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Important Notice

Hello, I have became extremely inactive on WikiVoyage. If you would like to talk with me, please head for my Wikipedia page, as I am way more active there.

Hey there, I'm MacftraxMC, and I'm a New Jersey native that is interested in planes, cities, geography, air disasters, airports, and other public transportation.

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A little about myself[edit]

I'm just that one Japanese American guy who decided to contribute to WikiVoyage. Although I'm pretty new and some things I put on may not be very good for Wikivoyage standards, I'm sure I'll improve with experience.

Articles I created[edit]

What I will/need to do[edit]

  • Editing towns and cities in New Jersey to upgrade their statuses.
  • Removing, adding, or editing warning boxes according to current events.

Disclaimers and other important stuff[edit]

User pages are only for the user to edit.

Please do not edit my user page. My user page is only for me to edit. There are many other pages that you can contribute to!