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Battles of the American Civil War - 1865
  • Battle of Aiken — February 11, 1865 South Carolina Cavalry action between Union Maj. Gen. Hugh Judson Kilpatrick and Confederate Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler.
  • Battle of Fort Myers — February 20, 1865 Florida Union victory: Southernmost land battle of the war.
  • Battle of Natural Bridge — March 6, 1865 Florida Confederate victory: Confederate victory in Florida prevents the capture of Tallahassee.
  • Battle of Wyse Fork — March 7–10, 1865 North Carolina Union victory: Confederate attacks repelled by Union artillery.
  • Battle of Averasborough — March 16, 1865 North Carolina Inconclusive: Union and Confederate forces attack one another in turn, both attacks fail.
  • Battle of Spanish Fort — March 27, 1865 – April 8, 1865 Alabama Union victory: Union forces capture fort just east of Mobile.
  • Battle of Sayler's Creek or Sailor's Creek) — April 6, 1865 Virginia Union victory: Lee realizes his army is on the verge of defeat.
  • Battle of High Bridge — April 6, 1865–7, 1865 Virginia Inconclusive: Union forces thwart Lee's attempts to burn bridges and to resupply, Grant proposes that Lee surrender, but he refuses.
  • Battle of Cumberland Church — April 7, 1865 Virginia Confederate victory: Union forces attack Confederate rearguard, but darkness cuts the attack short.
  • Battle of West Point — April 16, 1865 Georgia Union victory: Union victory during final phase of U.S. Civil War.
  • Battle of Palmito Ranch — May 12–13, 1865 Texas Confederate victory: Last battle in Texas during final phases of the Civil War.


Indian Battles in the West[edit]

Battles of the American Civil War - Other
  • Battle of Bear River — January 29, 1863 Idaho (Washington Territory at the time) Also known as the Bear River Massacre. Resulted in the scattering of several Shoshoni bands and ended Shoshoni control of northern Utah Territory.

Naval Encounters[edit]

Battles of the American Civil War - Naval
  • 1 Battle of Fort Sumter Battle of Fort Sumter on Wikipedia First Battle of Fort Sumter April 12-13, 1861 First shots of the naval war fired, first battle of the war
  • 9 Battle of Port Royal Battle of Port Royal on Wikipedia Battle of Port Royal November 7, 1861 First major naval battle of the war
  • 11 Battle of Lucas Bend Battle of Lucas Bend on Wikipedia Battle of Lucas Bend January 11, 1862 First battle involving Union ironclads in the war
  • 14 Battle of Hampton Roads Battle of Hampton Roads on Wikipedia Battle of Hampton Roads March 8-9, 1862 First naval battle between two ironclad warships
  • 16 Battle of Island Number Ten Battle of Island Number Ten on Wikipedia Battle of Island Number Ten February 28 - April 8, 1862 First Confederate defeat on the Mississippi River
  • 17 Battle of Plum Point Bend Battle of Plum Point Bend on Wikipedia Battle of Plum Point Bend May 10, 1862 First sinking of Union ironclads by Confederate River Defense Fleet
  • 19 Battle of Memphis First Battle of Memphis on Wikipedia Battle of Memphis June 6, 1862 Confederate River Defense Fleet destroyed by Union rams and ironclad gunboats
  • 25 Battle of Fort Hindman Battle of Arkansas Post (1863) on Wikipedia Battle of Fort Hindman January 9-11, 1863 Led to the largest surrender of Confederate troops west of the Mississippi River prior to the end of the war
  • 38 CSS David CSS David on Wikipedia CSS David becomes the first torpedo boat to make a successful attack on an enemy warship in combat
  • 41 H. L. Hunley (submarine) H. L. Hunley (submarine) on Wikipedia H. L. Hunley becomes the first submarine to sink an enemy warship in combat
  • 47 Bahia Incident Bahia incident on Wikipedia Bahia Incident October 7, 1864 Led to the capture of the Confederate raider CSS Florida, international incident with Brazil

Prisoner of War Camps[edit]

American Civil War Prison Camps - Union Confederate
  • Camp ChaseColumbus, Ohio Established in May 1861 and closed in 1865. The camp's original capacity was for 4,000 men, but at times more than 7,000 prisoners were accommodated. The capacity was increased to 7,000, but towards the end of the war up to 10,000 men were crammed into the facility.
  • Elmira PrisonElmira,New York Originally established as Camp Rathbun, a training base, the site was converted to a prisoner of war camp in 1864 with a capacity for approximately 12,000 prisoners. Before its closure in 1865, 2,963 prisoners died there from various causes.
  • Camp Lawton Millen, Georgia To relieve some of the conditions at Andersonville, a larger prison was constructed in the summer of 1864 near the Lawton Depot in the town of Millen, Georgia. Around 10,000 prisoners were moved to Camp Lawton between October to late November 1864. It is currently a state park, Magnolia Springs.

All of the above in one map[edit]

American Civil War - Combined locations

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