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Transdanubia (Hungarian: Dunántúl Roman: Pannonia) lies west of the Danube River in western Hungary.


European Union territorial units[edit]

  • Central Transdanubia: includes counties of Fejér, Komárom-Esztergom, and Veszprém.
  • Western Transdanubia: includes the counties of Zala, Vas, and Győr-Moson-Sopron
  • Southern Transdanubia: includes the counties of Somogy, Tolna, and Baranya


  • Bikal — there is a Castle Hotel
  • Esztergom — the first capital, the seat of Constitutional Court and the Roman Catholic Church of Hungary, home of the biggest church in Central Europe
  • Győr — there are many cafés, restaurants, boutiques, and night clubs in its lovely baroque city center
  • Harkány — small spa town on the Croatian border, famous for its waters rich in sulphur
  • Kőszeg - a historic town on the Austrian border
  • Mosonmagyaróvár — a thermal spa and destistry town
  • Nagykanizsa
  • Pápa — one of the centres of the Reformed faith in Transdanubia, with numerous ecclesiastical heritage sites and museums
  • Pécs — a pleasant cultural centre and university town
  • Sopron — a bilingual town on the Austrian border
  • Szekszárd
  • Székesfehérvár
  • Szombathely — former Roman colony, Centre of Western Danubia and county Vas
  • Veszprém — one of the oldest cities of Hungary

Other destinations[edit]

Fertő Lake, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Fertő-Hanság National Park - Fertő Lake a cultural landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Írottkő Nature Park
  • Őrségi National Park
  • Transdanubian Mountains, Bakony - Balaton Uplands National Park
  • Velence Lake - Agard most important resorts of the lake, a vibrant fishing and rowing center (sailing, kayaking, canoeing).


Transdanubia covers much of the ancient Roman province of Pannonia, which also included the lands north and east of the Danube River that are in surrounding countries.

Get in[edit]


By train[edit]

Northern Transdanubia, (Budapest-Tatabánya-Győr-Mosonmagyaróvár rail line,) directly connected with Vienna (eight per day, 'SparSchiene' ticket from €13 (OW), 2014). Special ticket prices for direct trains toward west to Salzburg (eight per day), and Innsbruck (twice a day, RW ticket from €89 ). - EURegio Spezial tickets valids for daily one return trip, from Monday to next Monday 9AM any train (on the given routes), Győr-Vienna-Győr: € 49.

From Sopron, Szentgotthárd [formerly dead link] (pdf, 2014), Szombathely origins trains depart to east and south Austrian destinations (Vienna, Graz (RW from €39), Klagenfurt, Villach, Wiener Neustadt).

From Pécs via Nagykanizsa trains to Vienna

By bus[edit]

From Kőszeg bus depart to Oberpullendorf in Burgenland (weekly, 20 min) by Vasi Volán company. From Győr also every two hours a bus to Vienna


By air[edit]

Direct flight between Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD) in Budapest and about a dozen German cities, also a couple flights mostly charters to Heviz Airport (SOB) former FlyBalaton Airport in Sármellék. Pécs and Győr also has an airport for smaller planes, used almost exclusive charter flights and private planes

By train[edit]

Northern Transdanubia, (Budapest-Tatabánya-Győr-Mosonmagyaróvár rail line,) directly connected with Munich (five per day, one of night train, OW ticket from €29, 2014), also and to Frankfurt (6 hours), via Stuttgart 'railjet' trains (weekly two, from €49, 2014) or daily more with change at Vienna.

By bus[edit]

Some bus lines passed this region see on the homepage of Volánbusz, which is the national bus company and also the local Eurolines representation. Alternatively, Orangeways bus company T.:+36 30 830-9696, offer cheap tickets between Győr and Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich.

Slovenia, Croatia[edit]

By train[edit]

  • From Nagykanizsa train departs to Zagreb in Croatia (daily, 3 hours)
  • 'Istria express', 1246/1247 take it at Székesfehérvár or Veszprém or Zalaegerszeg to Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Koper (Slovenia)
  • 'Rippl-Rónai' InterCity express, IC 204/205. Catch it at Dombóvár or at Kaposvár to Zagreb

By bus[edit]

From Pécs via Mohács to Osijek twice a week, 2 hours by Pannon Volán [dead link].

Slovakia and Czech Republic[edit]

From Győr start buses to Bratislava in Slovakia with Cseh-busz OW/RW HUF3000/5000, three per day, 1 hour and Praha in Czech Republic(OW/RW HUF6000/11000 three per day, 5.5 hour, <2014>) See at Volan bus company site.


There is a direct train connection between Győr and Zurich (twice a day).

Get around[edit]


Baranya County[edit]

Votive Roman Catholic Church, Mohács
  • Bikal — 50 KM south of Pécs the small community of Bikal offers one of the most renowned historic Castle Hotels in Hungary.
  • 2 Harkány (Croatian: Harkanj) (South 30km - Buses from Pécs ~every second hour (06:00-18:00),)). — small spa town on the Croatian border, famous for its waters rich in sulphur.Medical waters. One of the most famous city spas. - Tourinform Office: Kossuth Lajos utca 7, Tel/Fax: +36 72 815910, Mobilphone=+36 30 2687488
  • 3 Mohács (Croatian and Bunjevac: Mohač, German:Mohatsch, Serbian: Мохач, Turkish: Mohaç). Votive Roman Catholic Church (Fogadalmi Emléktemplom), Inner City Parish Roman Catholic Church (Belváros plébániatemplom), Franciscan Roman Catholic Church ( Ferences templom), Bishop's Roman Catholic Church (Püspök templom), Reformed Church (Református templom), The Evangelical Church (Evangélikus templom), Serbian Orthodox Church (Szerb-ortodox templom), Church of St. Roch (Szent Rókus kápolna). Buso Courtyard (Busóudvar), Kanizsai Dorottya Ceramic Museum (Kanizsai Dorottya Múzeum, kiállítás és látványtár), The Saint Nicholas Watermill Industrial History Exhibition (Malomtörténeti kiállítás a Vízimalomban), found in 1331. Busomuseum (Busóház), City Hall (Városháza), Franciscan Priory Church of St. Stephen and Monastery (Ferencesek Szent István Zárdatemploma és Kolostora), Karoly Kisfaludy High School - former Bishop's Palace ( Kisfaludy Károly Gimnázium - Püspöki Palota), Memorial battlefield or Calvary Chapel (Kálvária vagy Csatatéri Emlékkápolna), Greek Orthodox Serbian cemetery chapel (Görögkeleti szerb temetőkápolna), - Every spring, the town hosts the annual Busójárás carnival.
  • 4 Máriagyűd (Croatian Đud (Szalánta), Jud (Hercegszántó), German Marju). There is famous Marian shrine and place of pilgrimage.- Events: The Shrine farewell date is July 2. Other farewells: at Pentecost - Roma pilgrimage; Trinity Sunday; Visitation of Our Lady - youth farewell, Assumption - the main farewell, Virgin Mary - the main German farewell.
  • 5 Pécsvárad (German: Fünfkirchenwardein or Petschwar, Croatian: Pečvar). Sghts: Benedictine Monastery (Bencés Kolostor), Assumption Catholic Church (Nagyboldogasszony katolikus templom), and the Castle (vár), vineyards and chestnut woods (szőlők és szelídgesztenye-erdő), Neo-Gothic Town Hall (neogótikus Városházát on Szentháromság Square) was built in 1857. - More notable buildings: former military hospital (volt katonai kórház), and cavalry barracks (lovassági laktanya), the Old pharmacy (gyógyszertár), Kossuth Square buildings (Chapel, Catholic, Protestant parsonage, old school). - Events: - August 15-20. „Szent István Napok” (St. Stephen's Days) musical events, exhibitions and organ concerts in the castle in the Roman Catholic church. - Every August held „Várszínház” (Castletheater) . - the "Leányvásár" in every even-numbered year on October 18th. Programs: traditional folk Bands festival, dance gala, folk art fair in the city center. - Every odd year as „Gesztenyeszüret a Zengő alján” ( Chestnut Harvest at the bottom of Zengo) events will be held
  • 6 Ormánság landscape (Vajszló and Sellye area, take a train or a bus from Szigetvár). The churches with unique painted cassette (Drávaiványi, Adorjás, abnormal, Kovácshida) showing the elements of the ancient Hungarian symbolism system. Also its has an unique folklor style. - Sellye sights: Draskovich Castle (Baroque, 18th century); Arboretum (1760's); Catholic church and parish; Reformed church and rectory ; Ormánság Ethnography Museum (folk block house); Thermal Bath of Sellye; Turul Statue.
  • 7 Siklós (Serbian and Croatian: Šikloš/Шиклош) (South 30km - Buses from Pécs ~every second hour (06:00-17:00)). Highlights: Siklos Castle (13-16th century), including museums, torture chamber; Gothic Franciscan monastery (15th century), including ceramic creative house; Malkocs Bey Mosque built in the 16th century. For relax there is the Thermal Spa Siklós. Taste the local products of this excellent wine region
  • 8 Szársomlyó Nature Reserves (Szársomlyói természetvédelmi terület) (Nagyharsány).
Szigetvár - Castle
  • 9 Szigetvár (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈsiɡɛtvaːr]; Croatian: Siget; Turkish: Zigetvar) (Buses and train from morning until dusk hourly from Pécs - Toward west 30 km). The main sigts is the Castle (Museum) founded in Celtic times (HUF800; M-Su 10:00-20:00, 2011). Some monuments could be see in the town from Turkish times (16-18th century). Ali Pasha Mosque now St. Roch's Church, on the Zrinyi Square (1588, 1788). St. Anthony of Padua Franciscan Church (1736). Turkish House (Hungarian: 'Várospince' means town basement), originally caravanserai, Bástya Street (Tu-Sa 10:00-16:00). Salt House (Sóház), also known as the White House or Stagecoach station, built in 1790's. Turbéki church, in the outskirt 3km away, in site where today's church stay, is buried Sultan Suleiman the hearts and internal organs, and above it a gilded domed octagonal tomb built, this is one of the Muslim pilgrimage site in Europe, - on the day of Ascension this is a pilgrimage place for local Hungarian, German and Croatian Catholics.
Wine Region of Villany
  • 10 Villány (German: Wieland, Croatian: Viljan, Biljan, Vilanje, Serbian: Vilanj / Вилањ) (SE 30km of Pécs). Sights: Teleki and Wine Cellar Museum, Church Hill quarry with fossil demonstration (Conservation Area). Event: The Villany wine festival (2014. Oct. 3-5.). Outdoor: The Villany-Siklos Wine Road. The Sculpture Park
  • 11 [dead link]Zselic hills (Zselic dombság) (South from Kaposvár). International Dark Sky Parkk (Zselici Csillagoségbolt-park ), a part of the Protected Area of Zselic ( Zselici Tájvédelmi Körzet), Szenna village open air museum (skanzen), take a tour in Ropolyi Forest, around the Bardy Creek fishpond chain

Fejér County[edit]

