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The Many-Worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics is an interdimensional travel topic.


The "Schrödinger's cat" paradox according to the many-worlds interpretation. Every event is a branch point, leaving "alive" and "dead" cats in different parallel branches of the universe, both equally real.

To the average voyager, the many-worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics often looks only marginally less incomprehensible then the maze of inscrutable terms and conditions on an airline ticket. This is unfortunate, as an infinite collection of parallel universes opens an infinite array of options for travel.

The many-worlds interpretation postulates that, instead of wave function collapse yielding a single outcome for a quantum event, both outcomes exist — but in separate, parallel universes. The number of such universes therefore rapidly approaches infinity. With an infinite number of parallel universes, the infinite monkey theorem dictates that there must be one universe in which the RMS Titanic arrives at its destination safely and ahead of schedule, in which the hotel doesn't add billions of dollars of bizarre "incidental charges" to voyager's bills annually and in which the "special prices" being hyped by the touts the moment you leave the train station are actually any better than the regular price.

A savvy voyager can take advantage of this infinite collection of parallel universes to see and experience things which otherwise would simply not be possible — even through time travel.

Get in[edit]

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Get around[edit]

Perhaps in some undiscovered parallel universe, this ship is unsinkable?

The traveller should be aware that depending on the world, the geo-political boundaries may be rapidly different, with a corresponding impact on a travellers plans. In the universe of the Eurasian Union., London to Paris (and return) is no more difficult than travelling from Amsterdam to Brussels, or even Berlin to Kiev. In others you may need to have a passport even for a short hop across the Lea, Humber, Thames, Loire or Seine. Pick a particularly dysfunctional universe and you may need passports or visas just to get from the reading room to the bookshelves at the local library.

By train[edit]

By ship[edit]


  • Taured - A charming mountain principality.
  • The Duma Mueum, This former parliament building in the "Eurasian Union", now houses a museum which details not only the early pre-history of Eurasian State (from it's early settlement), but the massive social upheaval following the "Liberation War" of the 1950's, which saw the Eurasian Union become a confederation spanning half its globe. The museum also holds an archive which documents in disturbingly chilling detail the "political victims" of the regimes prior to the Liberation War.
  • The Bell Library, Phoneix. - This research library established by a retired member of the Confederate Senate (for Arizona), is a place where even a casual browser can become lost in it's collections. These are a good source of information on a number of political topics, obscure zoological studies (inc rare great apes), and the recently added Titor Tesla papers, which go into depth about some highly advanced electromagnetic technology which pioneered travel to 'other-worlds'. Also in the collection is the controversial Hitler diaries recovered in the late 1980's from Argentina...


I just won the Super Bowl for Detroit? Wow!
  • Tour the world of the Piltdown Man, ruled and inhabited by creatures which are half-human, half-simian. See an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters compose a theorem which will captivate the scientific community for more than forty years.



  • The Festival Hall (Q) (Westminster-1954) holds regular classical concerts, Recent concerts have included Mozart and Scarelli's controversial requiem, Williams reworking of Elgar's Imperial March. Tomita's Stellar suite also sees an annual performance, although of recent years not all 10 movements are performed.
  • West Hall, Palm Court Studios. (Q?) Tickets are usually available on a limited basis for musical shows recorded for later broadcast here. Musical styles are incredibly varied and by consulting the Cedule system in advance you can find everything

from primitive Jazz through to some of the top current artists.

  • Emvee Soundhouse, (Q127603), also holds regular invitation concerts and performances. It also holds an impressive technical archive relating to the development of many genres and production techniques. The Derbyshire wing is now exclusively allocated to pre-digital electronic composition and experimentation, and in it's early history was surprisingly open minded to the developing 'club-music' scene of the Mid 1980's. A sperate studio at Neasden, records a number of historically accurate periiod instruments and


  • Visit the parallel universe where all the corporations purporting to be based in Delaware actually make and sell all of their products there instead of merely using the state as a flag of convenience; a stroll down main street Wilmington gives access to every product any American corporation has ever manufactured, from Alaskan igloos to Hawaiian grass skirts, all made locally while you watch.
  • Bring back a sealskin purse from the new world of Terra Nova or a pet dinosaur from the parallel universe of Jurassic Park, where these species are not endangered but instead ubiquitous to the point of nuisance. The locals will be glad to see you go, but expect border crossing problems upon your return if the next universe to which you are travelling has the same species inexplicably on the endangered list.


  • Visit the lone parallel universe in which the fast food served is the epitome of haute cuisine instead of being the low-quality, greasy and fattening fare thrown through spaceship windows in every other galaxy the hamburger chains have colonised.


  • Visit an alternate universe in which Michigan is not a failed state and Flint's drinking water is usable as something other than acid-core lead solder. Just don't choose the universe where they called on Walkerton for technical advice.
  • Discworld vul-nut wine will not only give you a hangover, but will cause you to hallucinate in at least 5 possibly 6 dimensions, You have been warned!


  • Choose an alternate universe in which you are a turtle and you can bring your house with you wherever you go. It's slow, but at least it's less fuel and maintenance-intensive than operating a camper van and cheaper than a hotel.


  • In a tachyon universe, time runs backward. Drop a few postcards into snail mail and marvel that they arrive weeks before they were sent.
  • Apparently there's a parallel universe where the crummy mobile data connection on your handset is actually faster than a hung-over carrier pigeon. Quantum physicists are still hard at work trying to locate this universe. If they find anything, they'll let you know. By carrier pigeon.

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