester utca'. From Nagykörút (tram 4, 6) take tram 51 / 51A to stop Haller utca. The community church is: Kaníziusz St. Peter's Church of the Gat street. E-mail: tamas.koczor@lutheran.hu.
  • 33 Misssion House of Béla Bartók Unitarian Church (Misszióháza a Bartók Béla Unitárius Egyházközségnek), IX. Hőgyes Endre utca 3. (BKV m 3 jms.svg:' Corvin-negyed'), +36 1 217-6171, e-mail: . Masses on Sundays ten o'clock. Founded by: the British and the American Unitarian associations in 1923. Church opened in 1929. The building is rectangular. Origin it was built for rental house in 1899. The church practically hidden inside the building. A couple of sights: Bartók triple headboard, painted benches, coffered ceilings.Also can be see here the William Wilder Howland (U.S.A) painted carved wood plaque (1931).
  • 34 Ráday Street synagogue (Ráday utcai Zsinagóga), IX. Ráday u. 9. (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Corvin-negyed), +36 1 2017648, e-mail: . Kabbalat Shabbat services every Friday at 18:00. The temple of Sim Shalom Progressive Jewish Community. A member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. Formerly it was an Inn named to 'Two lions'. A listed building.

Other sights in Ferencváros[edit]

  • 35 Bible Museum (Ráday Gyűjtemény - Biblia Múzeum), IX. Ráday utca 28 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Corvin negyed), +36 1 217-6321, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10:00-17:00. Three thousand years ago the world of the Bible - The Bible and Archaeology, - The write and text-story exhibitions. Since 2013 closed for renovation!
  • 36 Groupama Arena (Florian Albert Stadium, Albert Flórián Stadion, Üllői úti stadion), IX. Üllői út 129 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Népliget' 100 m, Tram 1 Bus 103, 901, 914, 914A, 918, 937, 950 to stop 'Népliget'), +36 1 4552350, e-mail: . Mon closed, Tu-Th 10:00-18:00 (by appointment) , Fri 10:00-19:00 and Sa-Su 10:00-16:00 (tours starts every hour 15 minutes, 50 minutes. ). This is a multipurpose stadium. Here was the former Florian Albert Stadium which is built in 1910-11, renovated in 1971-1974, and demolished in 2013. Since 2014 operating the new stadium. Also here is the FTC Visitor Centre, with Museum Fradi and Ferencvaros Torna Club (FTC) official fan shop open Monday to Friday: 10:00-18:00. There is a 3-meter tall statue of Ferencváros legend Ballon d'Or winner Flórián Albert in front of the main entrance. Sándor Kligl, sculptor and artist, was asked to make the bronze statue. Museum ticket (full price / student, retired) 1500/1300 Combined tickets: Museum and Stadium Tour (full price / student, retired) 1900/1599.
Népliget bus station, Ferencváros
  • 37 Cellar Theatre (Pinceszínház), IX. Török Pál utca 3 (BKV m 3 jms.svg, BKV m 4 jms.svg: Kálvin tér), +36 1 218-0116, fax: +36 1 2180193. ticket office opening M-F 14:00-18:00 hours and on weekends one hour before performances. HUF 1300-2800 (2014).
  • 38 Attila József's birthplace (József Attila szülőháza), IX. Gát utca 3. (Tram 4, 6 take to stop Mester utca / Ferenc körút further Tram 51, 51A to stop 'Szakorvosi rendelő' or M3 'Klinikák' half km). Only from outside. Attila József (Hungarian: [ˈɒtːilɒ ˈjoːʒɛf]; 11 April 1905 – 3 December 1937) was the best known of the modern Hungarian poets internationally. A couple of his poems in English. The building now is a listed place. An U-shaped, one-story building
  • 39 CET, IX. Fővám tér 11-12 (tram: 2), e-mail: . 9:30-20:00. It is also called as BÁLNA (Whale) and the venue of exhibitions, cultural and entertainment events. It is a beautiful glass building near the Martket Hall. It was designed by Kas Oosterhuis.
  • 40 Holocaust Memorial Center (Holokauszt Emlékközpont), IX. 39 Páva St (tram: 4-6 'Corvin-negyed' stop, BKV m 3 jms.svg: Corvin-negyed station, tram: 51-51A – Bokréta Street stop), +36 1 4553333, +36 1 455-3399, e-mail: . Tu-Su: 10.00-18.00. This is a former synagogue, the Pava Synagogue. That dates back to the 1920s and serves as a memorial and museum for and about Hungarian Jews that were killed in The Holocaust. Adult €5, discount €3.
  • 41 Museum of Applied Arts (Iparművészeti Múzeum), IX. Üllői út 33-37 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Corvin-negyed' Or tram: 4, 6 further tram: 51-51A – Bokréta Street stop), +36 1 4565107. Tu-Su 10.00-18.00. The museum home is a masterpiece of Hungarian Art Nouveau, built between 1893 and 1896 to plans by Ödön Lechner and Gyula Pártos. Collections of: furnitures, ceramics, glasses, metalworks, textiles and costumes. The visitors are welcomed into a unique space that was named as the most impressive in Budapest, beside the city’s panorama itself by Frank Owen Gehry, one of the leading architects in our time. The modern building is organically linked to the Páva Street Synagogue, an authentic venue that once used to be the second largest site for Jewish worship in Budapest. permanent exhibitions €7, Student €3, Bigot-pavilon same, Combined: €10, Student €4.
  • 42 Ludwig Museum of Modern Art (Ludwig Múzeum – Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum, Művészetek Palotája), IX. Komor Marcell u. 1. (tram: 2 or 1 to Lágymányos bridge), +36 1 555 3444, e-mail: . Tu: 10.00-20.00, We-Su: 10.00-18.00. Museum of Contemporary Art collects and displays masterworks of modern and contemporary art. Focusing on Eastern and Central European art, it also puts a special emphasis on presenting the Hungarian art of the 60's to recent days in an international context. Adult €2.7, €1.4.
Corvinus University at Night
  • 43 Corvinus University of Budapest (Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem,formerly Budapest University of Economic Sciences), IX. Fővám tér 8. (Next to the Grand Market Hall. Tram 2, 47, 48, 49, bus 15)), +36 1 482 5023, fax: +36 1 482 5023. Welcome Office M-F 09:00-12:00.. Established in 1920. This is the university's main building — now part of the [UNESCO] Heritage Site, It was finished in 1874, planned by Miklós Ybl in Neo-Renaissance style. The building originally was called "Vámház" (Customs House) and "Fővámpalota" (Chief Customs Palace). The building was connected to ports of the Danube by four tunnels. It had a railroad connection. During WW2 the Hungarian, German and Soviet troops used the building as a military base. The Customs House suffered serious damage during the war. In 1948 it became the main building of the University of Economical Sciences, colloquially known as 'Közgáz'. It underwent major renovations in 1950 and later in 1989-1990. Currently, much of the education of the business faculties (Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, Social Sciences) takes place in the main building. This is the location of the rector's offices as well.- See more at Budapest#Learn chapter. Formerly Budapest University of Economic Sciences)
  • 44 Lottóház apartment building (Lottóház), IX. Üllői út 49-53 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Corvin-negyed'). Apartmans of gambling winners. Built in 1957-59. Designed by architect Csics Miklós (1928-1985).
  • Central Market (Központi Vásárcsarnok
Palace of Arts, Ludwig Museum
  • 45 Palace of Arts, Ludwig Museum (Művészetek Palotája, Ludwig Múzeum – Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum), IX. Komor Marcell utca 1. (Near Lágymányosi híd. BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Népliget' further take tram 1 or bus 103 to stop 'Lágymányosi híd, pesti hídfő', or - TAKE tram 4, 6 to Boráros tér further tram: 2 to Millenniumi Kulturális Központ stop or From Boráros tér take Csepeli HÉV one stop to 'Lágymányosi híd' train stop), +36 1 555-3000, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10:00-18:00, Temporary exhibitions: Tu-Su 10:00-20:00, closed on Mondays.. The foundations of the Ludwig Museum based gifts from a couple living Aachen. The Ludwig's gave seventy contemporary works of art. The museum has three floors. Continuously different periodic exhibitions are organized. Fortemporary exhibitions and collections exhibition are valid full-price ticket: HUF2200.
Trafó Contemporary Arts House
  • 46 Trafó Contemporary Arts House (Trafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza), IX. Tűzoltó utca / Liliom u. 41. (M3 Corvin-negyed), +36 1 215 1600 (ticket information), fax: +36 1 456 2050, e-mail: . Open: Ticket office: performance days 16-22h, other day 16-20, - Trafó Gallery daily 16-19h, performance days: 16-22h. Closed on Mondays. - Trafó Cafe M - F 10 - 23:30, Sa-Su 16-22:30. Contemporary art gallery. Exhibition and artists' house. It was the South-Pest transformer (this is the reason to named Trafo) building, a typical industrial Art Nouveau creation. +Tel .: +36 1 456 2044 +Email: gallery@trafo.hu. Permanent ticket for three / for five / for seven times HUF6600 / 10,000 / 12,600.
  • 47 Grand Market Area (Nagyvásártelep), IX. Hídépítő u. - Helyi kikötő út (Tram 2 to terminal 'Közvágóhíd ' and walk cca. half km). Under renovation (almost ten years ago!). It is on November 18, 1932, opened to the public. It would have the main fruit and vegetable distribution center of Budapest. The large hall is 247 m long and 42 m wide. At the time of opening it was the country's largest indoor facility. Around 1900's Ferencvaros was the main food storage for Budapest. The district's external borders also meant the border of Budapest. Here was the end of the railway lines and here established river access, which resulted the carriers easily could sell to retailers in the country produced,-or imported,-foods. Since 2004 is a listed building .
Lágymányosi bridge. Connecting Ferencváros (District 9th) and Tétény (District 11th
  • 48 Museum of Mill (Malomipari Múzeum), IX. Soroksári ut 24 (From downtown take tram 2 to 'Haller utca / Soroksári út'), +36 1 4563460. temporarily closed. Industrial History Museum in a listed building. Former Concordia Hungária Mill. The permanent exhibition area is approx. 750 square meters. The showrooms are located on five floors. More than 300 objects, 60 tableaux, many hundreds of pictures and documents illustrating the history of the Hungarian mill industry.
  • 49 Cultural Center of Ferencváros (Ferencvárosi Művelődési Központ, korábban Hámán Kató úti Úttörőház), IX. Haller u. 27. (From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Ecseri út take tram 24 to stop Balázs Béla utca), +36 1 4763410, +36 1 2155741, +36 1 4763410, fax: +36 1 218-7909, e-mail: . Parts: heater (300 seats), a large lecture hall (100 seats), a small stage, Salon room (50 seats), club room, gym room, ballet room, exercise room, computer room: 11 computers with high-speed Internet access. Institutions : Desi Culture House, Community House, Local History Collection, Attila József Memorial place (temporarily located on the second floor of the Cultural Center), Ferencvaros Basement Gallery - Architect: Istvan Szabo, 1962.
A museal rarity in Ráday Library of the Reformed Church
  • 50 Ráday Library of the Reformed Church (Ráday Könyvtár), IX. Ráday utca 28. (Inside the building of the Theological Faculty of Gáspár Károli Reformed University; on the ground floor. - BKV m 3 jms.svg,BKV m 4 jms.svg: Kálvin tér and walk or BKV m 4 jms.svg: 'Fővám tér' further take bus 5 to Ráday utca), +36 1 2176-321, e-mail: . M, Tu, Th, F 09:00-17:00, W 13:00-17:00, Sa 09:00-13:00. - Closed in July and August (except on Mondays when guaranteed the full services).. A department of the Ráday Collections of the Danubian District of the Hungarian Reformed Church. Periodicals and manuscripts, museal rarities. - Services are: borrowing; local reading hall; copy service; general guide or professional lecture in the museal part of the library. Loan fee occasionally HUF1000.
Palace of Arts, National Theatre
  • 51 [dead link] Palace of Arts, National Theatre (Nemzeti Színház), IX. Bajor Gizi park 1. (near Lágymányosi híd, on the bank of the Danube,between the Soroksári road, the Grand Boulevard and the Lágymányosi Bridge, and is a five-minute walk from the Csepel HÉV suburb train stop 'Lágymányosi híd'), +36 1 4766800, e-mail: . is the main theatre of Budapest. The area of the theatre, along with an open air stage is 20 844 square meters, and can be functionally separated into three parts. The central part is the nearly round building of the auditorium and stage, surrounded by corridors and public areas. The second is the U-shaped industrial section around the main stage. The third section is the park that surrounds the area, containing numerous memorials commemorating the Hungarian drama and film industry.
  • 52 Strolling along on Ráday street, IX. Ráday utca (BKV m 3 jms.svg,BKV m 4 jms.svg: Kálvin tér). Mostly only from outside. Monuments [dead link]: No. 13 Inn to the Two Lions, No. 14, Mellinger House, No. 18 George Karolyi's apartment building, No. 43 College, No. 8, 11-13, 15, 16, 26, 36, 61, Residential buildings
  • 53 Szent-Györgyi Albert Ground School (Szent-Györgyi Albert Általános Iskola), IX. Lónyay utca 4-6 (BKV m 4 jms.svg: 'Fővám tér' further take bus 15 to 'Török Pál utca'). The school attended by the characters in Ferenc Molnár's youth novel, "The Paul Street Boys".
  • 54 Semmelweis University Centre of Theoretical Medicine (Semmelweis Egyetem, Semmelweis Medical University), IX. Tűzoltó utca 37-43 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Klinikák), +36 1 2156921. Designed by Tamas Noll and Teampannon Studio. Built in 2008. The centre accommodates 5 theoretical institutes, 25 laboratories, 5 auditoriums, a sports centre, a restaurant and several offices. - Listed building at Űllői út 93. Institute of Pathology No.2 [dead link]
  • 55 Saint Emeric College (Szent Imre Kollégium), Ráday utca 43-45 (BKV m 3 jms.svg,BKV m 4 jms.svg: Kálvin tér). Only outside. Corvinus University College. Interesting building. The main facade is in deep inside between the two neighbor buildings.
  • 56 Cornerhouse (Sarokház, Károlyi György-féle bérház), Ráday utca 18 and Erkel Ferenc utca 15 (BKV m 3 jms.svg,BKV m 4 jms.svg: Kálvin tér). Two-story, neo-Renaissance cornerhouse. The designer: Miklós Ybl, built in 1875.
  • 57 Zwack Unicum Museum & Visitor Centre (Zwack Unicum Múzeum és Látogatóközpont), IX. Soroksári út 26, entry from Dandár utca (Tram 2 to stop 'Haller utca / Soroksári út'), +36 1 4762383. Museum: M-Sa 10:00-17:00, Shop: M-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-18:00. English guided tours are available for groups! Group registration: +36 1 4762383. - Shop: Dandár utca 1. - Here the visitors can watch a film about the Zwack family’s and the Zwack company’s history (circa 20 min). There is the biggest mini bottle collection of Central Europe contains more than 17 000 different pieces. Visit the the Unicum cellar which is a labyrinth with almost 500 oak barrels and tasting some original Unicum and the Unicum Plum directly from barrel. Adult ticket: HUF1800 (with tasting), Group (above 20 people) /Senior ticket: HUF1500 (with tasting). Student ticket (under 18): HUF 800 (without tasting), combined ticket (inclide the Holocaust Memorial Center’s exhibition) Adult / Group or Senior / Student HUF2800 / 2200 / 1000.
Town Hall of District 10, Kőbánya


