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Sopron (pronounced "shop-ron"; German: Ödenburg, Croatian: Šopron, Latin: Scarbantia) is a city in Hungary, close to the Austrian border, with a population of about 62,000 (2017). The town is officially bilingual, and its historical German language name is Ödenburg.



View from the Fire tower, main square with Goat Church

When this area was the Pannonia Superior province of the Roman Empire, the city's name was Scarbantia. Its main square was then the forum. During the period of mass migration the once prosperous Scarbantia declined to become a lifeless city of ruins; a new settlement was created here only after the Hungarians took over the territory. Hungarians strengthened the old Roman city walls and built a castle. The town was named in Hungarian after a castle steward named Suprun. In 1273 King Otakar II of Bohemia occupied the castle. Even though he took the children of Sopron's nobility with him as hostages, the city opened its gates when the armies of King Ladislaus IV of Hungary arrived. The king rewarded Sopron by elevating it to the rank of free royal town. In 1529 the Turks devastated the city, but it did not fall under Turkish domination. Many Hungarians fled from the occupied areas to Sopron, and the city's importance grew.

While the Ottomans occupied most of central Europe, the region north of lake Balaton remained in the Kingdom of Hungary (1538–1867). In 1676 Sopron was destroyed by a fire. The modern-day city was born in the next few decades, when Baroque buildings were built to replace the destroyed medieval ones. Sopron became the seat of the comitatus Sopron. Until 1918, the town (bilingual names Oedenburg - Sopron) was part of the Austrian monarchy, province of Hungary; in Transleithania after the compromise of 1867 in the Kingdom of Hungary. Following the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, after local unrest, Sopron's status as part of Hungary (along with that of the surrounding eight villages) was decided by a controversial, local plebiscite held on December 14, 1921, with 65% voting for Hungary. Since then Sopron has been called Civitas Fidelissima ("The Most Loyal Town"), and the anniversary of the plebiscite is a city holiday. Sopron suffered greatly during World War II and it was bombed several times. The Soviet Red Army captured the city on April 1, 1945. On August 19, 1989 the "Pan-European Picnic" took place near Sopron, when the "Iron Curtain" between Austria and Hungary was lifted for a few hours, allowing some hundred East German citizens to cross the border.


Sopron birdview
  • After being suppressed during the Cold War, Sopron's German-speaking culture and heritage are now recognized again. As a consequence, many of the city's street-and traffic-signs are written in both Hungarian and German making it an officially bilingual city due to its proximity to the Austrian frontier.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

By car[edit]

  • From Vienna, Austria on A2 until the Traiskirchen intersection, then on A3 until the Eisenstadt intersection, and on B16 to Sopron.

By bus[edit]

  • 1 Bus Station (Autóbusz-állomás), Lackner Kristóf utca 9 (NW 200m from Downtown), +36 99 311040, . Workdays: 07:00-12:15 & 12:45-15:30, 1st-6th days of each month: M-F 06:00-16:00, Sa 07:00-13:00.. The local service provider is the ÉNYKK Ltd. Bus to Kőszeg (daily five-six direct, 1-1½ hour), Szombathely (daily five-seven direct, 1½-2 hour), Győr (weekday daily 17, weekend 11 per day, around 2 hours, to Budapest no direct bus (first you must to go Székesfehérvár or Veszprém or with a longer detour to Hévíz or Szombathely 5-7 hours, train is much better).

By train[edit]

Sopron is located within the Vienna regional tariff union, so if you have a ticket or travelcard covering the entire network, you can use it to travel to Sopron (but not other Hungarian towns served by suburban trains).

  • 2 Train Station (Vasútállomás), Állomás u. 2. (S half km), +36 1 4444499. Daily 03:00-23:00. Connected to Vienna by suburban trains every hour, departure from Wien Meidling at xx:38. Travel takes 70 minutes. Trains to Győr (hourly until 20:00, 1½ hour), Szombathely (12 per day, 50 mins), Budapest (around thirty per day but just six direct!, 2½-6 hours, Ft 4200-5650, 2nd cl.) Toward Austria see: ÖBB. Services include: disabled toilet, international cash desk (Open M-F 05:30-19:00 Sa 06:00-13:30), bicycle parking
    • Domestic Győr–Sopron–Ebenfurth Railway (GYSEV), +36 99 517212. 07:15-12:15, 12:35-16:15, 16:35-19:00. service area information
    • International information, +36 99 517156. M-W, F Sa 08:00-19:20; Th 08:00-20:00.
    • Left luggage office, +36 99 517212. open 03:00-23:00.

Get around[edit]

Map of Sopron
  • The city isn't large, so you can walk or buy a ticket to ride the public bus lines. Prices (2014). Tickets: Ft 320 in advance, from driver Ft 390. Passes: Ft 6900 per month, Ft 4,300 semimonthly, Ft 2250 per seven-day, Ft 780 per a daily ticket. Local season ticket and single tickets can buy at Volan Tourist Travel Agency (address: Lackner Kristóf utca) or without queuing, 24/7, from a ticket vending machine, (located in the city ten points.)
  • 1 TOURINFORM - Sopron, Liszt Ferenc utca 1 (Downtown), +36 99 517560, +36 1 4388080 (Tourinform Call Center), fax: +36 99 517527, . M-F 09:00-17:00, Sa 09:00-13:00, Su 09:00-13:00 (May to Sep).
  • Sopron parking based on three zones. Parking map here. Paying with cash, chipcard or mobile. City center closed for cars (except with special permisson).
  • Sopron taxis list here.
  • Rent a car, Martiny Frigyes utca. 2/B, +36 70 3200888. from Ft 4500 per day.
  • Getting around the city centre by bike.


Downtown street by street[edit]

Main Square[edit]

Plaque on the Main square, remembering that Roman Scarbantia was an important post of the 'Amber Road'
  • 1 Firewatch Tower (Tűztorony, Ger.:Feuerturm), Fö tér 1 (Downtown), +36 99 311-327, . Jan-Mar: daily 09:00-17:00, Apr: daily 10:00-18:00; May-Aug: M-F 10:00-20:00, Sep-Oct daily 10:00-18:00; Nov: daily 09:00-17:00; Dec: daily 09:00-17:00. Landmark of the city is the "fire tower", with a museum of history of the city. 61 m high, there is a wonderful panoramic view from the top. Its cylindrical lower part was built on the remains of the Roman town wall, and served as the north tower of the city from the 13th century onwards. Also on top of the tower is a double-headed eagle, that was a gift from King Ferdinánd II and Queen Eleonóra for the parliamentary session and queen's coronation, both held in Sopron in 1622. Ft 1150.
  • 2 City Hall (Városháza), Fő tér 1 (Downtown), +36 99 515100. by appointment. The eclectic style building in the year of the millennium (1989) was completed by Hinträger Móric és Károly plans. On the barock main square. Also in December there is a Christmas market on the square (must see!) Richly decorated (applied arts) interior design and furnishings. Protected Monument.
  • 3 Storno House museum (Storno-gyűjtemény), Fő tér 8 (Opposite City hall), +36 99 311327, . Jan-Mar: Tu-Su 10:00-16:00, Apr-Oct: Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Nov: Tu-Su 09:00-17:00, Dec Tu-Su 09:00-17:00. A Baroque corner house with Renaissance elements. The building are the closed, round, two-storey corner balcony with its rich ornamentation, the basket-arched gate with the Festetics family’s coat of arms between the two Tuscan half pillars, and the door knockers with their pelican motifs. Here is the Local History Exhibition. The authentic documents and relics collected since 1867 Ft 1000.
  • 4 Gate of Faith (Hűség Kapu), Fő tér/ Tűztorony utca. This was made in memory of the referendum of 1921. In this referendum Sopron and eight neighbouring villages expressed their wish to remain part of Hungary.
  • 5 Kossow-House (Kossow ház), Fő tér, 4 (Downtown). Rebuilt in the Baroque era, then established a large residential lobby in the floor above the doorway. Now there is a wine bar
  • 6 Fabricius-House (Fabricius-ház), Fő tér, 6 (Downtown), +36 99 311327, . Apr-Sep Tu-Su 10:00-18:00 or by appointment. From the 14th century with interior from the 17th and 18th centuries. The Gothic hall is a wonderful piece of architecture, but the two story loggia with open staircase in the courtyard and the Gothic and Baroque cellars of the rear building also deserve special attention. The owners of the building were always rich citizens and traders with high ranking social positions. The house is named after one of the owners, mayor and magistrate Endre Fabricius, who purchased the house in 1806. There is a medieval cellar hall with a Roman Lapidary. Here is the former Roman Capitol decorating Trias sculpture group. Three exhibits: Roman Lapidary, "Three thousand years along the Amber Road" archaeological exhibition and 17th and 18th. century bourgeois interior furnishing. Protected Monument Adult/reduced tickets: History of Sopron and its Surroundings Ft 700/350, Archaeological Exhibition - Roman Lapidary Ft 700/350, Town Residences Ft 800/400 (2014).
  • 7 Pharmacy Museum (Patika-ház), Fő tér 2 (Downtown), +36 99 311327, fax: +36 99 311347, . Apr-Sep: Tu-Su 10:00-14:00. Built in 15th–16th centuries. The former Angel Pharmacy operated in this house from the middle of the 17th century. Reconstructed in 1850, when the Gensel family extended the house by bricking up the arcades and the corridor. The house was pronounced the first national monument in Hungary by Louis II of Hungary in 1525. Protected Monument Adult/reduced Ft 500/250.
  • 8 Gambrinus - House (Gambrinus - Ház), Fő tér 3 (Downtown), +36 99 311327. Only outside. Protected monument. Gothic origin. It was expanded in the late Renaissance style, the facade made in Baroque style. The interior rebuilt in the 18th century. There are frescoes from the 18th century in the rooms upstairs. Protected Monument
  • 9 Former County Hall (Vármegyeháza), Fő tér 5. (Downtown). Built in 1896. Protected Monument
  • 10 Holy Trinity Column (Szentháromság-szobor), Fő tér (Downtown), +36 99 515100. 24/7. One of the best-known attractions of the square. A masterpiece of the Hungarian Baroque (1701). Protected Monument Free.
  • 11 General and Lackner House (Tábornok-és Lackner-ház), Fő tér 7 (Downtown). Here was the residence of the mayor dr. Lackner Kristóf (1571-1631). Protected Monument

Széchenyi Square[edit]

Ceiling of St. Jude Thaddeus Dominican Church
  • 12 St. Jude Thaddeus Dominican Church and the former Dominican Monastery (Szent Júdás Tádé Templom (Domonkos Templom), Domonkos kolostor), Széchenyi tér 3-4 (Southern rim of Downtown), +36 99 508985, fax: +36 99 508986, . Daily 10:00-18:00. Baroque church with two towers built between 1719 and 1725, it is still without a tower, they only later, in the 1740s raised. The Dominican Monastery is now a school, built in Baroque, 1745-1750. The dining room decorated with whitewashed frescoes and richly curved wooden panelling, Baroque, around 1750.
  • 13 Former Széchényi Mansion (Széchényi Ferenc ház), Széchenyi tér 1 (Southern rim of Downtown). Just outside. Dwelling house, former Széchenyi Palace, the 18th century origin, Classicist style, rebuilt in 1827-1851. Count Ferenc Széchenyi held in here his valuable medal, book and map collection.
  • 14 Post Palace (Main Post office.Postapalota), Széchenyi tér 7-10 (Southern Downtown). Outstanding masterpiece of the Hungarian Art Nouveau. Carved in stone, above the main entrance, the Hungarian decorative coat of arms. Remained in the Art Nouveau style furniture too. Protected Monument. Architects: Ambrus Orth & Emil Somló, 1913
  • 15 Decorative garden with Széchényi Monument (Dísz tér a Széchényi emlékművel), Széchenyi tér (southern edge of Downtown). 24/7. Full figure bronze statue. It was made by Matra Lajos, in 1896. Free.
  • 16 Liszt Ferenc Cultural Centre (Liszt Ferenc Kulturális és Konferencia Központ), Széchenyi tér 1 (Downtown). Former Casino. A five-storey building with conference, theater, dance, concerts, session and exhibition halls. The piano virtuoso, composer, conductor and teacher Franz Liszt was born in Doborján (Raiding), in former Sopron County. The house where he was born is a memorial museum today. Today the new Conference and Cultural Centre, a choir, and the town's symphony orchestra bear the name of the Maestro. One of the most beautiful buildings in the city centre.
  • 17 Flag of Loyalty (Hűségzászló), Széchenyi tér (Downtown). 24/7. Free.
  • 18 Dwelling houses on Széchenyi square (lakóházak a Széchenyi téren), Széchenyi tér (Downtown). Only from outside. Protected Monuments #5 (Classicist, 1855-1861. Modified 1879), #14 (early romantic, 1849), #17-18. (Romantic, circa 1860), #19 (Romantic 1856 Designed by Handler Nándor), #20 (Romantic, 1855)
  • 19 Berzsenyi Lutheran High School (Berzsenyi Gimnázium), Széchenyi tér 11. (Downtown). Just outside. Protected Monument. Classicist, 1825. Modified in eclectic style in 1894.
  • 20 Győr–Sopron–Ebenfurt Railways Headquarters (GYSEV Székház), Mátyás király utca 19 (near Széchenyi tér), +36 99 517101. A monument building.

New (Új) Street[edit]

Old Synagogue with a collection of Jewish religion
  • 21 Old Synagogue (Ó-Zsinagóga), Új utca 22 (Downtown), +36 99 311327, fax: +36 99 311347, . Apr-Oct: Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Built at end of 13th century in Gothic style. This is a unique piece of Jewish architecture in Eastern Europe. A corridor from the entrance leads to the main hall. Its main door is decorated with a tympanum, and two side consoles date from 1300, the time of construction. The two focal points of the synagogue are the Aaron alcove and the pulpit. There is a collection of Jewish religion and customs. Adult/student+pensioners Ft 800/400.
  • 22 Synagogue (Zsinagóga), Új utca 11 (Downtown). A dwelling house with medieval details. Built in Baroque style, 18th century. The courtyard wing of the house is a synagogue, now a museum, Built in Gothic, circa 1350. Modified in the second half of the 15th century.
  • 23 Civic Apartment houses (Polgári lakóházak), Új utca (Downtown). Just outside. #4 (Baroque, 1710th Modified in the middle of the 19th century. Now office), #5 (18th-century origin. Received its present form in 1841), #7 (details of medieval, mostly Baroque style, 18th century), #9 (Gothic style, 15th century. Modified in Renaissance and Baroque styles in the 17-18th centuries. Upstairs room decorated with stucco ornaments, Baroque, first half of the 18th century.), #13 (medieval, baroque, 18th century), #15 (medieval, Baroque, second half of 17th century), #17 (Baroque, about 1720), #18 (medieval baroque origin 1748. Upstairs areas with frescoes, baroque, 1770-1780), #19 (Baroque, late 17th century), #20 (Baroque, 18th century), #21(medieval, late Renaissance , around 1650. Two first-floor rooms with carved beam ceilings, made in the mid 17th century), #24 (medieval, baroque, 18th century), #26 (details of medieval age, baroque 18th century — its Romantic facade made in circa 1860), #28. (medieval, baroque, 18th century, partly modified).

