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I play Minecraft and it brings me back to travel, erm, Darwin's adventure[edit]

Caveats to this diagram:

  1. Boats hanging on the davits port and starboard are drawn half size.
  2. Philip Gidley King created the diagram from memory when in his 80s, decades after his time on the Beagle.
  3. There forecastle does not comport with records.
  4. The windlass? Should be just aft the foremast, not on the forecastle where the 6 pound gun was on a turret.
  5. Where is the Galley?
  6. Main mast too far forward?

See John Chancellor's essay about his Beagle reenactment painting and his research for it.

It's all to000000 technical[edit]

I'm on Meta → m:User:Rogerhc

I enjoyed Wikitravel when it was run by Evan and Michele. The corporate Internet Brands Wikitravel disappointed. I look forward to where we will go now with Wikivoyage as our ark.

This now: Wikivoyage:TOC.

Now that: Wikivoyage:Puzzler

County Sligo <-- why is TOC appearing down page on this page? Is it the two images? (TOC appears aligned with top of second image?)

Guess where m:wikivoyage goes?

below are my notes

Image sizes[edit]



m:Extension:TocTree -- Wikivoyage uses (see Special:Version) TocTree (Version 1.11)

Expansion and collapsing of the Table of Contents (TOC)
By Roland Unger and Matthias Mullie

It also floats TOC left

Defaults are:

$wgDefaultUserOptions ['toc-floated'] = false;
$wgDefaultUserOptions ['toc-expand'] = false;

However, Wikivoyage (probably in LocalSettings.php) overrides the float default to true.


This is what {{infobox}} looks like

It takes 2 unnamed parameters

The first one gets bolded. The second one not. This forces a title and body type structure onto usage that can be styled uniformly across the site via the template stying. And there you have it.

This is what {{disclaimerbox}} looks like

Travel Warning WARNING: This is what {{warningbox}} looks like
Caution Note: This is what {{cautionbox}} looks like

This is what {{IATA}} looks like IATA

See also Template:Ambox, Template:Imbox, Template:Ombox, Template:Side box.


I wonder what kind of image searching this does:


Wikivoyage Extensions table at

Main Page Design[edit]

Bruegel's Bestiary[edit]

  • Experiment with CSS to fix TOC layout issues.
    1. List items don't indent properly when flowed next to TOC.
    2. List items jump left after flowing past bottom of TOC.
    3. Long TOC item names wrap without much indication that they have done so; maybe out-dent item initial line so that wrapped lines appear indented. But remember to design solution to work well with multi section level TOC which uses indent to indicate sub-section levels.
    4. Toc can crash with ==Headings== in some situations, see here.

Former experiments[edit]

Prototyping "go" bar at User:Rogerhc/x.

Buried Treasure[edit]