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Győr-Moson-Sopron County is in Western Transdanubia region of Hungary.


Map of Győr-Moson-Sopron County

  1 Győr
1 hour from Vienna, 1½ hr from Budapest. There are many cafés, restaurants, boutiques, and night clubs in its lovely baroque city center.
  2 Sopron (Fertőszentmiklós, Fertőd)
The Loyal Town with historic downtown, very close to the Austian border. S 60 km from Vienna, 85 km on train from Győr.
  3 Mosonmagyaróvár (Jánossomorja, Lébény)
Castle and fortcomplex (Vár és erődrendszer, 13th century). W 39 km from Győr and W 84 km of Vienna hourly trains from both, S 34 km of Bratislava.
  4 Kapuvár Kapuvár on Wikipedia (Beled)
  5 Csorna Csorna on Wikipedia
  6 Tét Tét on Wikipedia
  7 Pannonhalma

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Győr-Pér Airport (QGY IATA)

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  • 1 Abda (German: Brückl) (NE 10 km of Győr, direct trains from there). Radnóti memorial, Roman Catholic Church (Historical, neoclassic church. Equipment: side altars, pulpit and pews are from around 1840. The frescoes (secco) painted by Samodai József. St. John of Nepomuk Statue (mid-1700s, Baroque style), Elvis Park entertainment center (outside the village, built into a "Helena" Il-18 aircraft) , Flood Gate (to the mouth of the river Rábca), Old concrete bridge.
Ásványráró from Air
  • 2 Árpás (Győr 32 km, Csorna 18 km). St. James the Apostle Church (found in 1251, reconstructed in 1750, Baroque style), St. John of Nepomuk Chapel (octagonal chapel was built in 1780). Walking, camping and bathing on the shore of Raba. Fishing lake (on the outskirts of on the village)
  • 3 [dead link] Ásványráró (Croatian: Rarovo) (20 km of Győr, 22 km of Mosonmagyaróvár). Calvary (1738), black poplars, Church of St. Andrew the Apostle (founded in the 14th century, rebuilt in 1658, expanded in 1904, 1820). Ráró St. Roch's Church (built in 1903, romantic style), Calvary (East side, built by Baron Apponyi Lazarus, Baroque style, in 1738). Protected black poplar from early 20th century (next to the Calvary, around 550 cm in circumference). To do: Walking, fishing, canoeing. Raro-warren woods and bushy-section of the lower end (towards Hédervár), Ráró Wildlife park forest and Bokros stream lower section (towards Hédervár). Along flooding protected side of the Danube can be found a series of wetlands - Gyűrű stream extension, Varas Lake, Lake Sárcsás - these all rich in bird life. Explore Ásványráró Danube fork system.
Cuha Valley, near to Bakonyszentlászló. One of the nicest part of Bakony Mountain
  • 4 Csapod (SW 13 km of Kapuvár). Saint Margaret of Antioch Martyr Church. Country house. To stay: Csalogány Youth Camp (Vasút utca 6. five rooms, forty beds), Göbös Pension (Göbös - major, six double rooms).
  • 5 Csorna (German: Gschirnau, Croatian: Černja) (By trains from Győr, Sopron, Szombathely, Pápa, Csorna). Premonstratensian provost and Assumption Cathedral; Csornai Museum (Szent István tér 34); Lutheran Church ; Sacred Heart of Jesus Parishchurh (1938); - To 'Do': Thermal Bath and Camping, (Thököly u. 52., Daily 09:00-19:00. Tickets: full price/reduced Ft 1200/700-1000). Earth Island part of the Hansag-Neusiedl National Park (Fertő-Hanság Nemzeti Park); Events [dead link]: Jan 1: firework, concerts. Feb 1: folklore dance evening; Jul Aug: Music Pavilon. To stay: in any of the four pansions and guesthouses.
  • 6 Dénesfa (Kapuvár 17 km. By train Csorna (24 km), Szombathely (48 km)). Cziráky Mansion (built in 1620s for Water Castle, rebuilt between 1825-1830, classicist style, following plans by József Hild) and its English park, King's Chapel (in memory of Charles IV of Hungary also known as Charles I of Austria, Located: toward Répceszemere). To do: Sport Fishing (in the Park Lake and two quarry). To stay:"Vadgesztenye" guest hotel, (max. 15 people).