Church (Templom) Street[edit]

Mining Museum in Palais Esterhazy
  • 24 Chapter Hall (Káptalan Terem), Templom utca 1 (Downtown), +36 99 523768, . Apr-Oct: Tu-Su 10:00-18:00, Nov-Mar: daily 10:00-16:00. Public Exhibition Room. Gothic origins at the end of the 13th century, renovated in the beginning of the 14-15th centuries. Ornamental and figurative painting remains, from the 14th century
  • 25 Mining Museum in Palais Esterhazy (Central Mining Museum, Központi Bányászati Múzeum), Templom utca 2 (Downtown), +36 99 312667, fax: +36 99 312667, . Nov-Mar: Tu-Su 10:00-16:00; Apr-Oct: Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Baroque building. This is the largest and most comprehensive mining collection] of Hungary. The most interesting part of the exhibition is a life-size mineshaFt from the beginning of the 20th century. This museum offering an unforgettable experience to Hungarian and foreign tourists, with signs in German, English and Slovakian. Ft 700/400.
  • 26 Bezerédj house (Bezerédj ház), Templom utca 6 (Downtown). Just outside. A baroque building based on medieval foundations, was built around 1710. One of the most beautiful rococo palaces in Sopron.
  • 27 Forestry Collection (Erdészeti Gyűjtemény), Templom utca 4 (Downtown), +36 99 338870, fax: +36 99 523419, . Th-Tu 10:00-17:00. Multi-million-year old fossilized fragments of silicified trees, map from 1656, documents from the late 1800s, insect collections made ​​in 1870, wooden household and user devices from the last century, machine models, maquettes. Hidvégi Béla's Hunting collection or 'National treasures: the forest' exhibitions Ft 800/500 (each), Ft 1300/700 (combined).
Great Lutheran Church, the third biggest in Hungary
  • 28 Great Lutheran Church (nagy evangélikus templom), Templom utca 19 (Downtown), +36 99 523002, fax: +36 99 523003, . Masses: Sundays at 08:00 and 10:00 (Hungarian), at 09:00 (German), at 09:00 (for children's in the Great Hall). Open during Church Service or by prior appointment. Parish official hours: weekdays 08:00-12:00. 1783. Evangelic Collection. The third largest Lutheran church in Hungary. A hall church, which was divided into three vessels with eight huge Tuscan columns. The middle nave is wider and higher than the side aisles. A two-level choir built over the side of the naves.
Goat Catholic Church, provided a venue for coronations and parliamentary sessions.
  • 29 Goat Catholic Church (Szent Benedek Rend Nagyboldogasszony Temploma (Bencés /Kecske/ Templom)), Templom u. 1 (Downtown, on the southern side of the Firewatch Tower), +36 99 523766. The city's main Roman Catholic church also provided a venue for coronations and parliamentary sessions. Main sights are the frescoes, the lancet windows, and the unique Capistran pulpit.
  • 30 Former Benedictine convent and the Chapter House (Bencés kolostor), Templom u. 1 (next to the Goat church). A late Baroque door on the south side of leads to the Chapter House. There are unveiled Gothic pillars, beautifully crafted corbels and parts of medieval frescos. The distorted animal figures below brackets symbolize the medieval seven deadly sins: crouching monkey (arrogance), shrimp (inconstancy) winged devil or griffin - Infidelity, sleeping man and bat (sloth), animal-bodied man and woman (lust), female legs and hoofed creature grinning monster bent (envy) and bear (gluttony). The keystone represents: angel with trumpet (Last Judgment), pelican with blood feeding its sons (Christ), Eagle with sentence ribbon (St. John the Evangelist), angel figurine with sentence ribbon (St. Matthew the Evangelist), winged lion (St. Mark the Evangelist), winged ox (St. Luke the Evangelist).
  • 31 Former Priests House (Evangélikus paplakok), Templom utca 17 (downtown). Just outside. Baroque, 17th-century origins, its present form was built in the 1710s.
  • 32 Houses in Baroque style (barokkstílusú lakóházak), Templom utca 5-28 (downtown). #5 (medieval origin, Baroque and 18th century. One upstairs room 'kváder' pavement and painted interior room, 15th century), #6 (medieval base. Baroque rebuilding around 1710. Courtyard wings rebuilt in the late Classical style in 1850), #7 (built on medieval foundations. mostly Baroque elements; in the 16-19th centuries rebuilt several times.), #9 (Gothic, 14-15th centuries. Modified from the 16th and 18th centuries and in the second half of the 19th century), #11 ( late Renaissance elements. Medieval foundations, 1650s), # 12 (Medieval details. Baroque, 1767th), #13 (Medieval details, Baroque, 18th century), #14 (Gothic, 15th century. Modified in late Renaissance style in the 1680s), #15 (Baroque, 1782), #16 (medieval origin, Baroque, 18. Modified 1837), #17 (Baroque, 17th century, in the form of origin, today was built in the 1710s), #18 (Baroque, 1723), #19 (Baroque, early 18th century), #20 (Baroque 1720s. Modified neoclassical style in the 1830s), #21 (Baroque origin, rebuilt in eclectic style around 1870), #22 (Baroque, around 1720. Current facade received in 1876, eclectic style), #25 (Romantic style, 1860.), #27 (Romantic, around 1870.)
  • 33 Lutheran Church Collection (Evangélikus Egyházközség Gyűjteménye), Templom utca 12 (downtown), +36 99 510651, fax: +36 99 523003, . Former Priests Residence. More in Hungarian
  • 34 Széchenyi István High School (Széchenyi István Gimnázium), Templom u. 26 (downtown). Just outside. Monument. Romantic style, 1858
  • 35 Green House (Ház), Templom utca 3 (downtown). Just outside. Cultural heritage monument. Eclectic, 1872
  • 36 Baroque House, Templom u. 18 (downtown). Just outside. Protected monument. Baroque, 1723
  • 37 Töpler House (Töpler-ház), Templom utca 22 (downtown). Two-storey baroque building. Substantially reconstucted in the second half of the 19th century.

Monastery (Kolostor) Street[edit]

  • 38 Kolostor street's palaces (Kolostor utca palotái), Kolostor utca (downtown). Just outside. East side of the street are decorated town houses and noble palaces. #1, 3, 5, 7, 9
  • 39 Former Zichy-Meskó Palace (Zichy-Meskó palota), Kolostor u. 11. (downtown). Two-storey enclosed balcony. Arched doorways leading into the courtyard. Staircase with beautiful wrought iron gates and with baroque stone sculptures. The female figures placed in niches could be made around 1770. There are allegorical sculptures of Luck, Force, Truth and Science (1725). Ceremonial Hall with baroque ceiling paintings from the 18th century. Receiving Room with the two Panno figures, around 1740, Van Roy works. Here is also some nice wood panelling made in the mid-18th century.)
  • 40 Monument Mansions (Polgárházak), Vary. - Kolostor u. (Downtown). Only from outside. #1 (Gothic, Baroque, built in 1776. Richly decorated stucco ceiling (on the second floor), first half of 18th century), #3 (medieval details, late Baroque, 18th century), #5 (with Gothic and Renaissance details mainly Baroque, 17-18th centuries. The facade: Late Gothic and late Renaissance painting remains of 16th century. Doors and windows: mostly made in 18th century, with baroque fittings), #7 (Gothic origin, 14-15 centuries. Rebuilt in neoclassical style in the first half of the 19th century. Interiors with 'kváder' room painting from the 15th century), #9 (Gothic, baroque, mid-18th century), #13 (medieval, renaissance late, 1628. Now there are offices.)

Ursuline (Orsolya) square[edit]

Former Ursuline Church and convent
  • 41 Former Ursuline Church and convent (Immaculate Conception Church, Szeplőtelen Fogantatás Templom, Orsolyita-templom, volt Orsolyita zárda), Orsolya tér 2-3 (downtown), +36 99 525030, fax: +36 99 523511. Daily 10:00-18:00. Holy Mass: Su 09:00 and 10:30, M-F 07:15, Sa 17:00. The fiesta on every December 8. Adoration: the week of March 19 on Tuesday and feast day the Heart of Jesus is.. Roman Catholic. Romantic style with neo-gothic markings (1864). One of the most impressive architectural monuments of the past century. Replaced the former small convent church of the Holy Cross (1770s). Full romantically decorated, made around 1860. Sacristy cabinet, made around 1780. Baroque sculptures, made around 1740. The Ursuline convent was built using two baroque buildings, Romantic style in 1864. Designer: Ferdinand Handler. Now it us a grade school.
Mary's Well
  • 42 Mary's Well (Mária-kút), Orsolya tér (right before Ursuline Church). 24/7. 18th century. Maria Immaculata sculpture staying on an indoor pool imitating base. Free.
  • 43 Legged-House (Lábas-ház), Orsolya tér 5 (downtown), +36 99 311327, . Daily 10:00-14:00. Built around 1570, the ground floor has ever lined butcher. Temporary exhibitions. Ft 500/250 (2014).
  • 44 Caesar-House (Caesar-ház, Soproni Horváth József Gyűjtemény), Orsolya tér, Hátsókapu u. 2. (downtown), +36 99 312 326. Th-Su 10:00-13:00, Sa 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00, or by appointment. A corner house. Baroque building with late Renaissance details, built in the 17th and 18th centuries. The second-floor hall made ​​around 1700, early baroque, ornamental stucco ceiling. József Horváth Painter Memorial Exhibition. Adults: Ft 600, student, senior: Ft 300.

St. George (Szent György) street[edit]

Erdődy palace, Szent György Street
  • 45 Medieval shop window and door on a building (Középkori üzlet bejárata , German:Neugebaude), Szent György utca 1. (downtown).
  • 46 Church of St. George (Szent György-templom), Szent György utca (Downtown), +36 99 525030, fax: +36 99 525031, . Daily 10:00-17:45. Masses: Su 09:00, 19:30 (guitar), M-Sa 18:00 (with organ). Built between 1380-1430 as a Gothic church with single nave. The arched nave closures decorated with stucco. Both side are chapels. It has got a lively, Italianate facade of the 18th century. The eclectic tower was built in 1882. Next to the sanctuary in the baptisms chapel is some medieval fresco fragment. Furniture of 18th century. The stucco ornaments made ​​between 1705-1706 and its Pietro Antonio Conti's work.
  • 47 Eggenberg House (Eggenberg-ház), Szent György utca 12 (Downtown). 17th century, late Renaissance building. There is the Branderburg coat of arms, over the gate, and the Hohenzollern coat of arms, in courtyard with balcony, can be seen.
  • 48 Forum of Scarbantia, Iron House (Vasaló-ház, Fórum Kiállítás), Szent György u. 2 / Új u. 1. (downtown), +36 20 3642263, . Apr-Sep: Tu-Su 10:00-18:00, Oct-Mar: Tu-Su 10:00-14:00. Scarbantia (the Roman name of Sopron) was one of the border stations of the Province of Pannonia in the former Roman Empire. It was a part of the Amber Road, an important commercial route. The center of the Roman City was the Forum. Built of 'Lajta' limestone delivered here from the Fertőrákos (around 10 km away) quarry. During the excavations between 1960 and 1970 the pedestals of three bronze equestrian statues were found on the southern part of the square. Altars to different gods were discovered on the sides of the Forum. The temples of the three main gods – Jupiter, Juno and Minerva - were situated at the highest point of the town. Adults/Students Ft 300/150 (2011).
  • 49 Szent György street monument houses (Műemlék lakóházak), Szent György utca (downtown). Dwelling houses: #8 (Medieval origin, rebuilt in Baroque, 18th century. Partly converted into the romantic style in the second half of the 19th century), #10 (Baroque, 18th century. Highly modified), #15 (Medieval origin, baroque, 17th century), #19 (Baroque, 18th century), #22 (Gothic, late Renaissance, 1648. There is on the first and second floors one-one 17th-century carved wood-beamed room.), #24 (Romantic, 1860). Other buildings: #1 Neugebäude, #5 Provost House, #7: Chapter House, #9 was a Benedictine high school, now the School of Forestry, #11th Lenk gateway, #14 Lutheran house of Convention (Gothic 15th century. Modified in Baroque style in the 18th century), #16 Former Erdődy Palace (Baroque, around 1740).
  • 50 Lenck Passage (Lenk gateway Lenck-átjáró), Szent György utca 11. (downtown). On the facade the "Amazing fishing" relief and the Lenck family signboard can be see. The Szent György street connects with the Várkerület via Lenck Passage. Free.
  • 51 Former Chapter House (Káptalan-ház, Kanonok Ház), Szent György utca 7 (downtown). Just outsde. A magnificent two-story late-Renaissance palace erected around 1650. Health Training Institute.
  • 52 Former Boarding school (Internátus), Szent György u.13. (downtown). Just from outside. Medieval origin, rebuilt in Baroque in the 17th century. Modified in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now Forestry secondary school.)
  • 53 Former Jesuit konviktus; dwelling house (Jezsuita konviktus; lakóház), Szent György u. 5. (downtown). Just from outside. Late Renaissance, 1644. The second floor was built around 1680.