Kőbánya is traditional name of the X. district. The postal code is H-110X.

  • 58 Border stone #89 (Határkő), X. Jászberényi út and Pesti út corner- (Bus 161, 161A, 162, 162A, 201E, 202E, 262 to '501. utca'). 24/7. This marker stone (Numbered 89) signed of old Pest limit. This is one of the oldest, set up in 1738. Nowadays, a few meters from the original site, a small man-made hill can be see.
  • 59 Conti's Chapel (Conti-kápolna), X. Kápolna tér 3 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Népliget' bus 95 to stop 'Óhegy park'). One of the highlight of district 10th. Built in 1740 by Kristina Drenker to commemorate her family was saved the cholera epidemic. The chapel is pure baroque. There is a front tower (called. gate tower) with rectangular stone roof and with the apostolic cross on the the spire.
  • 60 Csősz Tower (Csősztorony), X. Harmat utca 41 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kőbánya-Kispest further bus 85 to stop 'Csősztorony'). 24/7. This monument preserves the memory of a former flourishing vineyards. A romantic, free-standing stage building includes the guard house. Built in1844, based on Zofahl Lőrinc and Brein Ferenc plans. Free.
Synagogue in District 10th
Detail of the Gries Mausoleum, Jewish cemetery in District 10th
  • 61 Jewish cemetery (Izraelita temető), X. Harangláb utca and Kozma utca cnr (BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Örs vezér tere' further bus bus 168E to stop 'Kollégium' and walk or from 'Örs vezér tere' take 161, 161A off at Athenaeum Nyomda and further bus 68 to stop 'Izraelita temető'). Monuments: Gries Mausoleum Schmidl Mausoleum,
Evangelical-Lutheran church in Kápolna street, Kobanya
  • 62 Lutheran church (Evangélikus templom), X. Kápolna utca 14 (#1: From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere take tram 3, 62, 62A - #2: From BKV m 1 jms.svg,BKV m 2 jms.svg,BKV m 3 jms.svg: Deák tér take bus 9, - #3: from BKV m 2 jms.svg: Blaha Lujza tér take tram 28 és 62 - #4: from BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Puskás Ferenc Stadion' take bus 95), +36 1 2627683, fax: +36 1 2627683, e-mail: . Office open: Tu 10:00-12:00, W 10:00-12:00, F 14:30-16:30, Masses: Su 10:00. Built in 1931
  • 63 Church of Polish minority (Lengyel nemzetiségi templom, Mindenkor Segítő Szűz Mária templom), X. Óhegy utca 11? (BKV m 2 jms.svg:'Puskás Ferenc Stadion' further take bus 95 to Óhegy park), +36 1 4318413, +36 1 4318414. Parish Office weekdays 09 - 13, - Every Sunday at 09:30, 10 and 18 o'clock worships. The church (198 m2) and the next building the Polish poorhouse built in 1907,-donated by Polish and Polish American Catholics,-according the plans of Árkay Aladar. Consecrated in 1930. Part of the Dean District of Pest Central. - Farewell: 27th of Jun.
  • 64 Reformed Church of Kobanya (Református templom, Kőbányai Szent György plébániatemplom), X. Ihász utca 15. (BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Puskás Ferenc Stadion' further take bus 95 to 'Kápolna tér'), +36 1 2612205, e-mail: . Built in 1900. The furniture made in 1905.
  • 65 Temple for Everyone Temple (Pentecostal church, Mindenki Temploma), X. Cserkesz utca 7-9. (BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Puskás Ferenc Stadion' further take bus 95 to 'Kápolna tér'), e-mail: . A monument. Former a synagogue. It was designed by architect Richard Schöntheil in 1907. Placing of the foundation stone is happened in September 1909. Antal Sorg master builder led the large-scale construction. At Fall of 1910 the main ceremonial worship was here. The official opening took place just in 1911. The Everyone Temple Community of the Evangelical Pentecostal Fellowship was purchased in 1989. The Alcohol-Drug Rehabilitation Centre was placed in the former rabbi house.
  • 66 St. Ladislaus Church (Szent László-templom), X. Szent László tér 25. (Tram 3, 28A, 62, 62A, bus 28, 909 to stop 'Szent László tér'). - Built in 1899, historical style, based on Odon Lechner plans - Located in the centre of Kőbánya. This beautiful Catholic church built in late 19th century eclectic-Art Nouveau style, dedicated to knight-king St. Ladislaus. It has a very tall bell-tower and the church's roof is covered in patented colorful Zsolnay "eozenic" porcelain tiles which were designed by Ignatz Oppenheimer. This is a monument
Former Globus Cannery, now Industrial Monument
  • 67 People's Park (Népliget), In north-west corner of district 10th, at the VIII. and IX. districts boundary, Könyves Kálmán körút, Üllői út and Kőbányai út. (BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Puskás Ferenc Stadion'). 24/7. is an urban park, established in 1868 on request of Ilenczfalvi Sárkány József City Councillor. A large Planetarium is located in the park. Also nearby the intercity bus junction. The area of the capital's largest park started to implant with acacia trees. in 1955. The park was designed in the 1860s. In 1870, sycamore, linden, American Ash and maple trees were planted. At the time Népliget used mostly the member of the working class, and the wealthier citizens rather visited the City Park (Városliget). In 1942, the park reached its present size. In 1973, formed the Centennial Park, which is a commemoration of the 100th anniversary - of the unification by Pest, Buda and Óbuda,- of Budapest. - Now there are 112 ha trees, flowers and lawn furniture inside walkways, statues and monuments. - Sights: Centenary Park Memorial Stone (1973), Student body for folk culture. (1948, designed by Jozsef Szőnyi) , Ornamental fountain (near to the Planetarium), The Walk of Olympic champions of FTC sport club (1999, champions bust of the Ferencvaros Torna Club Olympic, located at the Training field of the FTC), Göcsej-relief (1973, located in the Centennial Park, created by Janos Nemeth), Memorial of the Polish Legion made by Bela Farkas Pankotai, Halászleány (lit. Fishing Girl) Fountain (1862; loc.: in front of the Sports ground of Építők, forming by László Dunaiszky), Triple Kris river (a geodesic, so called Triangulation signal, a Memorial of Local History , 2003 located at Mutatványos square), Wooden headboards (1989; artists: Berky Tibor Gyula Madaras, Laszlo Barabas); Kőművesfiú (lit. Masonry boy) statue, Karl von Linne memorial stone (1978), Great Restaurant, ie the Budapest Great Beer Hall (romantic style, 1895; ruined) , Sundial (1977, loc.: at the Planetarium; artist: Thewrewk Aurel), Female Figure with Snake (sculpture, made in 1830; since 1896 before Planetarium; artist: Mihaly Bauer), Pest county memorial stone (1973, loc.: Centennial Park), Planetarium with the LaserTheater (1977, Designers: Tamas Tomori and Laszlo Lux), Monument of the Walking Solar System (2000-2001; located: Youth promenade), Marble obelisk of Siklos (1973, located: the Centennial Park; artist: Gyula Bocz), Tinódi bronze statue (since 1955 here in tha Park, loc.: on a Könyves Kálmán körút parallel walkway, artist: Gyula Bezerédi), Road surfaces Presentation (2004), Water Tower. Free.
  • 68 Crucifix with a grape cluster (Szőlőfürtös crucifix, Szőlőfürtös feszület), X. Kada utca 140/B and Sörgyár utca corner (BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Puskás Ferenc Stadion' further take bus 95 to Kada utca / Mádi utca). - 1773
  • 69 St. Ladislaus High School (Szent László Gimnázium), X. Körösi Csoma Sándor út 28. (From M3 Ecseri take tram 3 to Harmat utca), +36 1 262 3599, fax: +36 1 2602264, e-mail: . A monument. Built in 1907. It specializes in biology and languages (especially Italian).
  • 70 Firefighter Museum, Disaster Central Museum (Tűzoltó Múzeum,Katasztrófavédelem Központi Múzeuma), X. Martinovics tér 12 (From M2 Örs Vezér tere take tram 3, 62, 62A to stop 'Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás' or from M2 Stadionok take bus 95 to stop Liget tér or M3 Ecseri út tram 3 to stop Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás), +36 1 2613586, e-mail: . M -Th 7:30-16:00, F 07:30-14:00, Sa 08:30-16:00, Su: Closed. Founded in 1955 Free.
Athenaeum book publishing company, one of the oldest in Budapet
  • 71 Brewery Memory Collection - Dreher Beer Museum (Söripari Emléktár - Dreher Sörmúzeum), X. Jászberényi út 7-11 (M2 Örs Vezér tere further take bus 161, 161A, 162, 162A, 262, 909, 956, 990 to stop Sörgyár), +36 1 3918010, +36 80 373437, e-mail: . M-F 09-16. The building complex is a monument. Dreher Breweries Ltd. products made here. Local favourites such the characteristic Dreher Classic, the dark beer specialty Dreher Bak, and the non-alcoholicDreher 24. smooth-tasting pale beer Arany Ászok, which is available in non-alcoholic version too. The newest member of the brand is Arany Ászok Semi-dark beer. The Kőbányai represents quality in the economy segment. HUF 300.
  • 72 ATV headquarter (ATV székház), X. Kőrösi Csoma Sándor út 31 (From BKV m 3 jms.svg,BKV m 4 jms.svg: Kálvin tér take bus 9 to stop Szent László tér), +36 1 877 0800. Hungary's first private TV channel. Originally started as Agro TV. Since 1989 (the change of political system in Hungary) ATV has been a commercial television channel. In 2000 it started, as Magyar ATV, broadcasting programs from Satellite and also was included in the cable networks. At the end of 2005, the channels name was shortened to t ATV. In early 2006 ATV moved to a new studio, renovated and completely converted building of the former cinema Kobanya.
  • 73 Dreher villa (Havas-villa), X. Ihász utca 28. (Near to Park Csajkovszkij). Only from outside. A monument building. A single-storey neo-classical mansion built in 1830's.
  • 74 New Public Cemetery (Új köztemető, rákoskeresztúri temető)), X., Kozma u. 8-10. (M3 Kőbánya-Kispest further take bus 202 E to stop 'Új köztemető', also nearby stop the tram 28 and 37), +36 1 433-7300, fax: +36 1 433-7325, e-mail: . Jan, Feb 7:30-17:00, Mar 7:00-17:30, Apr 7:00 to 19:00, May, Jun, Jul 07:00-20:00, Aug 07:00 to 19:00, Sep 07:00-18:00, Oct 07:00-17:00, Nov, Dec 07:30-17:00. One of the largest in Europe with 3 million burials. Opened in mid 1886. Famous tombs: virtual tour in the cemetery - The northern section adjacent to the Kozma Street Cemetery; the largest Jewish cemetery in Hungary and which include some protected monuments. Its main building, which was constructed in 1903, has a 26-meter-high bell tower. It has rich vegetation and wide avenues. Car entry fee HUF 280.
Elek Gyula Arena
  • 75 Elek Gyula Arena, X. Kőbányai út 47/A. Home of the handball team of the Ferencváros Sport Club.
  • 76 Public sporting park (Sportliget), X. Újhegyi út (In the south-east corner of district, near to Újhegy park). - A large garden with playground. Using for Family Days and other events.
  • 77 Újhegy park, Bányató utca (From M3 Kőbánya-Kispest further bus 85, 85E to stop 'Bányató utca'). Located in Újhegyi housing estate. Here was the brickyard area of ​​the former brick factory of Guttmann. Mine lakes have evolved. In 1977, two of three mine lakas was filling and a park created. The third one is a small but very deep fishing lake. Also there is an indoor swimming pool.


