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Interdimensional travel is a travel topic.

Already seen the Universe so many times that it's beginning to become too much of a beaten path? Bored to dinosaur tears after having already taken the same old chronological voyages next year and the year after that, only to see history endlessly repeat itself? Looking for something different and unique?

Enter the interdimensional multiverse. With an infinite number of exciting parallel universes a step away, there is truly something for everyone.


Interdimensional travel encompasses any number of multiverses and barring outright danger to the traveller there is no physical limit provided the travellers imagination can accommodate it.

Time travel within and upon on the local reality of the Wiki-Prime universe (see the later notes on Destination classification) is dealt with in a separate article, although some of the advice within it may also be applicable here.

Many-worlds interpretation[edit]

The "Schrödinger's cat" paradox according to the many-worlds interpretation. Every event is a branch point, leaving "alive" and "dead" cats in different parallel branches of the universe, both equally real.

In quantum mechanics the many-worlds interpretation postulates that, instead of wave function collapse yielding a single outcome for a quantum event, both outcomes exist — but in separate, parallel universes. The number of such universes rapidly approaches infinity; with an infinite number of parallel universes, the infinite monkey theorem dictates that there must be one universe in which the Cubs defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs in the World Series (even if neither can play hockey... or baseball), in which an infinite number of monkeys have written every book in the « bibliothèque de France » and the complete works of Shakespeare, in which the voyager and their checked luggage arrive by chance in the same city, or in which a restaurateur pays waitstaff a living wage instead of attempting to guilt the client into making up the difference through gratuities.

Unfortunately, as these universes run in parallel and parallel lines never meet, the theory provides no explicit means for the voyager to reach any of these parallel universes. Reference, therefore, must be made to various other works such as Lewis Carroll's notes of a voyage to Wonderland or L. Frank Baum's explanation of how to complete a round trip from the world of the Kansans to the Land of Oz. With these reliable guides, a voyager may go truly anywhere.


An infinite number of monkeys would probably, eventually type all of Shakespeare's plays.

Inform yourself before your interdimensional voyage; a few handy reference works will tell you what to expect at the most common destinations:

  • Narnia is detailed in some depth by the author C.S Lewis.
  • Middle Earth is comprehensively detailed by J.R.R Tolkien, although coverage of some parts of this reality has a decidedly old fashioned cultural bias which the traveller needs to be aware of.
  • Guidebooks for Gygax worlds tend to be highly specific, and the traveller may find that you may need to consult multiple editions to ensure your knowledge reflects current practice. An experienced traveller to Gygax worlds is advised as a guide for first-time visitors, to assist with researching a particular destination.
  • Accounts of Hadesel dimensions of the conventional Inferno type have been documented and translated many times, the number of specific guides is too numerous to list here. Although considered outdated, some travellers insist that Dante (complete with Divine Comedy in the original Italian and some translations) and Milton (if you can cope with the poetic style) are guidebooks that still after a few hundred years hold value to the traveller..
  • Certain Dream dimensions are mentioned in the works of H.P. Lovercraft, along with the realms of elder-ones.

As there are an infinite number of alternate or parallel universes, the coverage of these reference works is inherently limited. There is no reference work to explain how to react if the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl in some alternate reality, for instance. While the probabilities are infinitesimal, an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters are working on the problem.


There are as many languages as there are potential destinations

The advice given in the time travel article may be applicable here, but generally it is advised to have at the very least English (be it Standard English, Scots , Westur or 'Strine amongst others as needed) and an appropriate second language, depending on the world, plane or reality you intend to visit. Tolkien elves and wikignomes in particular are likely to use multiple, rare tongues.

Some destinations will use languages that are not necessarily vocal from a Wiki-prime perspective, and even some vocal languages may be tonally difficult for a Wiki-Prime speaker. Pronoun use is also complicated on world where binary gender is not the majority view.

Some more unusual languages you may encounter : -

  • Lapine
  • Mermish
  • ADL - Apoidea Dance Linguistics, a gestural based language, made up of a series of wing and antennae motions. It's easier for someone already familiar with Wiki-Prime sign-languages or Ballet to pick up.


The ESTA-ERA scheme will be extended to cover "Safe" and "Euclid" risk level destinations (see #Destination classification below) during 2023 (Wiki-Prime dating). Access to Ketter destinations requires written prior approval and a lengthy interview months before departure.