Castle of Sopron ruins, Large Round Bastion or Barbican
  • Loyalty Fountain (Hűségkút), Várkerület. The fountain of three full-length bronze statues symbolize the city's history main events.
  • 54 Mary's column. (Mária-oszlop), Várkerület ~16 (Near to Loyalty Fountain). 24/7. Baroque, 1745. The reliefs depict scenes from the life of Mary (Annunciation, Mary and Elizabeth meeting, Adoration of the Shepherds, Presentation of Jesus in the Temple). Free.
  • 55 Pannónia Gallery (Pannónia Galéria), Várkerület 75 (downtown), +36 99 312180. Daily 09:00-17:00. Monthly a new exhibition can be seen in the gallery. Services: café, buffet, toilet/WC, cloak-room Free.
  • 56 Castle of Sopron remains (Vármaradvány), Várkerület ~96. Roman walls remains can be see here several metrers above the ground (concrete shell protected against the weather). City walls: The town core was surrounding with triple protection ring now only the outer ring wall sections remained. The most impressive part of the Barbican or The large Round Bastion. The large Round Bastion, in the castle district doubles side part of Sopron inner walls. Here, the closed row of houses is broken and a fairly long section of the city walls can be seen. Photos
  • 57 Rejpal House (Rejpal Ház), Várkerület #7 (N of downtown; at the corner of Festő-köz (Painter Alley)). Museum. Medieval details. Renaissance, around 1560. Expanded in the 1790s. The ceilings of the second floor painted, carved, wood-beamed also there is some decorative wall painting, 16th century. The two-level dwelling house medieval predecessor was raised Roman building remains. Its present shape formed in the second half of the 16th century Renaissance style, although significant medieval details - such as the Gothic staircase - is preserved. Yard wings expanded the 16th and 17th centuries. At one time it was owned by tradesmen (blacksmiths, butchers, confectioners). In front of the house is the statue of the painter Jozef Horvath.
A typical Baroque Dwelling House with eclectic facade, 18th century
  • 58 Rococo building (Rokokó lakóház), Várkerület 9 (corner of Festő köz). Two-storey rococo building received its present form in 1750-60. On the right side a cross-vaulted doorway give direct access to the courtyard. The upstairs living room decorated with stucco. In another room there is a Renaissance wooden ceiling.
  • 59 Dwelling House with eclectic facade (Lakóház), Várkerület 11 (N of Downtown). Just outside. Baroque, 18th century. Interiors of carved wood-beamed ceilings.
  • 60 Catholic Collection (Katolikus Gyűjtemény), Várkerület 25 (right out of downtown), +36 99 312221, . May-Oct: Tu 14:00-16:00, Th 09:00-11:00. Adult Ft 80, student or pensioner Ft 400.
  • 61 Dwelling House (Lakóház, Patikaház), Hátsókapu u. 3./ Várkerület 108. Just outside. Baroque, 1773
  • 62 Dwelling House (Lakóház), Várkerület 19 (N of downtown). Just outside. Medieval foundations. Rebuilt in Rococo style, in 1757. At the right wing of the building is a Renaissance door frame in the wall, 16th century.
  • 63 Dwelling house (Lakóház), Várkerület 59. Just outside.
  • 64 Dwelling house (Lakóház), Várkerület 77 (E of downtown). Just outside. Classicist, eclectic styles, 1868.
  • 65 Arany Angyal Inn (Arany Angyal vendégfogadó; lakóház), Várkerület 51. Just from outside. It was the Golden Angel Inn. Baroque style around 1800. Modified in the second half of the 19th century.
  • 66 Former Fehérló Inn (Fehérló vendégfogadó; lakóház), Várkerület 55. Just from outside. It was the White Horse Inn Medieval origin. Then baroque reconstruction, 18. Classicist transformation.
  • 67 Füredi house (Füredi-ház), Várkerület 67 (E of downtown). Copf style, 1778.
  • Dwelling houses (Lakóházak), Várkerület. #2 (Baroque, 1770), #5 (Baroque, 18th century), #8 (Baroque, 18th century), #9 (Baroque 1750s. Upstairs great room with rich stucco ceilings, 18th century), #10 (eclectic, romantic, 1851. There is wooden ceiling of the 18th century), #11 (Baroque, 18th century, the facade is eclectic: carved beamed wood ceilings, 18th century), #13 (Rococo, circa 1750), #15 (Eclectic, 1870s. The courtyard wing made in Baroque style, 18th century), #17 (Rococo , circa 1750), #19 (Medieval foundations. Rebuilt in rococo, 1757. Renaissance door frame, 16 century.), #20 (current form got with an additional floors in 1846), #21 (17th century origin. Rebuilt in Baroque in the 1780s. Facade is eclectic, 1881. Modified in 1885.), #22 (late Baroque, around 1800. Partly modified), #23 (late Romantic, circa 1870), #24 (early Classicist, circa 1800), #25 (baroque, 1733-1735. There is a Maria Immaculata fresco in upstairs loggia, circa 1750. Repainted Storno Kalman, 1925), #27 (baroque, 18th-century origin. transformed into the romantic style. The facade made in around 1870), #29 (Baroque, circa 1720.), #30 (romantic, circa 1860), #31 (Baroque, 17th century. Current facade added around 1730), #33 (late Classical and early eclectic, mid 19th century.), #35 (late Classical, middle 19th century), #37 (now Post Office, built in Baroque, 18th century. Rebuilt in eclectic style in 1896), #39 (Baroque, 18th century), #43 (Baroque, 18th century origin. Modified), #47 (Baroque, 18th century origin. Modified), #49 (Romantic style, around 1850), #53 (Baroque, 18th century origin. Substantially rebuilt), #54 (eclectic, 1885), #56 (romantic, 1861), # 57 (Rococo, circa 1750), #62 (Romantic, 1862. Rebuilt in 1883.), #63 (Baroque, 18th century. Modified in the 19 century), #65 (Eclectic, 1883), #70 (Classicist, 1815. - Designed by Jakab Handler), #72 (Romantic, 1862 - Second floor finished in 1883), #74 (Romantic, 1859), #77 (Classicist and eclectic details, 1868), #79 (late Classical, circa 1840), #85 (Romantic style, circa 1860), #88 (Classicist, 1814-1816), #92 (late Baroque, circa 1800. Partly modified, rear wing facade decorated with a St John of Nepomuk Statue from 1790s), #94 (early Eclectic, around 1870), #104 (Baroque, around 1770. Modified and expanded with second floor in the second half of the 19th century), #106 (romantic, 1860), #108 (Romantic, circa 1860), #110 (Classicist, 1814 Built by Handler Jakab).
  • 68 Formerly Hungarian King restaurants (Magyar Király vendéglő; iskola és diákotthon), Várkerület 73 (E of Downtown). Classicist origin. Transforming in the second half of the 19th century. Now school and dormitory.
  • 69 Old casino (Régi kaszinó), Petőfi tér 3. (downtown). Built in 1789.

Front gate (Előkapu) Street[edit]

  • 70 Dwelling houses (Műemlék Lakóházak), Előkapu utca (downtown). #3 (baroque, 1768. Modified 1837), #5 (Baroque, early 1770. The eclectic facade, made in the second half of the 19th century), #7 (Copf style, 1784-1794), #9 (late Baroque, 1770), #11 (Baroque, built in 1770, is replaced by a 16th-century castle part).

Armoury (Fegyvertár) Street[edit]

  • 71 Dwelling houses (Műemlék Lakóházak), Fegyvertár utca (downtown). Only from outside. # 1 (now General School, a former residential building, Baroque, around 1760.) #2-2A here was the former Town Armory in the 16-19th Centuries. (Medieval renaissance details. Rebuilt romantic style of the second half of the 19th century. In the cellar of the #2 /A house some Roman (Amber Road) pavement remains. In the courtyard is a relief made in Classicist style, circa 1815), #3 (early Baroque facade, circa 1710. Rebuilt in 1959. )

Back gate (Hátsókapu) Street[edit]

Hátsókapu Street's Listed house
  • 72 Dwelling houses (Műemlék Lakóházak), Hátsókapu utca (downtown). #1 (late Classical, 1823-1825. Designed by Hasenauer Martin), #2 (Apartment building, galleries and restaurants. There are late-medieval and Renaissance Baroque details. There are two rooms with ornamental stucco ceiling on the second floor, made in early Baroque, around 1700), #3 (former pharmacy house, Baroque, 1773), #6 (built in late Classicist, circa 1840), #8 (late Classicist, circa 1840).

Deák Square[edit]

Bauhaus building on the corner of Deák square and Pázmány street
  • 73 Former Röttig-Romwalter printing house (Röttig-Romwalter nyomda), Deák tér 56 (S 200 m from downtown).
  • 74 Former Evangelical Theology Building (Evangélikus Teológia épülete), Deák tér 78 (S 300 m from downtown). Built in 1931, designed by Sandy Gyula.
  • 75 Lenk Villa - Franz Liszt Museum (Lenk-villa – Liszt Ferenc Múzeum), Deák tér 1 (S 200 m from downtown). The Lenk merchant family erected in 1890, eclectic style by architect Otto Hofer. In front of the main entrance are two stone statues: symbolic representations of the truth. The main entrance decorated with columns and a tympanum. A park situated around the museum. In the park can be seen rare plants, Baroque sculptures and old tombs from the Lutheran cemetery, also here is the 'Baker cross' dating from 1484.
  • 76 Reformed Church (Református templom), Deák tér 2, +36 99 523308.
  • 77 Tenement Building (Bérházépület), Deák tér 9 (S of downtown). A monument
  • 78 Town house with highground floor (Igényes magasföldszintes polgárház), Deák tér 25 (S of downtown). Only from outside. A monument.
  • 79 One-storey urban civil house (Neoreneszánsz egyemeletes városi polgárház), Deák tér 17 (S of Downtown). Only from outside. Neo-Renaissance.
  • 80 Two storey Dwelling House (Egyemeletes Műemlék Lakóház), Ógabona tér 18 (west downtown). Only from outside. Copf, circa 1790.

Out of Downtown[edit]

Balfi Road[edit]

  • 81 Resting Cross (Pihenő kereszt), Balfi út ~138 (E one km of the downtown), +36 99 311327, . 24/7. Open Air Monument. The tabernacle 17th century. Free.
  • 82 Zettl-Langer collection (Zettl-Langer Gyűjtemény), Balfi utca 11 (NE 100 m), +36 99 311136. Daily 10:00-12:00 for groups by appointment. A local history collection. More in Hungarian Ft 800.
  • 83 Lutheran cemetery (Evangélikus temető), Margitbányai utca 24 / Balfi utca ~135-141 (E 1 km). Opened in 1886. There is Greek-style mortuary (around 1900). A domed mortuary built in Art Nouveau style in 1905. On the western part can be see the Lenk family mausoleum (1887).
  • 84 Ikva Bridge (Ikvahíd), Ikvahíd utca (Bécsi külváros (Vienna suburb) district, near to Balfi utca). 24/7. Contrary to the name this is not a bridge, but a street. The Ikva is a stream. There are two bridges. The western made in 1828 and its name is Ispotály (Hospital) bridge. The eastern bridge built in Middle Ages. Later the houses and the road were built onto the two bridge. Free.

Rákóczi Ferenc Street[edit]

Dwelling House, Rákóczi Ferenc Street
  • 85 Former Army Officer's Girls boarding school (Egykori Honvéd Tiszti Leánynevelő Intézet), II. Rákóczi Ferenc utca 8. (SW 150 m of downtown).
  • 86 Three floor Dwelling House (lakóház), Rákóczi u. 37-39. (SW of Downtown).
  • 87 Dwelling houses (Műemlék Lakóházak), II. Rákóczi Ferenc utca (W 200 m of downtown). Only from outside. #5 (early historical), #6 (one storey), #10 (late classicist, 1850.), #12 (romantic, circa 1860), # 29 (early classicist, 1815. Designed by Jakab Handler), #47 (neoclassical, 1815. Designed by Jakab Handler), #49 (romantic, circa 1860), #51 (romantic, circa 1860).

Rose (Rózsa) Street[edit]

  • 88 Dwelling house (Műemlék Lakóház), Rózsa utca (downtown). Only from outside. #1 (A 16th-century house. Built over Roman ruins. Today Baroque facade emerged around 1750. The walls are large buttresses strengthen against the flooding stream Ikva.), #3 (baroque, 18th century), #4 (Baroque, 1760), #5 (Former Nap /Sun/ Inn. Built in baroque, 1726. Later partially modified.), #6 (Gothic, Baroque, early 18th century), #10 (Baroque, 18th century), #12 (Baroque, No. 18. Adapted floor and extended in the 20th century), #13 (Baroque, late 17th century), #16 (Baroque, 17. partly transformed in the 20th century.)

Bécsi Street[edit]

Scarbantia Archaeological Park
  • 89 Amphitheater (Amfiteátrum, Scarbantia Archaeological Park Scarbantia Régészeti Park), Bécsi utca ~93/Virágvölgyi út (North of Downtown, near to Virágvölgyi út, Between the Ikva and Rák streams), +36 99 311327, . A Roman ruin garden with 3.5 meter wide Roman city walls. Later here was the rampart of the 'ispán' castle (11th century) - an Árpád-era fortress, (Latin: Castrum Suprun). Historical Garden. More
  • 90 Baker House Museum (Pék-Ház), Bécsi utca 5 (N 200 m of downtown), +36 99 311327, . From 1686 to 1970, the owners of the house were bakers. After that, the City Council decided to open an exhibition in the building, keeping the entire interior untouched. More in Hungarian.
  • 91 St. John the Baptist Church (Keresztelő Szent János Templom), Bécsi utca ~7 (north of downtown), +36 99 508080. rigin of 13th century, Gothic, late 15th century. Vault 1519-1521, radically restored in 1890, based jr. Franz Storno plans. There are murals and inscriptions from 1519, located at gallery of organ.
Holy Spirit Parish Church
  • 92 Holy Spirit Parish Church (Szentlélek-plébániatemplom), Szentlélek utca 2 (100 m N of Downtown), +36 99 508080, fax: +36 99 508079. M 12:00-18:00, Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Masses M 08:00, Tu-Sa 17:00, Su 11:30, 17:00. Roman Catholic. Built in the 14th century, late Gothic church. (Construction of the end of the 1300s probable) Interior space was rebuilt in Baroque style in the 18th century.
  • 93 József Horváth Art School (Horváth József Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Intézmény,), Szélmalom utca 17 (N 500 m near Bécsi út), +36 99 505392. Built in 2003 with the reconstruction and extension of a 17th-century Jesuit monastery.

Hátulsó Street[edit]

  • 94 Dwelling house (Lakóház), Hátulsó utca 11 (SW 100 m of downtown). Baroque, 17th-18th centuries. Modified.
  • 95 Dwelling house (Lakóház), Hátulsó utca 9 (SW 100 m of downtown). Only from outside.

St. Michael (Szent Mihály) road[edit]

Church of St Michael
  • 96 St. Michael Church with tower (Szent Mihály templom), Szent Mihály út (NE 500 m of downtown), +36 99 508080, . Gothic, Built in the second half of 13th century and beginning of the 14th century. Modified in the 15th-16th centuries and between 1859-1866. Paintings and fragments (15th century) are renewed. One of the main sight is the wooden Madonna statue, circa 1460-1470.
  • 97 St. James Chapel and the old cemetery (Szent Jakab-kápolna és a régi temető), Szent Mihály út (Next to St. Michael Church). Monument.
"Two Moors" House, 18th century, baroque
  • 98 "Two Moors" House (Két mór-ház), Szent Mihály u. 9 (NE of downtown). Only from outside. 18th century, baroque. The most beautiful farmer house of which is ornate Baroque gate kept twisted columns decorated with "Moorish" servants.


