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A British InterCity 125, the world's fastest diesel train, races through the English countryside.

A number of travel topics are available related to rail travel. The range of rail travel in the world varies widely - from convenience of speed and the facility, to interest in the actual means of transport. For the traveller the information about the range of services can vary greatly as well.

Some examples of the variations are:

  • Luxury rail travel -
  • Commuting rail travel - as cheap and as efficient as air or other land transport
  • Long distance rail travel -
  • Rail enthusiast - interested to see the railway stations, the locomotives, rolling stock and related parts - the person can be called a railway enthusiast or trainspotter.

In many countries in the world rail travel is the basic means of transport. Travellers who encounter rail travel in such countries are required to understand the conditions in which their rail travel might occur.

This can involve the possibility of timetables and information being available in local languages only, poorly translated information, and hard to understand ticketing requirements.

Train travel in some countries can be the most suitable means of access to regions with otherwise limited transport options.





North America[edit]



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