Get in[edit]

Note some of the information given in the time travel article is also appropriate.

By storm[edit]

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more

Good for some destinations, even without balloons. However, your travel vehicle might be usable only one way. Be cautious, your arrival by storm may cause your inadvertent involvement in the complex socio-political situations of the regions you land in. If you find yourself involved in an unexpected régime change act courteously and with dignity.

Before taking this option, try to find the corresponding one-way vehicle to bring you back - or risk being stranded. Considering a one-way trip to the land of Oz and the yellow brick road? You'll need the ruby red slippers to make the return trip. There's no place like home, there's no place like home... click your heels together three times and, as all good friends of Dorothy know, you're back in your monochrome home universe.

By portal[edit]

By far the most common method of accessing a parallel reality is to step through a portal.

In the United States, Groom Lake is a major inter-dimensional hub as is Dulce, NM and Dugway. The Montauk facility closed years ago. There area between Florida and Bermnuda is also a possibility, although some travellers report that the facilities here are not necessarily reliable.

The United Kingdom has numerous portals to alternate realities. Oxford has no less than 8 (surprisingly for a small city), as well as being a major interchange on the L-Space, Amber Spyglass, Inkling and Oseum portal rings. Oxford is also the starting point for expeditions to the Dark Tower.

The Zansasi Highway is a major portal network, but access is by prior arrangement with the operators.

By magic[edit]

A spell, or chant may take you to some dimensions, but be sure you've got the right one before you start as it's not easy to re-do a complex 6 hour chant because you forgot the translation had to be in pentameter.

By interdimensional doorway[edit]

These may be purchased cheaply at garage and yard sales in Narnia as curios. Bring back an antique door, hang it onto an old wardrobe and use it as a handy portal into an alternate dimension.

By looking glass[edit]

One of multiple routes into Wonderland. Alice has travelled variously by rabbit hole (pursuing a white rabbit with a pocket watch down a hole) and by crossing through a looking glass into the mirror universe on the other side. A mirror can also be used for accessing dimensions other than Wonderland, but be careful about using invocational words, lest you invoke some elder creature inadvertently..

By sleep[edit]

Falling asleep allows you to access the dream dimensions. It's not easy, and you may require a well versed guide to assist you, Finding reservations early is advised.

By (assumed) death[edit]

Typically, to access a Hadesel reality you will have to die, and there's no guarantee you will be able to come back! Hades and Valhalla are particularly problematic in this regard, due to their location on the opposite bank of the River Styx.

Get around[edit]

By train[edit]

  • The Hogwarts Express operates with a magical level of efficiency, allowing the voyager to appear and vanish at will. (As with any other passenger rail service, the train is not available in Wyoming or its equivalent states in most alternate universes.)
  • Harriet Tubman operates a freedom train which runs underground; disembark into an alternate universe in which slavery has been abolished and a promised land where the British Empire reigns majestically.
  • Alternately, the Soul Train disembarks to a universe where everything is funky and everyone speaks in jive.

By bus[edit]

  • There are a number of "Night Buses" which can take you through all manner of strange dimensions, whilst some "Routemasters" will stop for you if you just stick out a thumb, The correct procedure is to find a Bus Stop, and hold a rolled up newspaper firmly in the air. Don't be suprised if the driver gives you change on some routes, in complete contrast to the normal situation in Wiki-Prime.

By Jefferson Starship[edit]

  • A course heading of "second star to the right, and straight on till morning" will reach the Neverland of Peter Pan and Wendy, known primarily for pirates, "redskins", and mermaids .

By tesseract[edit]

Once you know how to ride Tessa's backbone, you can make local interdimensional hops quite easily. You have to Wrinkle time a little at first though.

By quardraped, hexaped or others.[edit]

Depending on the local conditions on some world you find you may need to ride, be it on horseback, camel, hipogriff or other land animal. This is especially true of Gygax worlds where automotive technology has developed differently. If you don't have riding experience, it may be best to learn how to handle one before your vacation, although specialist courses can be arranged.

Although some dragon species are more than willing to act as transport, this is not true of all species and you should seek local advice in your destination as some can be tricky to handle correctly even for a local. Furred dragons are often a good choice, as they are polite and world-wise (Older furred dragons have also been known to act in search and rescue capacity, and conduct airlift evacuation in emergencies). Younger furred dragons can also be very playful, and if you ask first, are the exception to the usual advice about it being unwise to chase a dragon.