Zugló (Mediaval name: Szugló, German: Lerchenfeld) is the official name of the 14th district of Budapest. The postal code is H-114X. So called Pest's lungs because there is located 240 hectares of green space. Access to the district is easy; the southern end is easily accessible with the main M2 subway line, with its terminal station being the largest hub in the city at the border with Kőbánya. The northern part is accessible with M1 subway line. The district has got two railway station: the Rákosrendező and the Zuglói Train Stop. By suburb rail its has also good connection with eastern suburbs such Csömör, Kerepes, Kistarcsa, Mogyoród (Hungaroring, Formula One Race Track), Gödöllő (Royal Palace) settlements.

Churches in Zugló[edit]

Kassai Church, Zuglo
  • Church of the Our Lady of Hungary (Regnum Marianum Magyarok Nagyasszonya templom és közösségi ház), XIV. Zoborhegy tér.
  • 78 Herminamező Holy Spirit Church (Herminamezői Kassai téri Szentlélek templom), XIV.Kassai tér.
  • 79 Church of King St. Stephen (Rákosfalvi Szent István király templom), XIV. Rákosfalva.
  • 80 Church of St. Anthony of Padua (Páduai Szent Antal templom), XIV. Bosnyák tér.
  • Reformed Church (Budapest-Zuglói Egyházközség Református temploma), XIV..
  • 81 Hermina historic chapel (Hermina műemlék-kápolna), XIV..
  • Church of the Missionary Sisters of Mary (Ferences Mária Missziós nővérek temploma, Fehér Apácák temploma), XIV. Hermina út. Part of the former Hermina Road's monastery. Franciscan Church.
  • Queen of the Rosary Parish Church (Rózsafüzér Királynéja Plébániatemplom), XIV. Thököly-út.
  • 82 Chapel of St. Ladislas (Chapel of Ják, Szent László Jáki kápolna), XIV. (Városliget, Vajdahunyad Castle).
  • 83 Baross Square's Reformed Church (Budapest-Baross téri Református Egyházközség temploma), XIV. Szabó József utca 16 (From M3 Ferenciek tere take bus 5, 7, 8, 112 to stop Cházár András utca).
  • Lutheran Church of Zugló (Zuglói Evangélikus Egyházközség temploma), XIV..
  • 84 Thokoly Road's synagogue (Thököly úti zsinagóga), XIV. Thököly út 83, +36 1 2513970, +36 1 2513970.
  • 85 American Road Synagogue (Amerikai úti zsinagóga), XIV. Amerikai út. Located inside the MaZsiHiSZ (Alliance of Hungarian Jewish Faith Communes) Charity Hospital

City Park and Area[edit]

hero square
  • 86 Heroes' Square (Hősök tere, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈhøːʃøk ˈtɛrɛ]), XIV. Hősök tere (at the end of Andrássy Avenue). Heroes' Square is one of the major squares in Budapest. See the Millennium Monument (Millenniumi Emlékmű), one of Budapest's emblematic sights (1905), The Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum, 1906, XIV. Dózsa György út 41.), The Palace of Art (Műcsarnok, 1895). The Heroes’ Square is the entrance to the City Park. The Millennium Monument is an iconic statue complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important national leaders, as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. includes a 36-metre central column, topped by a statue of the archangel Gabriel , part of the UNESCO World Heritage List
    • 87 Millennium Monument (Hungarian: Millenáriumi Emlékmű, also called Millennium Monument or Millennial Monument), XIV. Heroes' Square (M1: Hősök tere). At the front of the monument is a large stone cenotaph surrounded by an ornamental iron chain. The cenotaph is dedicated "To the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of our people and our national independence." While some guide books refer to this as a "tomb" it is not a burial place. The back of the monument consists of two matched colonnades, each with seven statues representing great figures of Hungarian history. The crescent-shaped monument was built in Eclectic style. The semi-circular arcades of the monument on the left and right-hand side each hold bronze statues of seven outstanding personalities of Hungarian history. On the facing end of the right colonnade is a female figure in a chariot holding a palm frond representing Peace. In the corresponding position on the top of right colonnade is a statue of a man holding a little golden statue and a woman with a palm frond representing Knowledge and Glory. Statues of the right colonnade. There are statesmen whoose are portrayed by the sculptures in the semi-circular arcades of the monument (and there is a relief to each of these with a scene of an important moment of his life): John Hunyadi (The Siege of Belgrade, 1456) he was a leading Hungarian military and political figure in Central and Southeastern Europe during the 15th century; Matthias Corvinus (Matthias with his scholars) was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1458, he was elected King of Bohemia in 1469 and adopted the title Duke of Austria in 1487. István Bocskay (Hajdú soldiers defeat the imperial forces). Gabriel Bethlen (Bethlen concludes a treaty with Bohemia) was a Hungarian Calvinist nobleman, and Prince of Transylvania (1605–06), became the leader of a revolt against the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor's effort to impose Roman Catholicism on the Kingdom of Hungary. Imre Thököly (The battle of Szikszó) he was a Hungarian noble, leader of an anti-Habsburg uprising, Prince of Transylvania, and vassal king of Upper Hungary, Francis II Rákóczi /Hungarian: II. Rákóczi Ferenc, pronunciation: [ˈraːkoːtsi ˈfɛrɛnts]; / (Rákóczi returns from Poland) he was Prince of Transylvania, Ruling Prince of Hungary and leader of the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs in 1703-11. Lajos Kossuth (Kossuth rallies the peasants of the Great Plain) was a Hungarian lawyer, journalist, politician and Regent-President of the Kingdom of Hungary during the revolution of 1848–49. Statues of the Column: The top of the column depicts Archangel Gabriel, who holds the Hungarian Holy Crown and the apostolic double cross in his hands the same way as the founder of the Kingdom of Hungary, St. Stephen did in his sleep according to a legend. Statues of the left colonnade: Topping the outer edge of the left colonnade is a statue of a man with a scythe and a woman sowing seed, representing Labor and Wealth. At the inner top edge of the left colonnade is a male figure driving a chariot using a snake as a whip representing War. Stephen I of Hungary (St. Stephen receives the crown from an emissary of the Pope) he was the last Grand Prince of the Hungarians between 997 and 1000 or 1001, and the first King of Hungary from 1000 or 1001 until his death in 1038.; Ladislaus I of Hungary (St. Ladislaus slays the Cumanian abductor) he was King of Hungary from 1077 and King of Croatia from 1091.; Coloman of Hungary (Coloman prohibits the burning of witches) Coloman the Learned was King of Hungary from 1095 and King of Croatiafrom 1097. Andrew II of Hungary (Andrew leads a crusade) wasKing of Hungary and Croatia between 1205 and 1235, and reigned, a Kievan Rus' principality, the Principality of Halych around 1200.; - Béla IV of Hungary (Béla rebuilds the country after the Mongol invasion) was King of Hungary and Croatia, and Duke of Styria (Austria) the 13th century; - Charles I of Hungary (Ladislaus IV defeats Ottogar at the battle of Marchfeld) he's also known as Charles Robert (Caroberto) (Hungarian: Károly Róbert), was the first King of Hungary and Croatia (1308–42) of the House of Anjou.. Louis I of Hungary (Louis the Great occupies Naples) or Louis the Great, was King of Hungary, Croatia and Poland in the 14th century.

88 [dead link] City Park (Városliget, lit. City's grove, Medieval: Ökör-dűlő, meaning "Oxmeadow", German: Stadtwäldchen), XIVI. (Its main entrance is at Heroes' Square (Hősök tere), metro 1). This is a public park close to the centre. - Sights: - The Vajdahunyad Castle, presenting the major art styles and housing the Agricultural Museum today (first built in 1896, in its present state finished in 1907), - The Széchenyi Medicinal Baths and Swimming Pool (Széchenyi Gyógyfürdő és Uszoda, address: XIV. Állatkerti krt. 11), one of Europe's largest bath complexes built in 1913, - The Municipal Zoological and Botanical Garden (Fővárosi Állat- és Növénykert, address: XIV. Állatkerti krt. 6-12) founded in 1866, built in its present state in 1912, expanded and improved since several times), - The Budapest Circus (Fővárosi Nagycirkusz, 1971, XIV. Állatkerti krt. 12/a.), - The Budapest Amusement Park (Vidám Park, XIV. Állatkerti krt. 14-16) with a separate amusement park for small children include a roller coaster, (Hullámvasút), built in 1922 after the plans of Ervin Dragon, is 17 m in height and travels 980 m in five minutes. It is one of the ten remaining side friction roller coasters in the world also here the merry-go-round was built in 1906 and its cave railway in 1912. Along with the roller coaster these are considered to be historic monuments; - The Salon (Millennium Szalon) in Olof Palme House (1885); - The Transport Museum of Budapest (Közlekedési Múzeum 1899, address: XIV. Városligeti krt. 11.); - The Aviation Museum of Budapest; - City Park Pond (Városligeti-tó), used as an ice rink in winter, the largest outdoor skating-rink officially Ice Rink of the City Park (Fővárosi Önkormányzat Városligeti Műjégpálya, address: XIV. Olof Palme sétány 5.) in Central Europe (1926), with a hall built in 1894; - The Petőfi Hall (Petőfi Csarnok Fővárosi Ifjúsági Szabadidő Központ, address: XIV. Zichy Mihály út 14 ), a youth leisure centre (1985); - The Time Wheel (Időkerék, Janáky I. Herner J., 2004; behind The Palace of Art); - The Monument of the 1956 Revolution, completed in 2006 for the 50th anniversary of the historic event; - A spacious procession square (used for several purposes); - Sports grounds, playgrounds, meadows, esplanades (e.g. one named after Olof Palme), several statues (among others, of George Washington and Winston Churchill see more down), a memorial for Anna Lindh, a botanical garden and a transport park for children. - RESTAURANTS in the Park: - The Gundel Restaurant, one of Hungary's most famous, founded in 1879, residing in its present building since 1894 (address: XIV. Állatkerti út 2); - Robinson Restaurant (XIV., City Park Lake), Széchenyi Garden Restaurant (Széchenyi Étterem Kertvendéglő, XIV. Állatkerti krt. 9-11.) - Anonymous Restaurant (Anonymus Étterem. XIV. Kós Károly sétány 1.)

