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Lived in: Washington, D.C., USA; Cape May County, New Jersey, USA; North Shore, Massachusetts, USA; Aix-en-Provence, France; Angers, France; Tel Aviv, Israel; Sonoma County, California, USA

Visited extensively: United Kingdom (4/4 countries); Italy & Vatican City; Spain & Portugal

Days to weeks: China; Vietnam; Cambodia; Finland; The Netherlands; Canada

Only a day or two: The Bahamas; Costa Rica; Kiribati; Switzerland

Longest road trip: ~2,700 miles, North Shore to New York City, southwest through Amish country to Memphis and West Memphis, north up the Mississippi to Chicago, east through Detroit into Canada to Niagara Falls, then back to North Shore

Longest backpacking trip: 16 weeks in two installments (7 one year, 9 the next), across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy (+Vatican), Spain (by ferry by way of Sicily and Sardinia), Spain, and Portugal

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