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  • Christmas Market: 26 November – 22 December 2018, Römerberg, Paulsplatz und Mainkai ( Dom/Römer  ). M–Sa 10:00–21:00, Su 11:00–21:00. Get a glühwein mug and start enjoying the evening. It is one of the biggest German Christmas Markets featuring a big tree and popular particiaption.
  • Christopher Street Day (CSD Frankfurt): 20–22 July 2018 ( Konstablerwache  ). LGBT parade. (date needs updating)
  • Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt Buchmesse): 10–14 October 2018 Frankfurt. The largest event of the world's publishing industry, held yearly in mid-October. The Frankfurt Book Fair has a long history, first being held in 1485, shortly after Gutenberg's printing press in nearby Mainz made books much more easily available than before. The last two days (Sa Su) are open to the general public, with book sales allowed on Sunday only. The public days of the Book Fair have also drawn a vast contingent of manga/anime fans, many of whom dress up as their favorite characters! Photography is allowed, but only after asking permission. Day ticket €12. (date needs updating)
  • Frankfurt Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung): 12–22 September 2019 Frankfurt. The world's largest motor show and Frankfurt's biggest event, held every two years. (In even-numbered years, the show is held in Hannover.) Day tickets €11-18.
  • Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums): 5 May 2018. One night a year most Frankfurt museums are open to the public until the early morning of the next day. Special bus lines will take visitors from one to the next. Various special events are organized; for example dances, music performances, special exhibits, games, and so on. It is very crowded but also highly recommended; be prepared for very long lines. Buy a ticket in advance so you do not have to waste time during the night of the event on this, and do not forget to pick up a schedule of the events and map of the bus routes. Similar events are organized in other German cities as well. (date needs updating)
  • Museumsuferfest (Museumsufer Festival): August 2018. Massive 3-day outdoor festival held every year in late August along both sides of the downtown waterfront. Numerous stages with live music, DJs, food, shops, and museum events. Beware that it can get very crowded in certain spots and there are often queues to cross the Eiserner Steg bridge. Fireworks on the last day. Free. (date needs updating)


Mini tests[edit]

  • Create shapes directly by making the actual code versus create shapes using #tag in template - advantage actual code you can modify and edit versus constant interaction of wiki, module and template.


  • 6 Center Kite

* {{User:Matroc/Mapdraw2 | map=link | group=shape | show=shape | type=poly | shape=external | geotype=geoshape | class=no-icon | title=HELP | stroke=#4B0082 | strokewidth=3 | fill=#ff00ff | id=Q25396 | zoom=9 | text=TEST GEOSHAPE }}

Current Projects[edit]

  1. Daily:
    • check and create geo templates
    • check for broken file links
    • check for broken maps
    • Fix duplicate parameters in listings
    • check double redirects
    • check dead links - a few a day
    • look for misspellings in articles
    • work with Kartographer and maps

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