Traffic rules[edit]

It's always wise to check the local traffic laws or decrees. Some examples are that in certain realities :

  • Red is a Proceed signal (as opposed to a stop).
  • A blinking infrared light means stop; ignore this at your peril. Authorities are not patient with claims to "not have seen" this important signal.
  • Road user and transport mode priorities may be radically different,
  • In "Danunder"(Q?) Joey Roo has priority at intersections, and you'll get called on this if you fail to stop. You are also going to be an exceptionally bloody idiot, if you drive drunk owing to the conditions of some roads.
  • Keep your stopping distances (and thinking times) in mind when handling a cart, carriage or drawn vehicle. These don't necessarily have the Wiki Prime safety features you are accustomed to. On the other hand, some drawn vehicles may have a form of emergency sat-nav which will get you back to a reasonably safe location.


Why not visit Hogwarts?
  • The abandoned city, with the statue of a rider. This is a MUST see, and a rite of passage for any first time inter-dimensional traveller. Don't be alarmed if a fast talking beetle tries to start a conversation, about how the statue came to be, They've heard the "official guides" explanations many times with varying degrees of embellishment.
  • The Wood Between the Worlds, Narnia. Although intended as a hub for interdimensional travellers of a literary nature, this wood is worth a vist, as you may encounter many an interesting character here. Some travellers here may encounter an old and rather haughty woman, Don't accept her Turkish Delight, as it's too rich for most tastes.
  • Although considered Ketter by many travellers, Airstrip One in Oceania is a political student's ideal research destination. However, the authorities are not known for sympathetic discretion, and like certain agencies in Wiki Prime's United States, an omnipresent monitoring figure is always watching you. Rumours of speech-capable domesticated animals were dismissed as pure double-speak by the Inner Party, even if foreign journalists are claiming off-the-record to have received tipoffs about this incident straight from the horse's mouth.
  • "The Black Museum" (Q4921367), located on Westminster-1212, is a respected archive for all kinds of material and artefacts relating to criminal schemes and offences across the multiverse. Although access is by appointment only, the curators are highly regarded experts who are regularly consulted by criminological students and professionals on a daily basis.
  • Also on Westminster-1212:
    • The "Bedlam" archive
    • Louis Tussads Chamber of Horrors, which recently opened a new exhibition containing all 52 known "Ripper" suspects, including the controversial "Jill Crownbreaker".
    • The Scarlet Study
    • The Rochester Collection
  • Danunder (Q?), is a good place to go for unusual wildlife. You will also be able to find a guide to help you explore dream dimensions with relative ease here (Foinsewell is a good starting point.)
  • The Al-Abama (Q?) (a former palace), currently being restored, is the finest example of the post Caliphate era architecture in this portion of the multiverse. The recently opened travellers resource centre, includes an exhibition of writings relating to how the native peoples, were made aware of what was once considered this worlds one true faith, as well as the still controversial events of the "Spring Break" which lead to the collapse of the former regime 40 years ago.
  • Near to the Al-Abama, is the Mizra Library, which holds extensive collections ranging from philosophical texts (including some rare orientalist works) to beautifully illustrated anthologies of tales from across its portion of the multiverse. Although the libraries efforts were set back many years by the "Spring Break" instability, the ensuing liberalization allowed the library to become a premier institution for comparative mythological studies. The Mizra library works closely with the Vertosky Performance Space, to present "cultural" performance adaptations of many of the tales it holds in written form.



  • Take your holiday experience to the next level, when you sign on to a "training" course of a different kind in "Amazonia-Prime". This female world, understands the problems of both the weaker male sex and the needs of a Woman wanting something specialist, and so offers a full range of 'courses' to help both develop new skills and experiences. A degree of physical stamina is needed, as well as a very open mind. If you pass a course with distinction you might be offered a longer courtesy stay. For the male to female crossdresser wanting to be useful, the Zofenzia Institute can ensure you look stunning whilst working you harder than you thought you could.
  • The demanding male traveller, might on the other hand prefer Gor (Q1978911), but be prepared for some awkward questions from certain womyns rights groups on your return. Gor is most certainly not suited for sensitive female travellers (and is certainly Ketter risk).
  • Want to let someone else do the thinking? "Cyberus" is always needing temporary worker drones. Initial assimilation isn't that painful, and you can even let the "World Controller" take your sensitivities into account if they are feeling particularly playful.