  • 99 Saint Margaret of the Árpád dynasty (Juliáneum) Church (Árpád Házi Szent Margit (Juliáneum)), Szent Margit u. 4. (SW one km), +36 99 523648, fax: +36 99 523649, . Holy Masses: M 07:00, W Th F 17:45, Sa 16:00 ('squirming' for kids) only during the school year, 17:45; Su 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, 17:00 (Apr to Oct at the Villa Street's John of Nepomuk Chapel ). Founded by Cardinal Vilmos Apor. A chapel and a parish constructed in 1945 used a house (from 1910). More in Hungarian
  • 99 Ligneum Visitor Center (Ligneum Látogatóközpont), Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 4 (Sw 1 km downtown. Inside University of West Hungary area), +36 99 518777, . M-Sa 09:00-16:30, Su closed. Ecotourism Visitor and Education Center, art museum, exhibition hall, art collection. 0-3 years free, children, students, retired, disabled: Ft 500, adult: Ft 900 (2014).


Carmelite monastery
  • 99 Carmelite monastery (Sopronbánfalvi Pálos-Karmelita kolostor), Kolostorhegy utca 2 (W 2.5 km of downtown, Lőverek), +36 99 505895, .
  • 99 Károly Lookout Tower (Károly Kilátó), Lőverek, Károly Magaslat (SW 3 km from downtown), +36 99 313080, fax: +36 99 506834. Open Jan-Feb 09:00-16:00, Mar 09:00-17:00 Apr 09:00-18:00, May-Aug 09:00-20:00, Sep 09:00-19:00, Oct 09:00-18:00, Nov-Dec 09:00-16:00, (24-25-26 Dec: closed). There is an exhibition hall. The 23-m-high lookout tower, made of quarry-stone, there is a highly interesting exhibition introducing the activity of three natural scientists of European fame - Pál Kitaibel, Endre Gombocz and Zoltán Kárpáti - as well as the main characteristics of the Sopron Nature Conservation Area. +36 99 506814 - Services: café, buffet, toilet/WC. Adult/Student,pensioners/For groups: Ft 400/300/200.
Castle Taródi or Crazy Castle (1944-2010)
  • 99 Taródi Castle (Bagolyvár, Bolondvár, Taródi-vár), Csalogány köz 36. (Lővérek, 2 km of downtown). István Taródi built the castle by himself. He started the building operations in 1945, when he was 20. Castle floor area 4000 m². Built after the sample of the medieval knights castles. Castle parts: a drawbridge over a 3-meter deep moat, a 16-m-high and 10 m in diameter, 50-cm-thick gate tower with panoramic view, bath house, garden, fountain (3 meters in diameter and 15 meters deep), secret tunnel (10 m long, 70 cm wide and 150 cm tall).
  • 99 Sörházdomb (Beerhouse Hill) Lookout (Sörházdombi kilátó, Gloriette), opp. Sörházdombi út ~12 (SW 1.5 km, Lower (Alsó) -Lőverek). The Beer House Hill a 300-m-high mountain ridge. Here is the youngest, wooden observation tower of Lövérek. Free.
  • 99 Várhely (Castle space) Lookout (Várhely-kilátó) (Lőverek, Rrachable via Panoráma Street, SW-W 3 km). Near to the remains of the earthwork of Várhely. There is a panoramic view toward: - NE: Sopront, Sopron-Bánfalvát, Vienna Hill, Fertő Lake and the Moson Flatland; - East: the Hanság; - South: the peaks of Sopron-mountain and Rozália mountain; - West: Ágfalva and Lépesfalva villages, Castle Fraknó and Schneeberg Mt. (Austria); - North Ruszti Hills, a Lajta Mtn. and the Small Carpathian range.
  • 99 Elizabeth Gardens (Erzsébet-kert), Ady Endre út, (Lőverek). 24/7. The area purchased by the city in 1763. A French public park built as Neuhof (German: New Yard). Expanded in 1900 with the he Vághy's garden. One of the oldest Hungarian garden which everyone could freely visit. Free.
  • 99 St. John of Nepomuk Chapel (Nepomuki Szent János Kápolna), Villa sor 32. (SW two km of Downtown, Lőverek), +36 99 523648. Rococo, 1764
  • 99 Villas (Villa sor XIX. századi nyaralók), Villa sor (SW of downtown, Lőverek). Only from outside. In the so called Lower-Lővérek quarter. Twin Villas with elevated first floor made in 1890s. Also secession styled houses with richly decorated porch and garden. The gardens are well cared and there are huge trees. The buildings are in good condition, well maintained, but very badly can be photographed - Listed Villas: #2 Wallner Ignác House (Dr. Wallner Ignác (1847-1929) was the Director of the Main Real School of Sopron, between 1897-1914.), #6 (cozy), #14 (Like the other houses this was built behind decorative fence, large front garden.), #18 (), #20 (), #22 Winkler Oszkár House (Winkler Oszkár was the dean of the Faculty Of Mining, Metallurgy, Forestry,- a local branch of the Budapest University of Technology ), #24 (wooden porch wiith enclosed balcony), #26, #28 (almost invisible from the street), #30 (Cosy and perfect). - The #6, 24, 30 are the nicest of them.
  • 99 TV tower of Sopron (Soproni tv-torony) (at the end of Erdei Road, south from Károly Lookout Tower). built in 1968–1970, architect Sándor Kovács (Postai Tervező Iroda – POTI).
  • 99 University of West Hungary (Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem), Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 4 (Lővérek, University of West Hungary), +36 99 518100, fax: +36 99 312340, . Built in 1943, architect Oszkár Winkler.
  • 99 Muck Lookout Tower (Muck-kilátó), Near to Panoráma utca and Récényi út corner (SW 4 km from Downtown). Built in 1906, architect Schiller Ferenc.


Brennbergbánya, it was one of the largest Hungarian coal mining colony
  • 99 Mining Memorial House (Bányászati Emlékház - Brennbergbánya), Brennbergbánya, Óbrennbergi utca 14 (SW 8 km), +36 99 311327, . Open only summer May-Sep W-Su 14:00-18:00. A technical/industrial museum. Brennbergbánya was one of the largest Hungarian coal mining colony more than 200 years ago. The museum is in the first steam engine supplier shaft engine room (1840). The exhibition shows the mine creation, development, the supplies of miner life and a part of a miner's flat. Ft 500/250.
  • 99 St. Barbara Church (Bányásztemplom, Szent Borbála templom,), Soproni út 22. 1928-30.
  • Evangelical belfry (Evangélikus harangláb) (Brennbergbánya). 1938.
  • 99 Miners Cemetery (Bányásztemető), Óbrennbergi utca (Brennbergbánya Northeast).

More sights[edit]

  • 99 St. Emeric Church (Szent Imre Templom), Révai Miklós utca 1 (NW two km, take bus: #1, 2, 5M, 6, 7, 7A, 7B, 11M, 12, 13, 13 B - to stop "Juharfa út 16"), +36 99 523708, fax: +36 99 523709, . Order of the Mass Su 09:00 (with the organ), Su 10:30 (during school hours - Family Mass), Su 18:00 (1st and 3rd Su with guitarist, the 2nd and 4th Su with the organ), Tu Th F 18:00. Roman Catholic. Modern style. Built in 1993-97. Planned by Balázs Mihály & Fejérdy Péter
  • 99 St. Stephen Church (Szent István templom), Szent István park 1 (SE 500 m of downtown), +36 99 312697, . Open during of mass: Summer: M-Sa 18:00, 19:00; Su 08:30, 10:00, 18:00, 19:00. Roman Catholic. Its construction began in 1940. First, the tower is built. The reinforced concrete church Early Christian Basilica, the Colosseum and the use of architectural elements The walls are decorated with frescoes by the painter Sterbenz Károly - The image of Black Madonna of Czestochowa, the Polish prisoners of war gift
Former windmill on the Kuruc Hill
  • 99 Maria - Magdolna church (Mária - Magdolna Templom), Ady Endre út 115 (W 2 km of downtown), +36 99 316151. Mass: M-F 07:30, Sa 16:00, Su 10:00. Built in the 12th century, stone, in the Romanesque and early Gothic style. A monument with beautiful wall paintings. To the left in one of the windows was the sanctuary lamp, at right was the place to the Blessed Sacrament. The Archbishop fresco, around 1200, one of the most valuable Romanesque frescoes in Hungary. The mural in the vessel of the nave made in the early 15th century, Italian school. One section depicts the arrival of the three kings, and the congregation of the apostles. Outside of the shrine is a fresco fragment about Christ's head. - Farewell: jul.22
  • 99 Chapel of the St Michael's cemetery (Szent Mihály temető kápolnája, Szent Jakab-kápolna és a régi temető), Híd utca 55 (NE 500 m of downtown). Neogothic.
  • 99 The College, former Courthouse Building (Kollégium, az egykori törvényszék épülete), Lackner Kristóf utca 7. (NW 500 m). A monument local level protection.
  • 99 Medieval building (Középkori lakóépület), Pozsonyi út 3 (NE 1 km of downtown). Reconstructed in 1970-73.
  • 99 Former windmill on the Kuruc Hill (Régi szélmalom a soproni Kuruc-dombon), Fraknói utca 14. Only from outside. Former Szélmalom Restaurant.

Further afield[edit]

Previous Episcopal quarry of Fertőrákos near Lake Neusiedl
  • 99 Pan-European Picnic Memorial Place (Páneurópai Piknik Emlékhely), Fertőrákos, Sankt Margarethener Landestraße (At the Austrian-Hungarian border), +36 99 515243, . 24/7. This is a memorial site, an open-air museum. The Pan-European Picnic at the Austrian-Hungarian border, held on August 19, 1989, was a peace demonstration that was an important antecedent of the fall of the Iron Curtain and the European Union's eastern enlargement. Free. Pan-European Picnic (Q160056) on Wikidata Pan-European Picnic on Wikipedia
The wonderful Esterházy-Palace Complex with decorative lighting
  • 99 Fertőrákos (German: Kroisbach, Croatian: Rakuš) (10 km). Highlights: open-air museum of the beautiful stone quarry, and the Fertőrákos mithraeum (Mithras Sanctuary). Fertőrákos (Q766583) on Wikidata Fertőrákos on Wikipedia
  • 99 Harka (German: Harkau, Croatian: Horka, Huorka) (5 km south of Sopron). St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church (1309), Lutheran Church (1787), Millennium Monument (1896), War Memorial (1923), Local History Exhibition, Istenszéke summit with the remains of an earthwork (7th century BC). To stay: two guesthouses 7 rooms and 28 beds. Harka (Q942172) on Wikidata Harka on Wikipedia


One of the famous local wine, the "Kékfrankos" made from Blaufränkisch Grape
  • Buy some bottles of the famous Hungarian wine "Kékfrankos"
  • Take a walk in the forest around the city.
  • Drink a coffee in the café at Széchényi Tér with a view on the beautiful Liszt Ferenc Központ (Theatre and Casino).
Franz Liszt cultural house, Former casino

Indoor sports[edit]



Paprét, exercising hall from the 19th century

Indoor swimming[edit]

  • 7 Lővér swimming pool (Lővér uszoda,Lővér Fürdő - Csik Ferenc Uszoda), Lővér körút 82. (Lővérek, 2 km SW of Center), +36 99 513423, . M-F 09:00-20:30, Sa Su and holidays: 09:00-20:30. It was opened as the Forest Bath (Erdei Forrásfürdő) in 1908. Its travertine pool fed by Deákkúti source. Since 1975, there is an indoor swimming pool. The polygonal dome building can receive 720 people. Adult day ticket ticket/after 14:00/after 16:00: Ft 1460/1240/1020, Sauna ticket Ft 880, key deposit Ft 100.
  • 8 Sports Complex of Hotel Sopron, Fövényverem utca 7 (N 300 m), +36 99 512261, fax: +36 99 311090, . Sports: tennis, table football, table tennis, darts, fitness room, bicycling, swimming. Massage 30/60 min: €13/21, Solarium ~ €2 per 10 min, Clay tennis court Ft 2000 per hour.



  • Discover Sopron town by bicycle, +36 20 4828151 (if you have any cycling problems). #1 cycle tour in Sopron (10 km). #2 from Sopron to the cyclamen valleys of the Alpine foothills (30 km), #3 from Sopron to Ferenc Liszt’s home village Raiding (Doborján), Austria. One way trip length is: 20 km, #4 from Sopron to Rust, Austria, #5 to the Forchtenstein's Castle (50 km roundtrip) and more with details on the Web, also some rentals and repairs options here. Rent a bike: around Ft 2200 per day (2014).


  • 9 Fertő Lake Watercomplex (Fertő-tavi vízitelep), Fertőrákos (take a bus to Fertőrákos last stop (hourly, 10 km), then walk 2 km), +36 20 219-9555, +36 99 513-423. May-Sep 08:00-20:00. Services: playground, outdoor free showers, drinking fountains, rental shop (Kayak, canoe), snack bar, beach volleyball court, lake cruises, motorboat port.
  • 10 Tómalom Beach (Tómalom fürdő), Erdőalja utca (Bus #6, 13), +36 20 221-0525. Only Jun-Sep daily 08:30-20:30. Services: children's pool with slide, giant chess, playground, sun deck, jetties for sunbathing, outdoor free showers, drinking fountains, rental shop (boat, pedal boat, canoe). Adult day ticket ticket/after 14:00/after 16:00: Ft 650/550/450, Boat/Catamaran, water bikes/Junior water choppers/Kayak (half hour) Ft 600/800/350/450.



Lake Fertő / Neusiedlersee
  • 12 Outdoor climbing wall (Szabadtéri Mászófal), Hunyadi János utca 8-10 (SW 1 km), +36 20 9839488, . M-F 16:00–20:00, Sa Su: closed.. There is an artificial climbing wall in the heart of the city (Yard of the Hunyadi János School), which is 13 m high, with the area of more than 160 m². Other outdoor extreme sports: via ferrata, mountain & road biking, trekking & hiking, mountain & rock or ice climbing. Summit Sport Association, Address: Mikoviny u. 26. Day Pass: €3, 10 pack: €25, 30 Day Pass: €40.