  • 12 Agárd (Southof Velence Lake). Resort Town. Main sights: Venice Lake Nature Trail, Agard Thermal Spa, Géza Gárdonyi Memorial House, Géza Gárdonyi esplanade. Log castle (Rönkvár): This castle modeled after the castle of Eger
  • 13 Alcsútdoboz. Arboretum, Late Baroque Protestant churches, Remins of Habsburg Palace
  • 14 Bodajk. Bodajk Calvary, Bodajk Lake, Hochburg-Lamberg Palace. Do:Galya-valley offers a great pastime for tourists and hunters every season.
  • 15 [dead link]Csákvár (SE 24 km of Oroszlány). Esterházy Palace - Classical style, (1781), Vértes museum, Gunpowder Tower
  • 16 Csókakő (Take a bus from Székesfehérvár toward Mór). Castle ruins map, Catholic church
  • 17 Dinnyés (South Coast of Velence Lake). Fertő Nature Protected Area and Bird Reserve, St. George Temple . - Do: Dinnyés Churchyard Preservation Tourist Centre: offers various programs and exhibitions
  • 18 Dég (S 42 km of Székesfehérvár, take a bus to here). Festetics Palace, Catholic Church (1820's),
Pentele Bridge over Danube, near to Dunaújváros
  • 19 Dunaújváros (Former names: Dunapentele, Sztálinváros, Ancient Latin: Intercisa) (Trains from Budapest-Déli Railway Station /every two hours/, from Budapest-Népliget take a bus half hourly, one one and half hours). TOURINFORM Dunaújváros (Vasmű út 10/a). - Main sights: Industrial landscape – ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. Factory, Dunaferr Zrt., Blacksmith Museum. Dunaújváros Islands nature conservation area (Location: Along the Danube bank in Dunaújváros), Martinász Statue, (Vasmű út); Lajos stones, (Majakovszkij út), Reformed Church (Szent István utca 7.), Roman Catholic Church (Magyar út 53.), Harvester monumental (Kossuth Lajos utca), Paper mill collection of the Dunaújvaros's Paper Factory (Papírgyári út 42-46.), Museum Intercisa (Városháza tér 4.), Military bath from Roman period and Ruin Garten (Városháza tér 4. ), Roman Ruins ( Domanovszky Endre tér #hrsz 81), Louis stones (Majakovszkij út), Dózsa Cinema (Dózsa György tér 1.) monument, Christ King Parish Church (II. János Pál pápa tér 1.), Statue Park in Dunaújváros (Duna part Felső sétány open air), Colony of Bee-Eaters (located in the loess walls of the town along River Danube.), Institute of Contemporary Art (Vasmű út 12.), Széchenyi- Kossuth- Statue (Városháza tér), Moder Musical Statue Park (Kultúr köz 3), Collection and history of the Dunaferr Iron Factory (Vasmű tér 1-3.), Mansion Montbach-Frankl and Mill (Magyar út 35-37), Orthodox Church (Táltos utca 7.), Memorial of '48 (Kistemető cemetery), Arboretum (Alsó-foki Stream Valley, developed for forestry and park-building purposes, where evergreens have been planted in the valley of Alsó-foki Stream running across the settlement.), Baptist church (Petőfi Sándor utca 61.), Protected Loess-wall in Dunaujvaros (Duna part nature conservation area Located: Above the Danube bank.), Hospital (Vasmű út 10), Part of Architectural Monuments in Dunaújváros ( Vasmű tér 1.), Evangelical Church (Szilágyi Endre u. 34.), - To do:Motorboat drag racing, Forma 1, F-2, F-3, F-4 and other Competitions in Port Bay, Swimming in Sport Swimming Pool, Hunting with "KOHASZ" Hunter Association of Dunaújváros (Zalka Máté u. 4. ), Match watching at DUF football field (Táncsics 1/a), tennis playing (DUF Tennis-ground Dunaújváros, Kádárvölgy), sightseeing from Novara ship board (Dunaújváros, ferry boat station), boat renting ( Lower Danube-bank), Fishing (Dunaújváros Industrial Harbour area), Campus Club- Fitness department table football, aerobic-type training, bowling, fitness room, squash, pool, snooker, rex. ( Dózsa György út 35-37.), skating, football playing, handball playing or match watching in Sporthall Dunaújváros (Eszperantó út 4.), Tandem Skydiving - Millennium Tandem, (Airfield/Hwy #6), - To stay: (Youth) Hostels, hotels, guesthouses, apartman. - To eat: more than three dozens retaurants, pubs, confectioneries, pizzerias and cafes. -
  • 20 Etyek (German: Edeck) (W 26 km of Budapest). Etyek-Buda wine region. Hungary-well (Magyar-kút), Etyekwood - Andrew G. Vajna producer and Demján great entrepreneur built here the Korda film studios. Calvary Hill, Roman Catholic Church of the Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary (Sarlós Boldogasszony katolikus templom) (1814 and 1816) Neo-Baroque style , Reformed templom 1839, Boti Chapel (Originally built in the Gothic style in the 15th century) with Roman Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception (Szeplőtelen Fogantatás R.k. teplom), Local History Collection, Circuit Cellar-line (Körpince-sor)
Count Károlyi palace, Fehérvárcsurgó
  • 21 Fehérvárcsurgó (Trains Székesfehérvár (13 km) and Komárom, bus Székesfehérvár-Bakonycsernye Zirc-line. The buses are frequent). Károlyi Palace (1844), Catholic Church (18th century) , Reformed church in 1789, Lutheran Church (1856), Notable also Fehérvárcsurgó Reservoir and Gaja valley and the wildlife garden
  • 22 Füle (SW 20 km of Székesfehérvár, take any train toward Tapolca). Roman Catholic Church - Monument, Roman Catholic Parish - Baroque, Reformed Church, built in the late Classical style, Sárréti Country House
  • 23 Gánt (N 20 km of Székesfehérvár, take a bus to Csákvár (E 4 km) further walk or taxi). Gant cave, abandoned bauxite mine (geological nature trail), Vértes Protected Area, Bauxite Museum: Bauxite geological park, Abbot of St. Vendel Parish
  • 24 Gárdony (South Coast of Velence Lake, 17 km of Székesfehérvár). Fountain. Agard themed promenade: from the Hwy 7 road starting, followed the Gárdonyi Géza street shows the sights of the Town. Nádasdy Mansion (just outside). - To do: cycling (Bike rentals working here)
  • 25 Iszkaszentgyörgy (Buses from Székesfehérvár bus station platform No10. - NW 20 km of Székesfehérvár). Amadé–Bajzáth–Pappenheim- Palace (1735, rebuilt 1820's, temporarly exhibits)
  • 26 Iváncsa (SW 51 km of Budapest take a train toward Pusztaszabolcs). Collection of Local History, Catholic church. Reformed Church - built in 1914 in neo-gothic style.
  • 27 Kápolnásnyék (East of Velence Lake). Vörösmarty Memorial Museum, Local History Exhibition, Reformed Church, Fishermen's mansion
  • 28 Kulcs (S 50 km of Budapest take a bus toward Dunaújváros). A popular leisure village. Sights: Kulcs area of Nature conservation ( Természetmegőrzési Terület), wind power plant
  • 29 Lovasberény (German:Lauschbrünn) (Taka a bus from Székesfehérvár toward Bicske (NE 15 km)). Cziráky Palace, Fire tower (1907), Csikváry Country Cottages (small exhibit), Lenke gallery (Vaszary János Str. 17.), Reformed Church, Catholic church, Mary's Chapel, Jewish cemetery
  • 30 [dead link]Martonvásár (Halfway between Budapest and Székesfehérvár (cca. 40 min by bus or train any direction). Brunszvik Palace with mansion Garden (English Garden) (Brunszvik u. 2, Tel +36 22 569-500, hours: daily between 8 to 17 hours every day in summer, winter can be visited between 8-16 hours. HUF750 (2014), Area: 70 ha) , nursery Museum ,Beethoven Museum , Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences , Roman Catholic Church (1773, baroque) with Cymbal frescoes and Late Baroque sculptures
  • 31 Mór (German: Moor) (Train from Székesfehérvár toward Komárom). Lamberg Palace (Sándor Wekerle Local History Collection, In basement of the mansion "Ezerjó Cellar Gallery," Wine Region of Mór exhibition displayed. Built 1762 - 1766. Address: Szent István tér 5) ,Láncos Palace or Luzsénszky Castle (1790s, Address: Szent István tér 6) is now in the building Mór mayor's office., Holy Cross Lesser Capuchin Church and monastery , Hungarian church. Wine cellars, taste local wine
Nadap village
  • 32 Nadap (German: Kaltenberg) (From Székesfehérvár and Budapest regularly departing coaches). Levelling (surveying) base point (Ősjegy) of all Hungary
  • 33 Nádasdladány ( (W 14 km of Székesfehérvár , take a bus or rent a bike). Nádasdy Palace with a Landscape Park Area 24 ha (1700's, reconstracted in1870's), Roman Catholic Church (built between 1883-1885, in neo-Gothic style)
  • 34 Pázmánd (North of Velence Lake, Bus from Kápolnásnyék 7 km). Catholic Church - In 1688, the Turks burned, but was rebuilt by the Jesuits; Former Jesuit monastery building - Today the school operates it; Jankovich mansion; Country Folklor House. water mill, quartzite rocks, Téglaházi springs
  • 35 Perkáta (buses from Székesfehérvár (from NW), Dunaújváros (from SE)). Former Győry mansion and English Garden, loess valleys - nature reserves, Roman Catholic Church, Reformed Chapel, Galgóczy Chapel, Big Municipal Library
  • 36 Pusztaszabolcs (Székesfehérvár 35 km, Dunaújváros 30 km. A train junction. Regularly suburban trains to/from Budapestre, Dunaújváros, Sárbogárd,fast trains to Pecs, Kaposvar, Szekszárd, Baja and Budapest.Buses arrive from Székesfehérvár and Velence (daily several times)). - Baroque Organ (state of Hungary's oldest and most complete surviving renovated two-manual large- organ)
  • 37 Pákozd (North Coast of Velence Lake). Bronze Age earth fortification remains, The Pákozd battle monument, Pákozd-Sukoro Arboretum, Pákozdi-movable stones nature reserve (Extension: 44 ha), Bella Lake. - Event: Vintage parade and ball with the Hussar Parade (Sep. 29)
Gorsium, a Roman settlement of 200 hectares
  • 38 Rácalmás (N 4 km of Dunaújváros). Jankovich mansion, Modrovich mansion, Rácalmás Islands Nature Reserve (Rácalmás Big Island), remains of the medieval church near to Királykút, the Old Village, Millennium park, Rascian or Serbian church (Ráctemplom) Evangelical Reformed Church (Szechenyi Square), Jankovich Chapel
  • 39 Ráckeresztúr (S of Martonvásár). Lyka-Brauch Palace and park, local history exhibition
  • 40 Sáregres (Frequent trains from/to Budapest, Pusztaszabolcs, Sárbogárd, Dombóvár, Pécs). – Rétszilas-Ponds Conservation Area (1500 ha) part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park, Aranyponty (Golden Carp) Fishing Museum
  • 41 Sárkeresztúr (trains from/to Sárbogárd, Székesfehérvár). Saline Lakes
  • 42 Sárszentmihály (Buses from Székesfehérvár, trains from/to Budapest, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém). Zichy Palace is an one-story building, which is connected to Apor Vilmos Chapel (19th century.), Reformed Church (around 1800). Former Zichy castle: Art nouveau-, Historical- Anglicized style (around 1900).
  • 43 Seregélyes (Trains to Pusztaszabolcs, Székesfehérvár). Zichy-Hadik Palace, Pelican House Forest School (near to Elza farm)
  • 44 Soponya (S 25 km of Székesfehérvár). Zichy Palace, Hunting Lodge, Image Gallery - Zoltan Varga private collection
  • 45 Sukoró (North Coast of Velence Lake, buses: Székesfehérvár, Velence, Kápolnásnyék, Budapest). Gyapjaszsák movable stone (ingókövek), granite rocks of Warm Mountain, Angelika spring, Arboretum, Roman Catholic Church (17th century), Reformed Church (1832), Ethno House. Do :canoeing competitions
  • 46 Szabadbattyán (Trains to Székesfehérvár (E 10 km), toward Tapolca, all northern shore settlements of Lake Balaton, to Gyékényes, and all southern shore settlements of Lake Balaton). Cifrakert garden or English park, Batthyány Memorial Park, Kula (means in Turkish: Tower) Gothic Residential tower and Watchtower with archeological exhibits (probably rebuilt in the 13th century), the 'Roman villa' archeological site (nearby), Chapel of St. Vendel
  • 47 Szabadegyháza (former Szolgaegyháza) (Between Székesfehérvár and Dunaújváros take bus from these further walk ~3 south from Hwy bus stop. Trains to/from Budapest, Pécs). Arboretum: 2.5ha, Parts: Araucariaceaes, Fruit garden, shrub Collection, Native deciduous tree collection, Exotic hardwood collection, Gymnosperm (pine) collection, Giant redwood or Sequoia-pines
  • 48 Tác (From Székesfehérvár twelve km south-southwest). Gorsium archeological site of Roman period, also this is the country's largest open-air museum of this period
Velence Resort Town
  • 49 Vál (Near to Martonvásár. From Budapest 45km). Ürmény Palace (1790's, only outside), Ürmény Mausoleum (1834), János Vajda Memorial House 3 km away, Roman Catholic Church (1819–1824).
  • 50 Velence (Southwest Coast of Velence Lake, The No. 7 highway, the M7 motorway and the Budapest-Székesfehérvár railway line runs through the city). Meszleny Mansion, Hauszmann-Gschwind Palace, Beck Mansion. - Do : Bike rentals
Velence Lake.One of the country's most popular resorts.
  • 51 Velence Lake (the "sunshine Lake", Velencei-tó) (15-20 km of Székesfehérvár). Hungary's third largest natural lake. One of the country's most popular resorts. Swimming in a very childfriendly water, angling, boating, bathing, cycling, horse riding, sailing, This is also a popular place for the competitive road and mountain bikers. On the lake area bike-friendly gas stations and installed resting points with map serve cyclists' convenience. Mineral water arising on the southern shore. The protected flora and fauna of the area represent a unique value. All type of accommodation: high-class hotels, motels, campgrounds and private accommodations
  • 52 Vereb (German: Spatzendorf) (NE ~30 km of Székesfehérvár). Famous about: Varadi Bible, Three tooth furnace, 'Pogánykő' (Pagan Stone) (conquest age memorial site). Other sights: Local History Collection, Reformed Church (Szabadság tér 35. Established in 1685, rebuilt in 1787, extended in 1808, renovated in 1870, rebuilt 1939, renovated in 1950, romantic-historical style ), St. John of Nepomuk Roman Catholic Church (1760's),
  • 53 Vértes (Vértes hegység). This is a mountain range, between the ranges Bakony and Gerecse. Vértes Nature Park, - Vidrafű nature trail, - Síkvölgy source fen meadow Haraszt Mountain Nature (botanical-geological) Trail (between Csákvár-Gánt). Caving: - Gant cave, - Báraczházi Cave, - Vértes Somló Cave, - Caves of the Csóka mountain plateau karst depressions. Castles: - Gesztes Castle, - Castle Vitány, - Csák Castle. - Taste some wines of Vértes
  • 54 Zichyújfalu (South 10 km of Velence Lake). Zichy Palace, Ram statue

Győr-Moson-Sopron County[edit]