  • 89 [dead link] Sculptures on Vajdahunyad Walk Way (Városligeti szobrok a Vajdahunyad sétányon), XIV. Vajdahunyad sétány (Depaert from Vajdahunyad Castle). Ignác Alpár (Telcs Ede, 1931) was a Hungarian architect. Count Sándor Károlyi (Stróbl Alajos, 1908) leader of armed anti-Habsburg rebels then imperial marshal, the creator of Peace Treaty of Szatmár, Hunyadi János (Pátzay Pál, 1956) was a leading Hungarian military and political figure in Central and Southeastern Europe during the 15th century. Mitterpacher Lajos or Ludwig Mitterpacher (Takács Ferenc, 1962) was a Hungarian agronomist, botanist, zoologist and entomologist.; - Ferenc Pethe (vastagh László, 1971) journalist, business writer, is the first Hungarian economic magazine editor; - János Nagyváthy (Vastagh László) author of the first Hungarian agricultural book. Sámuel Tessedik (Szabó Iván, 1971), Lutheran pastor, teacher, education- and economics writer.
  • 90 [dead link] Sculptures on Kós Károly Walk Way (Városligeti szobrok a Kós Károly sétányon), XIV. Kós Károly sétány (The main crossroad of the Park). 24/7. Vilmos Zsigmondy (Szécsi Antal (1895) Hungarian mining engineer; - Károly Kós (by L. Kármán and Z. Deák, 1984) Hungarian architect, writer, graphic designer, book designer, editor, publisher, teacher, politician; Mermaids (Kerényi Jenő, 1979), 'Városligeti díszkút' a decorate drinking well (Kerényi Jenő, 1975);- Ahn Eak Tai (Zsin Judit, 2012). Free.
  • 91 Sculptures on George Washington Walk Way (Városligeti szobrok a George Washington sétányon), XIV. George Washington sétány (former Szoborsétány). 24/7. Benedek Elek (Borsos Miklós, 1979) was a Hungarian journalist and writer. Milán Füst (Papachristos Andreas, 1979) Hungarian writer, poet, playwright; - Zoltán Somlyó (Örkényi Strasszer István, 1982) poet, journalist and literary translator. George Washington (Bezerédi Gyula, 1906, Washington Walk Way) was the first President of the United States. Free.
  • 92 Sculptures around Transport Museum (Városligeti szobrok a Közlekedési Múzeum előtt), XIV. Városligeti körút (Eastern part of the City Park). 24/7. Clark Adam, (Borics Pál, 1966) Scottish engineer, head of the construction of the Budapest Széchenyi Chain Bridge and designer Buda Váralagút / Tunnel.; - Csonka János (Vasas Károly, 1965) Hungarian mechanical engineer and inventor; - Jedlik Ányos (Szabó Edit, 1968) was a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist, and Benedictine priest in the 19th century; - Kálmán Kandó (Sóváry János, 1968) was a Hungarian engineer, and a pioneer in the development of electric railway traction; - Kármán Tódor (Meszes-Tóth Gyula, 1969) was a Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer and physicist who was active primarily in the fields ofaeronautics and astronautics.; - Martin Lajos (Zahorzik Nándos, 1968) was a Hungarian mathematician, inventor; - Schwarz Dávid (Nagy István János, 1968) was a Hungarian-Croatian aviation pioneer of Jewish descent in the 19th century; - Count István Széchenyi (Dunaiszky Lőrinc, 1968) was a Hungarian politician, theorist and writer, one of the greatest statesmen of Hungarian history.; - Vásárhelyi Pál (Szomor lászló, 1968) a Hungarian hydraulic engineer, engineer of regulation of the Tisza River, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.; - Zelovich Kornél (Horváth János, 1965) engineering, technical university professor, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Free.
  • 93 [dead link] Sculptures on Winston Churchill Walk Way (Városligeti szobrok a Winston Churchill sétányon), XIV. Winston Churchill sétány (Northeast part of the Park). 24/7. Ronald Reagan (Veres Gábor, 2006) was an American actor and politician. Sir Winston Churchill (Varga Imre, 2003) was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Free.
  • 94 [dead link] Sculptures on Olof Palme Walk Way (Városligeti szobrok az Olof Palme sétányon), XIV. Olof Palme sétány (Starts from Heroes Square). 24/7. The Youth Well (Cserhalmi Jenő, Horváth Géza, 1928), white Porcelain decorative sculpture (Majoros Hédy, 1979), 'Olvasó lányok' (lit. Reading Girls, Stróbl Alajos, 1929), Pányvavető (lit.: 'Lasso Thrower' made by János László Beszédes , 1928), Memorial Stone of Olof Palme (Varga Imre, 1987, Olof Palme sétány Ajtósi Dürer sori végénél) was a Swedish Social Democratic politician, statesman and prime minister., -Szánkó (lit.: sleigh, Samu Géza, 1995). Free.
  • 95 Sculptures on other areas of City Park (Városligeti szobrok a park egyébb részein), XIV. vary. 24/7. - Delfinek (lit.: Dolphins. - loc.: Side of road Paál László); - Tompa Mihály Memorial Column with relief (Ispánki József, 1967, located: Small Botanical Garden) a Hungarian lyric poet; - Andrássy Dénes (Róna József, 1915, next to The Palace of Art); - Bohóc kút (lit. Clown Well - by Halász Arisztid 1983, loc.:Dvorák sétány); - Íjász (lit. Archer. Kisfaludi Strobl Zsigmond, 1929, front of City Park's Ice Rink); Pósa Lajos (Margó Ede, 1930, Városligeti körút és az Olof Palme sétány Ajtósi Dürer sori találkozásától északra.); - Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria (Ligeti Miklós, 1908, next to House of Olof Palme) who was Archduke of Austria and Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary in the second half of the 19th century; - St. Christopher (Hüvös László, 1913, next to The Palace of Art) the patron saint of sailors and passengers. Free.
  • 96 Jak Chapel, Vajdahunyad Castle (Jáki kápolna), XIV. Vajdahunyad vára (Entrance from the Vajdahunyad Castle coutyard). Mar–Oct: Su ( services ). Ják is a village in Transdanubia. Located near to Szombathely and it is the most complete Romanesque Church in Hungary. In Vajdahunyad Castle can be see a copy Free.
  • 97 Széchenyi Spa (Széchenyi fürdö), XIV. Állatkerti út 11 (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Széchenyi furdo), +36 1 363-3210. Daily 06.00-22.00. It is one of the largest bath complexes of its kind in Europe and was the first baths to be built in Pest side. The ticket includes a number of wellness services in addition to the traditional balneological services. These include saunas, gyms, aerobic and group exercises in the pool. See the Baths section in Budapest for more information. Daily ticket €14-16; Afternoon ticket (from 7PM) €13, on weekends + €2-3.
  • 98 Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyad vára), XIV. Vajdahunyadvár (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Hősők tere), +36 1 422 0765. 24/7. While loosely modelled after a Transylvanian fortress of the same name, the building is not really a castle at all. It is a full-scale model built for Hungary's 1896 millennial celebrations. The structure has three distinct wings, one Gothic, one Romanesque and one Baroque, making it quite a bizarre sight when seen from a distance. But sneak up closer and its magic will be revealed: thanks to the moat, the trees and the carefully laid footpaths, you can usually only see one section at a time. The attention to detail (all copied from real sites around the country) has been painstaking, so it's like seeing three extraordinarily pretty castles rolled into one. The structure was originally supposed to be only a temporary one, but Budapest's people liked it so much that it was rebuilt to last. Located on an island in the middle of the park's lake. Free visit to courtyard.
  • 99 The statue of Anonymus, XIV. Next to the Vajdahunyad chapel (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Hősők tere). 24/7. a hooded monk representing the unknown historian who recorded the annals of the early Magyars in the time of the mighty King Béla. (He is unknown partly because the King Béla he dedicated his work to could be any of 3 or 4 during the 12 and 13th centuries, but most probably King Béla III.) Hungarian writers still trek to the statue to touch his quill for inspiration. Free.
  • 99 Millennial Monument (Milleniumi emlékmű), XIV. Hosok tere (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Hosok tere). 24/7. Made for the 1,000th birthday of Hungary in 1896. Dedicated to a handful of outstanding Hungarian statesmen, kings and heroes who tried to make Hungary a better place and a thriving independent country. The tall column in the middle is topped by Gabriel Archangel. Hősök tere Square is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List Free.

Museums in City Park and Area[edit]

  • Geological Museum of Budapest (Magyar Állami Földtani Intézet (tervezte Lechner Ödön)
  • 99 Hungarian Agricultural Museum (Mezőgazdasági múzeum), XIV. Vajdahunyadvár (BKV m 1 jms.svg: 'Hősök tere'), +36 1 422-0765, +36 1 363-1117, e-mail: . Tu–F 10:00–16:00 (1 Nov–31 Mar), 10:00–17:00 (Apr.1–Oct.31), Sa–Su 10:00–17:00. Housed in Vajdahunyad Castle's baroque wing, this is the only part open to the public and it now houses the exhibits on breathtaking topics like cattle breeding and fishing. But at 550 ft a throw for students it is worth seeing just for the architecture. €4. Student €2.
  • 99 Hungarian Railway Museum (Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park), XV. Tatai út 95 (City Park East End), +36 1 450 1497, e-mail: . Located at a railway station of the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV). The museum covers more than 70 000 square meters and it features over one hundred exhibits, including railway vehicles and equipment. Visitors can not only admire the old machines: they can also try them out.
  • 99 Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum), XIV. Dózsa György utca, 41 (BKV m 1 jms.svg: 'Hősök tere'), +36 1 1429-759. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Has an incredible range of European artwork from Greek and Roman times to the present. It is best known for its Spanish collection, the largest accumulation of Spanish paintings outside Spain. There is a large Greek and Roman collection, an Egyptian collection, much Italian (also French, German and Dutch) sculpture, including a statue of a man on horseback by da Vinci, and a very large collection of 10 000 drawings and 100,000 engravings rivalled only by similar collections in Berlin. On the Heroes Square ('Hősök tere') with the Millennium Monument in the middle and two museums on the two sides. Permanent exhibition €6, TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS €7-11, a wide variety of discount tickets.
  • 99 Palace of Art or Art hall (Műcsarnok), XIV. Hősők tere (BKV m 1 jms.svg: 'Hősők tere'), +36 1 460 7000, e-mail: . Tu-Su: 10:00-18:00. An "art hall" showcasing exhibitions of modern art by Hungarian and international artists. If you're nearby it's always worth taking a look to see what's happening today. Adult €6, student €3.
  • 99 Hungarian Agricultural Museum (Mezőgazdasági múzeum), XIV. Vajdahunyadvár (BKV m 1 jms.svg: 'Hősök tere'), +36 1 422-0765, +36 1 363-1117, e-mail: . Tu–F 10:00–16:00 (1 Nov–31 Mar), 10:00–17:00 (Apr.1–Oct.31), Sa–Su 10:00–17:00. Housed in Vajdahunyad Castle's baroque wing, this is the only part open to the public and it now houses the exhibits on breathtaking topics like cattle breeding and fishing. But at 550 ft a throw for students it is worth seeing just for the architecture. €4, Students €2.
  • 99 Museum of Transport (Magyar Műszaki és Közlekedési Múzeum), XIV. Városligeti krt. 11 (BKV m 1 jms.svg: 'Széchenyi fürdő' than across the City Park), e-mail: . Tu-F 10:00-16:00, Sa-Su 10:00-17:00. Exhibitions: History of motorcycling, - Exhibition on the History of Automobiles, - "Hungarian Railways are 150 years old", - Hungarian Navigation, - Hall of celebrities Urban traffic , - The Bridge Garden, - The steam locomotive 424 001 Adult €5.5, €3.


  • 1 Elek Gyula Arena (Elek Gyula Aréna), X. Kismartoni út 4. (M3, M4 Kálvin tér further bus 9 to stop 'Egészségház' plus walk 300m). The home of basketball team of Ferencvaros Sport Club.
  • 2 Epitok Stadium (Építők stadion, Diákstadion, KISOK-pálya, Népliget Stadion, Régi Vasas Pálya), X. Vajda Péter utca (M3 Határ út further bus 99 to stop Sporttelep). Opened in 1936.


  • Dandár street Spa (Dandár utcai gyógyfürdő), IX. Dandár utca 5-7. vízellátást az erre a célra létesített, a közeli Közraktár utcában lévő kútból oldották meg, melynek vízminősége Gellért Gyógyfürdő vizével közel azonos. -Termál medence 60 m2 alapterülettel, vízhőmérséklet: 36 °C, Termál medence 25 m2 alapterülettel, vízhőmérséklet: 34 °C, Merülő medence 15 m2 alapterülettel, vízhőmérséklet. 20 °C.

  • 3 Széchenyi Spa (Széchenyi Fürdő), XIV. Állatkerti krt. 11 (right next to the Zoo; BKV m 1 jms.svg: Széchenyi fürdő), +36 1 363 3210, e-mail: . Indoor part open daily from 6AM-7PM; outdoor 6AM-10PM in winter; summer-time hours may be different.. Built in 1909 in the present-day City Park, this is the largest spa in Europe, and probably the nicest one in Budapest. A vast bath complex amidst beautiful architecture, it contains 3 outdoor pools including a large lap pool, at least 3 sauna rooms, and several indoor pools at different temperatures.- It is recommended not to store valuables in the lockers -- use the safe boxes for 500 HUF (well worth the peace of mind) . Signs warn they are not responsible for losses except for safe boxes. The attendant will ask you to write a "code" word on a piece of paper. this paper is placed in the box along with your valuables, and you will be given a physical key. When retrieving your items, the attendant will ask you for the "code" and check it against the paper in the box. These safe boxes can be used if the larger locker or changing room is not required. Its recommended that you bring your own towel or bathrobe, as the towels available for rent are more like bedsheets. Outdoors: Two hot soaking pools (30 degrees C and 38 degrees C) and one swimming pool (26-28 degrees C) are all open-air (even in winter), and form the center of the baths. All facilities are shared by men and women (except shower and toilets). There's a swimming tube (a whirling corridor): round- (outdoors) or rectangle-shaped (indoors) pool with artificial flow, a feature difficult to find elsewhere. Another specialty is a tradition to play chess while sitting in the water - even in winter. One or two cafes/juice bars are available directly from the swimming deck, near the cabins, year-round. Indoors: Several saunas, one steam bath. Cold-water pool, hot tubs, aqua-gym pool with weights. Northern part of indoors baths is more modern and clean. There are two entry types: Cabin (weekdays: 4600 HUF, weekend: 4800 HUF) or Locker (weekdays: 4100 HUF, weekend: 4300 HUF).
  • 4 [dead link] Swimming pool of Erzsébetliget (Erzsébetliget uszoda), XVI. Újszász utca 106-108 (Bus 45, 276 from M2 Örs Vezér tér , - or bus 46 Rákoskeresztúr and Újpalota all to stop Bökényföldi út), +36 1 402-2148, e-mail: . TThe complex is open daily 06.00-22.00, Swimming pool 08.00-11.15 and 13.30-20., Sauna 08.00-20.00, the outdoor beach open between 9.00-20.00. Services: - Two swimming pools (a 25m, six-lane swimming pool 27°C and a 13m, 32°C, training pool; jacuzzi for 16-person); - Finnish and infrared saunas; - solarium; - massage; - Grassy sunbathing area (sun loungers, outdoor showers, playground), - Other sports (table tennis, badminton, volleyball); - Is free cloakroom and safe; - Swimming school (child, adult education); - Hairdressing, cosmetics, manicure; - Snack Bar, eco store; - fitness. Same prices as Swimming pool of Szentmihály.
  • 5 Kispest Swimming Pool (Kispesti Uszoda), XIX. Simonyi Zsigmond utca 31 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kőbánya-Kispest station and walk 300 m), +36 1 2806095, fax: +36 1 2806095, e-mail: . Swimming lessons. Adults with sauna ticket HUF1430, Adult weekdays after 19 o'clock or After 17 o'clock on weekends with Sauna ticket HUF1120, Children / 3-14 years / HUF760, Youth (need student card) with Sauna ticket HUF 970, Senior (retired ID card) with Sauna ticket HUF970.
  • 6 Swimming pool of Szentmihály (Szentmihályi Uszoda), XVI. Segesvár utca 150 (bus #31 from Örs Vezér tér or bus #130 M2 stadion, - or take bus 46 from Rákoskeresztúr or Újpalota; - or by car from Mogyoródi street rail underpass five mins), +36 1 402-2170, fax: +36 1 402-2171, e-mail: . 6-22, 8-20. Snack Bar. Female Fitness Studio. Swimming Lessons. Admission:- Adult / student - retired (3 hours) 1600/920; - One and a quarter hour access (weekdays from 6:00 to 9:00 and 19:30 to 21:30) HUF980, Infrared sauna and jacuzzi and sauna (with swimming ticket only) HUF500, - Infrared sauna and jacuzzi and sauna (without entering the pool, max. one and a quarter hour.) HUF760 - Solarium: 6min / 9min / 12min HUF600/900/1140, - Children under 6 years ticket HUF320.