Fertőrákos Boat harbor

Extreme sports[edit]


  • 19 Stadion of Local Government Sopron (Káposztás utcai Stadion), Káposztás út 4, +36 30 9373474, . Football field, home stadium of MFC Sopron. Stadion Városi (Q263035) on Wikidata Káposztás utcai Stadion on Wikipedia

Horse Riding[edit]




An old street in Sopron
  • Loverek tourist routes (Lővérek turistaútvonalai).
  • 25 Walk on the Castle Wall Promenade (Várfalsétány), Bünker János Rajnárd köz (Downtown). Start from 'Bünker-köz'. Behind the Theatre Street (Színház utca)- walk to the courtyard of County Hall. From there to the reinforced concrete gate that drive to Main square (Fő tér), A walkway leads further to the Theatre Street (Színház utca) 3. (See: Fabricius House, General House). We'll get to the Front Gate of the Castle (Előkapu). (See: Fire Tower, New Town Hall, Ruin garden of City house street (Városház utca), Large Round Bastion, eastern Outbreaks gate or Small Round Bastion). A stairs leading across the upper gorge castle wall to behind St. George street's houses. Across Bacchus inn yard you'll get to St. George Street (Szent György utca) and final to the Rear Gate Street (Hátsókapu utca)
Spotted redshank one of the Animals of Fertőd-Hanság National Park
  • 26 Soproni Land Protective Circle (Soproni Tájvédelmi Körzet) (Sopron hill (West of Sopron)), +36 99 537628, fax: +36 99 537621, . 24/7. A nature protection area. The area of ​​Sopron Nature Protection Area 4,095 hectares, of which 705 hectares of strictly protected. Offers: zoological value, botanical value, water habitat, look-out tower, educational path. Admission: free.
  • 27 Study Forest Management Co. (Tanulmányi Erdőgazdaság Zrt.), Honvéd utca 1 (next to the University of West Hungary, Sw 1 km of the downtown), +36 99 506810, . State forest management. Woodland and villager hunting lodges. Sopron Park Forest seventeen thousand hectares of forest land. Hunting tickets. A taste of game prices: Deer: €950, Roe deer: €200 Boar: €1000 (2014).
  • Green Sopron (Zöld Sopron). Marked hiking routes, friendly picnic areas, more than 40 springs, 20 brooks, seven lakes, 5 lookout towers in the natural environment of Sopron Hills. 369-km network of signposted tourist paths.
  • 28 Botanical garden (Botanikus Kert), Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4. (In the University of West Hungary area, Western part, 'Lővérek' district), +36 99 518100, +36 99 518184, . May-Sep 08:00-20:00, Oct-Apr 08:00-16:30. Area ​​17.2 hectares. Protected birds. Protected indigenous and exotic plants. Free, professional guidance (up to 20 people): Ft 5000 per group, Pre-booking essential.

Cinemas, theatres[edit]

University Library, Sopron


  • Festival Weeks - Concerts in the Cave Theatre in Fertőrákos.
  • Early Music Festival
  • Choral Festivals
  • Spring Days
  • Pan-European Picnic
  • VOLT Festival: June. Music festival with mostly Hungarian artists, and usually one or two famous foreign artists per day. June


Shopping is cheaper than in neighbouring Austria.

In the city you can buy trendy clothes in the shop "Jeans Club" or you can buy clothes and other stuff in the Plaza outside of the city. There's a new shopping centre near to the border of the town, where you can find shops of various famous brands, like Benetton or New Yorker.

Volksbank in a Monument Building



  • 8 Sopron Plaza Shopping and Entertainment Centre (Sopron Plaza Bevásárló és Szórakoztató Központ), Lackner Kristóf utca 35 (NW 1.5 km), +36 99 512310, fax: +36 99 342612, . Daily 09:00-20:00, CBA Cent supermarket M-F 05:30-20:00, Sa 07:00-20:00, Su 07:00-19:00. Foodcourt includes: El Gusto Cafe&Bistro, Pizza Forte, Hütters Restaurant Flower (Virág) Café (daily 08:30-21:00), Total Cafe (Su-F 09:00-21:00, Sa 09:00-22:00), Illy Cafe (daily 08:00-19:00). Service stores: A to Z Clothing Repair, Exclusive Change (money changing, Western Unit), Auto-Aesthetik–Hand Wash (Car Wash), National Tobacco Shop, Smile Country Playhouse (for kids), Mr. Minit-Amethyst (cipőjavítás, kulcsmásolás, élezés, gravírozás, bélyegző készítés, tonertöltés) - Entertainment: Play Cafe & Billiards Party (M-Th 09:00-22:00, F Sa 09:00-24:00, Su 09:00-22:00), Cinema City (M-F 12:30-20:45, F 12:30-22:45, Sa 10:30-22:45, Su 10:30-20:45).
  • 9 Alphapark Shopping Mall (Alphapark Sopron Bevásárló Központ), Határdomb út 2. (SE ~ 2 km, take bus 5, 5T , 5A, 5Y), +36 99 326 296, . General opening hours M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-22:00. Alpha Pharmacy (M-F 08:00-18:30; Sa 08:00-17:00), Chen's Cooking (restaurant, daily 11:30-22:00), Coffeeshop Company (M-Sa 09:00-20:00; Su 09:00-18:00), Dm drogerie (M-Sa 09:00-20:00; Su 10:00-17:00), Euronics Technical Store (M-Sa 09:00-20; Su 10:00-16:00), Euro Family household products shop (M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-19:00), Boutiques: Benetton, Brendon Baby Store, NewYorker, 'no age store' - Humanic (shoes, M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-18:00), Játéksziget Sopron (Toys, M-Th 10:00-19:00, F Sa 10:00-20:00, Su 10:00-19:00); Kappa Sportswear (M-Sa 09:00-20, Su 10:00-17:00), Lyric Book Store (M-Sa 9:00-20:00, Sun 10:00-18:00), Optura Optics (M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-17:00), Penny Market (discount supermarket store, M-Sa 07:00-20:00, Sun: 07:00-18:00) Reno (shoes, M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-18:00). Schneider (Watch and Jewellery, M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-17:00) Toy-Star (Game, gift, decoration, M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-17:00). Services: Speedfit Fitness Studio (daily 06:00-24:00), Therapiezentrum Sopron, (English- and German-speaking physiotherapists, Tu-Su 09:00-19:00)
  • 10 Family Center (Family Center Sopron Bevásárló Központ), Ipar körút 31. (SE 2 km), +36 1 4392330, .


  • 11 Market (Vásárcsarnok, Piac), Csarnok utca 1. (At long distance bus station), +36 99 334604, +36 80 514-600, . Oct-Mar: M 07:00-13:00, Tu-Th 07:00-15:00, F 06:00-15:00, Sa 06:00-14:00, Su 07:00-12:00; April - September: M 07:00-13:00, Tu-Th 06:00-15:00, F 05:00-15:00, Sa 06:00-14:00, Su 07:00-12:00. Fresh vegetables, organic products, manufactural, homemade cheeses and dairy products. Mushrooms checking.


  • 12 Interspar Sopron hypermarket (Interspar hipermarket), Selmeci utca 15-17 (east 500 m), +36 20 823 8246, . M-Sa 06:00-22:00, Su 08:00-19:00.
  • 13 Tesco hypermarket (Tesco hipermarket), Ipar körút 30. (SE 1½ km, Free Tesco bus from stop IV. László király utca via stop 'Várkerület Festő köz'). 24/7. Services: Wi-Fi, credit card and PayPass payment, ATMs, meat countertop, fresh bakery products, F & F clothing department, gift package making and packaging, free parking, home delivery. Left luggage office. Restaurant. Photo developing. Fish counter. Air-conditioned. Mobile phone dealers. Currency exchange. Pizza counter. Fitting room. Dry cleaning. Phone cards charging. Flower shop.


Other stores[edit]



  • 1 [dead link] Buddha Beach & Cafe Club, Béke út 10 (SW 500 m), +36 99 506650, +36 70 2110400 (mobile). Meditation practice on Mondays 19:00 to 22:00. Drink sales. Coffees, teas, cocktails, pool, sunbathing, F Sa DJ 'R'N'B' and 'House' Music. Su Live music. Wi-Fi zone. Massage 2500-4500, tasting waterpipes Ft 1190, 16 types of coffee/17 types of teas Ft 300-800/320; juices (2 dl)/carbonated soft drinks Ft 240-400/300-600; beers/wines (1 dl)/five types Champagne Ft 400-600/140-280/700-4400, spirits, aperitifs (4 cl)/distilled liquors (4cl)/Cocoa Ft 500-550/440-980/370, Cocktails (20 types)/Alcohol-free cocktails Ft 700-2400/700.


  • 2 Dömötöri Confectionery (Dömötöri Cukrászda), Széchenyi tér 13. (Center south), +36 99 506623, fax: +36 99 506621, . Oct-Apr: M-Th 07:00-21:00, F Sa 07:00-22:00, Su 08:00-21:00. Summer (May-Sep) M-Th 07:00-22:00, F Sa 07:00-23:00, Su 08:00-22:00. Daily deals. Other units: Piazza San Marco Cafe - Confectionery (Lackner K. utca. 35, +36 99 523-189,, Zwinger Café (Várkerület 92., +36 99 340-287, ). Baked goods/wedding cake Ft 70-400/special prices, permanent available whole cake (slice)/figural cake Ft 360-450/6800-8400, children's cake/photo cake Ft 2100-3700/900-1600, decorated cake/erotic cake Ft 360-600/ask about in the store; boxed desserts/sweet and salty cookies (per kg) Ft 770-850/2500-3000; pies and piece goods Ft 160/470.
  • 3 Harrer Chocolate Workshop and Confectionery (Harrer Csokoládéműhely és Cukrászda), Várkerület 73 (Center east), +36 99 342 847, . M-Sa 07:30-19:30, Su and holidays: 09:00-19:30. Pies, cakes, ice creams, sandwichs, snacks, coffee and specials.

Fast food, pizzerias[edit]

  • 4 Fortuna Pizzeria (Fortuna Pizzéria), Mátyás Király utca 34. (near train station), +36 99 320063, . M-F 09:00-23:00, Sa Su 10:00-23:00. Delivery and takeaway. Ordering: 70 2655777 Pizzas (30/26/50 cm) Ft 900-1350/770-1310/2400-3000, pastas/salads Ft 1100-1300/500-1000, other hot meals/soft drinks (0.5L) Ft 1000-1300/230-300, beer (0.5L)/wine (0.75L) Ft 450/1050.
  • 5 McDonald's Restaurant and McDrive, Lackner K. u. 60 (NW 1.5 km), +36 99 510480, +36 30 6897032 (mobile). Restaurant Daily 07:00-24:00, McDrive daily 06:00-05:00. Services: Mc Breakfast, parking, Wi-Fi, birthday events, playground, wheelchair accessible.
  • Nagymama Restaurant (Nagymama Konyhája önkiszolgáló étterem és óriás palacsintázó, literally Grandma's Kitchen self-service restaurant and giant pancake bistro), . Small chain. Soups, sauces, casserole dishes, course meals, steaks and vegetarian dishes. Sweet giant pancakes Ft 270-750, savoury giant pancakes Ft 600-950, grilled giant pancakes Ft 750-1000, soups/sauces Ft 400-600/400-700, noodles/frieds Ft 830-980/1050-1150, vegetables meals Ft 800-1000, salads/desserts Ft 500-700/600-700.
    • 6 Várkerület 104. (Center), +36 20 3158730. M-Sa 10:00-21:00, Su 12:00-21:00.
    • Ferenczy J. u. 32, +36 70 4204141. M-Sa 10:00-20:00, Su 14:00-20:00.
    • Verő J. u. 1., +36 20 9346045. M-F 09:00-20:30, Sa 11:00-20:30, Su 12:00-20:30.
  • 7 Prima Vita Pizzeria (, Ferenczy János. u. 58 (Near to Bus station), +36 99 311343, . 07:30-21:00,. Italian pastas, pizzas. Home delivery. 32 types of pizza (27 cm/32 cm) Ft 700-1150/900-1400, soups/starters Ft 400-800/900-1400, chicken/turkey dishes Ft 1000-1500/1000-1600, fish/pork/beef dishes Ft 1000-1900/1000-1600/1300-1700, pastas Ft 1000-1300, salads/desserts Ft 330-480/330-600.


A Hungarian filled pancake, Hortobagy-style

Lots of restaurants, predominantly Hungarian but also Viennese cuisine, frequented by Austrian daytime tourists.

