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As a rule, Wikivoyage doesn't do joke articles. We aim to be a serious travel guide full of useful information. Articles for non-existent, unvisitable places and inside jokes in articles may confuse travellers and just don't help to fulfill our goals.

That said, once a year we permit ourselves to go a little crazy and post up an April Fools' destination. Note that all such articles are clearly tagged with {{Joke}}, like this:

Joke articles should not be linked into from the main travel article namespace.

Once the April Fools' Day event is over, the article is moved to a subpage of this page.

April Fool archive[edit]

2023: Rickrolling people clicking on the DotM banner

April's Destination of the Month takes you to a musical destination, almost rock n'roll but not entirely!

2022: Da'nunder

A Class M planet, that's a beauty, and chance to get away from all the Americanised tropes other franchise deals will offer

2021: Springfield

"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man" in Springfield, which is home to the largest and longest-running tire fire in the United States.

2020: Your house

Like Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home".

2019: Nanotourism

How many attractions and experiences can you fit into a small world? More than you would ever believe!

2018: Mars

If you're looking to go way off the beaten path, the neverending deserts of Earth's next-door neighbor are hard to beat!

2017: East Berlin

A glowing beacon of socialism defending the front line between proletarian East and decadent West, the German Democratic Republic's capital shines as a Red Star inspiration to Communist workers worldwide.

2016: Interdimensional travel and individual universes (Hundred Acre Wood, Land of Oz, Wonderland)

Why repeat that voyage through time you already took next year when parallel universes like the Land of Oz, the Hundred Acre Wood or a world where Detroit wins the Super Bowl await you?

2015: Time travel

Want to spot Dinosaurs in Prehistoric era or want to travel by drones or UFO's. Want to dine with King Hamurabi or want to take a nap on moon. Let's go time travelling and take a tour through the various ages.

2014: Wikipedia

One of the top destinations in the land of Wikimedia, Wikipedia boasts 30 million inhabitants and a thriving economy based squarely in the Information Age.

2013: Narnia

A faraway land located in the depths of your wardrobe.

2011: Atlantis

Dive into the depths of imagination and join us on a whimsical adventure to Atlantis

2010: Mordor

Embark on an epic adventure to Mordor. Explore Sauron's dark realm with our ultimate guide. Conquer the Ash Mountains, navigate orc-filled lands, and see the awe-inspiring Mount Doom.

2009: Jurassic Park

Join an epic journey to Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs rule the land once again

2008: You & Flaccid Peninsula National Park

Explore this captivating region which is known for its ever-shifting landmass, constantly changing direction like a whirlwind.

2007: Hell & Earth

Discover the unexpected wonders of the Underworld's eternal damnation and the intriguing mysteries of our very own planet.

2006: San Serriffe

Embark on an imaginary escape to the fictional paradise that is inspired by the world of printing.

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