  • Critical Mass. Different times. Unfortunately, there are few bicycle lanes and many dangerous drivers. However with organized groups such as Critical Mass operating in the city, things are slowly becoming more bicycle friendly. Pest is very flat and excellent for bicycle riding - just make sure to keep your wits about you, as drivers can be somewhat careless. Free.


  • 7 Cinema City Arena, VIII. Kerepesi út 9., near to the Keleti Railway Station (BKV m 4 jms.svg: 'Keleti'), +36 40 600600. Daily 09:30-22:30. The cinema is on the first floor of the Arena Mall. It has VIP rooms, IMAX room. Accessible with wheelchair.

Ice Skating[edit]

  • 8 Boating lake of the City Park (Városligeti csónakázótó), XIV. Olof Palme sétány 5. (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Hősők tere, Trolley 75, 79), +36 1 3632673, e-mail: . M-F 9-13, 16-20; Sa-Su 10-14, 16-20, only during winter. Winter open-air skating rink. Summer boating lake. Rink entrance: M-F morning 600ft, Fri evening-Sun. Skate rental available (look for Roces sign further from the Heroes Square); deposit 15.000ft or a photo document; rental hour is 600ft., Summer boating HUF1500 /h.


  • 9 City Park (Városliget), XIV. Olof Palme sétány (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Széchenyi Fűrdő). 24/7. Offers boating in the summer. There are also open-air tables for ping-pong nearby. Strolling around. Free.
  • 10 Dausz Gyula park, X. Kőér utca (Next to Óhegy Park). 24/7. A small park. Gyula Dausz was a monographer of Kőbánya. He wrote in 1913 a volume titled 'Kőbánya múltja és jelene' (the Past and Present of Kőbánya), Free.
  • 11 Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden (Budapesti Állat és Növénykert), XIV. Állatkerti krt. 6-12 (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Széchenyi Fűrdő), +36 1 2734900, e-mail: . Feeding hippopotamus is one of the main attractions in the zoo.
  • 12 Óhegy park (Magyar-Szovjet Barátság Park), X.Óhegy utca, (From M3, M4 Kálvin tér take bus 9 to stop 'Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás' further 95 to stop Márga utca). Until 19th Century here were big vineyards. After started using for quarrying. Resulted a complex underground tunnel system. In 1965 began the area to be uploading, and recultivating to a Park. The size of its: twenty ha. There is also a playground and a small arboretum Free.
  • 13 Csajkovszkij Park (Since 1950 Kőbányai Youth Park /Kőbányai Ifjúsági Park/), X.Halom utca, Kápolna utca (From M3, M4 Kálvin tér take bus 9 to stop 'Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás' further 95 to sto p Kápolna tér). This was originally a private park of Dreher-mansion. Received its present name in 1963, after Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Here is located the geometric center of Budapest. - In the park you can see the statue of Tchaikovsky (by: Kisfaludy Strobl Zsigmond) near to Chopin (by: János Kocsornyik), and Berlioz and Franz Liszt statues (by: Laszlo Huvos)

Shows, festivals[edit]

  • 14 Syma Sport and Events Centre (SYMA Rendezvény és Kongresszusi Központ), XIV. Dózsa György út 1. (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Puskás Ferenc Stadion), +36 1 460-1100, e-mail: . SYMA is used for sports events, concerts. SYMA has 3 halls. Hall 'A', the biggest has a maximum capacity of 10,000 people. Concerts usually accommodate a crowd of 6,000 Vary.
  • 15 HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center (BNV – Budapesti Nemzetközi Vásár – Vásárváros), X. Albertirsai út 10 (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Pillango further bus 100). It is open all year. This is the venue of many exhibitions, fairs and congress. For example Travel exhibition, Caravan Salon.


  • 16 Tennis Academy and Sports Centre (Tenisz Akadémia és Sportközpont), X. Kismartoni út 1-3 (M3, M4 Kálvin tér further bus 9 to stop 'Egészségház'), +36 1 433 2650. Daily 07:00-22:00.


  • 17 Petőfi Csarnok (Petőfi Hall), Városliget, XIV. Zichy Mihály út 14. (BKV m 1 jms.svg: 'Széchenyi fürdő'), +36 1 848 0206, e-mail: . M-F 10:00-16:00. often called PeCsa, is Budapest's only youth leisure center. Placed in the Városliget, it is a famous concert spot for pop/rock music, serving as home for hundreds of cultural programs, exhibitions, and fan clubs. PeCsa holds a 930 square metre hall, and an open stage with a guest capacity of 6000 persons.
  • 18 Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája), Komor Marcell utca 1 (tram: 2 to Millenniumi Kulturális Központ stop), +36 1 555 3301, e-mail: . 09:00-18:00. This modern, power plant-looking building hides an excellent modern art museum (Ludwig Múzeum), a festival theatre (Fesztivál Színház) and the marvellous Béla Bartók National Concert Hall (Bartók Béla Nemzeti Hangversenyterem), which offer great concerts from classical, jazz and world music to Hungarian and international pop, special children programmes and the best opera performances in Central Europe. The annual Wagner festival in June is a must. Spectacles are held all around the year. Book your tickets at the Palace of the Arts home page without additional booking fee. HUF700-9,800 for students are available for HUF 200 one hour before every show.
  • 19 Trafó House of Contemporary Arts (Trafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza), Liliom utca 41 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Ferenc körút', tram: 4-6 stop Üllői út). 16:00-22:00. In a renovated transformer building, Budapest's most important contemporary cultural centre presents Hungarian and international experimental dance, theatre and music performances. A disco hall in the cellar and a lively bar upstairs also serve your entertainment. HUF1,000-2,500, 25% discount for student.
  • 20 Planetarium (Planetárium), Népliget (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Népliget or tram: 1 to Népliget stop), +36 1 263 1811, e-mail: . Two English shows. The Hubble Universe (32 min), - Wonders of the sky (50 min) €5.
  • 21 Barka theater (Bárka Színház), VIII. Üllői út 82 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Nagyvárad tér), +36 1 303-6505, e-mail: .


Váci utca is Hungary's premier shopping street and consequently very expensive. In general, prices for big-name goods in Budapest tend to be at least the same as in Western Europe, but rarely cheaper. Much of this due to the relatively higher rate of purchase tax (VAT), which in Hungary is set at 25%.


  • 1 CIB Bank, X. Kőrösi Csoma Sándor út 2−4 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: 'Ecseri út' further tram 3 to stop 'Liget tér'), +36 1 4231000, +36 40 242242, fax: +36 1 489 6201, e-mail: . M-Th 08:30-16:00, F 08:30-15:00. ATM 0-24: yes. Other unit: # IX. Ferenc krt. 15.
  • 2 Commercial and Credit Bank (Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank), X. Liget tér 3. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Puskás Ferenc Stadion station take bus 95 to Kápolna utca or BKV m 3 jms.svg: Ecseri út further tram 3 to stop 'Liget tér'), +36 1 433 1520. M 08:00-17:00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. ATM 24/7. Other units in district 9th and 10th: # IX. Ferenc krt. 1. (+36 1 4561060), # IX. Lechner Ödön fasor 9. (+36 1 4605400)
  • 3 Erste Bank, Arcade Shopping Centre Branch, X., Örs vezér tere 25 (Arcade Shopping Centre, BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Örs vezér tere' station), +36 40 222222. Other units in district 9th and 10th: # IX.Üllői út 121., # X. Kőrösi Csoma sétány 9/B.
  • 4 FHB Headquaters, Űllői road Premium Branch (Fejlesztési és Hitelbank székház, Budapest Prémium Űllői úti Fiók), IX. Üllői út 48, (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Corvin-negyed, tram 4, 6 to Corvin-negyed), +36 1 452 92 13. M-Th 08:00-18:00, F 08:00-16:00. ATM 0-24.
  • 5 MKB Bank (Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank), IX. Soroksári út 3/C (Tram 2, 4, 6 to stop Boráros tér), +36 40 333666, e-mail: . M-Th 10:00-18:00, F 10:00-17:00. +Other units: X. Örs vezér tere 25. (Árkád Shopping Centre, first floor), XIV. Hungária krt. 130. General branches M 08:00-17:30, Tu-Th 08:00-16:30, F 08:00-15:00 , Central Business branches M-Th 10:00-18:00, F 10:00-17:00.
  • 6 OTP Bank, IX. Ferenc krt. 13. (Tram 4, 6 to stop Mester utca / Ferenc körút), +36 1 3666 388, fax: +36 1 479 2059. Other units in districts 9th: IX. Soroksári út 32-34. (Haller kert), IX. Tinódi u. 9-11., IX. Lobogó u. 18.
  • 7 Sberbank, X. Fehér út 3. (1st. fl). ('Cédrus Piac' shopping center), +36 1 432-6220, fax: +36 1 432-6225, e-mail: .


  • 8 Great Market Hall (Nagy Vásárcsarnok), IX.Vámház körút 1-3 (tram: 2, 47, 49 to Fővám tér or BKV m 4 jms.svg: 'Fővám tér'), +36 1 366 3300. M 06:00-17:00, Tu-F 06:00-18:00, Sa 06:00-15:00. A grand old three-level market hall, with a modern supermarket in the basement, small stalls selling mostly gourmet food items on the ground floor (more paprika and goose liver than you can shake a stick at) and handicrafts on the second floor. It is very touristy these days but still worth a visit. Bargaining and comparison-shopping are recommended.

    The Langos stand is a tourist scam, serving up a deep-fried snack called "Langos". Base prices are listed prominently, but the server will pile on additional condiments and it is not made clear that these cost extortionately extra. Before you know it, you will end up with a $30 or $40 USD pancake, charged in Hungarian Forint.