  • 8 Golden Pheasant Restaurant (Aranyfácán Vendéglő), Becht Rezső u. 23. (Lővérek), +36 99 349292. Daily 11:00-21:00. Soups/starter Ft 550-850/1400-1950; winged meals/fishes/pork/beef/wild meals Ft 1650-1950/1900-3000/1650-2400/1450-1950/1600-2500 salads/desserts Ft 450-800/650-750 - Aperitifs 2 cl/4 cl Ft 270-350/550-700, bottled beers/draft beer (0.5 L) Ft 380-480/600, sects (0.75 L)/soft drinks (0.2 L) Ft 2000/350, coffees, teas Ft 350-400.
  • 9 Wollner Hotel and aWollner Restaurant (aWollner étterem), Templom utca 20 (Center), +36 30 9575610, fax: +36 99 524 401, . Tu–Sa 12:00–22:00. Baroque room (up to 40 persons), Wine cellar (up to 55 persons), Flandorffer-Room (up to 25 persons), Mediterranean Terrace, Hanging garden (for a wedding or a party). The wine list include: sparkling wines, dry and sweet white wines, rosé wines and dry red wines. Soups/main course/salads/desserts Ft 700/1900-2900/550/900.
  • 10 Bercsényi Tavern Grill Restaurant (Bercsényi Borozó Grill Vendéglő), Bercsényi Miklós utca 21 (E 1 km), +36 99 788007, . starter Ft 320-920, chicken breast (two dozens types) Ft 950-1400, pork meals (more than a dozen) Ft 950-1450, salads Ft 300-400.
  • 11 Chen's Wok & Grill Restaurant (Chen's Cooking Wok & Grill Étterem), Határdomb u. 1-2. (SE 2 km, Alpha Center Foodcourt), +36 99 505337, . Daily 11:30-22:00. Try ramen & udon soups, Kan Bian chicken (spicy chicken with vegetable ) or Sa-Za Beef (beef with broccoli). Soups/starter Ft 400-800/600-900, mains Ft 1800/3200, salads/desserts Ft 500-900/500-900, sushis Ft 1300-4000.
  • 12 Corso Restaurant (Corso Étterem), Várkerület 73. (Center East), +36 99 340990, . M-Sa 10:30-21:00, Su 11:00-16:00. Soups/starter Ft 600-800/900-1900, pastas/veggies Ft 1100/800-1100, gluten- and lactose-free meals Ft 1400-3000, fishes/winged meals Ft 2200-3000/1900-2100, pork meals/grills Ft 2000-2500/3000-4500, salads/desserts Ft 400-600/800-1000.
  • 13 Deák Restaurant (Deák Étterem), Erzsébet u. 20 (Between Train Station and City Center), +36 99 505033, . M-F 11:00-24:00, F Sa 11:00-02:00, Su 11:00-22:00. Soups/specials Ft 600-1600/2000-2700, salads/snacks, starters Ft 1700-3000/700-2800, pastas, risottos/fish dishes Ft 1900-3800/2800-3600, winged dishes Ft 2000-2600.
  • 14 White Rose (Fehér Rózsa) Tavern and Restaurant (Fehér Rózsa Kisvendéglő és Fogadó), Pócsi u. 21 (E 300 m), +36 99 335-270, . 11-23. Delivery. Appetizers Ft 900-2000, meatless/poultry/pork dishes Ft 1000-1300/1500-1900/1800-2100, beef/game/fish dishes Ft 1540-3600/2400/1400-2300, pastas, salads and desserts Ft 400-900/460-600.
Langos, a Hungarian hot snack
  • 15 Fogas Restaurant (Fogas étterem), Előkapu 2-4 (Center), +36 99 505 959, . Daily 11:00-22:00. Offering the widest selection of freshwater fish
  • 16 Generális-Corvinus Restaurant (Generális-Corvinus Étterem), Fő tér 7-8 (Center, Storno House), +36 99 505035, +36 30 2723701 (mobile), . M-Sa 10:00-22:00, Su 10:00-21:00. Pizzas (more than 20) Ft 1100-1600, soups/starters Ft 500-750/600-1800, meat/veggie/fish dishes Ft 1900-2550/1200-1650/1400-3100, pastas Ft 1150-1250, salads Ft 400-1800, soft drinks (0.25 L) Ft 320-490. Aperitifs liqueurs, spirits, whiskey, cognacs, vermouths, cocktails, pálinkas 2 cl/4 cl Ft 250-700/500-1400, bottled beers/draft beer (0.5 L) Ft 500-800/520-600, coffees, teas Ft 350-900.
  • 17 Graben Restaurant (Gráben Étterem), Várkerület 8. (centre north), +36 99 340-256, . Wide variety of Hungarian and Austrian specialites. The restaurant has a good atmosphere. Soups/starters Ft 520-850/900-2000, game/pork/poultry dishes Ft 2000-2500/1900-2200 /1800-2000, fish/beef dishes Ft 2200-3000/2300-3400, salads/desserts Ft 400-600/750-850. Aperitifs liqueurs, spirits, whiskey, cognacs, vermouths, pálinkas 2 cl/4 cl Ft 270-1400/550-2800 bottled beers/draft beer (0.5 L) Ft 500-760/550, cocktails Ft 900-1100, coffees Ft 330-900.
  • 18 Juventus Restaurant (Juventus Tanétterem), Füredi Oszkár Sétány 8 (E 200 m), +36 99 311190, fax: +36 99 523661, . Air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible, Hungarian and German menucard. Seats: 80. Menus Ft 750/950/1250, Starters Ft 450-1350; soups 300-700, fish meals Ft 1150-1450; meat meals Ft 850-2500, desserts Ft 300-550.
  • 19 Kiskakukk (Little Cuckoo) Restaurant (Kiskakukk Vendéglő), Lővér körút 52 (S 1½ km), +36 99 329011, +36 20 3821527 (mobile), . M-Th 11:00-21:30, F Sa 11:00-24:00, Su 11:00-21:00. F and Sa nights (19:00-24:00): live 'nostalgia' music. Soups/starters Ft 400-850/550-1700, fish/game/beef dishes Ft 2200/2100-2400/1500-2100; pork/poultry dishes Ft 1400-1600/1400-1600, salads/desserts Ft 400-950/400-700. Aperitifs liqueurs, spirits, whiskey, cognacs, vermouths, pálinkas (4 cl) Ft 400-700 bottled beers/draft beer (0.5 L) Ft 450-600/450 wines (per dl) Ft 120, bottled wines (0.75 L) Ft 1900, soft drinks (2-3.3 dl) Ft 350, coffees Ft 300-700.
  • 20 Mediterrano Restaurant and Confectionery (Mediterrano étterem és a Gino Cukrászda), Lackner Kristóf u. 33/A (NW 1 km), +36 99 508300, . Daily 08:00-21:00. Confectionery: fresh bread, Mediterranean sandwiches, egg dishes and coffee Lamborghini. Restaurant: mainly Mediterranean cuisine and also Hungarian and international flavors
  • 21 Papa Joe Saloon and Steakhouse, Várkerület 108. (South Center), +36 99 340-933, fax: +36 99 340089, . Su-F 11:00-24:00, Sa 11:00-02:00. Restaurant up to 180 people. Terrace for 120 people, event room for 40 people. Wild West theme, grilled meats, 100 kinds of whisky. Wi-Fi. Try the extreme sixed grilled tenderloin one kg with 'Joe' garnish. Ft 20,000 Soups/starters Ft 700-900/1400-2200; fish/main dishes Ft 2000-3600/2100-4000; meals broiled on wood ember (200-400 g) Ft 1350-7600, tenderloin 1 kg with 'Joe' garnish Ft 20000, side dishes Ft 600-1000, Papa Joe burger with extras Ft 2500 plus Ft 200 per extra, ragouts Ft 450-850, salads/desserts Ft 700/820-900. Drinks: bourbon and Tennessee whisky/Japanese whisky Ft 700-2200, singele pure malt whisky (4 cl)/blended scotch whisky (4 cl) Ft 1500-4900/900-5900, Irish whisky/Cognac (4 cl) Ft 900-2200/1300-4200, brandy/gin, vodka (4 cl) Ft 600-800/650-2200, rum/tequila Ft 700-140/800-1900, bottled wines (0.75 L) Ft 3300-20 000, tokaji special wine (0.5 l) Ft 40,000, sekt (0.75 L) Ft 2700-5900, bottled beers (0.33 L)/draft beer (0.4 L) Ft 500-800/480-800, soft drinks (2 dl) Ft 100-350, coffees Ft 350-800.
  • 22 Perkovátz House (Perkovátz Ház), Széchenyi tér 12 (Center South), +36 99 316839, . Daily 11:00-24:00. Anglo-Saxon, Victorian interiors, original Anglo-American draft beers. Fine selection of food and drinks, besides modern dishes, the typical flavours, ingredients and traditional recipes for home-made dishes. Delivery. Daily menus Ft 1000-1240, soups/starters Ft 500-1100/850-2000, veggie dishes Ft 900-1700, fish/beef dishes Ft 2500-3000/2000-3800 pork/poultry dishes Ft 2000/1600-3400,salads/cheeses, desserts Ft 300-700/600-1900.
  • 23 Schmauser Tavern (Schmauser Vendéglő és Pálinkaház), Kossuth Lajos utca 49. (W 1 km), +36 99 311432, +36 99 789427, . Tu-Sa 11:00-02:00, Su 11:00-15:30. Hungarian. international cuisine. 2-course meal Ft 1600-3000.
  • 24 Pince Restaurant (Pince (Cellar) Csárda), Széchenyi tér 5. (Center South), +36 99 319-023, . M-Th 11:00-22:00, F Sa 11:00- 23:00, Su 11:00-22:00. Ample portions with Hungarian flavours. Soups/starters Ft 400-700/600-1100; fish /game/beef dishes Ft 1400-1800/1400-1700/2200-2300; pork/poultry dishes Ft 1200-1500/1200-1400; salads/desserts Ft 300-450/350-520.
  • 25 Royal Bisztró (Széchenyi Restaurant), 9400 Sopron, Varkerulet 75, +36 99513681, . 07:00-22:00. Local bistro-style Hungarian cuisine.


If you're in Sopron, you have to drink a glass of the famous wine of the area around sopron, it's called "Kékfrankos".

Cellars and pubs[edit]

  • 1 Caesar cellar (Cézár Borozó), Hátsókapu u. 2 (Center), +36 99 311337, . Cold dishes and fine wines of Sopron fruit brandies 20 types: 2 cl 350-540, 4 cl 700-1100; flowing/bottled wines (1 dl/0.75 L) Ft 110-140/1800-4100, beers 0.5 L Ft 400-700, Champagne (0.75 L)/spirits (4 cl) Ft 2100/400-640, carbonated soft/non-carbonated soft drinks 0.2 L Ft 200-400/200-220, coffee Ft 270-330.
  • 2 Green Café, Ady E. u. 5. (SW 1 km), +36 99 510762, . M-F 20:00-02:00, Sa 17:00-02:00, Su 19:00-12:00. A university café-pub.
  • 3 Gázfröccs Pub (Gázfröccs), Deák tér 28. (S 300 m), +36 99 787783, . M-Th 11:30-01:00, F Sa 11:30-02:00. 'Romkocsma' (lit. ruin pub) style. Events, modern exhibits, small concerts. Pizzas Ft 650-1290, plus toppings: Ft 250-350; gourmet pizza Ft 1650-1790, slice of pizza Ft 390, burgers Ft 1290-1490, pub food Ft 900-1400, desserts Ft 800-900.
  • 4 Winery and Restaurant Gyógygödör (Gyógygödör Borozó), Fö tér, 4. (Center), +36 99 311-280. Daily 09:00-22:00. Soups/desserts Ft 500-1400/390, mains Ft 1250-1900, wines (1 L) Ft 900-1200, beers (0.5 L) Ft 380-490, coffees, teas Ft 270-800.
  • 5 [dead link] János cellar (János Pince), Szőlős u.1 (NE 1 km), +36 99 326025, +36 20 4930558 (mobile), . Starters Ft 1100-2000, mains Ft 1700-3300, salads/desserts Ft 300-450/500-700, flowing wines (1 dl) Ft 100, draft/bottled beers 0.5 L Ft 500/400-800, Champagne (0.75 L)/spirits (4 cl) Ft 2150/600-800, soft drinks 0.2 L Ft 200-3000, coffee Ft 200-400.
  • 6 Kisdeák Pub and Restaurant (Kisdeák Söröző és Étterem), Deák tér 46 (S ~400 m), +36 30 2757273, . W-M 17:00-24:00. Charming, retro. Starters Ft 700-1400.
  • 7 Old Boy's Restaurant and Pub (Old boy's étterem), Gyár u. 1. (NW one km), +36 99 333355, . M-Th 08:00-20:00, Sa 08:00-22:00, Su 10:00-20:00. An Irish pub. Carafe wine (per dl) Ft F300-390, bottled red wines, bottled white wines (0.75 L, a dozen types) Ft 2000-6900, Tokaj wines Ft 3300-5800.
  • 8 Prinyo cellar (Prinyő borozó), Koronázódomb 22 (N one km), +36 99 334042, +36 20 4673873, +36 20 9726753 (mobile). M 15:00-21:00, Tu-Sa 15:00-23:00. 120 seats. 2 non-smoking and one smoking room Foods:Home-cooked smoked knuckle with pickled horseradish, boiled eggs, bread; Pork cold dish; Roast homemade sausage-with meat; Cheese plate; Hot sandwich; bread and dripping. Wines: Green veltelíni, Tramini, Sauvignon Blanc, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch Rosé, Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, various Cuvée wines, Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique. - Prinyo Wine shop (Sopron Plaza, Lackener Kristóf utca. 35. open: daily 09:00-20:00).
  • 9 Taste Vino Borbar and Wine shop (Taste Vino Borbár & Vinotéka), Várkerület 5 (Center North), +36 30 5198285, . Tu-Sa 12:00-24:00. Services: Sommelier service, mobile sommelier tastings, wine dinners; gift packages; wine studies courses; other events Soups Ft 400-900 fish/veggie dishes/beef dishes Ft 1200-1800/1000-1300/1600-1850; pork/poultry dishes Ft 1100-1700/1400-1500, salads/desserts Ft 250-450/350-600, coffees Ft 300-350, flowing/bottled wines (liter/0.7 L) Ft 1000-1200/2000-3500, bottled beers 0.5 L Ft 450-700, Champagne (0.75 L), spirits (4 cl) Ft 2100/440-700, soft drinks (2 dl) Ft 60-240.
  • 10 Vincellér House Restaurant and wine bar (Vincellér-Ház Étterem, borozó), Balfi u. 121 (E one km), +36 99 325588, +36 6 30 9768353 (mobile), . The restaurant capacity 48 people. In summer, also there is a cozy beer garden with 70 seats. Served own made wines.


  • 11 [dead link] Minus One Club (Club-1 Kávézó, Tekepálya, Söröző; Club Mínuszegy), Baross út 4-6. (W 1 km), +36 99 518693, . Grocery - Buffet M-F 07:00-17:00, Sa 07:00-11:00. Cafe, bowling, brewery and grocery - buffet at same place. Buffet: daily two-course menu Ft 690 (2014).
  • 12 Deep Music Pub, Jókai utca 6. (W half km), +36 70 3297268. M-Th 18:00-03:00, F Sa 18:00-04:00, Su 18:00-03:00. Coffees, drinks



  • 1 Botanikuskert Hostel (Botanikuskerti Diákszálló, Fekete Zoltán Diákhotel és Kollégium), Ady E. u. 5. (W 1 km), +36 99 518238, . Capacity: 203 people. Only during summer. Rooms (53): 17 double, one 1+2 bed, twelve 2+2 bed, two triple, fourteen 2 + 3 bed room, seven 3+3 bed. All with bath, Wi-Fi, microwave oven, fridge.+36 99 518 240. Breakfast is served 07:00-09:30. 24-hour front desk. Elevator. Free closed parking inside. Kitchen. Internet and cable television access in rooms. Wheelchair access rooms. Locked bicycle storage. Meeting room, laundry, a smoking room per each level, taxi ordering, bus parking. Wellness services: Gym daily/weekly: Ft 400/1200 per person; Finnish sauna: Ft 600/hour for one person, over 2 persons: Ft 500/person, cabin rental (8 people): Ft 3500/hour, Turbo solarium: Ft 100/min. Other services: Secure underground parking garage: Cars for Ft 500/night or one week: Ft 2500; Motorcycle for Ft 300/night or one week: Ft 1500. The closed open air parking are free. Dual bowling lanes: Ft 1500/lane/hour. Dorm Ft 4400, single Ft 5900, breakfast included, supper one or two courses plus Ft 1000 or Ft 1400.
  • 2 Sopron University Student Hotel (Soproni Egyetemi Diákhotel, Machatsek Gyula Diákhotel és Kollégium), Baross út 4-6 (W 1 km), +36 99 518-649, +36 30 829 3074. Capacity: 398 people (study period 40), rooms (117): 35 double (apartment-like rooms with bath); 82 2+2-bed (apartment-like rooms a bath for two rooms), Wi-Fi, microwave oven, refrigerator. Wellness and other services see at Botanikuskert Hostel. Family-friendly accommodation. There is a grocery store, a bowling pub. Lounge to 60 people. Garden benches, grill and fire ring site. Sun terrace, sun beds and chairs. Locked bicycle storage. 24-hour front desk. Elevator. Free closed parking inside. Cookware kitchen Internet and cable television access in rooms. Wheelchair access rooms. Meeting room. Telephone in your room, laundry, a smoking room per each level, taxi ordering, bus parking. Dorm Ft 4400, single Ft 5900, breakfast included, supper one or two courses plus Ft 1000 or Ft 1400.
  • 3 Shosi Hostel (Soszi Hostel), Ferenczy János utca 60. (bus station is 2 minutes away), +36 99 523126, fax: +36 99 311-077, . Rooms 72 four bed rooms. Dorm Ft 4100.
  • 4 Lippai János Hostel (Lippai János Kertészeti Szakképző Iskola és Kollégium), Bánfalvi út 48-50. (W 2 km), +36 99 508-661, . phone +36 20 356 5528 (between 08:00-15:00) Four bed Dorm Ft  2450 p.p., shared sanitary facilities..
  • 5 Bezerédj Amália Hostel (Bezerédj Amália kollégium), Ferenczy János utca 5 (near bus station). Capacity: 131 people (study period 8). Rooms (34): two double, one triple, thirty one 2+2 bed. Breakfast is served 07:00-9:30. Wellness and other services see at Botanikuskert Hostel. 24-Hour Front Desk. Elevator. Free closed parking inside. Kitchen. Internet and cable television access in rooms. Wheelchair access rooms. Locked bicycle storage. Meeting room, laundry, a smoking room per each level, taxi ordering, bus parking. Dorm Ft 4100, single Ft 5500 both with breakfast, supper one or two courses plus Ft 1000 or Ft 1400.
  • 6 Brennberg Children and Youth Camp (Brennbergi Gyermek és Ifjúsági Tábor), Brennbergi út (Bus #3 depart every hour from before bus station), +36 99 313116, fax: +36 99 313116, . Restaurant here. Six-bed dorm Ft 3050 p.p., four-bed dorm Ft 3450, double Ft 3450 p.p., yurt tents 'bed' prior consultation need (all tax included, 2014) without bedding discount Ft 200.
  • 7 Cyclamen Chalets (Ciklámen Faházak), Brennberg völgy (5 km away from Sopron in the Brennberg valley), +36 99 312180, fax: +36 99 340766, . Open Apr-Sep. Ideal for 5-10 persons per house. Three bedrooms for 4-2-2 people; a living room with two beds; kitchenette with fridge, kitchen tools can be rented; bathroom, shower; toilet; the building is heated by electrical means provided in the heating season on demand. Chalet/night (up to 6/7-8/9-10 persons) Ft 16 000/20 000/24 000 plus tourist tax Ft 450 p.p. breakfast Ft 1500 p.p..
  • 8 [dead link] Park Hostel, Ady Endre út 31 (W 1.5 km, at Sop-Vin - Lővér Pince), +36 20 5584410, . Shared bathroom, large screen TV in the lounge, kitchen. Free parking and Wi-Fi. +36 20 558 4410 Dorm 3250 p.p..