  • For a relaxed stay, you can take a stroll through the Hundred Acre Wood. Those with a childish sense of adventure can play a water racing game from a Bridge, or try tracking a hefalump.
  • Anthophila (Q?) has an extensive and naturalistic botanical garden, Some floral varieties are unique specialties of the world. Botanical and pharmacological research is also undertaken here.


  • Hive Honey, Plant B. — Although some distance from the main resort, It's a day well spent to see modern honey production methods in action, all the way from collection through processing, refining and grading. There is a small heritage section, which details what's been archaeologically reconstructed about pre-industrial syrup making. Plant B isn't the only production refinery running tours, but is the only one doing so on a daily basis. A production surplus for 2023 means that you will be able to pick up excellent vintages in the gift shop, with highly competitive pricing, but you should be careful about chirality, something the prominent health advice notices make clear.


  • It's not quite diving, not quite free-fall, but if you have the dexterity, Then head to "The Smoke Ring"(Q7764931) around Levoy's Star.
  • Want to see some mulitverse grade cricket? Then head for Telstra Park (formerly Bligh Memorial) station in Sydbourne on Danunder. There are regular Test level matches played here, with a very high standard of play most days. The Lords Oval is another venue, even if you find the mythology that cricket was bestowed upon the world by a benevolent power so we'd have something to do on Sunday afternoons a bit far-fetched.


  • Provided you enter by the right gate, you can make the journey to the paradise of the Celestial City, away from the City of Destruction. This progress is not for those easily misled, and you will be expected to note and interpret much allegorical material with Christian, a fellow traveller.
  • You can try to buy a Stairway to Heaven, but your efforts are likely to go over like a Led Zeppelin.
  • Assuming that you are a devout Hindu scholar, you should definitely consider making the journey towards Barhampura (Q2575677) and Mont Meru if possible. Although preparing for the journey can take a few years, it's worth the effort to see and consult with enlightened and righteous followers. Whilst Barhampura is only one of 14 lokas, it's considered the highest point that can be reached by a straightforward journey from the Wiki-Prime reality (also known as Bhu loka ,Prithvi Loka, Earth). Most travallers will pass through Svarga, where their spiritual status will be examined closely. Loka also exist below Bhu Loka, although these should be considered potentially Ketter, unless the traveller is familiar with their basis. Nakara which is even further below the lokas is a highly Ketter destination which should be avoided by ALL travellers on the path.


In "Safe" destinations, study opportunities are widespread, if only to understand the different paths taken in those realities.

On Gygax worlds, if you are careful, offer the opportunity to meet (and in some cases talk) to mythical creatures, first hand is an option, provided you know the mythology concerned, which can in many instances differ markedly from the sanitised accounts which reach Wiki-prime. Learning magic however is not easy, and to have good working knowledge, you'll need to consider devoting a semester or two at the very least. Some advanced mages are at the equivalent of Doctoral level, and have taken years of careful study to reach that point. Don't be put off though, if you can stomach having to do a lot of menial work, and coping with the attitude, it might be possible to get some magical training via a form of Sorcerers Apprenticeship. Don't be tempted to enchant any broomsticks, sorcery is NOT a Mickey Mouse operation.

The previously mentioned Zofenzia Institute on Amazonia-prime, runs regular courses in the areas of hospitality, catering, and beauty as well as some specialist courses, a full list is available on application to the Institute. The courses come highly regarded despite the strict discipline and uniform codes adhered to. Longer courses contain elements which would not be dissimilar to formal vocational recognitions. The Institute has also embarked on a new faculty to teach Dressmaking and needlework, if you are interested in learning what some consider lost feminine arts then early application is strongly recommended.


There are always opportunities for scarecrows.