  • 55 Abda (German: Brückl) (NE 10 km of Győr, direct trains from there). Radnóti memorial, Roman Catholic Church (Historical, neoclassic church. Equipment: side altars, pulpit and pews are from around 1840. The frescoes (secco) painted by Samodai József. St. John of Nepomuk Statue (mid-1700s, Baroque style), Elvis Park entertainment center (outside the village, built into a "Helena" Il-18 aircraft) , Flood Gate (to the mouth of the river Rábca), Old concrete bridge.
Ásványráró from Air
  • 56 Árpás (Győr 32 km, Csorna 18 km). St. James the Apostle Church (found in 1251, reconstructed in 1750, Baroque style ), St. John of Nepomuk Chapel (octagonal chapel was built in 1780). Walking, camping and bathing on the shore of Raba. Fishing lake (on the outskirts of on the village)
  • 57 Ásványráró (Croatian: Rarovo) (20 km of Győr, 22 km of Mosonmagyaróvár). Calvary (1738), black poplars, Church of St. Andrew the Apostle (founded in the 14th century, rebuilt in 1658, expanded in 1904, 1820). Ráró St. Roch's Church (built in 1903, romantic style), Calvary (East side, built by Baron Apponyi Lazarus, Baroque style, in 1738). Hundred years old protected black poplar (next to the Calvary, around 550 cm in circumference). To 'Do': Walking, fishing, canoeing. - Raro-warren woods and bushy-section of the lower end (towards Hédervár), Ráró Wildlife park forest and Bokros stream lower section (towards Hédervár). Along flooding protected side of the Danube can be found a series of wetlands - Gyűrű stream extension, Varas Lake, Lake Sárcsás - these all rich in bird life. Explore Ásványráró Danube fork system.
Cuha Valley, near to Bakonyszentlászló. One of the nicest part of Bakony Mountain
  • 58 Bakonyszentlászló (German: Laßldorf) (Pápa, Veszprém, Győr (direct trains) both 40 km away.). Sandy ancient pine forests, valleys and Cuha Ördögrét (lit. Devil's meadow), caves. Historical attractions, nature reserves. - To 'Stay': Several accommodation (mostly guesthouses). To 'Do': Hunting and also the area is a paradise for hikers and walkers.
  • 59 Csapod (SW 13 km of Kapuvár). Saint Margaret of Antioch Martyr Church. Country house- To 'Stay': Csalogány Youth Camp (Vasút utca 6. five rooms, forty beds), Göbös Pension (Göbös - major, six double rooms).
  • 60 Csorna (German: Gschirnau, Croatian: Černja) (By trains from Győr, Sopron, Szombathely, Pápa, Csorna). Premonstratensian provost and Assumption Cathedral; Csornai Museum (Szent István tér 34); Lutheran Church ; Sacred Heart of Jesus Parishchurh (1938); - To 'Do': Thermal Bath and Camping, (Thököly u. 52., Daily 9.00-19.00. Tickets: Full price/reduced HUF1200/700-1000). Earth Island part of the Hansag-Neusiedl National Park (Fertő-Hanság Nemzeti Park); Events [dead link]: Jan 1st: Firework, concerts. Feb 1st.: Folklor Dance Evening; Jul.Aug.: Music Pavilon. - To 'Stay': in either of them four Pansions and Guesthouses.
  • 61 Dénesfa (Kapuvár 17 km. By train Csorna (24km), Szombathely (48 km)). Cziráky Mansion (built in 1620's originally for Water Castle, rebuilt between 1825-1830, classicist style, following plans by József Hild) and its English park, King's Chapel (in memory of Charles IV of Hungary also known as Charles I of Austria, Located: toward Répceszemere). - To 'Do': Sport Fishing (in the Park Lake and two quarry) - To 'Stay':"Vadgesztenye" guest hotel, (max. 15-person)
Fertő-Hanság National Park, near to Dör.
  • 62 Dör (Direct bus to/from Csorna and Győr). Virgin Mary Parish Church (1714, Baroque style), Saint Anthony of Padua Chapel (1899), Local History and Ethnography collections in the Country House (Szabadság utca 54). - Passed the Fertő-Hanság National Park
  • 63 Egyed (by train Pápa (23 km), Csorna (14 km)). Stern (former Festetics) mansion (18th century, baroque, Loc.:Árpási utca,) and its yard with a more than two hundreds years old Pagoda Tree, Roman Catholic Church (built in 1733 in Baroque style, rebuilt in neo-baroque style in 1933).
  • 64 Fenyőfő (German: Fichtenhöh). Sandy ancient pine and juniper forest Nature Reserve. - To 'Do': Walking Tours with botanical, geological attractions. Visit: Cuha-creek Gorge, the valley of Hódos stream, forests of the surrounding mountains (caves, springs, monuments, viewpoints, ruins) - To 'Stay': 'Ősfenyves' (local government) guesthouse (Loc.: Petőfi u. 1., five rooms, 8+8+6+5+4 beds. HUF3000 p.p. 2014. Programs on demand: pigsticking, horse-drawn sleigh rides, archery, basketball, table tennis, bike rentals, horse-drawn carriage)
  • 65 Fertőboz (German: Holling, Croatian: Buza) (SE 12 km of Sopron, train to Nagycenk and Győr (74km)). Historic Roman Catholic church (1732), Gloriette Lookout (1801), Ecce Homo statue (1750), Statue of Saint Apollonia (around 1780), Nagycenk's Széchenyi Museumtrain (Between Fertőboz and Nagycenk.Built in 1969-1972), Széchenyi memorial tomb with 34 Caucasian pines. The settlement passed the Fertö / Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape, what is part of the World Heritage list.
Fertőd, Esterházy palace by night
  • 66 Fertőd (Croatian: Herceško) (SE 25 km of Sopron, Kapuvár 26 km). Esterházy-Palace Complex (Between Mar 15 and Oct 31 Tu-Sa 10.00-18.00. Tickets: Adults/Students and pensioners: HUF 2,500/1500. - Stay in the Palace's double and four-person suites HUF20000 and 40000 per night) and its English Landscape Park (area: 219 ha); Local History Museum, Haydn Memorial room ( Madách sétány 1.), Music house (exhibit place) , St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church (Süttör district, Széchenyi u. 57.), To Do: Visit Fertő-Hanság National Park, explore the Fertö / Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape, what is part of the World Heritage list. - To 'Stay': Except the palace, there are five Pensions, and ten+ guesthouses.
  • 67 Fertőrákos (German: Kroisbach, Croatian: Rakuš) (NE 10 km of Sopron). Quarry (cave theater), Bishop's Palace (Local History Exhibition), Bishops water mill with a sundial, Calcite crystal collection, pillory; Local History Exhibition (Fő u. 152), Iron Curtain Museum (Fő u. 242), Virágosmajor Chapel, Medieval castle wall remnants. Country Houses. Border checkpoint (by walk, cycle and horse)
  • 68 Fertőszéplak (German: Schlippach am See, Croatian: Siplak, Siplaka) (Sopron). Széchenyi mansion, village museum, All Saints Roman Catholic Church ( 1728, Baroque), Calvary, Railway lamp private museum. - To Do: passed the Euro Velo 13 Iron Curtain bike path Visit Fertő-Hanság National Park, - To 'Stay': three guesthouses and a pension are there
  • 69 Gyarmat (By train 30 km south of Gyor, 15 km north of Pápa, also trains from Celldömölk, Szombathely). Country house- folk house, rows of wine cellars (Újhegy), Roman Catholic Church (1800, 1860's, Location: Kossuth. u.), ruins of the Calvary (1787)
Győr, the capital of Győr-Moson-Sopron county
  • 70 Győr ([ˈɟøːr], ancient Latin: Arrabona, medieval Latin: Jaurinum, German: Raab, Slovak: Ráb, Croatian: Jura Đura, Vjura Turkish: Yanıkkale, Serbian: Ђер / Djerba) (1 hour from Vienna, one and half from Budapest). Historic downtown (Bishop's Castle and Palace, Basilica of Győr, Carmelite Church, St. Ignatius of Loyola Benedictine Church and Monastery, Dóczy Chapel (15th-century, Gothic), City Art Museum, Esterházy Palace, Altabak-house, Ott house, Napoleon House, Former Esterhazy Palace, Vastuskós House, Abbot House /Xantus Museum, Xántus János Múzeum; - Hungarian Medieval Hospital (Váczy Péter Collection), former Curia Nobilitaris, Former Zichy Palace,Torkos's Palace, Ark of the Covenant statue, Kreszta House, Collegiate Hall of musicians; Fejérváry House, Orsolya church and monastery, Rosalie House; German Medieval Hospital /Német Ispita/, Old City Hall; Apor exhibition (Káptalandomb 1., Püspökvár alagsora); Treasury, Library and Lapidary; Várkazamata-Kőtár; - Széchenyi Patikamúzeum; Győr National Theatre, Kovács Margit Ceramics Exhibition, Borsos Miklós Permanent Exhibition; Synagogue (Vasilescu Collection); Old Lutheran Church; Kamillánus church; Calvary Hill; Ménfőcsanak suburb: Bezerédy mansion; Bishop Forest, Galgóczi Erzsébet Memorial Museum; - Gyirmót suburb: Dead Raba nature trail; Radó Island; Xántus János Zoo.
  • 71 Harka (German: Harkau, Croatian: Horka, Huorka) (5 km south of Sopron). St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church (1309) , Lutheran Church (1787),Millennium Monument (1896), War Memorial (1923), Local History Exhibition, Istenszéke summit with the remains of an earthwork (7th century BC). - To 'Stay': two guesthouses 7 rooms and 28 beds
Khuen-Héderváry Palace Hotel(15th century),Hédervár
  • 72 Hédervár (Croatian: Ider) (Near to Mosonmagyaróvár). Khuen-Héderváry Palace Hotel(15th century castle, rebuilt in 1710 to Mansion) and its park (area 8 ha), Arpad oak (700 years old, Next to Our Lady Chapel), Our Lady Funeral Chapel with a Loreto's sidechapel (1420's, 17th century, 19th century), Count Khuen-Héderváry grave monument, Kont tree (gray poplar, south-west about 300 meters of the Palace, St. Michael's Catholic Church (1755), - To 'Stay':Palace Hotel, three guesthouses and two pensions.
  • 73 Hidegség (German: Kleinandrä, Croatian: Vedešin) (Sopron area). Saint Andrew Catholic church (Romanesque part - the Rotunda - an outstanding value in Western Hungary due to the remaining apse frescoes, in 17th century expanded, in 18th century over the shrine a tower was attached), Hidegség ornamental fountain (in the Center) - To 'Stay': two guesthouses and a pension.
  • 74 Hövej (Croatian: Huvlja) (S of 8 km Kapuvár, take a bus). Lace Museum (Fő u. 54.) - To 'Do': Berek Fishing Lake - To 'Stay': two guesthouses
  • 75 Kapuvár (Croatian: Kapuja, German: Kobrunn) (By train Győr , Sopron both 40 km,). Esterházy Palace, Rábaközi Museum (Fő tér 1.), Alders marshy forests, Hanság Wildlife Exhibition (Located: Kapuvár-Öntésmajor), St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Water mill, - To 'Do': Flóra Beach and thermal bath; and camping ;horseback riding; biking; bird sanctuary (Area: 2.500 ha).
  • 76 Lébény (German: Leiden) (26 km NW of Győr, 19 km SE of Mosonmagyaróvár (direct trains from both to Lébény-Mosonszentmiklós)). Roman Catholic Church of Saint James (Located: Templom tér 1., Found 1190's, rebuilt in 1202-1208. Fees: Full price/reduced HUF 500/300), Evangelical Church (Loc: Damjanich utca 1.), St. Anthony's Chapel (Loc: Fő út 36., built in 1891), Cemetery Chapel, Pauline monastery (Loc: Fő út 60.), Groveforest ( Ligeterdő)
  • 77 Magyarkeresztúr (By train Csorna 12km or Szombathely 60 km). Local history exhibition
  • 78 Mihályi (By bus E 50 km of Sopron, S 10 km of Kapuvár, SW 10 km of Csorna). Dőry mansion (1560's, rebuilt 1860's) and its park, Roman Catholic Church (three naves, one towered, built in 1712. was expanded in 1854) , Lutheran church (1948). - To 'Do': Walk, there are protected tree lines: strawberry,, linden and sycamore
  • 79 Mórichida (SW 32 km from Győr). St. James the Apostle Church (1251, 1750. Loc.: Árpás, Dombiföld), Lutheran Church (1789. Loc.:Fő út 138) , Vineyard cellars. ( Loc.:Szőlőhegy) - To 'Do': Explore the local Acacia-pine-oak mixed forests with Roe deers,, red deers, and wild boars. Go fishing to Marcal river or Kaszalapi Lake
Mosonmagyaróvár - Castle
  • 80 Mosonmagyaróvár (Latin: Ad Flexum; German: Wieselburg Ungarisch-Altenburg, Croatian: Stari Grad) (W 39 km from Győr and W 84 km of Vienna hourly trains from both, S 34 km of Bratislava,). Castle and fortcomplex (Vár és erődrendszer, 13rth century); Óvári Queen Mary and St Gotthard Roman Catholic and Protestant churches; Hanság Museum (Cselley House, Fő u. 19.); Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Roman Lapidary, Gyurkovich collection, University of West Hungary The Collections of the University of West Hungary Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (Physiology Collection, Plow historical exhibition, Institutional History Museum, Vár 4.), Firefighters Museum (Alkotmány u. 16.), Houses of the Bástya Street. Wind turbine farm
  • 81 Nagycenk (German: Großzinkendorf, Croatian: Cinka, Cienka, Cienjka) (Sopron). Count Palace of Széchenyi and Landscape Garden and Linden alley, Széchenyi Mausoleum, Széchenyi István Memorial Museum, Outdoor Small Railway Exhibition, Dedicated to St. Stephen's Church, Historical Railway (near to Palace, built in 1972)
  • 82 Nemeskér (Croatian: Namišir) (By train Sopron 28 km, Szombathely 34 km). Lutheran Church (1732, 1862), ruins of the old County Hall (1669), St. Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church (Baroque), iron smelting remains (archaeological site, Avar period ), passed the St. Martin's European cultural walking wandering path .
  • 83 Nyúl (S-SE 13 km of Győr, take a train toward Veszprém). 'Kökörcsin' tourist tour, Gorge (loess cliffs)
  • 84 Pannonhalma (Former: Győrszentmárton) (Approximately 20 km south of Győr. It can be reached by regular buses from the Győr main autobus station within half an hour, also by trains to Veszprém stop here). Benedictine Archabbey (Márton-hegyi Apátság, part of the World Heritage list, SIGHTS: The Basilica and the Crypt, the Library, the Millennium Monument, the Arboretum (Botanical Garden) and Herbal Garden, the Porta Speciosa and the Cloisters, the Baroque Refectory, Our Lady Chapel, Collections. - Open: 21.03.–30.04.2014 Tu-Su (Mon Closed) cash-desk 09.00–16.00; 01.05.–31.05. M-Su cash-desk 09.00–16.00; 01.06.–30.09. M-Su 09.00–17.00; 01.10.–11.11. Tu-Su (Mon Closed), 09.00–16.00; 12.11.–20.03.2015 Tu-Su (Mon Closed), cash-desk 10.00–15.00. Visitors are kindly asked to leave the building in 1.5 hours after the closure of the cash-desk.- Tickets: Full price/reduced HUF2000/1000 with audio guide, Full price/reduced HUF2500/1500 including tour in foreign languages Organ Concerts: 2000 p.p. - Full price/reduced HUF2500/1500 to the Botanical Gardenincluding tour . - Guided tour with tasting Benedictine herbal chocolate/ liqueur (1 snifter)/ (3 snifters) HUF1700/1500/2500 ) . Főbíró House (Petöfi Sándor utca, 9); Holocaust Memorial and Synagogue (Szabadság Square, 1880's); Klement Krizosztom memorial stone (Dózsa György utca 1); Granary (at the beginning of Mátyás király utca, 1800's); Majorsági buildings (Mátyás király utca 1, partly built in 1650), Roman Catholic Church (Váralja 1 / a, Found in 6th century, remodeled in 1734 and 1880, the final shape and style in 1960); St. Stephen's relief (Petofi Sandor utca 61, 1896); Formerly convent of Saint-Vincent (Szabadság tér, 21. 18th century, Baroque building ), Cemetery (Rák utca, founded in 1759); City Hall (former village hall, Dózsa utca 10, Secession, 1910's - To 'Do': take a tour in the Pannonhalom Protected Area (7042 ha)- Tourinform Office (comprehensive tourist information. Address: Váralja u. 3., Tel./fax:+36 96 960 072, E-mail: Sep to May M-F 9:00-17:00, Jun-Aug M-F 9:00-17:00, Sa 10:00-15:00)
  • 85 Rajka (German: Ragendorf, Croatian: Rakindrof) (From Bratislava bus#801, Mosonmagyaróvár (24km) and Győr (60km) by train and bus from last two). Hennin-Zichy Palace (17th century), Stahrenberg-house (now the Lutheran parsonage, Franz Liszt's grandfather's house), St. Martin's Roman Catholic Church (13th century, Gothic), Calvary statue, Evangelical Church (1783-84), Sculpture Park (Hungarian-Slovak-Austrian border triangle) - To 'Do': the Euro Velo 6 cycle route passed it, also good place for fishing (three fishing areas: Kavicsbánya Lake, Homokbánya Lake, Győrfi-Libáki-Danube fork. - Fishing license application / Tel: +36 20 425-2182.Mr. Mihaly Sipos. Address Rajka, Lajos Kossuth utca.1. Every Mon, Wed and Fri 13.00-19. 00/), horse riding (Adam's Family Horse Farm. Address: Rajka, Ady Endre utca 27. - To 'Stay': a camping, three guesthouses.
  • 86 Rábapatona (By train: Győr (14 km), Csorna (16 km), (18 km), Kapuvár (30 km), Sopron (70 km)). Catholic Church, Dr. Fábián Ferenc Country House (Ethnographic exhibition). Watersports on the Rába river.- To 'Do': Greyhound track
  • 87 Rábaszentmiklós (SW 25 km of Győr). St. Nicholas Circular Church (Árpád-era church, 1060's), 'Kőkép' Picture of Stone (1710, Turkish monument, Petofi utca) - To 'Do': relaxing, camping along the Marcal riverbank
Castle Taródi or Crazy Castle (1944-2010)
  • 88 Sopron (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈʃopron]; German: Ödenburg, Croatian:Šopron, Latin: Scarbantia)) (s 60 km of Vienna, 85km on train from Győr). Historic downtown: (St. Michael Church, Saint George Church, Gambrinus House , Fabricius House (Archaeology exhibition, Roman Lapidary), Storno House (Storno Collection, Local History exhibitoin), Pharmacy Museum; Fire tower, Lutheran Church, Medieal Synagogue, Esterházy palaces, Sopron castle, Holy Trinity Column); - Out of downtown: Botanical Garden of the Wood and Forestry University; Bakery Museum, House with legs, temporary exhibitions, Mining Memorial Museum Brennbergbánya, Temple of Mithras; Zett-Langer Collection; Forum Scarbantia showroom; Horváth József retrospective exhibition of paintings; Forestry, wood industry, and survey-history collection; Roman Catholic Church Art Collection; Sopron's Collection of National Lutheran Museum; Mary Magdalene Church; Castle Taródi or Crazy Castle, Catholic Church (Gothic, Balf suburb).
  • 89 Sopronhorpács (Croatian: Varpač) (SE of Sopron). Széchenyi mansion (1771-1774, 1800's, Baroque), St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church (end of the 12th century, 1230, 1714-40, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque)
  • 90 Szany (18 km south of Csorna, by train Pápa (19 km), Csorna). Roman Catholic Church (1767, 1867), St. Anne's Chapel (1753.1901), Bishop's Castle (Village museum and library, Address: Kossuth Lajos u. 2), - To 'Do': walking in „Eger-Forest" and Móric Forest
  • 91 [dead link]Tényő (mediaval names: Soccoru, Sucro, Tenen, Thuno) (18 km south of Győr). Country house (17th century, address: Kétsor utca. 18), Thatched, rustic style houses (Domb utca 14; Hentes utca 8; Kétsor utca 1); Roman Catholic Parish Church (address: Gyori u 45, romantic style, 1753). Lutheran church (Pere village section). - To 'Do': walking in Pannonhalmi Protected Area's forests (European honey buzzards, Eurasian Hobbies, pine martens, wildcats). - To 'Stay': two inns and a holidy house (Fő u. 2., Tel.: +36 96 546-040; Árpád u. 81., Tel.:+36 96 468-357, Munkás u. 35.; Tel.:+36 96 468-004)
  • 92 Tét (Between Győr and Pápa just halfway). Kisfaludy Károly Memorial Exhibition ( Fő u. 125., open: Thu 14:00-17:00, Sun 09:00-11:00), Roman Catholic church (late Baroque 1818, Address: Fő utca 127, for key ask at parish), Lutheran Church (Classicist, late Baroque, 1778, Fő utca 23.); The Lutheran bell tower (Fő utca 75); Roman Catholic Church (3 km away, Tétszentkút, Baroque, 1726, 1780's); Pokváry mansion
  • 93 Vadosfa (W 52 km of Győr, S 15 km of Kapuvár). King Saint Stephen Roman Catholic Church (1754); Evangelical Church (1732-1734, 1912)
  • 94 Vág (S of Csorna). Local History Collection