Malls and department stores[edit]

  • 9 [dead link] Árkád (ÁRKÁD Örs vezér tere Bevásárlóközpont), X.Örs vezér tere 25/a (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere), +36 1 433-1400, e-mail: . M-Sa 6:50AM-10PM, Su 7:50AM-8PM, Groceries M-Th and Sa 7AM-9PM, F 7AM-10PM, Su 8:30AM-7:30PM; SHOPS: M-Sa 10AM-9PM, Su 10AM-7PM. Mode, shoes, pharmacy, dm, restaurants.
  • 10 Asia Center, XV., Szentmihályi út 167-169. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Blaha Lujza tér' take bus 107 to stop 'Vásárcsarnok' and walk 10 min or From BKV m 1 jms.svg: Mexikói út take bus 225 and change at 'Bezerédj Pál utca/Fazekas sor' for bus 224 and go to stop 'Asia Center'), +36 1 688 8888, fax: +36 1 688 8889, e-mail: . Daily 10:00–19:00. AsiaCenter operates a representative office in China to support its project of the China Brand Trade Center. General services: Free access for disabled persons and free parking, air-conditioning, security service, information desks, restaurants, cafés, bank, money exchange booths, airline ticket office and car rental services in house.
  • 11 Buy-Way Soroksár, XXIII, Bevásárló u. 8. (From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Metró Kőbánya-Kispest take bus 84E (eight stops) to 'Pestszentimre felső vasútállomás' and walk cca. one km), +36 1 2256600, e-mail: . M-Sa 10.00-20.00, Su 10.00-18.00. Stores: Brendon, Galapagos (Pet shop), Lyra Bookshop, Office Depot, Trend Furniture Outlet, Walterland (goods for angling)
  • 12 Csepel Plaza, XXI. ker., II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 154-170. (Take tram 2 to stop Boráros tér further H7 to stop 'Karácsony Sándor utca' - Also here stop busses: 35; 36; 38; 138; 148; 151; 152; 159; 179; night busses lines: 938; 948; 979; 979A;), +36 1 425 8004, fax: +36 1, e-mail: . Cafe M-Su 9:00-21:00, stores M-Sa 10:00-20:00, Su 10:00-19:00, Prima CBA supermarket and CBA Grill M-Sa 07:00-20:00, Su 07:00-18:00. 473 parking spaces, parking spaces for handicapped are located opposite the main entrance. Stores: shoes; jewelry, accessories; food; game; optics; clothing; sports. - Also there: Cafe Mayr, Fornetti snacks, Telenor, Vodafone and T-mobile phone provider shops, Tarka-barka gift desk, Photo Shop CSPL (M-Sa 10:00-20:00)
  • 13 Europark Shopping Centre (Europark Bevásárlóközpont), XIX., Üllői út 201. (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Határ út), +36 1 3580710, e-mail: . M-Sa 09:00-20.00, Su 09:00-18.00. Free parking a thousand cars. Interspar hypermarket. - Shoes, Leather goods, bags stores: CCC, Deichmann, La Gamba, MK Leder; - Fashion, sports stores: Budmil,Devergo & Friends, Fantasma, Griff Gentlemen's, Hervis Sports Store, KANZ Children's Clothing, Mayo Chix, Nina Paris, Premium Brands, Promiss, Replay, Retro, Saxoo London, Takko Fashion. - DM Drogerie Markt, Parfumerie Douglas. - Technical goods, Telecommunications, Optics stores: 576 KByte, Lens Optics, Media Markt, SAMSUNG Mobil, T- Pont, T-Partner, Telenor, Vision Express Optics, Vodafone - Catering: Coffeeshop Company cafe, Cortesi bakeries and cafes, Il Treno Restaurant, JóAsszony Fast food restaurant, Ling Ling Kínai Fast food restaurant, Mc Donald's, Ling Ling Chinese Fast Food Restaurant, Mc Donald's. - Service shops: Belles tailor, Bio Hair, Csupa Csoda Playground (indoor), Flower Store Florist, Go Print Shop, Green Travel, Pharmacy, Helen Doron English lessons for Kids, Mister Minit (clothes, shoes reparing), Nail & Go, Nature Wash, Neckermann Travel, OREX Pawn, Post Office, Top Clean, Top Cartridge, Toto-Lotto gambling, UniCredit Bank, Western Union Money Exchange. - Other shops: Bijou Brigitte (watch, jewelry), Christin_s (watch, jewelry), Extrametál ( knives, scissors), KeS Papír (Paper knife), Libri books, Liliput Toys, Líra Book Store, Martha Silver Jewellery, Salvia Herb Shop, Újvilág (watch, jewelry), Ulpius ház Bookshop, phone +36 20 8000520
  • 14 KÖKI Terminal Shopping Center (KÖKI Terminál), XIX. Vak Bottyán u. 75. A-C (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Metró Kőbánya-Kispest), +36 1 9191333, e-mail: . Daily 06:00-22:00. Ground floor: OBI, Hervis, CIB Bank, a pharmacy and small services shops. Second floor: C&A clothes, Deichmann shoes, DM - Drugstore Markt, Exclusive Change Currency Exchange, H & M dresses, Humanic shoe, Libri books, Reno shoe, Tesco hypermarket, ETUI Travel Center, UniCredit Bank. Third floor: Müller (drugstore), Post Office (Budapest-Kispest 3 KÖKI Terminal brach), Libri (books), Euronics (electronics, multimedia), Háda (English second hand clothes) and lot of smaller shops. - 5D Cinema, Kackac (playgound), Ruyi Asia restaurant, Mandarina Shoarma (fast food),, Segafredo – Barista Cafe, Főzelékfaló (Cream sauces), KFC, BelFrit (Food from Belgium), banks (OTP, Erste).
  • 15 Lurdy House Shopping and Conference Center (Lurdy Ház), IX, Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14. (Ferencváros, From Downtown take tram 2 to terminal Közvágóhíd and take bus 103, to stop 'Mester utca / Könyves Kálmán körút' (one stop) or from tram 4, 6 stop 'Mester utca / Ferenc körút' take tram 51, 51A to stop 'Könyves Kálmán körút' or), +36 1 4561100, e-mail: . Stores M-F 10.00-20.00, Sa 10.00-19.00, Su 10.00-19.00. - Premium Real Food Store M-F 07.30-21.00, Sa 09.00-20.00, Su 10.00-18.00. - 'MIMOZINK' (multiplex cinema) ticket desk M-F 12.45-21.30, Sa 09.45-21.30, Su 09.45-21.30.. Stores : Women's, Men's and children's fashion, shoes, bags, leather lingerie, jewelery, watches, sports and leisure, clothing, sporting goods perfume, beauty products, Health care goods, books, newspapers, paper irószer, toy, gift, Electronics goods, wares, Photo , optics, food, Bank. - Catering: Burger House, Il Treno, McCafé, McDonald's, Bajnokok Salátázója (salad bar), Bőségtál restaurant, Ízvilág restaurant, Kínai restaurant (Chinese food), Koffein Cafe and brandy house, Mom's kitchen, Megálló Restaurant (grilled dishes), Páholy sandwich, Pasteria Toscana, Pogisarok (snacks), Semiramis babkávézó (Cafe), Thai Food. - Entertainment: Mi Mozink (cinema), Kalandpark Playhouse, Lurkó Bill (for kids), Stonehenge pubs. - Services: banks, showrooms of cellular phone providers, laundry, dry cleaning, fitness center, photo developing, Lottery, massage, optics, Auto tire repair and store, car wash, quick printing,
  • 16 Pólus Center, XV., Szentmihályi út 131. (From BKV m 1 jms.svg: Mexikói út take bus 225 and change at 'Bezerédj Pál utca/Fazekas sor' for Bus 224 to'Sárfű utca' or From BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Blaha Lujza tér' take bus 107 to stop 'Vásárcsarnok' and walk km), +36 1 4152134, +36 1 415 2114 (Information), e-mail: . Stores: Monday-Sunday: 10:00 to 20:00, restaurants, movie theater: Su-Th 10:00-24:00, F-Sa 10:00-02:00, Ice Rink: daily 09:00-23:00, Tesco Hypermarket 24/7. 149 Stores, 23 restaurants and cafes, 18 service units, five entertainment place (5D movie, playground, sport center).
  • 17 Récsei Center, XIV, Istvánmezei út 6. (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Keleti pályaudvar further bus 5, 7, 8, 112 to stop 'Cházár András utca'), +36 1 460 3666. M-F 09:00-20:00, Sa 09:00-18:00, Su 09:00-17:00. Service: Sziszkatarining (Personal Training), Repet Bistro (daily menu) Hair-Moni (Hair salon for women, men, children), Universum Fitness (gym), Kölyökvadon (Playhouse for Kids), Post Office. Stores: Líra Book Store, Récsei Crown Pharmacy, Office Depot (office supplies, computer science), CBA (Food), Drogerie Markt, Jysk (home decor), Fressnapf (Pet Store) , Halbazár (flat fish and pet trade).
  • 18 Sárkány Center, XVIII. Gyömrői út 79-83. (From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kőbánya-Kispest take bus 98, 98E, 193E, 200E, 217, 217E, 282E, 284E to stop 'Felsőcsatári út'), +36 1 2901858, +36 1 2903353, e-mail: . Daily 09:00-18:00. Main stores: Kölyökpark (Playhouse for Kids in Bldg.19): +36 1 291-1898; +36 70-418-5042 open: M-F 10-19, Sa-Su 10-20. - RS Bútorüzlet (Furniture) in Bldg.42: +36 1 270-0045; 06/20-599-9120- Merlin beauty salon (Bldg.25): +36 20 4444566, - Hoa Sen Restaurant: (Bldg.29): +36 30 5156688; -Valutaváltó (Currency Exchange, next to Bldg.12): +36 30 5683665.
  • 19 Sugár Shopping Center (Sugár Üzletközpont), XIV. Örs vezér tere 24 (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere), +36 1 469 5300, e-mail: . M-Sa:10:00-20:00 Su: 10:00-18:00. Built in 1980. With more than 100 retail and service units (ground floor and first floor). More than 20 public catering, entertainment & service units(second floor).


  • 20 Market of Sashalom (Sashalmi Piac), XVI. Sashalmi sétány 1 (Bus 277 to stop Sashalmi tér), +36 1 950 1785, e-mail: . M-Tu 06:00-16:00, We-F 06:00-18:00, Sa 06:00-14:00, Su 06:00-12:00. Farmers market. Eco market. Flowers. Some clothes shop. Confectionary. - Datas: 95 farmers' tables, 38 different sized store, food hygiene offices, public spaces, a fountain and civilized toilet, a total of 7,800 m2 of floor space.


  • 21 Aldi discount store (Aldi diszkontáruház), IX. Vámház körút 1-3 (BKV m 4 jms.svg: 'Vámház körút', in the Great Hall Market). M-F 06:00-21:00, Sa 06:00-21:00, Su 08:00-21:00. Discount store chain. -Plus units: XIII. Váci út 14. (daily 07:00-22:00, IX. Tűzoltó utca 10-16. (daily 07:00-22:00)
  • 22 CBA supermarket (CBA szupermarket), IX.Ferenc tér 13. (Near to Holocaust Center, - BKV m 3 jms.svg: Corvin-negyed), +36 1 2180251. M-F 06.15-21.00, Sa 07.00-21.00, Su closed. Supermarket chain. + units in district 9th: Bakáts tér 3., Liliom utca 43,. Haller utca 11.
  • 23 CBA supermarket (CBA szupermarket), XVI. Jókai Mór utca 2-4 (Sashalom. Bus to stop Jókai Mór utca (Rendőrség) 44, 46, 92, 176E, 276E).
  • 24 Coop supermarket (Coop szupermarket ABC), X.Kápolna u. 27-33 (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Puskás Ferenc Stadion further bus 95 to stop Kápolna tér), +36 1 2612639, e-mail: . Supermarket chain. phone +36 30 215688. + units in district 10th: COOP minis: Liget u. 40. (Tel:+36 1 2643719), Gergely u. 80. (Tel:+36 70 7736529), Pogány u. 10. (Tel:+36 1 2619407), Somfa Köz 2-12. (Tel:+36 1 2641327)
  • 25 Coop supermarket (Coop szupermarket 'abc'), XIV. Bosnyák tér 18. (bus 7, 7E, 107, 133, 233 to stop Bosnyák tér), +36 30 9117520, e-mail: . Supermarket chain. + units in district 14th:COOP minis: Kassai tér 16. (Tel: 2205062), Erzsébet királyné 76 / A (Tel: 2203737). - COOP szuper: Nagy Lajos király útja 100. (Tel:+36 30 911-7521) - COOP 'ABCs': Ungvár U. 50 / A (Tel:+36 1 251-4168), Szobránc u. 20. (Tel: +36 20 6121161), Vezér út 129. (Tel: +36 70 3165939) ,Kerepesi U.: 144-146. (Tel:+36 30 5684737), Hungária krt. 105. (Tel:+36 70 4282144, +36 17871734, +36 30 3911121), Nagy Lajos király útja 178. (Tel:+36 30 5684737)
  • 26 Lidl discount store (Lidl diszkontáruház), X.Üllõi u. 112 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Ecseri, tram 3), +36 80 020534, fax: +36 1 3466010, e-mail: . Daily 07:00-21:00. Discount store chain. More units: IX. Lobogó út 12.(Daily 07:00-21:00), IX. Gubacsi út 34., X. Maglódi út 17., X. Sibrik M. út 30/B, XVI. János u. 196., XIII. Béke tér, XIV. Mogyoródi út 23-29.,
  • 27 Lidl discount store (Lidl diszkontáruház), XXI. Ady Endre út 58. (H7 'Szent Imre tér' 600 m, bus 35, 36, 148, 151 to stop Védgát utca), +36 80 020534, fax: +36 1 3466010, e-mail: . Daily 07:00-21:00. Discount store chain. More units: XVIII.Üllõi u. 379-381, XIX. Báthory u. 6., XXIII. Ciklámen u. 3.,
  • 28 Penny Market (Penny Market diszkontáruház), XV. Régi Fóti Út 66-68. (Bus 5, 96, 124 to stop Illyés Gyula utca or bus 196 to stop Szentmihályi út), +36 29 339345, e-mail: . M-Sa 07:00-22:00, Su 07:00-21:00. Discount store chain. More unit:X. Kőrösi Cs. Út 42. (M-Sa 07:00-21:00, Su 07:00-20:00, X. Sibrik Miklós út 23. (M-Sa 07:00-21:00, Su 07:00-20:00), XIV.Füredi Út 37. (M-Sa 07:00-22:00, Su 07:00-21:00), XVIII. Margó T. u. 31.(M-Sa 07:00-22:00, Su 07:00-21:00), XIX. Ady E. Út 32-40.(M-Sa 07:00-20:00, Su 07:00-20:00), XX. Topánka u. 170204/99 Hrsz (M-Sa 06:00-22:00, Su 07:00-20:00), XXI. Kossuth Lajos u. 69. (M-Sa 07:00-20:00, Su 07:00-20:00.
  • 29 Real (Reál élelmiszer), XIV. Kerepesi út 26. (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Puskás Ferenc Stadion), +36 1 2200719, e-mail: . Discount store chain. More unit: IX. Lónyai u. 23. (T: +36 30 4574661), IX. Üllői út 121. (T: +36 30 7472630), IX. Mester u. 54. (T: +36 30/747-2630). IX.Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14. (T: +36 1 4561389), Balázs Béla u. 34. (T: +36 30/297-2409), Gubacsi út 24. - X. Hungária krt. 5-7. (T: +36 1 4319909), Sörgyár u. 75-81. (T: +36 433-2907).- XIV. Ilka u. 25-27. (T: +36 30-399-3814), XIV. Zsolnay út 1. (T: +36 30 6568427), XIV. Egressy út 68. (T: +36 20 4016016), - XV. Nyírpalota u. 52. (T: +36 20/219-0109), - XVI. Rákosi út 102. (T: +36 1 4054808, 30 4987346), Timur u. 96. (T: +36 30 8263792), Budapesti út 119/D (T: +36 1 4031174), Vidámvásár u. 1. (T: +36 30 9528864). - XVII. Péceli út 207-209. (T: +36 30/635-7946), Borsó u. 64/B. (T: +36 1 257-0275), Régivám köz 37-40. (T: +36 1 257-8026). - XVIII. Közdülő út 46-50. www.groby.hu (T: +36 1 476-3680), XVIII. Ráday Gedeon u. 80. (T: +36 70/384-7038), XVIII. Üllői út 348. (T: +36 30 7472630), XVIII. Kézműves u. 6-8. (T: +36 30 933-3098), XVIII. Üllői út 612. (T: +36 30 7472631), XVIII. Kisfaludy u. 112. (T: +36 1 224-0190).
  • 30 Spar supermarket (Spar szupermarket), IX.Napfény utca 10 (Bus 181, 281 to stop Lobogó utca), +36 20 8237109, e-mail: . M-F 06.30-21.00, Sa 07.00-17.00, Su 07.00-14.00. Supermarket chain. More units in district 9th: IX.Mester utca 1, (M-F 06.30-22.00, Sa 07.00-21.00, Su 08.00-20.00)., IX.Ráday utca 32, (M-F 07.00-22.00, Sa 07.00-20.00, Su 08.00-19.00)., IX.Mester utca 30-32., (M-F 06.30-22.00, Sa 07.00-18.00, Su 08.00-18.00)., IX.Soroksári út 1., (M-F 06.30-21.00, Sa 06.30-17.00, Su 08.00-13.00)., IX.Üllői út 147., (M-F 06.30-21.00, Sa 07.00-17.00, Su 07.00-14.00).,