Various opportunities are available for those able to adapt to the requirements of specific worlds and dimensions:

  • Willy Wonka often has job openings for Oompah Loompas with experience in the manufacture of confectionery.
  • There are good jobs in Kansas for scarecrows, although conditions are annoyingly dry at times. All we are is dust in the wind.
  • The Land of Oz has openings for winged flying monkeys, although turnover is high as the supervisor is a wicked witch who has received many negative evaluations.
  • Considering becoming a Mad Hatter in Wonderland? Be wary, the post does involve work with dangerous quantities of mercury, and you could lose your head if titled clients become unhappy.
  • The Zofenzai Institute also runs an domestic staffing-agency which is respected on Amazonia-Prime and other "Safe" Femzypia worlds, Gretchen's (see Buy) may also be the place to hear about casual or one-of-working opportunities.
  • Conventional (to a Wiki-Prime traveller) roles for their respective worlds are collated by branch Labour Exchange's on Westminster-1212 and Westminster-1954, Nearly all positions are limited to those worlds, and the vast majority are for unskilled or semi-skilled roles, as opposed to those needing highly specialist or degree-level skills.
  • A cautionary note, don't be tempted to take up exotic-sounding roles as a 'civilian agents' for R. Morley or I. Richardson amongst others, on Westminster 1954 (or ?), although the role may seem to be administrative, journalism or sales, the role is in effect disguised covert/surveillance work for either governmental authorities, or ill-defined third parties. The paperwork is onerous, and endlessly standing in the rain watching for a lone visitor, while trying to remain inconspicuous can become repetitive quickly..


The Old Curiosity Shop on Westminster 1212, is the perfect location to find all manner of antiques, cruios and obscure retraux scientific apparatus. Prices can be highly variable, and the stock varies considerably from day to day. The knowledgeable staff, complete with half mooned spectacles are also useful appraisers for items you need identified.

Westminster 1212's Seville Row is also the place to get a perfectly fitted suit, even if the style is exceptional or unusual. The tailoring professionals work alongside specialists in armour, leather-working, and related trades. For the truly exotic you may get a raised eyebrow, but discretion is always assured.

For glamourus "female" fashions and some of the most outrageous shoes in the multiverse, the Birdcage mall (Stonewall) (Q?) is THE place to shop and be seen shopping! The shop staff will be able to help even if the truly challenging of sizing and style issues, seem daunting. Note: You may encounter some language division, with older proprietors still using a local Polari dialect which at first hearing sounds radically different from the "Queen's English" you would hear from Tenderloin trendsetters.)

Plus size Work-wear and professional uniforms can be found at budget prices in Alexandra (Westur - Q1344070) , Rosalind Westward, and Gretchen Zofe's Supply (Amazonia-Prime). Gretchen's is known for keeping regularly updated kit lists for the Zofenzai Institute counter side and will offer student rate on presentation of enrolment paperwork from relevant institutions.

"Vintages" of syrup can be had from the Plant B gift shop as noted previously, but the recently opened outlet mall has many other choices , again at competitive pricing. Sustainably produced wax and lacquered paperware is a must-buy. At the higher end of the market, Arachnian silk weaving and lace making (still largely hand produced) has to be seen close at hand in order that its quality can be appreciated.

Another place to pick up reasonably priced items is in the multiverses's markets :) The Bazzar at Kham-Dunn come highly regarded for shoes, jewlery and textiles. Portebello (Westminster 1212 or Westminster 1954) is a good source for antiques.


  • Alice's Restaurant, Wonderland. You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant. Wonderland house specialities are an array of concoctions labelled "eat me" or "drink me"; try one and you may walk out feeling ten feet tall. A Mad Hatter holds a party daily at tea time. Oysters are also served but you may find you end up eating every one.
  • Narnia is usually a good place for a feast, but be wary and know what you're eating.


  • Flinder's Bar (Q5459431). Feeling disoriented? Why not stop by this nautically themed venue in a prime waterfront location! Its full complement of exotic and not so-exotic beverage choices are the ideal accompaniment to go with a lively live music scene. Owing to the vast number of voyagers in transit, Flinders is a good place to ask for directions or to confirm an intended route with seasoned veteran travellers.
  • The Benbow (Q?) (Westur) is another nautically themed venue, but with a more parochial outlook, Interested visitors may ask to see reproductions of the Trelawne papers, a somewhat aggrandised account of an 18th century sea voyage, and encounter with buccaneers.
  • The Wassail Arms and Green Lion are some of Westur's recommended pubs. Proper fully brewed bitter ale (in barrels) are on tap as well as various traditional soft drinks like (Lemon Sharp, Ginger Rise, Burdock etc). The locals may encourage you to attempt Westur scrumpy. Be warned though, although Westur scrumpy is broadly similar to hard cider, there is less quality or ptecny control. Depending on production methods (it's frequently brewed locally to the premesis), it's strength is highly variable, but generally considerably stronger than most Wiki-prime equivalents.