Fertő-Hanság National Park, near to Dör.
  • 7 Dör (Direct bus to/from Csorna and Győr). Virgin Mary Parish Church (1714, Baroque style), Saint Anthony of Padua Chapel (1899), Local history and ethnography collections in the Country House (Szabadság utca 54). Past the Fertő-Hanság National Park
  • 8 Egyed (by train Pápa (23 km), Csorna (14 km)). Stern (former Festetics) mansion (18th century, baroque, Loc.:Árpási utca,) and its yard with a more than two hundreds years old Pagoda Tree, Roman Catholic Church (built in 1733 in Baroque style, rebuilt in neo-baroque style in 1933).
  • 9 Fertőboz (German: Holling, Croatian: Buza) (SE 12 km of Sopron, train to Nagycenk and Győr (74 km)). Historic Roman Catholic church (1732), Gloriette Lookout (1801), Ecce Homo statue (1750), Statue of Saint Apollonia (around 1780), Nagycenk's Széchenyi Museumtrain (Between Fertőboz and Nagycenk.Built in 1969-1972), Széchenyi memorial tomb with 34 Caucasian pines. The settlement passed the Fertö/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape, what is part of the World Heritage list.
Fertőd, Esterházy palace by night
  • 10 Fertőd (Croatian: Herceško) (SE 25 km of Sopron, Kapuvár 26 km). Esterházy-Palace Complex (between Mar 15 and Oct 31 Tu-Sa 10:00-18:00. Tickets: adults/students and pensioners: Ft 2,500/1500. - Stay in the Palace's double and four-person suites Ft 20000 and 40000 per night) and its English Landscape Park (area: 219 ha); Local History Museum, Haydn Memorial room ( Madách sétány 1.), Music house (exhibit place), St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church (Süttör district, Széchenyi u. 57.), To do: Visit Fertő-Hanság National Park, explore the Fertö / Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape, what is part of the World Heritage list. To stay: except the palace, there are five Pensions, and ten or more guesthouses.
  • 11 Fertőszéplak (German: Schlippach am See, Croatian: Siplak, Siplaka) (Sopron). Széchenyi mansion, village museum, All Saints Roman Catholic Church (1728, Baroque), Calvary, Railway lamp private museum. - To Do: passed the Euro Velo 13 Iron Curtain bike path Visit Fertő-Hanság National Park. To stay: three guesthouses and a pension are there
  • 12 Gyarmat (By train 30 km south of Gyor, 15 km north of Pápa, also trains from Celldömölk, Szombathely). Country house- folk house, rows of wine cellars (Újhegy), Roman Catholic Church (1800, 1860s, Location: Kossuth. u.), ruins of the Calvary (1787)
Győr, the capital of Győr-Moson-Sopron county
  • 13 Harka (German: Harkau, Croatian: Horka, Huorka) (5 km south of Sopron). St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church (1309), Lutheran Church (1787), Millennium Monument (1896), War Memorial (1923), Local History Exhibition, Istenszéke summit with the remains of an earthwork (7th century BC). To stay: two guesthouses 7 rooms and 28 beds
Khuen-Héderváry Palace Hotel(15th century),Hédervár
  • 14 Hédervár (Croatian: Ider) (Near to Mosonmagyaróvár). Khuen-Héderváry Palace Hotel (15th century castle, rebuilt in 1710 to Mansion) and its park (area 8 ha), Arpad oak (700 years old, next to Our Lady Chapel), Our Lady Funeral Chapel with a Loreto's sidechapel (1420s, 17th century, 19th century), Count Khuen-Héderváry grave monument, Kont tree (gray poplar, south-west about 300 meters of the Palace, St. Michael's Catholic Church (1755). To stay: Palace Hotel, three guesthouses and two pensions.
  • 15 Hidegség (German: Kleinandrä, Croatian: Vedešin) (Sopron area). Saint Andrew Catholic church (Romanesque part - the Rotunda - an outstanding value in Western Hungary due to the remaining apse frescoes, in 17th century expanded, in 18th century over the shrine a tower was attached), Hidegség ornamental fountain (in the Center). To stay: two guesthouses and a pension.