Other stores[edit]

  • 31 Obi (Obi barkácsáruház), IX. Soroksári út. 33. (Tram 2, 24, 51A to Közvágóhíd), +36 1 455 5100, e-mail: . Daily 08.00-20.00. DIY chain. More units: XIV. Fogarasi út 28-54. (Tel.: 36 40 21 22 23, M-Sa 08.00-20.00, Su 08.00-19.00), IV. Szent Imre u. 1. (Tel.:36 40 21 22 23, M-Sa 08.00-20.00, Su 08.00-18.00), XIX. Vak Bottyán utca 75/A (Tel.: +36 40 212223, M- Sa 08.00 - 20.00 Su 08.00-18.00)
  • 32 Praktiker home improvement store (Praktiker barkácsáruház), IX., Mester utca 87 (Tram 1, 51, bus 103), +36 1 4767000, fax: +36 1 4767020, e-mail: . M-F 08.00–20:00, Sa 09.00–20:00, Su 09.00-18.00. More than 40 000 products


  • 33 Interspar (Interspar hipermarket), XIX. Üllői út 201 (In Europark Shopping Center), +36 20 823 8026, e-mail: . M-Th 07.00-21.00, F 07.00-22.00, Sa 07.00-21.00, Su 08.30-19.30. X.Sibrik Miklós út 30., (Tel.: +36 20 823 8226, M-Sa 06.00-22.00, Su 08.30-19.30), X.Kerepesi út 61., (Tel.: +36 20 823 8196, M-Th 07.00-21.00, F 07.00-22.00, Sa 07.00-21.00, Su 08.30-19.30), XX. Széchenyi utca 1., (Tel.: +36 20 823 8076, M-Sa 06.00-22.00, Su 08.30-19.30)
  • 34 Tesco hypermarket (Tesco hipermarket), XX. Mártírok útja 281 (Pesterzsébet, from BKV m 3 jms.svg: Határ út take bus 123 to stop Mesgye utca and walk two km or take a free bus from BKV m 3 jms.svg: Határ út (hourly)), +36 20 8270000. 24/7. Services: Wi-Fi, Credit card payment, ATMs, meat countertop, fresh bakery products, F & F clothing department, gift package making and packaging, free parking, Home Delivery. - IX. Koppány u. 2-4. (daily 06:00-23:00), - XXI. II. Rákóczi Ferenc u.191 (24/7), - XVII. Pesti út 5–7. (24/7), XIX. Vak Bottyán utca 75/B (Köki Terminál Center, daily 06:00-22:00), - XV. Szentmihályi út 131. (Pólus Center, 24/7)


There are two areas packed with cafés, restaurants and disco clubs:


  • 3 Faller Confectionery (Faller Cukrászda), Tabódy Ida tér 2. (Next to High School, H8, H9 'Cinkota' 500m), +36 1-400-13-59, e-mail: . Daily 10-19.
  • 4 [dead link] Zila Café (Zila Kávéház Krisztina Cukrászda és Étterem), Üllői út 452 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Határ út further tram: 50, bus: 93, 93A, 236, 236A to stop Szarvas csárda tér), +36 1 2902417, e-mail: . Daily 10:00-22:00. Here made four times the 'Country cake'. Cold appetizers HUF1690-2890; Soups HUF890-1290; Hot Appetizers HUF 1490-1890; Salads HUF1990-2390; Sandwiches HUF790-1 890; Fish dishes HUF2990-3390 ; Poultry dishes HUF2590-3490; Pork dishes HUF690-2790; Veal & Beef dishes HUF2390-4390; Lamb dishes HUF2890-3290; Pasta dishes HUF1590-2390; Home-made pickles and fresh salads HUF500.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under HUF2000
Mid-range HUF2000-3500
Splurge Above HUF3500

Fast food[edit]

  • 5 Burger King (BURGER KING®), XIV. Hungária krt. 116-118. (Bus 103, tram 1 to stop Egressy út / Hungária körút), +36 1 413 6234. 08:00-23:00. Drive, Free WiFi -Other unit X. Üllői út 110-112. (Drive, Free Parking, Free WiFi), X. Örs vezér tér 25/a.(Free WiFi), XIV. Kerepesi út 42-46.(Drive, Free Parking, Free WiFi), IV. Árpád út 73.(Free Parking, Free WiFi).
  • McDonald's Restaurant, X. Boráros tér 4 (tram: 2). Daily. - McCafé, McReggeli, Wifi



  • 6 Bagolyvár (Bagolyvár Étterem), XIV. Gundel Károly út 4. (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Hősök tere), +36 1 468-3110, fax: +36 1 363-1917, e-mail: . 12:00–23:00. Mid-range sister of famous Gundel. Claims to be the only Hungarian restaurant where women cook and serve food. Soups can be served either in a small tureen, which is better for a company to give everyone a try of several soups. Grilled сheese with caramelized walnut and fruits is a must-try, ideally with a semi-sweet Tokaji wine. The Wiener schnitzel is huge. Wine soup sound promising, but not everyone likes it. Creamy wild game soup with croutons is really good. Teas (Impria brand) are quite average; cocoa is really good. To buy a take-away bottle of wine you liked in Bagolyvar, head to 1894 Food & Wine Cellar to save half a price. Tourist mix: many locals, but tourists still prevail; Russians/Ukrainians and Austrians can be frequently seen there. Menus €11-30; with wine €34, meat dish €10-22, dessert €3-7, fish €17-21, soup €5-8.
  • 7 Berliner Pub (Berliner Sörkatakomba - Söröző - Pub - Bár), IX. Ráday utca 5 (near BKV m 3 jms.svg 'Kalvin ter'), +36 1 2176757, e-mail: . M-Sa: 11:00-24:00, Su: 11:00-23:00. Try for high-quality, medium-budget food. Excellent service, fresh beer, huge meals. Recommended (Jan 2010). Appetizer €3-8, soups €3, pasta €6-8, berliner classic €6-8, bier (more than a dozen) 0,33 l €3.3-3.6.
  • 8 Carevec Bulgarian Restaurant (Carevec Étterem), IX. Vágóhíd utca 62 entrace from Fehér Holló street #2 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Nagyvárad tér and take tram 24 one stop to Balázs Béla utca or walk ten min.), +36 1 2161797, +36 20 3644231, e-mail: . Daily 12:00-23:00. Hungarian and international specialties in all year can be found in the Restaurant and summer in the garden as well. There is a Cellar Pub and Wine Bar. Favorited by the local Bulgarian Community.

  • 9 Kaltenberg restaurant (Kaltenberg Sörház & Étterem), IX. Kinizsi utca 30-36, (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Corvin-negyed), +36 1 215-9792, +36 1 218-1063, +36 1 218-1099, e-mail: . Mon - Sat: 11:30-23; Sunday: Closed.
  • 10 Raday Pest Restaurant (Ráday Pesti Vendéglő), IX. Ráday utca 11 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kálvin tér), +36 1 219 5451, e-mail: . Snacks € 5-8,Hamburgers €8.8-12.0, Vegetarian dishes €5.0-8.0, Soups €3.5, Salads €3.5-7.0, Pickles €2.8, Classic Hungarian dishes €2.8-15.0, Poultries €7.1-14.0, Pork dishes €8.2-11.5, Beef and veal dishes €7.1-21.4, Meat dishes € 9.6-12.3, Fish 100-gr €3.6-10.3, Giant prawns €15.0, Garnish €2.0-3.5, desserts €3.5-4.3.


  • 11 Costes restaurant (Costes étterem), IX. Ráday utca 4 (BKV m 3 jms.svg,BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kálvin tér), +36 1 2190696, fax: +36 1 2190697. from Wednesday to Sunday 18:30-24:00 hours (kitchen closes at 23:00). Hungary's first Michelin-star restaurant. Masterful tastes, the artistic presentation, the attention to details, a mindful service, a pleasant atmosphere. Dress code: smart casual. Service: free parking in Hotel Ibis. Menus 3 dishes and dessert €75 with wine €110, - 3 dishes, cheese or pre-dessert and dessert €85, with wine €130, - 4 dishes, cheese or pre-dessert and dessert €100, with wine pairing €150, - 7-course menu €110, with wine €170.
  • 12 Gundel, XIV. Állatkerti út 2 (BKV m 1 jms.svg: Hősök tere), +36 1 468-4040, fax: +36(1)363-1917, e-mail: . 11:30AM-3PM. The flagship of Hungarian gastronomy for decades. Jackets are mandatory for gentlemen in evening time, and dinner clothes are recommended. On Sundays, the restaurant serves a buffet brunch, reservations recommended. This is worth the price for the amazing dessert buffet alone. The restaurant is part of a holding including an own wine brand, and a line of delicacy products (cheese, goose liver, palinka and paprika). Brunch 6600 with drinks, 5600 without.
  • Taiwan Restaurant, XIX. Gyáli út 3 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Nagyvárad tér station), +36 1 2151236. Daily 12:00–24:00. one of the best Chinese restaurants available in Budapest


Bars & Clubs[edit]

  • 1 Borpince Winery (Borpince borozó, Nagyvárad Borozó), IX. Haller utca 88. (Near to Ludovika park and the Hungarian Natural History Museum. - BKV m 3 jms.svg: Nagyvárad tér, tram 24 , bus 281). [1] Cheapie.
  • 2 Budapest Park Club, IX. Soroksári út 60. (Tram number 1, 2, 24 and 51, the bus number 23, 54, 55, 103 and 179, the suburban railway number H6 and H7., night bus number 901, 918, 923, 937 and 979.), +36 30 7022919, e-mail: . M, Tu, Sa, Su: Program-Specific, Th, F, Sa: 17:00-05:00, Ticket office: M-Sa 17:00-20:00. Europe's largest,-open throughout the summer,-open-air club. Concerts. Tickets from HUF1000.


  • 3 Sarga Csiko Pub (Sárga Csikó (Yellow Pony) Söröző), XVI. Szabadföld út 16 (Right next to Cinkota Suburban Rail Stop), +36 1 400 3315. Drafted and bottled beers.