Komárom-Esztergom County[edit]

  • 95 Bábolna (Babuna, Tolma-Babuna) (Take a train from Komárom 15km, bus from Oroszlány 40km). Roman Catholic church in 1724, former Szapáry Mansion (1700's, 1810, now center of the National Stud Farm), former Officers' Club (Tiszti Kaszinó, 1758, 1902), richly decorated riding hall (1809), Coach Museum, Heroes' Gate (1938), Arboretum (highlights: giant redwood and bald cypress), Chamber Theatre. - Stay: there is one hotel and a couple guesthouse.
  • 96 [dead link]Dunaalmás (ancient Latin: Asaum) (Take a train or bus to here. Almásfüzitő 4km). Nature Reserve of quarrying of Dunaalmás (Dunaalmási kőfejtők Természetvédelmi Terület, toward Somod settlement, part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park, operated since period of Roman Empire till WWII., can be visited freely, Admission: no), The Roman Catholic church built in honor of St. John of Nepomuk, baroque style between 1754 and 1757 according to plans by Johann Baptist Martinelli, Reformed church, Old Watermill - To do: sightseeing boats and ferries crossing the river, ancient Magyar riding shows and therapeutic horse riding, walking on mountain paths,
  • 97 [dead link]Esztergom (German: Gran, Slovak: Ostrihom, Turkish: Estergon) (51km east of Komárom (five direct buses per day, one and half hour), Budapest (47km south, one and quarter to two hours), Szentendre, Visegrád, Dobogókő. Vertesvolan lines of Komárom-Esztergom County (PDF), Esztergom bus station departures (PDF)). Esztergom Basilica, Baroque Calvary, with the Classicist chapel, Ozitseli Hadji mosque, Christian Museum, Castle museum, Bálint Balassa Museum, Esztergom Castle, Esztergom Castle, Mária Valéria bridge connecting Esztergom with Sturovo (Slovakia) , Primate's Palace now here is the world's third-largest diocesan museum, Saint Stephen Steps, Chapel of St. Thomas Hill, Iron Gate, Strázsa mountain trail, Danube Ipoly National Park exhibition center and the study path (located: Esztergom Garden City). - Stay: Gran Camping with dormitory-rooms, a dozen guesthouses and pensions, a smaller and a bigger hotel. - See more article Esztergom
  • 98 Komárom (Slovak: Komárno, Croatian: Komoran, German: Komorn,Serbian: Коморан) (On the south bank of the Danube, to Esztergom (daily five buses, only two direct trains), Budapest (train hourly, HUF1860-2010, one and half hour; buses 2-3 per day via Dorog), Komarno (Slovakia, six bus per day), Oroszlány (2-7 bus per day), Tata (buses hourly).Komarom bus station departures (PDF)). - TOURINFORM - Komárom, (Igmándi út 2). - Sights: The city museum named after György Klapka, collection of Roman stones and tombstones (loc.: Fortress of Igmánd). The unique fortification system (part of the World Heritage tentative list), which comprises Monostor Fortress, Igmánd Fortress, and Csillag Fortress, Ruins of the Roman Brigetio, Palace Gyürky - To do: the Spa Centre, water sports, riding, go-cart, archery, sport shooting, cycling, guaranteed sightseeing tours. - Events: Komárom Days in April, Regional Bakers Days, events around the outdoor swimming pool, Potato and Wine Festival. - Stay: camping, five hotels (two, three star cat.) and guesthouses.
  • 99 Oroszlány ((German: Ohreslahn)) (Train from Tatabánya 15km, bus from Budapest, Gyor, Tatabanya). Camaldolese monastery of Majk. (18th century) is one of the most unique, beautiful and intact examples of Baroque Camaldulian hermitages in Central Europe. The individual cell-houses of the monastery are decorated with a rich series of coats of arms. The inner park of the complex and its ruined church compose an outstanding ensemble of Hungarian monastic architecture), unique Water Tower (1960's), Mining Museum (Bányászati Múzeum), Slovak Village Museum (Szlovák Tájház), Lutheran church (Evangélikus templom in Ófalu district). Further afield: good base to explore Vértes Hill include castle ruins of its as: Csókakő, Gesztes, Oroszlánkő (Csákyvár), Vitányvár, Szentgyörgyvár, Gerencsérvár. - To do: Cooling lake to the Thermal power plant (hőerőmű hűtőtava) popular winter fishing. - Stay: at least four pension and guesthouses are there.
  • 99 Tata (Latin: Dotis, German: Totis) (Halfway between Tatabánya and Komárom, Tata bus station departures (PDF)). TOURINFORM - Tata (Ady Endre út 9.Tel. /Fax: +36 34 586045, Open: May - Sep, Mo-Fr 8.00-18.00, Sa-Su 9.00-13.00). - Sights: Lackffy family castle (1390s), landscape garden (1783), artificial Öreg-tó (Old Lake) and Cseke-tó, Kristály Hotel (Chrystal) in Tata is Hungary’s oldest hotel in operation, Esterházy Mansion (1762), Lutheran church (20th century), Capuchin church, Reformed (Calvinist) church (1781), remains of the Holy Cross Parish Church (18th century), Calvary Hill and environs (boasts significant built structures also Nature Reserve and Geological Museum), Belfry (also called Clock Tower), is that the wooden frame was built without iron nails, Water mills: Berta-malom, Cifra-malom, Cseke-kalló, Czégényi-malom, Gyári-malom, József-malom, Miklós-malom, Nepomucenus-malom, Öreg-kalló, Pacsirta-malom, Pék-malom, Pötörke-malom, Réti-malom, Sándor-malom, Wéber-malom (all between 13th and 14th centuries), Camaldulian house (1730's), Villa of the Hungarian Art Nouveau painter János Vaszary, Museum of the Greco-Roman statue copies (former Synagogue,1861), Kuny Domokos Museum, German Nationality Museum. To do: Arboretum of Agostyán (Gerecse hill range), Által-ér streams in Komárom-Esztergom County, Fényes fürdő (baths, 1.5km towards Naszály), Cseke-tó (Cseke-Lake) and Angolpark (landscape garden), Derítő tó (Lake) more than 40 years ago this lake was created, Öreg-tó (Old Lake) is one of the oldest artificial lakes in Hungary. It was created before the 9th-century, Réti-halastavak (Réti fish ponds), Events: Baroque Festival, Tatai Minimarathon, Tatai Sokadalom (Concourse of Tata), Tó-futás (Run around the Lake), Water, Music, Flower Festival, Tatai Patara (Turkish period historical festival). - City sightseeing tour, Wine tour, Golf tour, Cycling tour, Adventure park trip (HUF1500-4000, 2-4 hours, ask TOURINFORM about details)
  • 99 Tatabánya (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈtɒtɒbaːɲɒ]) (55 km NW from Budapest,Tatabánya bus station departures (PDF)). Administrative center of Komárom-Esztergom County. - - Sights: Bánhida Reformed Church, Saint Parish Hall, City Museum, the Csónakázó (Boating) Lake in Sárberek, the Lapatári mill in Kertváros and the new Roman Catholic Church, Saint Steven Church in Old town, Roman Catholic Church of Felsőgalla,Roman Catholic Vicarage of Bánhida, Presbyterian Church of Bánhida, Pál Zsemle’s former slaughterhouse, Industrial Skanzen. Further afield: the Camandolese monastery, the Roman style temple at Vértesszentkereszt, the castle of Gesztes, Castle Vitány in Vértes. - To do: Diamond Bath (Gyémánt Fürdő) Jászai Mari Theatre, walking tours in the Gerecse and Vértes Mountains, Turul Park Forest, explore Szelim Cave, Castle Park at Várgesztes. hiking, walking, fishing- Events: Midsummer Night's Carnival and the Miners' Day, Beer festival, St Barbara Days, Advent Fair, Tatabányai Picnic. - Stay: Hotel Árpád (Fő tér 20. Tel: +36 34 310299), Sport Hotel (Ságvári Endre u. 9. Tel:+36 34 310410), Romantic Pension (Felsőgallai u. Tel:+36 34 329514), Nomád Camping (Tolnai u. 14. Tel:+36 34 311507), Panoráma Pension (M1 motorway) Tel:+36 34 316-559
  • 99 Tát (German: Taath) (On the Danube riverbank, ten km west of Esztergom take a bus or a train). Traditional village image. Orchestral tourism and rural tourism - Stay: rural farms and guesthouses (capacity: 150 beds).
  • 99 Várgesztes (German: Gestitz) (4,5km SE of Vértessomló). Ruined Castle of Gesztes (address: Vár utca) - Stay: in Villapark Resort (include:125 vacation houses, indoor swimming pool, multi-storey terraced restaurant, conference rooms, game room, bowling hall).
  • Vértes Nature Park (Vértesi Natúrpark) (Bus to Csákvár from Tatabánya, Mór, Budapest, Székesfehérvár), e-mail: . Partly in Fejér County. Visitor center: address: Csákvár, Kenderesi utca, Tel/fax:+36 22 354-420. - Stay in Csákvár village: a dozen B&Bs ask about in Visitor Center, Öreg Tölgy Tourist Hotel, Pension Publo, Apartment Csákvár, Márkus guesthouse [dead link], Szent Orbán Youth Hostel and Tourist House. -To do: Horse Riding, hiking, nature excursions: Geological Nature Trail (Gánt), Haraszt-hegyi Nature Trail (Csákvár), Móri Ezerjó wine route (Mór, Fejér County), Pátrácos Nature Trail (Pusztavám), "Mere bus" in ancient swamp world (Csákvár), Vidrafű Nature Trail (Csákvár), carriage rides, cellar tours.
  • 99 Vértesszentkereszt (Medieval names: Szent Kereszt, Udvarhely, Keresztur) (Two km north of Gerencsérvár. Can approach from Oroszlány or Pusztavám). The main sight is the ruins of St. Cross Benedictine Abbey (first mentioned in 1212). Also here is another sights the Eggenhoffer mansion (only from outside).
  • 99 Vértessomló (Semle, Zsemle, Zsömléd, Schemling) (Környe train station four km north-northwest). Remains of Castle of Vitányvár (16th century, Gothic, monument of national importance). Other sights: belfry, forester house, Roman Catholic hussar towering historic church (pilgrimage site, baroque frescoes, 1870's ), Classic Roman Catholic chapel (1970's ), Eszterházy Mansion. - To do: explore the nature sights as: Forest of Vitányvári Park, Mátyás Fountain, Szarvas Fountain, Szép Ilonka source, Mine Lakes (common carp, grass carp, crucian carp, bream, gray catfish, pike, perch, black bass), Nagy-Somlyó Hill, Tojásgurító Hill, Szegfű Hill. Fishing (Daily tickets: HUF2200, can buy: Vértessomló: Krisztina Confectionery; Környe: Takács Espresso (near railway station) and Tatabánya: 'ÁSZ' Fishing Shop. - Events: Rolling eggs (Easter Monday, two days), Maypole (Maytree) planting- and pulling, Village Day (May), Traditional farewell (Jul. and Nov.), Martin's Day (Nov.), St. Barbara day ( 4th. Dec., the patron saint of local miners) , "Kristkindlik" (Christmas Eve afternoon, German origin).
  • 99 [formerly dead link]Vértesszőlős (Halfway between Tata and Tatabánya). Vértesszőlős Pre-Man Site Protected Landscape Area (Vértesszőlősi előembertelep Természetvédelmi Terület) can be found at a former limestone quarry source. There is the Pleistocene terrace of Által stream (a 'subriver' of Danube) ancient animal remains, prehistoric site (extremely rich in remains). As a result of the excavations near the remains of 300 plant and animal species could be separated. The human skull unearthed in the residual is estimated to be 350 thousand years. Fossilized footprints of ancient buffalo, rhinos, bears and deer are preserved here in former soft lime. Also ancient human footprints can be see here. The local proto man is named as "Homo (erectus seu sapiens) paleohun-garicus". Here is a building of the 'Archaeological Presentation Place of the Hungarian National Museum [formerly dead link]' (Múzeum Street/Vértes László Park, Tel.: 36 34 710350, HUF600 per adult ticket, open: Apr-Aug Tu-F 10:00-15:00, Sun and Holidays: 10:00-18:00, Sep: Tu-F 10:00-15:00, Sun and Holidays: 10:00-17:00, Oct: Tu-F 10:00-15:00, Sun and Holidays: 10:00-16:00 (2014))