A typical Smurf village

Travel lodging in alternate universes tends to be unpredictable and widely variable in design and quality. Don't be surprised if that "Sleepy Bear Room" turns out to be a cave with the bears still asleep inside. Don't be surprised if entire Smurf villages were designed under the influence of magic mushrooms and the cottages are small, blue and awkward. Don't be surprised if that "Wendy house" in Neverland is no more spacious than the telephone booth in Superman's universe. Don't be surprised to find yourself booked into a Hobbit hole or a tree house inhabited by a wizened old owl. That Alice in Wonderland universe where everyone is one foot tall looked pretty in the printed brochures, but actually try sleeping there? Ergonomically, there's no place like home.

A truly unusual sleeping experience is the Apoidea hostel on Anthophila, where you will be sharing space with hundreds of other travellers, not unlike a capsule hotel. Your "capsule" will have been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival by friendly staff who will make every effort to ensure your comfort. The Apoid hostel is a beehive of activity, ranging from spelling to quilting to barn raising. A special Valentine's package is offered, if you wish to bring your honey. However, Anthophila has a policy of not accepting individuals with a history of pollen reactions.


  • Crater to Crater Galactic broadcasts live from Moon Central (Q?)
  • Some Exo-political information can be obtained from Senator Bell's office in Pheonix, Arizona, CSA (Q?)


  • Don't assume that toiletries or even the entire toilet will be available in their familiar configuration; bring the supplies you need from home. In some places you will also need to get a receipt, to prove that you have contributed back to the local ecosystem.
  • Looking for a house of prayer? Be warned, the "Interdimensional prayer service" is not the same as the interdenominational service back home and may contain a few awkward, unexpected surprises.
  • There's an excellent (albeit females-only) spa on Amazonia Prime.


A prime directive is in effect to protect backwards societies, isolated civilisations and uncontacted peoples from outside influence and change.

When visiting planes of existence stuck in an earlier era before travel by spaceship was commonplace, it's best to voyage as the locals do and rely on invocation of flying carpets, astral projection or other methods of getting between planets and worlds. Likewise, when visiting monochrome worlds (such as Kansas) from more colourful worlds (such as the Land of Oz) please leave your backward destination in the sepia-toned, tornado-damaged condition in which you found it instead of importing your home world's local colour. Sure, Oklahomans are mighty impressed that "Everything's up to date in Kansas City, They gone about as fer as they can go, They went an' built a skyscraper seven stories high, About as high as a buildin' orta grow" but import colour and it would likely only be used as a dividing line to start unending race riots - which would only cause harm.

Stay healthy[edit]

Universal health care packages normally only provide coverage in your home universe. Even a plan with extended coverage may not cover transport home from a parallel universe in an emergency and alternate universes may expose you to infectious diseases that no one on Earth has ever heard of, let alone attempted to treat. Quality of local care varies, from one universal standard to another, in a most unpredictable manner. Some universes offer a universe of options to patients with means to pay for care; others are best universally avoided.

A few destinations in the multiverse offer specialized care which isn't available at home, or which otherwise would have been infinitely expensive. Visitors to non-binary universes have been known to engage in sex-change tourism, where a quick visit to a walk-in clinic means not merely walking out "a new woman" or "a new man" but having a completely new, hitherto unheard of gender invented and devised just for you - as unique as you are. Just be wary that the government paperwork will become complicated and complex on your return - especially if you have no private insurance under your new identity.

St Swithin's in London (Westminter-1954) ranks as a premier teaching hospital, and may be able to offer NHS care (to eligible patients) for the more serious medical conditions a traveller from the Wiki-prime universe may encounter, including some obscure infectious diseases. For emergency medical care resulting from injuries in "Safe" destinations, Holby City (Westur) is a recommended medical evacuation target.

