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Battles of the American Civil War - 1861
  • Battle of Gloucester Point — May 7, 1861 Virginia Inconclusive: Earliest exchange of gunfire between the Union Navy and organized Rebel forces after the surrender of Fort Sumter
  • Battle of Aquia Creek — May 29–June 1, 1861 Virginia Confederate artillery hit by naval bombardment, later withdrawn.
  • Battle of Pig Point — June 5, 1861 Virginia Confederate victory: Early skirmish between Union gunboat USS Harriet Lane and a shore battery and rifle company of CSA defenders at Pig Point in Portsmouth, Virginia near Hampton Roads, Virginia.
  • Battle of Big Bethel — June 10, 1861 Virginia Confederate victory: Union attack on Confederate positions near a church repelled.
  • Battle of Boonville (Missouri) — June 17, 1861 Missour Union victory: Union forces defeat pro-Confederate governor's Missouri State Guard.
  • Battle of Cole Camp — June 19, 1861 Missouri Confederate victory: Pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard defeat pro-Union Missouri Home Guard at Cole Camp
  • Battle of Mathias Point — June 27, 1861 Virginia Confederate victory: Confederates repulse the Union attack and kill Commander James H. Ward of the Union Potomac Flotilla, the first Union Navy officer killed during the Civil War.
  • Battle of Carthage — July 5, 1861 Missouri Confederate victory: Confederate victory in Missouri during U.S. Civil War.
  • Battle of Athens — August 5, 1861 Missouri Union victory: Union victory in small skirmish in Missouri
  • Battle of Dry Wood Creek — September 2, 186 Missouri Confederate victory: Union cavalry from Kansas defeated by Missouri State Guard.
  • First Battle of Lexington — September 13-20, 1861 Missouri Confederate victory: Union forces badly defeated by Missouri State Guard.
  • Battle of Liberty — September 17, 1861 Missouri Confederate victory: Minor Missouri State Guard victory.
  • Battle of Cockle Creek — October 5, 1861 Virginia Union victory: ends Confederate smuggling up the Chincoteague Bay.
  • Battle of the Head of Passes — October 12, 1861 Louisiana Confederate victory: Naval forces square-off at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
  • Battle of Camp Wildcat October 21, 1861 Kentucky — October 21, 1861 Kentucky Union victory: Confederates chased from Cumberland Gap
  • Battle of Ball's Bluff or Leesburg — October 21, 1861 Virginia Confederate victory: 550 Union soldiers captured.
  • Battle of Port Royal — November 7, 1861 South Carolina Union victory: Union fleet under S. F. Du Pont capture Confederate forts at Hilton Head, South Carolina.
  • Skirmish at Blackwater Creek — December 19, 1861 Missouri Union victory: Union forces under General Pope capture a newly recruited Missouri State Guard regiment.


Battles of the American Civil War - 1862
  • Battle of Hampton Roads — March 8–9, 1862 Virginia Inconclusive: USS Monitor battles CSS Virginia, battle ends in a draw.
  • Battle of New Bern — March 14, 1862 North Carolina Union victory: Union troops disembark from ships and capture the town.
  • First Battle of Kernstown — March 23, 1862 Virginia Union victory: Union forces defeat Confederates under "Stonewall" Jackson.
  • Battle of Fort Macon — March 23 – April 26, 1862 North Carolina Union victory: Confederate fort surrenders after Union artillery bombardment.
  • Siege of Yorktown (1862) (Battle of Yorktown) — April 5 – May 4, 1862 Virginia Inconclusive: Union troops win skirmish near site of decisive Revolutionary War battle.
  • Battle of South Mills — April 19, 1862 North Carolina Inconclusive: Confederates thwart attempt to destroy a canal.
  • Siege of Corinth — April 29 – May 30, 1862 Mississippi Union victory: Union forces capture town, Beauregard tricks Union in order to escape to Tupelo.
  • Battle of McDowell — May 8, 1862 Virginia Confederate victory: Stonewall Jackson's Confederates defeat Union forces.
  • Battle of Drewry's Bluff — May 15, 1862 Virginia Confederate victory: Union naval attack repelled by Confederate artillery.
  • First Battle of Pocotaligo — May 29, 1862 South Carolina Union victory: Mission objective fulfilled – Charleston & Savannah railroad bridge damaged.