  • 9 Alpesi Trimmel Guesthouse (Alpesi Trimmel (Aladdin) Vendégház), Felsőlővér u.25 (Sw 1½ km), +36 20 4253114, . Check-in: 14:00-18:00 later arriving please signed!, check-out: 10:00. Self-catering. Special guest kitchen with a fridge, an excellent restaurant is ~800 m away. Open from 07:00-22:00. Pizza, hot meals delivered to the house to order by phone. Room single/double/triple/quad Ft 4500/8000/10 000/12 000. Apartment: with 2 bedroom: 4 persons: Ft 17 000, extra bed: Ft 3500 p.p. or with 1 bedroom: 3/4 persons: Ft 13 000/14 500 all tax included , 2014, low-season discounts.
  • Gibraltár Guesthouses (Gibraltár Vendégházak), Bercsényi Miklós utca 35., +36 99 788252, fax: +36 99 789408, . Check-in: 14:00–18:00. You must check in until 20:00 by the latest!. Capacity: 24 people. All rooms with private bathroom, hairdryer, cable TV and internet connection, partly air-conditioned. Ask for a discount card to have dinner in the popular restaurant, (only 8 minutes' walk). Other unit: Vak Bottyán u.1. +mobil phone=+36 70 6083704 Standard double room without catering for one/two pers. €29/33, Studio-apartment for two people₫ €55, Apartment for three/for four €65/76; all price including all taxes (2014). For one night stay, longer staying or/and off season prices discounted.


  • 10 Anna Pansion (Anna Panzió), Ady Endre út 51 (W 1.5 km, 400 m from the West Hungary University, from train station bus #10; take off at 4th stop), +36 70 3888138, . Services: 5 double rooms with bathroom (shower, toilet), with cable TV, internet connection. Diner, lounge with cable TV. Closed parking place in the yard, camera guarded parking place. Card operated entrance, upon request washing facility and assistance with the programs in the town. No pets. Single/double Ft 7350/10 800 all tax included, + breakfast: Ft 900 p.p..
  • 11 Atrium Pansion & Wellness (Átrium Panzió & Wellness), Kőszegi u. 3 (SE 500 m), +36 99 313799, . Room prices include all taxes, a rich continental breakfast, unlimited high speed Internet access, and free of charge parking use. High season: Apr-Aug, Christmas, New Year. Open: 24/7, reception: 06:00-22:00, wellness: 08:00-22:00. Wellness services: luxurious bubble bath up to six-person, two-person infrared sauna, five-person Finnish sauna. Massage: Traditional and numerous special kind. (High season-low season-air conditioned room) deluxe single/double/triple Ft 10 350-9350-12 440 13 800-12 800-15 900/19 200-18 200-21 050, apartments four-/five-bed Ft 27 700-26 700-29 800/30 100-29 100-32 100.
  • 12 Bástya Pansion (Bástya Panzió és Étterem), Patak u. 40 (N ½ km), +36 99 325325, fax: +36 99 325325, . 11 double rooms, 4 four-bed rooms, 1 five-bed room. All rooms with bathroom, TV, refrigerator, free Internet WiFi. Other services: non-stop reception, parking (car, bus, truck), central safe copying, fax, mail service for guests, breakfast (07:00-10:00). Airport transfer (Vienna), gratis over 5 nights. Constitution of the dentistry. +Mobile phone +36 30 4912267 Double/four-bed room/five-bed room Ft 12 900/19 300/22 250.
  • 13 B&B Villa Mimi Pansion (B&B Villa Mimi Kertes Panzió), Honvéd űt 5. (SW 1 km), +36 30 2370275. A friendly and cosy pension with six guest rooms and a large garden. Rooms: Green Lily (tween) Yellow Daffodils (double) Silver Tulip (tween) Red Rose (Deluxe) Violet Blue (tween) White Rose (Suite). Minimum stay two nights in special period three nights. Only cash. Twin/double/suite (for one-for two) Ft 10 400-12 800/14 400-15 800/19 400-21 800. Extra bed Ft 5000 under 18 year, Ft 5450 18+ year. 10% discount for those arriving by train or bicycle, in special period (VOLT festival, New Year) plus 10% surcharge..
  • 14 Bianco Pansion (Bianco Panzió), Arany János u.17 (5 minutes walk from the centre), +36 99 319227, fax: +36 99 319227, . Agoston family's pansion. Services: large, safe parking place, a sauna, a fitness room, a breakfast room with a fireplace and a garden, a water-rotating pool, airport transfer, free keeping of parcels, dogs are welcome, free internet, Wi-Fi, free bike rental for 2 hours per day. Double/triple/quad €50/60/70, apartment/extra bed €75/10, tourist tax: Ft 450/person/night when checking in (>18 age), off season and min. two nights staying €10.
  • 15 Dali Pansion (Dali Panzió), Sport u. 48 (S 1 km), +36 99 510477, fax: +36 99 315182, . Double rooms with panoramic garden views, television, radio and refrigerator in all rooms also shower cabin bathroom. Friendly atmosphere and hotel standard rooms. Single/double/triple quad Ft 5950/8400/10 350/13 600, first floor apartment for four persons Ft 12 800 including all tax. Breakfast Ft 700.
  • 16 Diana Pansion and Restaurant (Diana Panzió, Vendéglő), Lővér körút 64. (Lővérek, SW 1½ km), +36 99 329013, . Breakfast included. double normal - double classic rooms for one/for two/for three Ft 6850-6850/9900-10600/12200-12900, superior - family rooms for one/for two/for three/for four persons Ft 7250-7650 /11 200-12 300/13 700-15 100/15 600-17 200. Family rooms for five persons Ft 19 000. Dog Ft 1200 per day including all tax..
  • 17 Erhardt Restaurant and Pansion (Erhardt Étterem, Panzió Borpince ésVinotéka), Balfi u. 10. (NE 200 m), +36 99 506-711, . cozy wine cellar, and a pleasant garden. 9 rooms. Guests can park in its parking-place in Halász street 7. Service: concerts- or theatrical evenings tickets, chocolate- and wine-tasting or excursions. Rooms are with: ergonomic mattress, LCD-TV, air conditioning, a bathroom with a bathtub or shower for each room, towel, safe box. Upon request, Provide: babybed extra bed, wireless internet Ft 500. €35-59, children 4 – 12 ages in parents-room: Ft 4200. Restaurant price: Soups/starters Ft 900/1000-3400; fish/rabbit/beef dishes Ft 2700-3700/3500/3500-5000; pork/poultry dishes Ft 3800/2500-4500, salads/desserts Ft 400-1000 /900-1000, soft drinks (2 dl) Ft 240-440, Mineral water 0.33 L Ft 190-360, Draught beer/Bottled beer (0.5 L) Ft 800/500-900.
  • 18 [dead link] Black Sheep (Fekete Bárány) Restaurant, guesthouse (Fekete Bárány Étterem, Panzió), Fövényverem u. 6 (N 500 m), +36 99 338330, . Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 10:00. Five rooms, bike rental, Wi-Fi. Restaurant: Hungarian, folk food. double/triple Ft 8000/12000.
  • 19 Fehér Rózsa Pansion and Restaurant (Fehér Rózsa Fogadó, Borozó (white Rose Inn)), Pócsi utca 21 (E ½ km), +36 99 335270, . Restaurant open daily 11:00-23:00. Bicycle rentals, skiing, ski school organizing Single/double/triple Ft 7500/10900/15350 including all tax. Daily menus Ft 800 and 1000, also à la carte starters and light meals/soups Ft 900-1500/550-800. Chef offers/pan fried and stews meal Ft 1300-2600/1100-1700. Poultry/pork dishes Ft 1500-1900/1800-2100. Beef/deer/fish dishes Ft 1600-3600/2400/1400-3600. Salads/pastas and desserts Ft 400-860/500-700. Soft drinks 2 dl 250/220. Beers draft (0.5 L)/bottled Ft 420-650/390-460. Wines (1 L) 1000-1100. Spirits (4 cl) Ft 390-990, coffee Ft 280-490 (2014).
  • 20 Füzi Pansion (Füzi Panzió, Étterem), Deákkúti út.10 (SW 1.5 km), +36 99 340434, fax: +36 99 340-434, . Capacity: 32 people. Rooms: one four-bed, four triples and eight doubles all with bath and TV. Reception: daily 07:00-22:00. Breakfast 07:30-9:30. Free Wi-Fi. Free closed parking is available. Jul-Aug single Ft 7200. double (one kid)/double/triple (one kid)/triple Ft 8000/9900/12200/13850. quad (two kid)/quad Ft 14400/16300. Breakfast (optional): Ft 700, Pets: Ft 1000 (by appointment), extra bed: Ft 2000 (only four beds and one three-bed rooms with extra beds). Off season 10% discount, VOLT festival, holidays & New Year's Eve: ten-fifteen percent surcharge..
  • 21 Jagermeister Pansion (Jagermeister Panzió), Bécsi út 81 (NW 1 km), +36 99 349-045, +36 99 349999, fax: +36 99 349900, . Check-in: 14:00-19:00, check-out: 11:00. Rooms are equipped with a television, shower, toilet, air-conditioning and a mini bar. guarded parking, storage for motorcycles and bicycles, rent-a-car and rent-a bike, managing of mail, receiving faxes, money exchange, cab ordering, wake-up service, information on cultural and leisure programs, transfer from Vienna/Schwechat airport, organizing dental-medical services, wireless Internet. Single/double Ft 6950/10400. Breakfast Ft 800/per person. From Jun 15 to Aug 31: single/double Ft 7450/11400. Family/Romantic room Ft 17900/12400 including all tax. (2014).
  • 22 Jégverem Guesthouse and Restaurant (Jégverem Fogadó és Étterem), Jégverem u. 1. (SW 1 km), +36 99 510113, . 2- and 4-bed rooms with TV and in-suite bathroom Single/double: Ft 7850/10700. Family room (with 4 beds): Ft 15100-16000. Extra bed: Ft 2 000. Dog: Ft 2 500. No accommodation charge for children under 6. Restaurant price list: Soups/starters Ft 700-1000 /1200-2200; pasta Ft 900-1400, fish Ft 1700-3200, Children's/beef dishes Ft 500-1200/1600-4000; pork/poultry dishes Ft 1300-2000/1800-2000, salads/desserts Ft 500/500-1000, spirits (2 cl) Ft 210-380.
  • 23 [formerly dead link] Mandarin Pension (Mandarin Panzió), Baross út 1 (W 1 km), +36 99 523524, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. Not recommended, next to 2 railway lines, a busy road and a night club. Rooms with SAT TV, hairdryer, little refrigerator and in-suite bathroom, internet access. Services: 24hr front desk, cribs and highchairs, safe, credit cards accepted, wake-up calls, massage, bike renting, playground, table football, free parking. Children’s rates 0-4 years €8; 4-8 years €12; 8-12 years €19. Single/double/triple/quadruple €24/48/72/96.
  • 24 MKB Aréna (MKB Aréna Panzió), Lackner Kristóf utca 48 (NW 1 km. From railway station take bus #1, 2, 10, 12), +36 99 311250, fax: +36 99 508969, . 28 places. 2,3,4 bed rooms with TV, shower Basic rooms Ft 3750 p.p. Air-con. double Ft 10800.
  • 25 Palatinus Pansion (Palatinus Szálló), Új utca 23. (Center), +36 99 523816, fax: +36 99 523817, . Capacity: 60 people. Single rooms, double rooms and apartments with a shower and toilet. Services: non-smoking rooms, wake up calls, drink-bar, closed parking, internetconnection in a lobby (free), SAT TV, creditcard acception, cab/taxi ordering, money exchange Single/double (off-low-high season) Ft 10 300-11 300-11 800/16 400-17 400-18 400, Off period: Jan-March, Nov; Low season: Apr–Jun; Sept–Oct; High season: Jul–Aug (2014).
  • 26 Palma Pansion (Pálma Panzió), Kölcsey Ferenc u.2 (W ½ km), +36 30 8410250, +36 30 8410250 (mobile), fax: +36 99 410-250, . Four double, three triple, a quadriple and a family room. Single/double/triple Ft 6900/12 000/18 000. Breakfast is available on request Ft 1500 p.p. all tax included. Services prices Finnish or Infrared Sauna/saltcabin/combined (2 hours): Ft 2500/1500/3000 p.p.
  • 27 Pihenokereszt Pansion (Rastkreuz Pension, Pihenőkereszt Panzió), Töpler Kálmán u. 8 (E 2 km), +36 99 317117, +36 30 5931432 (mobile), . Three single, seven double rooms with minibar, television, some of the rooms are air-conditioned and all rooms have free Internet access. A rich breakfast is included in the base price. Other services: secured parking, bike rental. Single/double/extra bed Ft 7000 /10900/3500 (Sep-May). Single/double Ft 8000 /12900 (Jun-Aug).
  • 28 Polus Pansion (Pólus Panzió), Rákosi út 1 (NE 800 m), +36 99 311591, fax: +36 99 321-118, . Check-in: 14:00 - 20:00. Reception daily 06:00-21:00. From 21:00-06:00 there is a surveillance monitoring system and security guard. A shower, toilet, sink, television, safe and fridge in the rooms. The upstairs rooms are air-conditioned. Rooms: eleven double, one suite (with two rooms and with a mini kitchen), 3 four-bed-rooms (suite-like with a mini kitchen). Main/Pre/Off - season Standard single Ft 7 000/6 600/5 600. Standard room double Ft 10500/9600/8000. Superior Room for one Ft 7 500/7 500/7 000. Superior Room for two Ft 12000/11000/10000. Family room for three Ft 14 000/13 000/12 000. Family room for four Ft 15 000/14000/13000. Studio apartment Type I. for three Ft 15 000/13 000/12 000. for four Ft 17 000/15000/13000. Studio apartment Type II. for three Ft 15 000/13 000/12 000. Studio apartment (Type III.) for two people Ft 14 000/12 000/9600. Apartment with 2 rooms Ft 19 000/17 000/15 000. Spare bed 2 000 (Main/Pre/Off - season 16, Jun-31 Aug /31 Mar-15 Jun/1-30 Mar and 01 Sep-22 Dec). Breakfast: Ft 1000. Tourism tax (between 18-70 years): Ft 450 p.p..
  • 29 Randevu Pansion (Randevú Apartmanház), Vitnyédi utca 21-23 (W 500 m), +36 99 311908, +36 20 9313891 (mobile), . Capacity: 18 people. Three double, four triple rooms, all of them with digital SAT TV, air conditioning, free internet access. Bakery, café, cosmetics and dentistry. Skype: randevu1 Room without bathroom for one/two Ft 4000/6900. Room with bathroom for one/two guests Ft 5000/8900. Apartment to 5 guests: Ft 14000-17000.
    • Café Randevú, 9400 Sopron, Várkerület 30, +36 99 313-573. Check-in: Open: M-Sa 11:00-18:00.
  • 30 Taverna Restaurant and Pansion (Taverna Étterem és Panzió), Táncsics u. 15 (W 500 m), +36 99 311620, fax: +36 99 311620, . Also cozy cellar restaurant. Home-made, inexpensive food, music and dance events Single/double Ft 7400/7800 all tax incl. (for groups: discounts).
  • 31 Tercia Hubertus Pansion (Tercia Hubertus Panzió), Hubertusz út 1. (NW 1 km), . The number of rooms: 12 all with TV, bathroom with shower, free Wi-fi. Double/triple Ft 9000-9500/10000-10900 all tax inc., without breakfast. Restaurant price list: breakfast menu, starters/breakfast drinks Ft 400-1400/240-750; Soups/starters Ft 700-1800/1400-2800; Salmon and butterfish/venison, pheasant/beef dishes Ft 2000-3400/3000-7000/2000-4600; for children/pork/poultry dishes Ft 500-1400/2000-2700/1800-3100, salads/desserts Ft 400-800/650-800, (half dish: 65% of total price), soft drinks (2 dl) Ft 260, flowing wines, three types (1 dl) Ft 150, spirits, liquors, cognacs (dozens types, 4 cl) Ft 450-7,000, coffees 350-550; drafted/bottled beers 0.5 Ft 500-550/550-750 (2014).
  • 32 Vadászkürt Restaurant and Pansion (Vadászkürt vendéglő és panzió), Udvarnoki u.6. (S 500 m), +36 99 314385, . Four rooms with 12 beds. Parking is free (in front of the inn), Wifi is free throughout the house. All rooms with in-room safe, bathroom, hair dryer, mini bar, large screen satellite TV, free Wi-Fi Main season (Jun-Aug) Single/double/triple room (room/night) Ft 8950/14400/19400. Quadruple/five bed room Ft 23000-24300/28000-29200. incl all tax and breakfast Sept-May discounts. Half board (One soup, one main course, one dessert) supplement Ft 2500 p.p. Extra bed with breakfast Ft 4500.


