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Map of Okinawa
  Okinawa Island (Okinawa Honto)
The largest island and the heart of Okinawan culture
  Outer Okinawa Island (Okinawa Shotō)
Rural islands with quieter beaches
  Kerama Islands
Small islands with pristine beaches near the main island
  Daito Islands
The least visited islands in Okinawa far east of the main island
  Miyako Islands
Sub-tropical islands with some of Japan's nicest beaches
  Yaeyama Islands
The southern-most island group in Okinawa


Also includes urbanized island

  • 1 Naha - the capital of the Okinawa Prefecture
  • 2 Chatan - some resort hotels and beaches
  • 3 Okinawa City - the second-largest city
  • 4 Nago - the biggest city on the north of the island
  • 5 Itoman - place of WWII last battle and memorial monument
  • 6 Motobu Motobu, Okinawa on Wikipedia - home of the enormous Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
  • 7 Nanjo Nanjō on Wikipedia
  • 8 Kitanakagusuku Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa on Wikipedia


A larger selection of Islands can be found by checking each region, the Main Island is not included to its status as aregion

  • 1 Kitadaito
  • 2 Iriomote
  • 3 Kumejima
  • 4 Minamidaito Minamidaitōjima on Wikipedia
  • 5 Irabu Irabu Island on Wikipedia
  • 6 Yonaguni Irabu Island on Wikipedia
  • 7 Taketomi
  • 8 Tokashiki Tokashiki Island on Wikipedia
  • 9 Zamami - popular among snorkelers and divers, with several deserted islands nearby

Okinawa Islands[edit]

Daito Islands[edit]

A smattering of tiny islands several hundred kilometers to the east, only two of them inhabited.

Miyako Islands[edit]

Natural monuments, great beaches and amazing diving. Occasionally lumped together with the Yaeyamas as the Sakishima Islands.

  • Irabu — the "other island" of Miyako
  • Miyako — by far the largest of the three main islands that make up the group
  • Shimoji — very close to Irabu, but not quite as large
  • Tarama — known for its August festival

Yaeyama Islands[edit]

Lush and tropical, closer to Taiwan than to Okinawa Island.

  • Hateruma — the southernmost inhabited point of Japan
  • Hatoma
  • Ishigaki — the hub of the Yaeyamas, with spectacular beaches and manta rays
  • Iriomote — jungles and the mysterious Iriomote wild cat
  • Taketomi — small island off Ishigaki, known for a carefully restored Ryukyu village
  • Yonaguni — the westernmost point of Japan, with mysterious ruins and hammerhead sharks
  • Kuro — tiny island mildly famous for having (way) more cows than people

In addition, the Amami Islands to the north, while administratively a part of Kyushu, are geographically and culturally close to Okinawa.