Vas County[edit]

Church of St. Stephen Harding, Apátistvánfalva
  • 99 Apátistvánfalva (SW 40 km of Szombathely). Church of St. Stephen Harding
  • 99 Balogunyom (S 5 km of Szombathely). Catholic church
  • 99 Bozsok (NW 10 km of Szombathely). Sibrik-Palace, Ruins of Batthyány Castle, Jewish meadow (Zsidó-rét)
  • 99 Bucsu (W 12 km of Szombathely). The ruins of the Roman aqueduct
  • 99 Cák (German Zackenbach, Croatian:Caka) (SW 4 km of Kőszeg). Wine Cellars, Maria Farm of Eresztvény-valley, Chestnut walkway, peachy Lebanese cedar conifer
  • 99 Celldömölk (German:Kleinmariazell, Croatian Demlak) (E 35 km of Szombathely). Benedictine abbey ruins, Ság Volcanic Mountain
  • 99 Csempeszkopács (SE 15 km of Szombathely). Catholic church
  • 99 Csepreg (E 10 km from Kőszeg). Catholic church, St. Catherine's Chapel and Convent, Schöller Castle
Batthyány-Strattmann Palace, Körmend
  • 99 Körmend (Croatian: Kirmied, Kermit, German Kirment, Slovenian: Kermendin) (S 20 km of Szombathely, take a train). Batthyány-Strattmann Castle, Castle Landscape Park, Tőzikés Forest, - Folk houses of Horvátnádalja
  • 99 Ivánc (SW 10 km of Körmend). Tulip tree
  • 99 Ják (S 10 km, bus or bike). A millennium years old church, in good conditionand St. James Chapel
  • 99 Kám (SE 25 km, bus). Jeli arboratum
  • 99 Kőszegszerdahely (German: Ginisdorf) (SW from Kőszeg). Catholic church, Water mill, Chestnut Alley
  • 99 Magyarszombatfa (Slovenian: Soboška vas) (SW 30 km of Körmend). folk pottery, Métneki meadow
  • 99 Nemesmedves (W 17 km of Körmend). Peace Bell, Soviet monument, Park with headstones
  • 99 Nagyrákos (SW 25 km of Körmend). Catholic church and Viaduct
  • 99 Őrimagyarósd (S 15 km of Körmend). Lake Vadása
  • 99 Őriszentpéter (SW 35 km of Körmend). Templomszer Catholic Church, Folk apartment houses, Gate of the Őrség National Park
  • 99 Rábatöttös (SE 20 km of Szombathely). Catholic Church
  • 99 Rönök (German: Radling, Slovenian:Renik) (W 20 km of Körmend). St. Emeric Church
  • 99 Sorokpolány (S 10 km). Assumption Roman Catholic Church (15th-century Gothic), external walls are remains of frescoes, - Szapáry Mansion built in the mid-19th century, eclectic style.-The Szapáry mausoleum , was built in 1878 in neo-Renaissance style.
Nádasdy Castle, Sárvár
  • 99 Sárvár (E 20 km). Nádasdy Castle and Arboretum founded in 1802, St. Ladislaus Church; St. Nicholas neogothic church, Calvary church, Hatvanys Deutsch Palace, In 1701 erected the Christ-column. Here passes through the Countrywide Blue Tour.
  • 99 Szalafő (Slovenian: Sola) (SW 25 km of Körmend). Folk apartment houses, forest of native trees
  • 99 Szeleste (NE 20 km of Szombathely). Virgin Mary of Alsószeleste Church, St. Joseph's of Felsőszeleste Church, Castle of Szentgyörgy, Festetics-Szentgyörgyi-Horváth-Palace, Arboretum, Festetics Palace, Thermal Spa. The Countrywide Blue Tour passes through the village
  • 99 Szentgotthárd (Slovenian: Monošternek, German: St. Gotthard) (SW 40 km). Assumption Baroque church and monastery (abbey); baroque garden; Hammers of the Szentgotthárd's scythe factory (industrial monument); Pavel Augoston Museum; theater (former Granary Church); cemetery Chapel All Saints Parish Church (Kéthely neighborhood); Chapel of St. Florian (Szentgotthárd-Rábatótfalu) ;Apron belfry (Szentgotthárd-Farkasfa); Hársas Lake; Reformed Church; The Evangelical Church; Brenner Chapel; St.Gotthard Spa & Wellness - Bath; and Fő square
  • 99 Szentgyörgyvölgy (SW 35km from Körmend). Reformed Church, folk pottery
  • 99 Tömörd (N 15 km of Szombathely). Chernel Mansion and its park, Nagy Lake, Church of St. Helena ruins of the fort Ilona, The Countrywide Blue Tour passed the village.
  • 99 Vasszentmihály (German: Raab-Sankt-Michael) (W 17 km of Körmend). Baroque Roman Catholic church built in 1800's
  • 99 Vasvár (German: Eisenburg) (SE 25 km of Szombathely, take a train). Peace House - here signed the treatment of Vasvár, Dominican Convent and Church, Roman rampart remains, Chapel of Szentkút, Lake of Szentkút
  • 99 Velem (German: Sankt Veit) (SW from Kőszeg). Schulter's water historic mill, St. Vitus Chapel, Stirling villa, now creative house, Szépkilátó rock, Chestnut groves, medieval castle ruins and ancient citadel (1st millennium BC)
  • 99 Velemér (Slovenian:Velemer) (SW 40 km of Körmend). Holy Trinity Gothic Catholic Church , Sindü museum , The Reformed Church , Municipal country house, , Sárga Liliom (Yellow lilies) Nature Trail
  • 99 Vép (E 5 km of Szombathely). Erdődy Mansion and Arboretum

Veszprém County[edit]

  • 99 Csesznek. Castle remains, (1400's)
  • 99 Doba (NW 23 km from Ajka, take a bus). Castle of Somló (Somlói vár), - Erdődy Castle (1839, built in neoclassical style; today medical establishment), - Arboretum (a part of the Castle Park)
  • 99 Döbrönte (German: Dewerenten) (S 14km of Pápa, take a bus). Castle Szarvaskő, - Sorrowful Virgin Parish Church ( built by the Somogyi family in 1815, designed by Charles Moreau, the architect of the Viennese József Kornhausel.), - To Do: The village is surrounded by Bakony Mountain, nice tours, take a comfortable walk to the Ödön Source. - To Stay: only Pajtás Apartments (Address: Fő utca 57, near to Castle, Tel: 30/366-0010, 30/632-4273, 89/351-072, after 18 o'clock, Prices: 2500-3000 HUF / person / night, 2014)
  • 99 [dead link]Dörgicse (W 19 km from Balatonfüred on the road). Sights: Millennium Memorial Park (Loc.: Templom tér), Lutheran Church of Alsódörgicse (Built in 1794, in late baroque style), - Roman Catholic Church of Alsódörgicse (Built around 1820, late baroque style), - Lutheran Church of Felsődörgicse (Built at the end of the 18th century), - Lutheran Church of Kisdörgicse (Built in the late 17th century), - 'granarius' ( former a granary of the local farm of the Piarist Order, now Restaurant, in basement a vine cellar, on upstairs a small exhibit of old tools can be see), - granary of Felsődörgicse (Currently Pántlika Winery), - historic bridge (over Kuvölgy Valley, 18th century), - historic temple ruins (Consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas, Kisdörgicse settlement, Size 10x6 m. from Arpadian Age, Romanesque stone 'village style' church), - historic temple ruins (Named about St. Peter's, Felsődörgicse settlement, partly include some Roman building's wall, built in the 11th century, Boga Radvány clan, expanded in the 13th century),- ruins of the historic church of Our Lady (Alsódörgicse, 13th century).
  • 99 Gyulakeszi (SE four km from Tapolca, busz (hourly until 20.00, less than ten mins.)). Sights: Remains of Csobánc Castle (nly a few meters Wall can be see), Ruins of the 'Bad' Church (Csobáncszög settlement, cca. 1220's ), the Roman Catholic Church of Bishop St. Martin, Csobánc Hill (a beautiful basalt hill with nice view ), St. Donat chapel (Hill of the Vineyards), Esterhazy Palace (18th century), Csigó Castle (18th century)
  • 99 Hegyesd (NE cca. eight km from Tapolca). Castle ruins (1370's), Old Stone Bridge (1800's). - To Do: take an hour tour to Hegyesd Hill (281m a.s.l.). - To Stay: Sleep in the very cheap Culture House (call for it T.: 36 20 3382251, for max. 23 persons)
Porcelain of Herend
  • 99 Herend (German: Herrendorf) (NW-W 15 km from Veszprém). Herend porcelain manufactory [dead link] and mini-museum (Kossuth Lajos u. 140., Open=Summer (Ap 14-Oct 25), M-Su 9-16:30; Winter (Oct 27-Apr 11) Tu-Sa 9-15:30;price=Minimanufactory and Museum Adults/Seniors/Students/Family (2 adults, 2 children) : HUF1700/1400/600/3600; only the museum Adult:HUF 500, Retired / students: HUF200 ). - Other sight: Roman Catholic Church with porcelain window
  • 99 Kamond (West 15km to Devecser). Park, Roman Catholic Church of Nagykamond, Lutheran Church of Kiskamond, former mansion of Dr Karoly Magyar. - ePoint ( Kossuth u. 28. Open: Mo, We, Th 15:00 - 19:00, Tu, Fr: 08:00 - 12:00, Sa: 14:00 - 18:00 Su: Closed, free services:• Internet használat • Scanning • VoIP call service)
  • 99 Nagyvázsony (German: Großwaschon) (West of Veszrém). Kinizsi-Castle (Kinizsi-vár, Located: Vár u. 9. Email:, Tel: (88) 264-786, (20) 245-2158) with Museum, Zichy mansion (Zichy-kastély) and park, Pauline monastery ruins, Post Museum, Schumacher House, historic St. Stephen's Church ( Gothic origin, rebuilt in Baroque style ), Reformed Church, Kinizsi source (Tálodi forest), Turul Statue. - To stay Hétkanyar Cottage ( Five en-suite rooms, for 15 + 2 persons, large living room and a fully equipped kitchen), - Várcsárda-Restaurant (a KINIZSI VÁR mellett, Temető u. 7. 88/264-344), - Malomko Pansion: (Kinizsi út 47-49), - Vázsonyvölgy Pansion: (10 renovated rooms for 23 persons), - Plébánia (Mattresses Accommodation and Camping, Kinizsi út 78, Email: matracszallas.Camping@gmail,com Capacity 200 persons, in tent 1200 per person, in the building on mattresses HUF1500 p.p. ), - Kinizsi Tourist Hotel (Temető u. 1., Tel: +36 30/479-5013 , Email:, 5 rooms, 38 beds), Vandor resting (Room for rent, Csokanai u. 38. Tel: +36 20-316-5900, contact person: Ms. Csapó Andrea) , - Napraforgó Guesthouse, (Tel: +36 20-3656-177,, Iskola u. 73., two rooms, 4 plus three beds, ask for Mrs. Dubics Anita), - Mrs. Kugler Jánosné B&B ( Óvoda u. 13., Tel: +36-88-264-572, three rooms, six beds, ) , - Baják Guesthouse (kids camp an Youth Hostel, Tel: +36 70-531-60-35) , - Várpanoráma Guesthouse, - Vágvölgyi Lujza Barnhouse (Baráti puszta 2. (Kapolcsi Hwy detour, 36 70 609-2489, ten beds in the house plus tent places).
Nemesvámos, Model of a Roman Villa-farm
  • 99 Nemesvámos (Former: Vámos, Veszprémvámos) (SW 5 km from Veszprém). St Máté Roman Catholic Church (Kossuth Lajos utca 24., Copf style), Roman Villa-farm excavation and exhibition site (at limit of Nemesvámos, Baláca wilderness area); Betyár Inn (Veszprém út); Barrow; Reformed Church (Kossuth Lajos utca, built in Baroque style in 1740, expanded in 1790)
  • 99 Örvényes (German: Erewin) (SW 8 km from Balatonfüred on the road, take a train). Örvényes (German: Erewin) - This is the smallest settlement of the Balaton Region with 170 inhabitants. - Monuments. The water-mill (1055), the famous historic monument of the village, can be found some meters from the main street. In the XVIII. century rebuilt Miller house ethnographical and folk art collection can be found. The protected historic monument, the Stone bridge, (built in the XVIII. century in Baroque style), the Water-mill, the Statue of Nepomuki St. János (end of 1700). The church (1200, Roman style, can be found on a hill above the mill). Saint Imre church ( built in 1778-1783, in late-Barouque style). Two open air crosses (XIII. century, in the graveyard, and the other on the way to the wineyard). The Folk House (in St. Imre street). The ruins of a Roman villa. Bridge of Pécsely Creek (double port, late Baroque structure, circa 1800) - Do: Surrounded by the National Park of the Balaton-Highland, walk to the valley of the Pécsely stream, to the old oak trees or to the ruins of Zádorvár. Örvényes beach is nice and quiet, where you do not have to pay ticket. - Stay: There are Guesthouses, Rooms for rent and a small camping.
  • 99 Öskü (Between Várpalota (8km) and Veszprém 15km). Round Chuch (Built in the 11th Century based on a roman Guard Tower. - Roman Catholic church (late-Classical temple, 1843-47, by Count István Zichy), - Lutheran church (1785-1786), - Late Gothic Wall remains (on the Castle), - Remains of a Roman Dam (north side of the Hwy #8)
Castle and Great Church of Pápa
Maulberthsch frescoes of the Catholic Great Church of Pápa
  • 99 Pápa (German: Poppa) (By car : Hwy #83). This is a historical town with its 33,000 inhabitants. ¤ Sights: Area of the Main Square (Fő tér, Historical Town center), Benedictine church