Another important health issues is that the less experienced inter dimensional traveller should be aware of is that of chirality, In some alternate universes the opposite chirality may apply to otherwise familar foods, beverages and medications. This can occur even in an otherwise Euclid destination. Whilst major resorts are aware of this issue, local back-portal operators and venues in obscure locations are less likely to, so be cautious, Consuming food with the wrong chiral twist, can be range from an unusually sweet, sour or sharp taste, through to outright toxicity. It should also be borne in mind that some medications are also chiralityy affected and if you need a specific one, it's best to get a formal written prescription from a home universe first, Birth defects caused by a lack knowledge about chriality remain a sore issue in a number of worlds and planes.

Relationships that go beyond the merely romantic are likely to be problematic from a health perspective.. It should be noted that whilst some worlds (for example Amazonia Prime, Danunder.) have well established liberal treatment programmes for a myriad of sex and gender spectrums, others may have no provision at all or will be very moralistic when treating you for certain conditions (Wesminster 1212).

Chasing dragons (with the exception of some furred ones as noted earlier) has been known to cause life-changing injuries.

Stay safe[edit]

Mount Doom, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mordor

One does not simply walk into Mordor. Know your destination and what to expect before you leave; many alternate or parallel universes hold some very unpleasant surprises.

Destination classification[edit]

Interdimensional travel is a vast topic, but interdimensional travel destinations can be divided into some basic classifications, (These definitions are partly based on the system used by the SCP (

For reference the "home" universe/reality will be referenced as the Wiki-Prime universe ( being the one containing this version of the relevant Wikivoyage page)

Destinations can be referenced by a Quick Alternate Nominal Zeroing Adjustment Terminator (QANZAT) which vary from very specific locations, to broad regions of the multiverse. A QANZAT , is the letter Q followed by a numerical code number, Entering the QANZAT code into a knoweldge base system like Wikidata, will usally link to much more detailed resources than can be included here.

Risk level[edit]

  • Safe - Destinations in Universes which are broadly similar to the Wiki-Prime Universe, and where it may be hard to spot differences initially. ( These are what are in other sources termed 'alternate' parallel universes.).
  • Euclid - Travel to alternate dimensions, which whilst may be a radical departure from the Wiki-Prime universe still have broadly similar physical laws, perhaps with some obvious changes, such as an ascendant magical rather than scientific culture.
  • Ketter - NOTHING can be assumed about these destinations.


Some worlds/planes with natures to be aware of from a safety perspective:

  • Planiverse, Flatland (Q728312) being one of the earlier documented examples. It's not possible to visit these 2D worlds directly, as the lack of a third dimension plays havoc with internal systems of a higher dimensioned being (this has been noted by L'Engle) but one possible workaround is to use another two-dimensional jurisdiction (such as Saskatchewan, which is completely flat) as a gateway.
  • Hadesel - "Dungeon", chaos or underworld dimensions, such as Hades (Q1521549), the Inferno/Hell and below The TrapDoor. A large number of these should be treated as Ketter (for example, Q849162). Some Hadesel destinations have portals to much calmer destinations, although the quarantine and immigration procedures may be time consuming (Travellers transiting from the Inferno to Paradise may have to spend an extended period in Purgatory.).
  • Gygax - These destinations tend to be places where magic (or alchemical knowledge) and mythology, are the dominant governing elements as opposed to the objective rational basis of Wiki-Prime.
  • Femazypia - These worlds have a largely female society. Treatment of the (deemed weaker) male sex can vary from sympathy all the way to involuntary and painful "normalisation" on some Ketter risk worlds (for example Q54966) - typically with complete disregard for the WPATH Standards of Care. There's even an alternate universe in which Hillary Clinton is President.

Identity theft[edit]

Guard your passport carefully. A common scheme targets interdimensional voyagers for theft of identity; if you are victimised, you find that a mirror universe has been created in which there is someone exactly like you, but opposite - and usually unspeakably evil. The results are usually dystopic and best avoided by not letting your identity documents out of your sight until you are safely back in your home universe.

Diplomatic assistance[edit]

Snakes on a plane are handled with careful diplomacy

Obtaining diplomatic assistance while in a parallel universe can be a complex and confusing process.

Each parallel universe has a vastly different geopolitical balance of power. Visiting an alternate universe where a claim of "cīvis lātviski sum" is universally respected but third-rate powers like the United States and Russia are largely unknown or treated with derision. No consular assistance may be available to you if you just arrived from the Samuel L. Jackson alternate plane of existence proudly bearing travel documents with "United Snakes of America" intertwined on the cover.

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