  • 33 Pannonia Hotel, Varkerulet 75 (downtown), +36 99 312180, fax: +36 99 340766, . The oldest hotel in the city with free Wi-Fi. 'Classic' double room (single, double and twin beds) with mini bar, LED TV, free Wi-Fi . 'Comfort' double room same as Classic, plus air-conditioning,and some rooms with a small balcony or terrace. 'Antique apartment' same as Classic just bigger with one or two rooms inside. 'Family apartment' with two separate rooms (Low season (Jan-May and Oct to mid Dec) - High season (Jun-Aug) - Special periods). Classic single Ft 12 490-13 990-25 890; Double Classic Ft 15 490-16 990-28 890; Double Comfort Ft 17 990-19 490-31 390; Antique Suite Ft 25 490-41 690-27 490. Family apartment for Ft 28 490-30 490-45 290. Extra bed in room Ft 5990, plus Ft 450 tourism tax p.p. per night (18-70 years). Dog Ft 3000, Half Board Ft 2750 , Garage Ft 2500,.
  • 34 Boutique Hotel Civitas, II. Rákóczi Ferenc utca 33 (SW 300 m), +36 99 788228, fax: +36 99 788229, . 28 rooms with free high speed internet access, LCD TV, safe. Services: drink in the room on request, deep garage (price is not included), 24 hours reception, taxi order, wake-up service, transfer, program organization. Payments: traveler's check, credit card, foreign currency acceptance. Eight types halfboard menus for €11. Single/double with breakfast Ft 9450/10,900.
  • 35 Danubius Bio Sport Hotel Lövér, Várisi ut 4 (SW-S 2 km), +36 99 888400, fax: +36 99 888499, . 117 rooms (most with balcony), three suites. All rooms with hair dryer, minibar, radio, TV, bathrobes on request. There are some connecting and smoking rooms. The hotel service include: laundry service, room service, hotel safe deposit box, souvenir shop, parking facilities for cars and coaches, playroom for children, playground, resting park, free WiFi in common areas.- There is the 'Borostyán Restaurant and terrace' (serving Hungarian and International cuisine also diet and spa menus), health bar, drink bar. About €70-155.
  • 36 Hotel Sopron, Fövényverem u.7 (5 minutes walking to the centre), +36 99 512242, +36 99 512261, fax: +36 99 311-090, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. 43 double room Comfort Plus, fourteen Premium style rooms, twenty three View Premium double room, eight View Premium triple rooms, two Premium Style triple rooms, one single room, seven family rooms, one apartment, one of La Toya Suite. The wellness services: Fullbody, face, Thai, Thalasso spa shaping massages, aromatherapy, green algae spa exfoliation, delicate chocolate peeling, Thalasso shaping treatment with algatherapy, "The sweet pleasure" chocolate wrap. Finnish sauna, Solarium, Fitness room. Other services in the hotel include swimming-pool in the garden (it is available for free. Open: Jun-Sept), playing ground for children, family and child-friendly services, clay tennis court (tennis rackets and balls rental) table tennis, bicycle storage, bike rent, high speed internet connection is available free of charge in the hotel, central safe at the reception desk available free of charge, a parking lot closed by barriers and checked with cameras is to be used by our guests for free both for cars and buses. There is the 'Restaurant and Blue Salon' Price list: Chef's offer/Specialties of Sopron Ft 900-4000/800-2400, Soups/starters Ft 700-1200/1200-2200; fish/veggie/beef dishes Ft 2500-2900/1200-1800/2400-5400; pork/poultry dishes Ft 2200-2900/2300-2600, salads/desserts Ft 600-700/700-1000, cheese dish Ft 1800. Aperitifs 8 cl 900-1100, mineral water (0.33 dl) Ft 400-800, soft drinks, juices (2-3.5 dl) Ft 400-1100, flowing wines (1 dl) Ft 450-1200, bottled beers (0.5 L) Ft 700-900, Champagne (0.75 L) Ft 3200 - 4700, spirits (4 cl) Ft 900 - 1100. Whiskey (4 cl) 900 -2100. Brandy, cognac, liqueur (4 cl) Ft 800-2200, coffee, tea Ft 400-1200 Comfort Plus single/double/triple Ft 15 000/20 000/25 000; Premium Style single/double/triple Ft 16 500/23 000/28 000 (2014).
  • 37 Hotel Panorama, Panoráma u. 38 (SW 1.5 km), +36 99 312745, +36 30 597-6378 (mobile), . Private bathroom with shower, TV (40 TV channels), radio, refrigerator, summer fan in the room. Free Wifi throughout the building, microwave use, bicycle storage, ski storage, mobile BBQ. By appointment: bike rental, excursion by bus, boat trip, guide. Single/double tourist Ft 3400/5900, single/double/triple standard Ft 4400/7400/9500, double/triple superior Ft 9400/10 850, three bed/four bed apartment Ft 10 800/12 200 all tax included, breakfast Ft 550, half board (breakfast, lunch or dinner) Ft 1550, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Ft 3050.
  • 38 Rosengarten Hotel, Restaurant, Dental and Beauty Salon (Rosengarten Étterem), Lackner Kristóf utca 64 (NW, near Sopron Plaza), +36 99 513630, fax: +36 99 513622, . Offering a full range of services in dental tourism to its guests. free phones from abroad= Austria: 0 800 293545, Germany: 0 800 1813637, Switzerland: 0 800 563577. 24 standard, superior, deluxe, a/c rooms. 350-seat restaurant with a winter garden, banquet room and terrace. Also here is a beauty salon with a wide variety of services (hairdressing, cosmetic treatments, manicure, pedicure, artificial nail, massage and body treatments), the wellness/Turkish bath part include infrasauna, scented steam bath, adventure shower and solarium. Standard single/double Ft 11 000/16 000, superior single/double Ft 18 000/21 000, deluxe single/double/triple Ft 20 000/25 000/29 500.
  • 39 Saphir Aqua Aparthotel, Deákkúti út 16. (SW 2 km), +36 1-2279614, fax: +36 1-2279614. Opened in summer 2010 in a pine forest area. The 4-star aparthotel offers 30 apartments in different sizes, with air con, balcony, bath, satellite TV set, hair drier, Internet access, kitchen, refrigerator, safe box, telephone. Services: fitness room, indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, rent-a-bike, sauna, table-tennis, tennis. Apartments for two €43, for three €58, for four €94, for five person €116, include the buffet breakfast the use of the wellness department (Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, steam cabin, swimming pool, relaxation room), the use of the Kid's Corner. Parking in the closed hotel court and VAT are also included in the price. Local tax: Ft 450 /person/night (between 18-70 years). Pets €12/night.
  • 40 Hotel Siesta (Hotel Szieszta or City Partner Hotel Szieszta Sopron), Lővér körút 37. (SW 1.5 km), +36 20 5938342, fax: +36 99 314461, . In the middle of a park in the Lővérek, a green hilly area with a view onto the town. Service: tennis courts. Singles (Classic - Standard) Ft 16 000-18 000, double Ft 26 000-30 000, family room (two adults with two kids) Ft 68 000.
  • 41 Solar Club Hotel , Restaurant and Mini ABC, Honvéd út 12 (SW 1.5 km), +36 99 311675, fax: +36 99 311688, . Free private parking, central-room safe, phone, TV room, kitchen, garden, mini golf, sports equipment rental, 24-hour reception. Restaurant: familiar restaurant and garden is suitable for 40-40 people. Meals are made exclusively Hungarian ingredients and homemade taste represented. Monday to Friday, offers a varied menu. Menu A: Ft 890, Menu B: Ft 990. Open: Jun-Aug 08:00-22:00, Sep-Mar 12:00-20:00. Mini ABC: basic foods (milk, bread, rolls, packaged cold cuts, cheese, butter, mineral water, etc.) available. Open: M-F 08:00-10:00 and 16:00-18:00, Sa 08:00-10:00. Jul-Aug 28 Dec-2 Jan/Oct-Dec: 1-bedroom apartment for one/for two Ft 9850-11 950/10 300-12 400; 1½-bedroom apartment up to four people Ft 13 000-17 300, extra bed Ft 2800-3950 all tax included. RCI 1-bedroom for one/for two Ft 13 000-14 400/13 400-14 850; RCI 1½ bedroom Ft 17 400-21 800. Premium room for one/for two Ft 12 950-13 350/13 400-13 800, Premium 1½ bedroom for one/for two Ft 17 350-21 350/17 800-21 800. Breakfast/lunch, dinner, Ft 600/900 (2014).

Stay healthy[edit]

  • Sopron Elizabeth Hospital (Soproni Erzsébet Kórház), Győri út 15., +36 99 514200. 24/7, pediatrician available daily until 20:00. Appointed for Emergency medical service. Emergency Dentist also here (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 09:00-15:00)
  • 22 Korona (Crown) Pharmacy (Korona-Patika), Várkerület 73 (Center), +36 99 505 865, . M-F 08:00-19:00, Sa 08:00-16:00. Pharmacy Express delivery
  • 23 Erzsébet Pharmacy (Erzsébet Gyógyszertár), Győri út 15 (SW 800 m), +36 99 311254, . M-F 08:00-18:00, Sa 08:00-12:00. Drugs, medicinal products, food supplements, cosmetics, baby care, blood sugar and pressure measurement, therapeutic equipments.


  • The country code of Hungary is 36. If you are calling abroad from a land line, dial 00 before your country code and phone number. Area code of Sopron is 99. Phone numbers are normally six digits.
  • Cellular phone coverage is very good throughout the city. Three different networks are available, Telenor, T-Mobile and Vodafone.


  • Most hotels do also have wireless free Internet access. Even a smaller accommodation have any (slower) free Wi-Fi.
  • István Széchenyi Public Library (Széchenyi István Városi Könyvtár), Pócsi utca 25., +36 99 511250, fax: +36 99 311418, . Opening hours during the semester (Sep-Jun) Su M closed; Tu F 10:00-18:00; W Th 10:00-16:00; Sa 10:00-1:003. Summer opening hours (Jul-Aug): Tu W 9-16; Th 9-18; F-M closed. Ten computers and free Wi-Fi. First half hour free with registration fee,.

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  • Fertő Lake (Neusiedl Lake) is divided between Austria and Hungary. It is the second largest lake of Hungary after Balaton. Fertő Lake has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural landscape for its unique representation of human landscape shaping over a long period of time. The traditional agricultural practices around the lake, many of which persist today, had a profound impact on the region's ecology. The area is rural and attracts visitors enjoying the natural landscape as well as the historic towns surrounding it. - There is no any town or bigger settlement on Hungarian side. - Tours organizing from Sopron. For more info ask in Sopron Turist Office.
  • Transdanubia, particularly Győr, Keszthely, Kőszeg, Szombathely - all good connected by public transport and good for a base to explore the surrounding area
  • Burgenland, Austria.
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