  • 16 Hövej (Croatian: Huvlja) (S of 8 km Kapuvár, take a bus). Lace Museum (Fő u. 54.) To do: Berek Fishing Lake. To stay: two guesthouses
  • 17 Kapuvár (Croatian: Kapuja, German: Kobrunn) (By train from Győr or Sopron both 40 km,). Esterházy Palace, Rábaközi Museum (Fő tér 1.), Alders marshy forests, Hanság Wildlife Exhibition (Located: Kapuvár-Öntésmajor), St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Water mill, - To 'Do': Flóra Beach and thermal bath; and camping ;horseback riding; biking; bird sanctuary (Area: 2.500 ha).
  • 18 Lébény (German: Leiden) (26 km NW of Győr, 19 km SE of Mosonmagyaróvár (direct trains from both to Lébény-Mosonszentmiklós)). Roman Catholic Church of Saint James (Located: Templom tér 1. Founded 1190s, rebuilt in 1202-1208. Fees: full price/reduced Ft 500/300), Evangelical Church (Loc: Damjanich utca 1.), St. Anthony's Chapel (Loc: Fő út 36., built in 1891), Cemetery Chapel, Pauline monastery (Loc: Fő út 60.), Groveforest ( Ligeterdő)
  • 19 Magyarkeresztúr (By train Csorna 12km or Szombathely 60 km). Local history exhibition
  • 20 Mihályi (By bus E 50 km of Sopron, S 10 km of Kapuvár, SW 10 km of Csorna). Dőry mansion (1560s, rebuilt 1860s) and its park, Roman Catholic Church (three naves, one towered, built in 1712. was expanded in 1854), Lutheran church (1948). To do: walk, there are protected tree lines: strawberry,, linden and sycamore
  • 21 [dead link] Mórichida (SW 32 km from Győr). St. James the Apostle Church (1251, 1750. Loc.: Árpás, Dombiföld), Lutheran Church (1789. Loc.:Fő út 138) , Vineyard cellars. (Loc.:Szőlőhegy). To do: Explore the local Acacia-pine-oak mixed forests with Roe deers, red deers, and wild boars. Go fishing to Marcal river or Kaszalapi Lake
Mosonmagyaróvár - Castle
  • 22 Nagycenk (German: Großzinkendorf, Croatian: Cinka, Cienka, Cienjka) (Sopron). Count Palace of Széchenyi and Landscape Garden and Linden alley, Széchenyi Mausoleum, Széchenyi István Memorial Museum, Outdoor Small Railway Exhibition, Dedicated to St. Stephen's Church, Historical Railway (near to Palace, built in 1972)
  • 23 Nemeskér (Croatian: Namišir) (By train Sopron 28 km, Szombathely 34 km). Lutheran Church (1732, 1862), ruins of the old County Hall (1669), St. Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church (Baroque), iron smelting remains (archaeological site, Avar period ), passed the St. Martin's European cultural walking wandering path .
  • 24 Nyúl (S-SE 13 km of Győr, take a train toward Veszprém). 'Kökörcsin' tourist tour, Gorge (loess cliffs)
  • 25 Pannonhalma (Former: Győrszentmárton) (Approximately 20 km south of Győr. It can be reached by regular buses from the Győr main autobus station within half an hour, also by trains to Veszprém stop here). Benedictine Archabbey (Márton-hegyi Apátság, part of the World Heritage list. Sights: The Basilica and the Crypt, the Library, the Millennium Monument, the Arboretum (Botanical Garden) and Herbal Garden, the Porta Speciosa and the Cloisters, the Baroque Refectory, Our Lady Chapel, Collections. Ticket office open: late Mar-Apr Oct-early Nov: Tu-Su 09:00–16:00; May: daily 09.00–16.00; Jun-Sep: daily 09:00–17:00; mid Nov- mid Mar: Tu-Su 10:00–15:00. Visitors are asked to leave the building in 1½ hours after the closure of the ticket office. Tickets: full price/reduced Ft 2000/1000 with audio guide, full price/reduced Ft 2500/1500 including tour in foreign languages. Organ concerts: Ft 2000 p.p. full price/reduced Ft 2500/1500 to the Botanical Garden including tour. Guided tour with tasting Benedictine herbal chocolate/liqueur (1 snifter/3 snifters) Ft 1700/1500/2500). Főbíró House (Petöfi Sándor utca, 9); Holocaust Memorial and Synagogue (Szabadság Square, 1880s); Klement Krizosztom memorial stone (Dózsa György utca 1); Granary (at the beginning of Mátyás király utca, 1800s); Majorsági buildings (Mátyás király utca 1, partly built in 1650), Roman Catholic Church (Váralja 1 / a. Found in 6th century, remodeled in 1734 and 1880, the final shape and style in 1960); St. Stephen's relief (Petofi Sandor utca 61, 1896); Formerly convent of Saint-Vincent (Szabadság tér, 21. 