Catholic Great Church of St. Stephen the Martyr, Baroque Franciscan church, Lutheran church (Evangélikus templom), Protestant Old Church (Református ótemplom, Fő utca 6., Tel.: +36 89 324415), Reformed College (Református Kollégium), St. Joseph's Chapel (Szent József-kápolna), Ruined Synagogue, neo-Romanesque (Zsinagóga), - Museums: Church History and Church Art Museum of the Reformed Church of Transdanubian District ('Papensiana'), Dyer Museum or the former Dyer Fabrik of Kluge, Edvy Mill Collection, Collection of Coat of arms - and gun history, Esterházy Palace, Pharmacy Museum (Gránátalma Múzeumpatika, Jókai Mór utca 5-9., Tel: +36 89 510058), - Others: Footed Home (Lábasház, Fő tér 12., Tel: +36 89 777047), Kenessy-Szondy house (Kenessey–Szondy ház, Fő tér 23., Tel: +36 (89) 777047), Korvin House ( Korvin-ház, Korvin János utca 9., Tel: +36 (89) 777047), Zichy House (Zichy ház, Fő tér 21., Tel: +36 89 777047), Castle Gardens (Belső Várkert, Szent I. út, Phone: +36 (89) 777047, nature conservation area) Millennium Memorial Park (Millenniumi Emlékpark), Town Hall (Városháza, Fő utca 12., Tel: +36 (89) 515000), Guild Hall of Honeycake Makers (volt Bábsütő Céh háza, Corvin János utca 13., Tel.: +36 (89) 777047), Tapolcafő - moor meadows ( Tapolcafői - láprétek, - Tapolcafő, South from Tapolcafő, on the Hwy #83, Tel: +36 (89) 777047, nature conservation area), Hungarian Defense Papa Airbase (Magyar Honvédség Pápa Bázisrepülőtér) ¤ Tourinform, Tourist Information office (Márton István u. 10., Phone .: 89 777-047, Fax. : 89 777-048, Email:, Web: GPS: N 47 ° 18 '10.14 "E 17 ° 29' 21.78") ¤ Do: Emax-lake (Tizedik utca 33., Phone: +36 (70) 3305098), Malom-Fishing-Lake, (Igali utca 739/10, Phone: +36 (30) 5740141,, árkert Spa Pápa Medicinal and Thermal Bath(Várkertfürdő, Várkert út 5., Phone: +36 89 512600, fax: +36 (89) 512601, [dead link] —,

  • Do:

Events: Knuckle and Wine Festival of Pápa (Pápai Csülök Cicege és Borfesztivál) , New Wine Festival of St. Martin's Day (Szt. Márton Napi Újbor Ünnepe) - Nov 7-11; Candlelight Advent (Gyertyafényes Advent - Pápa) - Nov 30-Dec 21; Toy Festival (Pápai Játékfesztivál). - City Sports Hall (Városi Sportcsarnok, Várkert út 4. Tel.:+36 89 510-301, open 8 - 22), - Theater Building of Jókai Mór the Culture and Recreation Centre (Jókai Mór Művelődési és Szabadidő Központ Színházépülete, Erzsébet liget 1., Tel./Fax +36 89 313-905, 324-242, 320-274, Mobile:+36 30 845-53-93, E-mail:, open:7 - 22 h). Stay: Arany Griff Hotel ( Fő tér 15., Tel : 89 312-000, Fax: 89 312-005, E-mail:, Web: [dead link]) - Caesar Pension, (Kossuth Lajos utca 32., Phone: +36 (89) 320320, fax: +36 (89) 320640,; [dead link] - Edvy Mill Inn Baroque Mansion ( Gyimóti út 91., Phone: +36 (­3) 0­6414092, fax: +36 (89) 778815, —; - Erkel Pension (Somlai utca 69.,Phone: +36 (89) 315045, fax: +36 (89) 315045,, - Esterházy Open Air School, Szent István út 28, Phone: +36 (89) 513200, fax: +36 89 513211,; - Happy Day Pension (Határ u. 30., Phone: +36 (30) 6035174, fax: +36 (89) 778887,; - Hársfavirág Restaurant and Guesthouse , Vasvári Pál utca 16., Phone: +36 (20) 9150211, fax: +36 (89) 311301,; - Hotel Villa Classica**** ( Bástya utca 1., Phone: +36 (89) 512200 , fax: +36 (89) 512201,,; - Muskátli Guesthouse, Fütőház u. 2/B, Phone: +36 (20) 9780539,; - Napsugár Apartment (Bocsor utca 109., Phone: +36 (30) 9399308,; - Pápai Kóter Tourist Hostel ( Komáromi út 14., Phone: +36 89 318798, fax: +36 89 318798,; - Paula Asszony Guesthouse (Pápa - Borsosgyőr, Nyárfa utca 11., Phone: +36 (30) 5693162,; - Romantik Guesthouse (Szent László u. 13-15., Phone: +36 (30) 9465277,; - Thermal Camping (Várkert utca 7., Phone: +36 (89) 320735, fax: +36 (89) 320735,; - Viktória Restaurant and Pension (Vízmű u. 7/c, Phone: +36 (89) 314442, fax: +36 (89) 510474,; - Zsófia Guesthouse, Veszprémi út 57., Phone: +36 (20) 9374551, fax: +36 (89) 777089).

