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A baby boomer Canadian who has lived & travelled in Asia off-and-on for decades. Back in the 70s, I travelled Istanbul to New Delhi over land then down to Goa, all the way around the coast to Calcutta, and up into Nepal. I've also lived and worked in Iran, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and recently China. I was active on Wikitravel from about 2005 and was an admin there; now I'm here.

I like working on travel topic articles. Two that are almost entirely by me are Retiring abroad and On the trail of Marco Polo. I also contributed quite a lot to Teaching English and On the trail of Kipling's Kim. I also like doing region articles that tie other things together; examples are Metro Cebu and the extra-hierarchical regions Lake Tai and Bactria.

I am also Pashley on Sensei's Library, the Wiki about the game of Go, on Rational Wiki which does amusing criticism of Conservapedia & other irrational sites, on Appropedia, an appropriate technology wiki, and on Wikipedia. At one point I was quite active on Citizendium, but that project has fizzled out.

At various times, I have worked as an English teacher. At other times, I've been a hacker, doing more-or-less every computer job at one time or another, mainly training and technical writing. My last large writing project was documentation for FreeS/WAN, a Linux implementation of the IPsec security protocols. From 2010 to late 2012, I managed to combine my language & computer skills and travel, working as an editor for technical papers that members of the Computer Science dep't (mostly PhD candidates) at Shanghai Jiaotong University (one of the country's top schools) were submitting to English journals.

Contact me via my talk page or email.