18th century, Baroque building ), Cemetery (Rák utca, founded in 1759); City Hall (former village hall, Dózsa utca 10, Secession, 1910s - To 'Do': take a tour in the Pannonhalom Protected Area (7042 ha)- Tourinform Office (comprehensive tourist information. Address: Váralja u. 3., Tel./fax:+36 96 960 072, E-mail: Sep to May: M-F 09:00-17:00, Jun-Aug: M-F 09:00-17:00, Sa 10:00-15:00)
  • 26 Rajka (German: Ragendorf, Croatian: Rakindrof) (From Bratislava bus#801, Mosonmagyaróvár (24 km) and Győr (60 km) by train and bus from last two). Hennin-Zichy Palace (17th century), Stahrenberg-house (now the Lutheran parsonage, Franz Liszt's grandfather's house), St. Martin's Roman Catholic Church (13th century, Gothic), Calvary statue, Evangelical Church (1783-84), Sculpture Park (Hungarian-Slovak-Austrian border triangle) - To 'Do': the Euro Velo 6 cycle route [dead link] passed it, also good place for fishing (three fishing areas: Kavicsbánya Lake, Homokbánya Lake, Győrfi-Libáki-Danube fork. Fishing license application / Tel: +36 20 425-2182. Mr. Mihaly Sipos. Address Rajka, Lajos Kossuth utca.1. Every M W F 13:00-19:00), horse riding (Adam's Family Horse Farm [dead link]. Address: Rajka, Ady Endre utca 27. To stay: a camping, three guesthouses.
  • 27 Rábapatona (By train: Győr (14 km), Csorna (16 km), (18 km), Kapuvár (30 km), Sopron (70 km)). Catholic Church, Dr. Fábián Ferenc Country House (Ethnographic exhibition). Watersports on the Rába river. To do: Greyhound track
  • 28 Rábaszentmiklós (SW 25 km of Győr). St. Nicholas Circular Church (Árpád-era church, 1060s), 'Kőkép' Picture of Stone (1710, Turkish monument, Petofi utca) - To do: relaxing, camping along the Marcal riverbank
Castle Taródi or Crazy Castle (1944-2010)
  • 29 Sopronhorpács (Croatian: Varpač) (SE of Sopron). Széchenyi mansion (1771-1774, 1800s, Baroque), St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church (end of the 12th century, 1230, 1714-40, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque)
  • 30 Szany (18 km south of Csorna, by train Pápa (19 km), Csorna). Roman Catholic Church (1767, 1867), St. Anne's Chapel (1753.1901), Bishop's Castle (Village museum and library, Address: Kossuth Lajos u. 2). To do: walking in „Eger-Forest" and Móric Forest
  • 31 [dead link] Tényő (mediaval names: Soccoru, Sucro, Tenen, Thuno) (18 km south of Győr). Country house (17th century, address: Kétsor utca. 18), Thatched, rustic style houses (Domb utca 14; Hentes utca 8; Kétsor utca 1); Roman Catholic Parish Church (address: Gyori u 45, romantic style, 1753). Lutheran church (Pere village section). To do: walking in Pannonhalmi Protected Area's forests (European honey buzzards, Eurasian Hobbies, pine martens, wildcats). To stay: two inns and a holidy house (Fő u. 2., Tel.: +36 96 546-040; Árpád u. 81., Tel.:+36 96 468-357, Munkás u. 35.; Tel.:+36 96 468-004)
  • 32 Tét (Between Győr and Pápa just halfway). Kisfaludy Károly Memorial Exhibition (Fő u. 125., open: Th 14:00-17:00, Su 09:00-11:00), Roman Catholic church (late Baroque 1818, Address: Fő utca 127, for key ask at parish), Lutheran Church (Classicist, late Baroque, 1778, Fő utca 23.); The Lutheran bell tower (Fő utca 75); Roman Catholic Church (3 km away, Tétszentkút, Baroque, 1726, 1780s); Pokváry mansion
  • 33 Vadosfa (W 52 km of Győr, S 15 km of Kapuvár). King Saint Stephen Roman Catholic Church (1754); Evangelical Church (1732-1734, 1912)
  • 34 Vág (S of Csorna). Local History Collection