Paloznak Resort Village near to Lake Balaton
  • 99 Paloznak (NE 6 km from Balatonfüred, only buses stopping here, the nearest railway station: Alsóörs and Csopak, by boat: scheduled ships depart from Alsóörs and Csopak). - monuments here: Roman Catholic Church (Arpad era), Belfry; Village houses of peasants; County House (ethnographic exhibition); Millennium Park, Dragon Fountain; King Ladislaus Sculpture; Fountain of Heroes; Saint Donatus Sculpture; Calvary; Pongrácz Castle, Hampasz Fountain. - Do: In summer, church concerts, outdoor concerts, exhibitions provide entertainment. - In the last weekend of September there are the Village and Harvest Days. - There are Guesthouses, Rooms for rent, two campings, a couple Pub and a Restaurant. (see here
  • 99 Pécsely (W 7 km from Balatonfüred take a bus). Zador (Himfy) Castle was built on the Derék- Mountain (also called Zador-hill) at the end of the 14th century. It is worth visiting the 'kopjafas' (carved wood colums) of village center and the beautiful folk buildings on the Hosszú street. - - Stay: Csikós Lovasudvar Pension, Klára-puszta; +36 87-445 308, 06-87-445 309, • Krisztina Guestrooms, Templom u. 93.; +36 96-349 916, 06-30-529 9080, • Vollmer Lovasudvar [dead link], Stables and Rooms, Hosszú u. 67.; +36 87-445 131. • Quint B&B, Iskola u. 181/b. • Vörös Ernőné B&B, Balatoni út 9.; +36 87-445 074. • Soós István B&B, Balatoni út • Szőnyi Károlyné, B&B, Hosszú u. 56/a.; +36 87-445 147. • Kálmán József B&B, Fő u. 108. • Kántor Ernőné, , Iskola u. 195.; +36 87-445 174. • Mészáros Pince, Nyáló-hegy; +36 87-720 804, +36 20-471 6933;;. • Kulcsár Vendégház, 8245. Pécsely, Vásártér u. 165.; +36 20-463 8723.
  • 99 Révfülöp (SW 27 km from Balatonfüred on the Hwy #71, take a train: Székesfehérvár-Balatonfüred- Tapolca railway line, By boat: Balatonboglár). The main historical attraction remains the old downtown and port, both featuring eclectic architecture evocative of the turn of the 20th century. - Homeland Collection, Lutheran church, the Fountain of the King of Frog (Bela Raffay work, 1993, marble and bronze). "Szigeti" church ruins, Ecsérpusztai church ruins (near Révfülöp but Kővágóörs administrative area), Boat Station building, Boat Station Pier, Millennium Lookout Tower (on the mountain north of the town). - - Révfülöp Tourinform office: Villa Filip tér 8/b, Tel. & Fax: +36-87 463-092, Tel. +36-87 463-194, E-mail:, Open in season 15 Jun-31 Aug. M-F: 09.00-18.00, Sa-Su: 09.00-13.00; out of season Weekdays: 07.30-16.00, Sa-Su closed ) - Stay: ¤ Balatontourist Napfény Camping, (Halász utca 5. Tel:+36-87/563-031, Fax:+36-87/464-309, E-mail:, ¤ Emília apartment (for 4+7 persons, air-conditioned apartments, contact: Mr. Balogh György, Csárda út 10. Tel.: +36-87/464-393, Tel.: +36-30/4015-197, E-mail:, ¤ Centrál Tourist (Currency exchange, apartment and room reservations, Badacsonyi u. 1., Tel.: +36 87 463-456, Tel.: +36 70-602-2679, Tel.: +36-30 959-1395, Email:, ¤ Hullám Hostel Révfülöp ( Füredi út 6., Tel.: +36-87/463-089, Mobile: +36-30/9122-229, E-mail:, ¤ Iris Guesthouse [dead link] Room to let -(for 10 persons, contact person: Ms. Papp Ibolya, address: Ady E. u. 15., Tel.: +36-30/751-6618, Tel.: +36-70/233-6559, E-mail:, ¤ Vakáció és Sport Üdülők Révfülöp (accommodation for 90 people 2-3-4-5-6 beds, Kossuth út 18., Mobile: +36 30/9975-347, E-mail:, ¤ Judit Guestrooms (three rooms, wine tasting, Petőfi út 74., Tel: +36 87 464-043 evening, Mobile: +36 20 429-4545, E-mail:, ¤ Fülöpi Apartmanok, accommodation throughout the year, two apartments for 5 persons with large terrace, enclosed garden, owner: Mr. Molnár Árpád, Füredi út 40. Tel./Fax: +36 87 464-219, Mobile: +36 20 22-12-975, Mobile: +36 20 981-2535, E-mail:, ¤ Ezüstfenyő Guesthouse, apartments up. For 2 + 1 and 4 + 1 persons with terrace, large enclosed garden, Mr. Szántó János, Csárda utca 4.,Tel: +36 87 464-212, Mobile: +36 20/969-2602, E-mail:, ¤ Bódis Apartman (for öt fő részére - kert, bográcsozó, grillező, a Balatonhoz és a centrumhoz közel, külön bejáratú apartman kiadó! Mrs. Bódis Lászlóné, Ifjuság lakótelep.5, Mobile: +36 30 901-93-90, E-mail:, ¤ Margaréta Guesthouse (for five persons - the house with large terrace, a spacious living room, ask for Mrs. Kadáné Róth Erzsébet, Kacsajtósi út 6., Mobile: +36 30 760-4819, E-mail:, ¤ Mária Guesthouse (for 3 + 1 persons - home garden, terrace, barbecue, Málna utca 24., Tel:+36 87 431-028, Fax: 06-87 431-614, E-mail:
Medieval ruins of the Pálos abbey, Salföld village
  • 99 Salföld (NE 11km from Badacsony, take a bus). Mary Magdalene Pauline monastery , monument house (Roman Catholic Church (St. Matthew). - Stay: Salföld Local Government guest house (Kossuth utca 27., Tel.+36 20 2757511, dbl /tpl/quad HUF6.000/8.000/10.000 room per night, min. two nights), Barn Gallery Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast ( Tel.+36 30-584-7522, Max. 6 people. Accommodation with breakfast fee HUF4,000 per person, in the winter of HUF5000 per person.), Ms. Silvia Hess B & B, Sali Guesthouse, Mr. Mihály Simon B & B, Ms. Harl Erika Holiday home, La Nonna Guesthouse
Mt. Somlo Protected area
  • 99 Somlóvásárhely (W ten km from Ajka take a bus or a train). Petofi Lookout on Somlo Mount. Ruins of Somló Castle (15th-16th centuries) - One of the best wine of the Veszprém County growing. - Stay: Somló Hotel [dead link] or in the Turist Guesthouse near to Castle. Three chapel can be find in the village St. Margaret's Chapel ('Szent Margit-kápolna'; on south side of the mount of Somlo, 15th century Gothic style, rebuilt in the 18th century); St. Martin's Chapel ('Szent Márton-kápolna', built in the 13th century, in Romanesque style and rebuilt in the late Baroque style in the 18th century); St. Helena's Chapel ('Szent Ilona-kápolna', Located: in the outskirts of Somlójenő settlement on the south west side of the mount of Somlo). - There are almost thirty Wineries [formerly dead link], visit the showromm of the high tech Distillery and tasting some spirit from local fruits. Take a walking tour to the Somló Protected area
Castle ruin of Sümeg
  • 99 Sümeg (Take a train from Tapolca). One of the largest and best preserved forts in Hungary, Bishop's Palace,-built between 1748-1755, Baroque,- include (Municipal Picture Gallery and The Collection of 'Eights', Jozsef Mindszenty Memorial Exhibition, The exhibition of glass artist Martin Horvath, Discovering Canada - The exhibition of Canadian painter Frederick Hagan, Hunting exhibition, Chapel of St. Martin and the demonstration boards of the life and cult of St. Martin of Tours); - Bishop riding (Castle stables with a small Hussar Museum); -Caveman's mine (a protected flint mine, now is a museum).
  • 99 Szentantalfa (N five km from Zánka). Ruined Church of Mountain St. Blaise (Szent Balázs-hegyi templomrom), Wine tourism.
  • 99 Szentbékkálla (E ten km from Tapolca). Sea of Stones (volcanic rocks), Ruins of Palace Veléte
  • 99 Szigliget (NW of Badacsony, take a bus or a train to Badacsonytördemic-Szigliget station three km away, from May to Sept scheduled boats from Badacsony and Keszthely). Castle ruins, Old village with thatched houses, Avas church ruin, Esterházy Palace and Botanical Garden. - The Countrywide Blue Tour passing the Village.
  • 99 Tapolca (NE 28km from Keszthely take a train). -Cave Bath, - Mill Pond, - Garden of Ruins, - City (School) Museum Templom domb 8, - Main Square (The former marketplace, functioned as a trade centre from ancient times. Decorated with the statue of Holy (1757) and the Little Princess) - Marton Gallery (permanent exhibition of works by László Marton) - Catholic Church (Templomdomb) - Protestant church (reminiscent of churches in Transylvania, 1936), - Watermill, - Y-houses. - The Countrywide Blue Tour passing the Town.
  • 99 Tihany (SW 9 km from Balatonfüred on the road, take a bus a bike or a boat). - is a village on the northern shore of Lake Balaton on the Tihany Peninsula (Veszprém County). - catch a ferry from the port to Tihany, a stunning peninsula only a stone's throw away. With its Benedictine Abbey and amazing countryside, this peninsula is a must see. However, bring good shoes as due to the hoards of tourists that flock to the town evrey summer, you might feel the need to go hiking into the hilly interior. - The whole peninsula is a historical district. - The prime sight is the Benedictine Tihany Abbey now also a museum (Address: I. András tér 1. • Tel.: +36 87/538-200. - founded in 1055 AD by András (Andrew) I, who also buried here. The church itself was rebuilt in baroque style in 1754. The still functioning abbey is a popular tourist attraction. It also has the superb view of Lake Balaton.). The echo is the othor main attraction of the village. See the Shouting Girl sitting on a 'Rock' (there is a legend which connect to the Echo. ' ...a princess with golden-haired goats was punished and her goats were lost in Balaton, only their nails remained, and she was obliged to answer to every passers-by... '). other sights: Reformed Church (1793). Former Summer Residence of Archduke Joseph of Habsburg (a Resort Palace built in 1924-1925. can be found in the center of a very nice English Landpark which is circa 20000 sqm), Former monastery wine cellar and press house. Former abbey granary. Former Abbey Village's pub. Former Abbey doctor's residential house. Former Sports Hotel. Former abbey grange. - To Do here: enjoy the beaches on the peninsula ("Somos" open beach, "Gödrös" open beach, Port beach, Yacht club beach, Beach of Sajkod), cycling (a newly built cycle road made safe to exploring the area on bike ), hiking ( numerous volcanic hills, geysers, the Outer and Inner-lake, the forests and the Balaton shore on foot or on bike), Open-air theatre (live performances and concerts in beautifull environment), Open-air folk museum ('old life' is presented by several buildings of the museum along Batthyány street), Family leisure park (a playground with a lof of toys, the sand box,the swing and the rope slide, also there is the bowling and the mini golf field). Dolls museum (Visszhang u. 4. • Tel.: +36 87/448-431, - porcelain dolls from latest XIX. and early XX. century), Historical Wax Museum of Hungarian kings and Pirate Museum (Kossuth u. 35. • Phone: +36 30 9468-220). - Marzipan Museum (Batthyány u. • Phone:+36 30 216-8191). - Open Air Museum (Pisky sétány 12. • Phone +36 87 714-960). - Hungarian Historia (Audiovisual attraction, Posta köz 1. • Phone +36 30 864-8373). - Levendula House Visitor Center, Tel.: +36 87 538 033, Forest adventure park (try to climbing tree or a half-circle slide), Shipping [dead link] (Balatonfüred and Siófok can be easily reached by boat), strolling on Pisky promenade ( look at the beautiful panorama)
  • 99 Várpalota (East of Veszprém). - Lutheran church (Thury György tér 1.Phone: +36 (20) 8243478,;- Museum of Chemistry (Magyar Vegyészeti Múzeum, Thury Castle, Phone: +36 (88) 575670, —; - Zichy Castle - Trianon Museum ( Gróf Apponyi Albert liget 1., Phone: +36 (30) 6467089, The library-room with its wooden cover and its frescos recalling mythological ages, is a regular place of cultural events. Italso includes the Zichy-Chapel and the altar carved from sandstone in the Catholic cemetery. Among the graves are the memorial of militiaman martyrs of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence (1848) belonging to the earl's family.; - Ruins of the Castle of Bátorkő-Pusztapalota (Bátorkő-Pusztapalota várának romjai);- Gyula Nagy Gallery (Nagy Gyula Galéria); - Wind farm of Inota (Inotai szélerőmű);- Evangelical Church (Evangélikus templom);- Reformed Church (Református templom)Baroque Reformed church with its irregularly arched western façade. It was built on the walls of the formerly Hussar Castle. It houses the memorial plaque of Mária Molnár.; - Zichy Chapel (Zichy-kápolna) part of the Zichy Castle; - Chapel of St. Donat (Szent Donát-kápolna); - Community Center (Jó Szerencsét Művelődési Központ); - Sára Fodor's Country House (Fodor Sára Tájház); - Szabo's sand mining (Szabó-féle homokbánya); - Roman tumuli of Inota (Inotai római-kori halomsírok); - Church of Inota (Inotai templom); - Cultural Centre (Béke Művelődési Ház); - Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom) Romanesque and early-Gothic frescosin a particularly good condition. One of the World War I memorials erected in those days and destroyed in the tempests of the history can be found here. - Jó Szerencsét (Good Luck) Community Centre, which houses four large-sized Gobelin works of Noémi Ferenczy. - Ethnographic collection and Skansen, (Jókai utca 15., Phone: +36 88 472305); - Catholic Church of Holy Virgin, (Szabadság tér, Phone: +36 (88) 372859); - Nagy Gyula Gallery, (Szent István utca 3., Phone: +36 (88) 472305, was converted from a synagogue, The one-man exhibition of Frigyes Matzon, one of the significant representatives of constructivism can be visited here; - Thury Castle (Várpalotai vár), Hunyadi Mátyás tér 1.,Phone: +36 (88) 371299,, It is currently home to the Museum of Chemistry, and the collection of the memories of coal mining. Concerts and theatre performances are held there every summer); - Museum of Mining History, Thury Vár, Phone: +36 88 371299, —
  • 99 Zánka (SW 21km from Balatonfüred take a train). Zánka is an intimate village at the gate of Nivegy-valley, on the shore of Lake Balaton. Its historic monument with nationwide significance is the Christian Reformed Church built in the 11th century. The other sight of the village is its Village Museum (’Tájház’) from the 18th century. The Village House (’Faluház’) is the centre of the local cultural life. - The Children and Youth Centre, the former Pioneer Town (’Úttörõváros’), which is the national centre of youth tourism, belongs to Zánka. Its sailing and ship port is open. On the territory of the Children and Youth Centre an adventure park was established. The establishment is suitable for the vacation of disadvantaged children, too. Do: The emblem of Zánka is Hegyestű. Take a walk to visit the first geopark of the country. - Pentecostal Wine Festival every year. Excellent place for fishing tourism. The cycle path around Lake Balaton goes across Zánka. The local riding school welcomes guests all the year. In Zánka there was a Riding Festival. Among the programmes of Zánka the Fishermen Days in summer and the Grape Harvest Festival in autumn are outstanding. - Stay:In the village you can find numerous pensions and private quarters in addition to the restaurants of high quality. The Children and Youth Centre has got a hotel.
  • 99 Zirc (North 2km of Veszprém take a train toward Győr). Abbey with two museums and the visitable beautiful Reguly Antal Library, Arboretum. - Good place for a base to exploring the area, some nice walking, biking tour depart from here. Visit the Balaton Upland National Park.

Zala County[edit]

