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Phoebe Ayers. Find me on Wikipedia or Meta!

I have traveled all over the world, but am most familiar with the United States, where I live; I have been to all of the U.S. states except Alaska, and have spent extensive time in the south, southwest, California and pacific northwest in particular. I like to write about places that aren't common 'destinations' but that I've spent a fair bit of time in, for one reason or another. I'm also trying to help with cleanup work of older migrated entries. I am very fond of travelling, and my hope is that Wikivoyage will become the best free and open travel guide around.

I am a community-elected member of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs this and other projects; for more on what that entails, see my Wikipedia user page. I edit here, as on all projects, as a volunteer and not in any official capacity. However, if you want to contact me in my role as a trustee, feel free :)

Things I want to work on

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