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This is a Wikivoyage user page.

This is an attempt to give starting points to find any page on the English Wikivoyage.

There are also versions of Wikivoyage in several other languages; for a list of those, look on the bottom left of the Main Page.


This section has links to all the actual places one might visit.

We have an Earth article with two maps you can click on to explore in slightly different ways. Or you can explore via the text links below.


Other destinations[edit]

Other travel information[edit]

The site has many articles that do not really fit in destination articles. Some are too large or detailed to go in a destination page, while others are about general issues that apply to many destinations. We call these articles travel topics and there is an index for all of them.

There are some other types of specialised article:

For consistency, all Wikivoyage destination articles use section headings chosen from a standard set, though the exact subset used varies some. There are also separate articles for many of the section headings, containing information that applies to more-or-less all destinations:


These are articles with many links that may help you find articles of interest.

Some of the travel topic articles can also serve as indexes. Many of the Activities articles, like Scuba diving and Birdwatching, have links to many sites for those activities, and some other travel topic articles, such as Retiring abroad or Travelling with children have many links to suitable destinations.

How-to articles[edit]

There are a number of articles on how to edit, some oriented to particular groups:

There is also an index of Wikivoyage policies

Discussion pages[edit]

Every article has an associated talk page; for example, Paris has Talk:Paris. These are not for general discussion, but for talking about the article; for example if two writers disagree over the description of a restaurant, they should have a discussion on the talk page rather than just undoing each other's edits, creating an "edit war".

The talk pages for policy articles can be used to discuss proposed policy changes.