Little Balaton bridge to Kányvár Island, Balaton Uplands National Park, near to Balatonmagyaród
  • 99 Balatongyörök (trains from Tapolca, regularly buses connecting with Tapolca and Keszthely. - During summer, a regular ferry service from Keszthely, passing Balatonmáriafürdő, Szigliget and Badacsony to Fonyód.). ' Szépkilátó' viewpoint with a very beautiful panorama, remains of a Roman settlement; The Roman Catholic church was built between 1831 to 1833, in neoclassical style; at Balatongyörök vineyard,-on the hill Bece,- the old press houses visible; passed the Balaton Uplands National Park with a 8.5 km long nature trail (The trail guide plates are labeled in English too); Festetics (II) Tasziló Palace - Palace Hotel
  • 99 Balatonmagyaród (buses to/from Zalakomár (frequent) and Keszthely (couple)). Petting zoo-Fenyvespuszta, Kányavári island and bridge, [dead link] buffalo reserve at Kápolnapuszta, Small Balaton, The Roman Catholic Church
  • 99 Batyk (Near to Zalaszentgrót, buses to/from Zalaegerszeg and Sümeg). Batyk's ancient lawn nature reserve,
  • 99 Böde (From Zalaegerszeg buses). St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church (Bode-Zalaszentmihályfa). Interior fittings: 1970s. The church founded around 1220, destroyed churches have been restored around 1750, the shrine was rebuilt. Sacristy was built in the 19th century. 1923 has been improved and redesigned.
Roman Catholic church complex, Búcsúszentlászló
  • 99 Búcsúszentlászló (Bucsuszentlászló) (10 km south-east of Zalaegerszeg, buses from there, also trains toward Szombathely, Nagykanizsa). Arany János street's Roman Catholic church and chapel with the miraculous source, Pilgrimplace. Calvary Chapel, surrounded by the stations of the Holy Cross road (second half of 18th century)
  • 99 Cserszegtomaj (Keszthely buses hourly). Cserszegtomaj Botanical Garden (Arboretum), St Margaret lookout, the unique Fountain Cave, Ocher and pyrite mine, Europe Square, Roman Catholic Church, St. Anne's Chapel, Castle Theatre, Margaret Lookout, riding school.
  • 99 Egervár (N 11 km of Zalaegerszeg, buses from there, also trains toward Szombathely, Nagykanizsa). Nadasdy castle, catholic church, XVIII. century manor wine cellar, XVIII. century (renovated) mountain chapel
The world’s second-largest thermal lake, Hévíz
  • 99 Hévíz (Keszthely). The world’s second-largest thermal lake, the Sanatorium park , Egregyi Chapel (Late Roman style, 13th century), Protected wetland area, sheltering forest and park, Dr. Schulhof Vilmos promenade and the walking street (Rákóczi Street), seven-towered Holy Spirit Roman Catholic church (1998) - Tasting in Egregyi wine bars. the 'Countrywide Blue Tour in Hungary' passes through the town. Evangelical-Reformed Church, Egregyi Heart of Jesus Church, Town Hall, Nymphae fountain, Hévíz Pantheon, Sculpture Park, The cross of St. Andrew, Hévíz Spa and St. Andreas Hospital, Roman Soldier's Tomb, Historical villas, Roman ruins, Museum Collection / Fontana Cinema
  • 99 Homokkomárom (Kamar, Humukcamar) (NW 13 km of Nagykanizsa). Church (1722) St. Mary's (miraculous) grace pictures, 16th century; Eight Happiness Monastery Community, passed by the 'Countrywide Blue Tour in Hungary', Part of 'Balatonmelléke' wine region
  • 99 Kallósd (near to Zalaszentgrót). St. Anne's Round Church , Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua
  • 99 Kehidakustány (Buses to/from Keszthely & Zalaszentgrót). Deak mansion and its park, Kehidatermál spa and adventure bath, St. Nicholas Cemetery Chapel (Romanesque).Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin church (Baroque), in 1987 restored the Roman Catholic wooden belfry (Hunyadi Street.
  • 99 Keszthely (Trains to Kaposvár, Pécs, Siófok, Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Balatonszentgyörgy–Tapolca direct train to/from Vienna, buses to Zalaegerszeg, Tapolca, Budapest, Kecskemét, Szeged and Baja - Hévíz flights depart every fifteen minutes). Catholic church (Gothic), Helikon park, Festetics Castle Museum and its Gardens, Lake Balaton shore, House of Balaton Wines, Bacchus Wine- and Wine Tool-Museum, Balaton Museum, Snail Parliament, Georgicon Farm Museum, Pantheon of Keszthely, Marzipan Museum and Confectionery, Mikus Gallery, Keszthely Ethnographic Museum - Wax Museum, Radio and TV Museum, Inner City Parish Church, birthplace of Julia Szendrey, at the Szendrey colony, the ruins of the Roman Valcum city, Kis-Balaton, Doll Museum, Railway History Museum. - The Countrywide Blue Tour passed through. - Roman ruins of Fenékpuszta
  • 99 Kiscsehi (Croatian: Čejiba) (Bus to Letenye). Budafapuszta's Arboretum and hunting lodge
  • 99 Lenti (former Nemith, Slovene: Lentiba) (Trains to Rédics, Zalaegerszeg). St. Michael's Catholic Church. Castle. Spa. Csömödér State Forest Railway.
  • 99 [dead link]Letenye (Croatian: Letinja, Slovene: Letina) (Buses regularly to Nagykanizsa, Zalaegerszeg and Lenti to Budapest (weekly direct bus on Sundays).). Szapáry-Andrássy Palace and its park, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Parish Church, Arany Lamb Inn (built in 1800 in Baroque style)
The perishing former Duke Joseph barracks,Nagykanizsa
  • 99 Nagykanizsa (Trains toward Székesfehérvár (hourly), Gyékényes, Budapest (two hourly), and to Pécs, Szombathely. - Buses [dead link] to Baja, Budapest, Kaposvár, Pécs, Sopron, Sümeg, Szeged (2 per day), Szombathely, Veszprém and Zalaegerszeg). Franciscan monastery, Synagogue, Millennium walking garden, Kiskanizsa pine forest. - Tourinform Office. - Main sights: Axent House, Bazaar yard, Upper Church, Förhénc Chapel, Inkey Chapel, Grünhut House, Lackenbacher House, Granary, Iron Man House, Municipal Theatre and Cinema, Turul Monument, Insurance Palace (1857), György Thury Museum, Hungarian Poster House, Fine Arts Exhibition House of Kiskastély, Bogenrieder Palace (1914)
  • 99 Nagykapornak (Trains toward Zalaegerszeg, Nagykanizsa and Szombathely, Buses to Zalaegerszeg and Keszthely). Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Church, Hermit garden.
  • 99 Nova (Regular buses to Zalaegerszeg, Lenti, Keszthely and Budapest). Assumption Roman Catholic Church (1777-78), Olgamajor - Hunting Lodge (1933), Tiszttartó house (Fő Street), Sequoia (Kossuth Lajos Street )
  • 99 Rezi (Buses to Keszthely (N 8 km, hourly)). Fort ruins, Outlaw tavern of Gyöngyös
Szapáry-Andrássy Mansion, Szécsisziget
  • 99 Szécsisziget (Buses to Lenti (10 km)). Szapáry-Andrássy Palace, Watermill (exhibit), Roman Catholic church (built in 1750-60), Buffalo Reserve of Szecsisziget
  • 99 Tormafölde (Buses to Lenti (13 km)). Primeval Beech forest reserve of Vétyem, motorcross racetrack
  • 99 Tornyiszentmiklós (Croatian: Mikuš, Sumikluš) (S 15 km of Lenti). Historical Baroque, Roman Catholic Church (built between 1769-1774), Hunting Lodge
  • 99 Türje. Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Provostal Gothic church (Baroque interior, Romanesque towers, St. Ladislaus legend mural)
  • 99 Vaspör (Near to Zalaegerszeg). Assumption Church of Pusztacsatár, Via Sancti Martini, place of pilgrimage
  • 99 Vonyarcvashegy (Regular buses to Keszthely and Tapolca). St. Michael's hill with a chapel, Vonyarc Chapel, Vashegy Chapel
  • 99 Zalaegerszeg. Main sights: Göcsej Village Museum and Finno-Ugric Folk Park, Hungarian Oil Industry Museum, TV Tower, Csács Arboretum, Dózsa park, Azalea Valley, Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Aqua City, Kvártély house
  • 99 Zalaháshágy (Zalaegerszeg 21 km, take a train or bus). Árpád-era church
Country House - Zalalövő
  • 99 Zalakomár (From Nagykanizsa 18 km northeast). Buffalo reserve at Kápolnapuszta, Roman Catholic Church in 1771, Bird Reserve, protected forest area of Ormándpuszta
  • 99 Zalalövő (latin: Municipium Aelium Salla) (Regular buses from Zalaegerszeg). Municipality aelium Salla archaeological sites and exhibition; Country House - Petőfi u. 20; St. Ladislaus Church (Neo-Gothic) - Liberty tér 5; All Saints Church (medieval) - Petőfi u. 100; St. Anne's Church (1747-1749) - Kossuth u. 62; Borostyán Lake; Borosan Valley (Holy Well); The settlement affects the European Cultural Route of St. Martin
  • 99 [dead link]Zalaszántó (Near to Keszthely). Park of Human rights, Tátika fort ruins, Tátika ancient beech forest, Stupa, chapel, Rezi Castle (neaarby), Country Houses, Kotsy Watermill, Petho Mansion, Gingerbread Museum, Balaton Uplands National Park, Kovácsi hill - geo botanical nature trail
  • 99 Zalaszentgrót (Regular buses from Zalaegerszeg). - Batthyány Castle and its protected park (late baroque, Copf style). Small castle of Zalaszentgrót, St. Emeric's Church (1758, baroque), Ruined Tower (former Franciscan church in the 14th century), Stone Bridge (1846)
The ruins of the Basilica of Saint Adrian (9th century), Zalavár
  • 99 Zalaszentgyörgy (Zalaegerszeg 13 km). St. George Catholic Church (built in Romanesque style in the 13th century)
  • 99 Zalavár (Bus from Keszthely and Zalakaros). The ruins of the Basilica of Saint Adrian (9th century), Búbosvöcsök Nature Trail of Kányavár's Island, Historical Memorial Park
Little Balaton Lake Nature Reserve
  • Small-Balaton Lake (Kis-Balaton). National Park [dead link], the specially protected area (open only with guide) , Kányavári Island, Kis-Balaton Exhibition Centre of Zalavár, Castle and rebuilt the Árpád age church of Zalavár, Vár Island, Cyril and Methodius monument of Zalavár), the thermal Bath of Zalakaros, Buffalo reserve of Balatonmagyaród, Petting zoo of Fenyvespuszta, Former Soviet MIG-29 base and airport of Sármellék, Cane World, rare plants: white water lily, water meal; Birds Reserve: egrets, herons, cormorants
  • 99 Zala Hills (Zalai-dombság vagy Zalai-dombvidék). The Őrségi National Park and the Balaton National Park small area extends into the landscape. Also here find to the Kerka-mente Nature Park and Hármashatár Nature Park
  • Göcsej. - folk architecture
  • Hetés. - folk architecture


Cycling tours[edit]

  • Gant to Gant bike tour in Vértes Hill. - Start from Gánt, Gránás Touristhouse. - From the village need to go south on the paved road, from where you turn right into a long rocky road you will get access to the forest. - When riding through the forest a few kilometers,- approx. 200m level increases,- to Géze resting point. Then here is a quick downhill all the way to Csákberény. From here take the forest road to Csókakő castle, which again is about rise 200m elevation. After Csókakő toward Mór, the hillside over vineyards provide stunning views over the open countryside and woodland. Take some calorie to yourself (try Confectionery Azurro). Back to forest first is a very steep road and after the big downhill quickly collected over 400m plus level and you will be on the road toward Gánt. The steep forest paths joined into a broader forest path at the top of the rise. Here you will pedalling few km long around 450m above sea level, horizontally. - After that you ll be arrive again to Geza rest stop, where you can choose to roll back on the road to Gant, which climbed over here or a steep, rocky, leafy trees gully. Who is brave and not so tired, feel free to choose a steeper downward, and is guaranteed to be an exciting end of the tour. - The total length of tour is 46km, the level differents is 909m. It could be completed in 5 hours (with not too long rest).

Health and wellness tourism[edit]

All spas water have therapeutic effect(s).

Győr-Moson-Sopron County[edit]

Hegykő, Thermal Spa
  • 1 Balf. Spa & Sanatorium
  • Győr - Spa
  • Mosonmagyaróvár - Spa
  • Hegykő - Thermal Bath
  • Kapuvár - Thermal Bath
  • Lipót - Thermal Bath

Vas County[edit]

  • Bükfürdő - Spa
  • Celldömölk - Spa
  • Sárvár - Spa
Zalakaros, 'Granite' Thermal Spa
  • Szentgotthárd - Spa
  • Szombathely - Thermal Bath

Zala County[edit]

  • Lenti - Spa
  • Kehidakustány - Spa
  • Zalaegerszeg - Thermal Bath
  • Szent Gróth - Thermal Bath
  • Bázakerettyei - Thermal Bath
  • Pusztaszentlászló - Thermal Bath


Events in Győr-Moson-Sopron County[edit]

  • Győr - Barokk Bál (Feb)-Baroque Ball
  • Győr- Tavaszi Fesztivál (Mar-Apr) -Spring Festival
  • Győr - Mediawawe International Film Festival (Apr-May, and filmand global art gathering).
  • Győr-Magyar Táncfesztivál (Jun) - Hungarian Dance Festival
  • Győri Nyár Nemzetközi Kulturális fesztivál (Jun-Jul) - Summer International Summer Cultural Festival
  • Győr - Bábliget (Jun) - Free, all-day outdoor event. Puppet performances. Location: Győr, River Rába coast
  • Győr - Barokk Esküvő – Történelmi Ünnepi Játékok (Aug) - Baroque serenade, wedding and the baroque skill tournament
  • Győr - 'Barokk Nosztalgiák Művészeti Fesztivál' (Oct) - Art of the Baroque era and tradition
  • Győr - 'Könyvszalon' - (Oct) International book exhibition and fair. Also theater, music, dance and art event.
  • Győr - 'Téli fesztivál és Vásár' - (Dec) - Winter Festival and Fair. Festive wait kötdve the festival throughout the month of waiting cultural events of the day.
  • Fertőd - 'Haydn Fesztivál' - Haydn Festival
  • Fertőboz - 'Bodza Fesztivál' - Elderberry Festival
  • Fertőrákos - 'Operaelőadások' - Opera Lectures,
  • Fertőrákos - 'Frigyes napi mulatozások' - Frederick's day revelry
  • Hegykő - 'Hegykői vigasságok' - Hegykő feast
  • Hegykő - 'Hegykői Művészeti Fesztivál' - Hegykő Arts Festival
  • Nagycenk - 'Hársfa Nap' - Linden Day
  • Sopron - 'Liszt Ferenc városa' - City of Franz Liszt days
  • Sopron - 'Páneurópai Piknik' - Pan-European Picnic
  • Sopron - 'VOLT Fesztivál' (1st week of Jul) - VOLT Rock Festival


National Parks[edit]

  • 2 Danube-Drava National Park (Duna-Dráva Nemzeti Park). The National Park area is 490 square kilometres and the majority of national park sites are located within Danube and Drava floodland areas. Habitats along the Drava host more than 400 protected plants and animals. - Units:Pécs, The Tufa Cave, (Pécs, Tettye u., Phone: +36-30-580-3424, +36-72-211-830, May 1 - Oct 31. - Tue-Sun: 10.00-19.00, HUF 800). Pécs, Pintér Garden Arboretum (Tettye tér 9., Phone: +36-72/517-200, Mar 1 - Oct 31.: on workdays M-Th 8.00-16.00, F 8.00-14.00, Sa, Su 10.00-18.00, HUF400), - Abaliget, Cave and Bat Museum, (March 15 – October 15: Daily 9.00AM – 6.00 PM, HUF1000,), - Bat Museum – Abaliget (H-7678 Abaliget, Phone: +36-72/498-684, Daily 9.00AM – 6.00 PM.HUF450)), cave of the Mészégető springs in Mecsek Hills, Orfű, (Tours start on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Participation fee: 5300 HUF per person, which includes guidance, coverall, helmet, head lamp, and insurance. Min. 4 pers.-max eight pers.), Kölked, White Stork Museum ( Kölked, Széchenyi u. 1., Phone: 30/846-6020, May 1 - Aug 31.: Tu-Sun 9.00-17.00, Tickets (contains the fee of guide) HUF450 ), Drávaszentes – "Dráva Kapu" Visitor Centre Visitor Centre Grey cattles ( Barcs-Drávaszentes, Fő u. 1. Phone: +36 82 461-285, +36 30 377-3393 By scheduled buses departing from the Barcs Railway Station.Apr 1– Oct 15: Tu–Su 9.00–17.00, HUF 600), Mohács, Historic Memorial Park Memorial Park (Mohács-Sátorhely, Apr-Oct 23, daily 9.00-18.00, Oct 24 - Mar 31 daily 9.00-16.00, HUF1500), Canoe Tour in Béda-Karapancsa (From Kölked start, length 2hours. Prices: 4500 HUF/ canoe for 7 person, or 2500 HUF/ canoe for 4 person + 15000 HUF/guide ), Zselic Starry Sky Park ( near the Gólya-Valley lakes and Hotel Kardosfa, and can be reached within a 2-3-km tour. HUF800 p.p. Minimum fee: 12.000 HUF.+36 30 377-3388)
  • 3 Őrség National Park (Őrség Nemzeti Park) (Southwestern part of Vas County). 43,927 hectares 44 municipalities. folk architecture. Main parts of its: Sághegyi Landscape Protection Area and Kőszegi Landscape Protection Area. - Main Nature Conservation Areas: Jeli Arboretum, Kámon Arboretum, Sárvár arboretum, Szelestei arboretum, Körmend castle garden (Körmend Castle Park Nature Conservation Area), Kőszeg Sphagnum Wetland Conservation Area, Nemesmedves Historic Site


Győr-Moson-Sopron County renowned about blue-dyed fabrics

Renowned handicraft products of Győr-Moson-Sopron County:

  • Csorna's blue-dyed fabrics,
  • Dör's potter goods,
  • Hövej's lace embroideries.


The most distinctive cake in Győr County: the Rábaköz's Pretzel

  • Salami from the Csíkvarsa Meadow (Vértes area) - This produce is made from the meat of the Hungarian grey cattle. Ingredients: cleaned and carefully selected beef, bacon, paprika, salt, garlic, pepper, caraway and allspice.
  • Slices of beef with mustard in sour cream gravy ‘Csákvár’ style (Vértes area) - deboned beef steak, fat of mangalica pig, onions, cloves garlic, flour, sour cream, milk, mustard, ‘Delikát’ spice mixture, pepper, salt, thyme


  • Puchner Castle Hotel, Bikal (— 50 KM south of Pécs). the small community of Bikal offers one of the most renowned historic Castle Hotels.

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