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Should contain information primarily relevant to those who are planning on an extended stay, while also containing such information from the rest of the article. Note that "Stay longer" does not necessarily entail permanent re-settlement. Rather it is targeted towards any traveler which stays long enough to e.g. look for local employment, or complete a semester of studying.



Emigré communities/activities/stores?[edit]

Example 1: The Church of Sweden celebrates traditional Swedish midsummer celebrations in NYC every summer for the local Swedish emigré community. While this would not really be interesting for a short term traveler, it could be highly relevant to a homesick Swede on an extended stay in the Big Apple.

Example 2: A store in my hometown sells imported Japanese foodstuff. While this doesn't really warrant a place in the "Buy" section my flatmate who is an exchange student from Osaka finds it invaluable to get some "real" ramen etc.


Information about local lodging which is more long term than a hotel room. (E.g. the most relevant local real estate brokers and housing ques etc.)


Should contain information which is not part of the reason why the destination is interesting, but which is nevertheless relevant to any traveler going there. You don't visit a destination because they have a nice public wifi, embassy or laundromat. (If the laundromat is spectacular enough to attract visitors in should be listed under "See" or "Do" rather than "Cope".) Nevertheless you might want information about such things when travelling.



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