  • Battle of Tranter's Creek — June 5, 1862 North Carolina Union victory: Confederate forces retreat after Colonel Singletary is killed.
  • Battle of Secessionville — June 16, 1862 South Carolina Confederate victory: Union repulsed, Union commander later court-martialed for disobeying orders.
  • Battle of Saint Charles — June 17, 1862 Arkansas Union victory: The USS Mound City is hit by Confederate shore gun and explodes.
  • Battle of Gaines' Mill or Chickahominy River — June 27, 1862 Virginia Confederate victory: (Seven Days) Lee defeats McClellan.
  • Battle of Tampa — June 30 – July 1, 1862 Florida Confederate victory: Union gunboat attacks, but later withdraws.
  • Battle of Glendale — June 30, 1862 Virginia Inconclusive: (Seven Days) McClellan retreats from Lee's Confederates.
  • Battle of Malvern Hill — July 1, 1862 Virginia Union victory: (Seven Days) McClellan defeats Lee but withdraws after battle.
  • Battle of Cotton Plant (Battle of Hill's Plantation) — July 7, 1862 Arkansas Union victory: Union victory in Arkansas.
  • Battle of Baton Rouge — August 5, 1862 Louisiana Union victory: Union troops repulse attempt to recapture Baton Rouge.
  • Battle of Cedar Mountain — August 9, 1862 Virginia Confederate victory: Union forces repelled by Confederate counter-attack.
  • Battle of Lone Jack — August 15–16, 1862 Missouri Confederate victory: Confederate victory, Union commander killed. Rebels forced to withdraw after battle.
  • Second Battle of Bull Run or Second Manassas — August 28–30, 1862 Virginia Confederate victory: Lee defeats Pope's Army of Virginia
  • Battle of Thoroughfare Gap — August 28, 1862 Virginia Confederate victory: Longstreet defeats small Union force to arrive at Manassas battlefield.
  • Battle of Crampton's Gap (Battle of Burkittsville) — September 14, 1862 Maryland Union victory: Union broke the Confederate line and drove through the gap. Confederates were strategically successful in stalling the Union advance and protecting the rear of their forces engaged at Harpers Ferry.
  • Battle of Antietam or Sharpsburg — September 17, 1862 Maryland Tactically inconclusive; strategic Union victory: McClellan ends Lee's first invasion of North, bloodiest single day of the war.
  • Battle of Shepherdstown — September 19–20, 1862 West Virginia (Virginia at the time) Confederate victory: Confederate brigades counterattack and defeat pursuing Union brigades.
  • Battle of Iuka — September 19, 1862 Mississippi Union victory: Rosecrans is victorious over Price near Mississippi town.
  • First Battle of Newtonia — September 30, 1862 Missouri Confederate victory: Union forces panic under bombardment from Confederate artillery.
  • Second Battle of Corinth (Battle of Corinth) — October 3–4, 1862 Mississippi Union victory: Confederate attack fails.
  • Battle of Perryville or Chaplin Hills — October 8, 1862 Kentucky Inconclusive: Tactical indecisive battle that ended Bragg's Kentucky campaign.
  • Battle of Pocotaligo — October 22, 1862 South Carolina Confederate victory: Union troops repulsed after minimally damaging the Charleston & Savannah railroad.
  • Battle of Clark's Mill — November 7, 1862 Missouri Confederate victory: Union force surrenders to larger Confederate force.
  • Battle of Cane Hill — November 28, 1862 Arkansas Confederate victory: Small Confederate force delays Union while larger force escapes.
  • Battle of Hartsville — December 7, 1862 Tennessee Confederate victory: Disguised in Union uniforms, Confederates infiltrate and defeat Union forces.
  • Battle of Fredericksburg — December 13, 1862 Virginia Confederate victory: Lee beats back repeated frontal assaults by Burnside.
  • Battle of Goldsboro Bridge — December 17, 1862 North Carolina Union victory: Foster defeats Confederates and destroys the bridge.
  • Battle of Chickasaw Bayou — December 26–29, 1862 Mississippi Confederate victory: (Vicksburg) Pemberton defeats Sherman; Union attack on Confederate right flank thwarted.
  • Battle of Stones River (Second Battle of Murfreesboro) — December 31 – January 2, 1863 Tennessee Union victory: Bragg forced to withdraw after losing 11,739 men.