Spas and baths[edit]

Hegykő, Thermal Spa
  • 1 Balf. Spa & Sanatorium
  • Győr - Spa
  • Mosonmagyaróvár - Spa
  • Hegykő - Thermal Bath
  • Kapuvár - Thermal Bath
  • Lipót - Thermal Bath


  • Győr - Barokk Bál (Feb)-Baroque Ball
  • Győr- Tavaszi Fesztivál (Mar-Apr) -Spring Festival
  • Győr - Mediawawe International Film Festival (Apr-May, and film and global art gathering).
  • Győr-Magyar Táncfesztivál (Jun) - Hungarian Dance Festival
  • Győri Nyár Nemzetközi Kulturális fesztivál (Jun-Jul) - Summer International Summer Cultural Festival
  • Győr - Bábliget (Jun) - Free, all-day outdoor event. Puppet performances. Location: Győr, River Rába coast
  • Győr - Barokk Esküvő – Történelmi Ünnepi Játékok (Aug) - Baroque serenade, wedding and the baroque skill tournament
  • Győr - 'Barokk Nosztalgiák Művészeti Fesztivál' (Oct) - Art of the Baroque era and tradition
  • Győr - 'Könyvszalon' - (Oct) International book exhibition and fair. Also theater, music, dance and art event.
  • Győr - 'Téli fesztivál és Vásár' - (Dec) - Winter Festival and Fair. Festive wait kötdve the festival throughout the month of waiting cultural events of the day.
  • Fertőd - 'Haydn Fesztivál' - Haydn Festival
  • Fertőboz - 'Bodza Fesztivál' - Elderberry Festival
  • Fertőrákos - 'Operaelőadások' - Opera Lectures,
  • Fertőrákos - 'Frigyes napi mulatozások' - Frederick's day revelry
  • Hegykő - 'Hegykői vigasságok' - Hegykő feast
  • Hegykő - 'Hegykői Művészeti Fesztivál' - Hegykő Arts Festival
  • Nagycenk - 'Hársfa Nap' - Linden Day
  • Sopron - 'Liszt Ferenc városa' - City of Franz Liszt days
  • Sopron - 'Páneurópai Piknik' - Pan-European Picnic
  • Sopron - 'VOLT Fesztivál' (1st week of Jul) - VOLT Rock Festival


Győr-Moson-Sopron County renowned about blue-dyed fabrics

Renowned handicraft products of Győr-Moson-Sopron County:

  • Csorna's blue-dyed fabrics,
  • Dör's potter goods,
  • Hövej's lace embroideries.


The most distinctive cake in Győr County: the Rábaköz's Pretzel

  • Salami from the Csíkvarsa Meadow (Vértes area) - This produce is made from the meat of the Hungarian grey cattle. Ingredients: cleaned and carefully selected beef, bacon, paprika, salt, garlic, pepper, caraway and allspice.
  • Slices of beef with mustard in sour cream gravy ‘Csákvár’ style (Vértes area) - deboned beef steak, fat of mangalica pig, onions, cloves garlic, flour, sour cream, milk, mustard, ‘Delikát’ spice mixture, pepper, salt, thyme


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Podunajsko in Slovakia is across the Danube river.

Neusiedl Lake mostly lies in Austria, but also partly in this region.

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