Wine tasting[edit]

There were several huge free wine tasting facilities on Buda Hill; these are now closed though still listed on many sites. One new one is in a catacomb at the cliff at the end of the main street on the hill. You pay a fee for the tour based on how many and which wines you will taste at the end of it.

  • 4 [dead link] Gundel 1894 Food & Wine Cellar, Állatkerti út 2 (BKV m 1 jms.svg: HŐsők tere), +36 1 468-4044, fax: +36 1 363-1917, e-mail: . M-Sa 6PM-11PM; happy hours 5PM-7PM (30% discount for wine by glasses). Preferred place for buying wines from Gundel wineries; 2 times cheaper than in Bagolyvar restaurant (and possibly more than in Gundel restaurant). Offers a series of wine-tasting courses; very serious about rare vintages. Some soups and mains are also served.



Pest has a huge number of backpacker hostels.

  • 1 Csokakő hostel (Csokakő szálló), XIX. Hofherr Albert utca 3/B (Kispest train stop, From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Határ út take tram 51 to stop Villanytelep and walk five mins), +36 1 2571643, +36 70 5141102, fax: +36 1 2571643, e-mail: . Sgl / dbl shared bath HUF4200 / 8400 , sgl with bath HUF5900 all tax incl..
  • 2 Bocskai hostel (Bocskai szálló), XVII. Bocskai István utca 26. (From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kőbánya-Kispest take bus 98, 98E, 198 to stop Bocskai István utca), +36 1 2571643, +36 70 5141102, fax: +36 1 2571643, e-mail: . Sgl shared bath HUF4200, dbl with bath HUF8400.
  • 3 [dead link] Hostel Fortuna-Budapest, IX. Gyáli út 3/b (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Nagyvárad tér). Check-in: 14:00-23:00. 24/7. Thirty rooms for 94 pax. All rooms with bathroom, fridge, television, air conditioning and wifi. - Services: loundry, internet point, central safe, hair drier, ironing, copy, print, parking in the courtyard only evening, on the street is free. Apr - Oct. sgl / dbl / tpl HUF9.000 /12.000 / 18.000, Nov-Dec sgl / dbl / tpl HUF7.500 / 9.000 / 15.000.
  • 4 Budapest Budget Hostel, IX. Ipar utca 15-21 (Take tram 4, 6 to stop Mester utca / Ferenc further take tram 51, 51A to stop Bokréta utca), +36 30 7516055, e-mail: . Free WiFi, family room, Garden, Parking (2500 HUF / day) Rooms /beds: 30 / 95. Sgl Shared / Private Bathroom €22/24 twin / dbl / tpl (Shared Bathroom) €36 / 28 / 36, twin / dbl / tpl with bathroom €34 / 34 / 48, four / five / six bed dorm €12 / 11 / 8-12 per bed. all price valid for 2014 summer, weekday. - Sziget and / or weekend extra charges, off season discounted..
  • 5 Bagolyvár Student Hostel (PSZF Hotel-Kollégium), XIV. Bagolyvár u. 6-10. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Stadionok Station, then take trolley-bus Nr. 80 to stop Kaffka Margit), +36 1 469-6679, fax: +36 1 469-6642, e-mail: . Total capacity circa two hundred pax. Double rooms with shower and three bedded rooms with common showers on the corridor. - A library, restuarant and pub can be found in the hostel. - Summer. Jun-Aug 89 rooms. Busy time only 13 rooms available. 3 bedded room for 1 or 2 person HUF6.150 p.p., Double room with shower and TV HUF7.011 p.p..
  • 6 Tarka Hostel (Tarkaréti Kollégium), X. Tarkarét u. 6 (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere take bus 168 E to Örs vezér tere), +36 1 2624511, fax: +36 1 2619781, e-mail: . Summer Hostel. Capacity: 300 persons. - Open Jul.10.-Aug.24.: 0-24h. All rooms has WiFi mostly also cabel connection.
  • 7 Fehér Páva Restaurant and Hostel Budapest (Fehér Páva Étterem és Hostel Budapest), IX. Üllői út 7 (BKV m 3 jms.svg, BKV m 4 jms.svg: Kálvin tér). Two single, four 4-bed, seven triple, one 5-bed, four 6-bed rooms. Sgl / twin / tpl / quad HUF6000 / 12000 / 15000 / 20000.
  • 8 Népliget Sport Hostel, X. Vajda Péter u. 38 (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Blaha Lujza tér further bus 99 to Sporttelep), +36 30 651 5118, +36 1 2350173, e-mail: . Sporthostel ideal place for athletes, individual travelers and all those who want to stay quiet and / or athletic environment at an affordable price! The Hostel located in the south-east of Budapest, the city's largest park. Dorms 2 bed / 5-6 bed rooms HUF 3950 / 3200 per person.
  • 9 [dead link] Hotel ** & Hostel Rila (Bulgarian: Хотел ** & Хостел „Рила”), IX. Fehér Holló utca 2 (M3 Nagyvárad tér and take tram 24 one stop to Balázs Béla utca or walk ten min.), +36 1 3232999, +36 1 2161621, fax: +36 1 3232998, e-mail: . 24/7. HOTEL Rooms: single, double, triple and quadruple rooms with bathroom (shower and toilet). In addition to these five bedded studios (2 double, 1 single and 1 bathroom). Services: 24-Hour Front Desk, En-suite rooms, Telephone in all rooms, safety deposit box, luggage room, bike storage , Tourist information, free maps, phone card, postcard Stamp, Budapest card discount, Public telephones, fax, Program management: sightseeing, tour, concert, Laundry Laundry, Wake-up Service, hair dryer, iron, crib. Pets are welcome, free closed parking. HOSTEL: Two-bed rooms with shared bathroom and a five-bed dorm with separate beds. Peak Season (Jun 22. - Jul 26. and Jul 30. - Aug. 14) Single / Double / Triple / Quad with private bathroom €36/48/66/80, Studio Single / Double with shared bath €34/44, family Room with private bathroom €85 Dormitory with shared bath €17. - Breakfast (optional) €4 per person.
  • 10 Silk Road Hotel **, XIV. Pillangó utca 22 (BKV m 2 jms.svg: Pillangó utca 400 m or bus 130, trolley 80, 80A), +36 1 7800168, e-mail: . Check-in: 14:00-23:00, check-out: 10:00. 18 rooms. Rooms for 2, 3, 4 person. Sgl / dbl (shared bath) HUF4400 / 8700 with bath HUF6300/10400 all tax incl..
  • 11 Hotel Sunshine ***, XIX. Bethlen Gábor utca 31 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kőbánya-Kispest walk five mins), +36 1 720 7771, fax: +36 1 720-7779, e-mail: . Sgl, dbl HUF10500, breakfast: HUF1200, closed parking HUF1800, Extra bed: HUF3600, Pets HUF3600, Jacuzzi, sauna per hour: HUF4500.
  • 12 Seni Studium Hotel and Restaurant, X. Harmat utca 129. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere or BKV m 3 jms.svg: Kőbánya-Kispest further take bus 85 to stop 'Mélytó utca'), +36 1 4317493, fax: +36 1 4317494, e-mail: . Rooms: 59+8 doubles, 5 suites. All the rooms have Air Conditioning, SAT TV-video, Wireless Internet Service, Minibar, Firstclass orthopedic beds, Ensuite Bath / Shower. Also here is a restaurant,-with Hungarian, Turkish and German cuisine and special pizzas,- and a bar. Sgl / twin / Apartment HUF 9000-10200-11500 / 10400-13000-16200 / 17200-19500-25.000 (off season-high season-Sziget, Forma 1).
  • 13 Nap Hotel and Restaurant, X. Vaspálya utca 17-21 (From BKV m 1 jms.svg, BKV m 2 jms.svg, BKV m 3 jms.svg: Deák Ferenc tér take bus 9 to stop Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás (Mázsa tér) change bus 117, 151 to Kelemen utca), +36 1 2602971, fax: +36 1 2607824, e-mail: . 86 rooms with 245 beds. Free WiFi. Parking (HUF1500 per car per day), Pet-friendly, three star hotel. Massage HUF 8000 per hour. Also there is a conference room with terrace and a beauty salon. Sgl / twin, double / standard tpl HUF9000 / 12500 / 17000 incl.breakfast.
  • 14 Marek József Hostel (Szent István Egyetem , Állatorvostudományi Kar, Marek József Kollégium), XIV. Mogyoródi u. 59-63 (Trolley 80 , bus 32, tram 62, night bus 78), +36 1 383-0356, fax: +36 1 363-1477, e-mail: . It has 40 beds for guests. Guestrooms HUF10400, student room (triple) HUF21000?.
  • 15 Pesti szálló, XVII., Pesti út 41/C (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere take bus 97E to stop Kis utca 200 m), +36 1 2571643, +36 70 5141102, +36 1 2571483, fax: +36 1 2571643, e-mail: . Only for shoestringers. It can be noisy. Look like a worker hostel. Twenty one rooms. Sgl / dbl / tpl shared HUF3900 / 6300 / 9450.
  • 16 FunkNBunk Hostel, Budapest, Rózsa u. 72, 1064 (M1 Metro to Kodaly Korund.), +36 (1) 608 4409, e-mail: . Check-in: 1400, check-out: 1100. FunkNBunk is a unique and sociable hostel. Benefitting from a large and chilled out common room. FunkNBunk also offers low prices and is centrally located. €8-15.


  • 17 ibis Budapest Aero, X. Ferde utca 1-3 (Opposite the BKV m 3 jms.svg: Határ út metro station), +36 1 3479703, fax: +36 1 2806403, +36 30 4201429, e-mail: . Rooms: 139. - There is a garden with a terrace area, secure parking, a bar open 24 hours as well as three meeting rooms, Air conditioning and free WiFi Internet access. Sgl / dbl HUF13500 / 14500 all tax incl. with breakfast.
  • 18 ACHAT Premium Hotel Budapest, X. Hungária körút 5. (BKV m 2 jms.svg:Puskás Ferenc Stadion further tram line 1 / 1A or bus 103 get off at Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion), +36 1 4346600, fax: +36 1 4346699, e-mail: . ****Part of a German hotel chain. Rooms: 134. All rooms with air-conditioning. Five maisonette suites and Business and Superior rooms. Cosy "Bistrorante" with outdoor terrace offers both Hungarian specialities and international cuisine. Also here an elegant lobby bar. dbl from HUF14500 all tax incl..
  • 19 Danubius Hotel Aréna, XIV. Ifjúság útja 1-3. (BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Puskás Ferenc Stadion' station), +36 1 8895244. **** 379 air-conditioned rooms. Also there: Danubius Premier Fitness: fitness room and aerobic studio. Swimming pool, Finnish and infra-saunas, solarium, massage and beauty salon.- New Italian-style restaurant and coffee shop. - Ten conference and function rooms with seating capacities of between 15-330 guests. - Close to Budapest’s largest sports and events centre and the international fair centre (HUNGEXPO). Dbl from HUF14500 all tax incl..
  • 20 Matyas Hotel (Mátyás Hotel***), XVI. Veres Péter út 105 (Close to 'Mátyásföld, Imre utca' Suburban Rail Stop), +36 1 401 1010, fax: +36 1 401 1019, e-mail: . This is the main hotel in Sashalom neighborhood. 15 rooms, all of them with american styled kitchen and air conditioner. There is a small conference room up to forty people. Other services: Child friendly Hotel, Free WIFI Internet Access, VISA / EMC Cards accepted, Free Parking. - Pre-season 02.Jan - 31.Mar, High season 01.Apr. - 31.Oct, Off-season 01.Nov. - 28.Dec Sgl €41-50-41, Dbl €55-68-55, Tpl €68-80-68, Four bedded apartment €75-91-75. Five bedded apartment €86-102-86, all prices based on Pre-High-Off-season.


  • 21 Expo Congress Hotel, X. Expo tér 2. (Albertirsai út 10.) (HUNGEXPO Budapesti Vásárközpont, From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Örs vezér tere take bus 100 to stop Vásárközpont, főbejárat), +36 1 2636800, fax: +36 1 2636801, e-mail: . Four star hotel. Rooms: Standard 120, Superior 36, Disabled Access Rooms: 4. All rooms with LCD TV, Laptop Safe, Free Wireless Internet Access, Individual climate control, Minibar, Large shower or bath. Sgl / dbl from HUF17000 /17000 include buffet breakfast and all taxes..



Post Offices[edit]

  • 8 Post Office (Magyar Posta), IX. Napfény utca 10. (Bus 181, 281 to stop Lobogó utca), +36 1 3470579, fax: +36 1 3470579, e-mail: . M-F 08:00-18:00, Sa 08:00-13:00, Su closed. More units in district 9th: Soroksári út 38-42. (M-F 08:00-16:00), Üllői út 89 / A (M-F 09:00-17:00), Gönczy Pál utca 2. first floor. #4 (M-F 08: 00-19: 00), Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14. Lurdy Ház Shopping Center. (M-F 10:00-20:00, Sa, Su 10:00-16:00).
  • 9 Post Office (Magyar Posta Sashalom), XVI. Jókai Mór utca 2/B (Next to Matyas Hotel), +36 1 407 1230, e-mail: .


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