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As I don't really like my name shown in red( not so good in Chinese tradition) I created the page. Just a native Chinese wiki user and discovered wikivoyage someday. Living in Dalian and as a railfan with many interests in transport, I really liked stepping outside and discover the city. Almost been to every street in the city but occasionly outside the city (A lazy person? Maybe). Also like travelling, but haven't been out much due to little time and a poor wallet which usually includes almost nothing. Always inside the country and have been a few cities, I've became a real "native Chinese".Knowing only how to speak Chinese and English, that's all I want to say here...

p.s. As I usually edit pages at midnight (GMT+8 Beijing time), having been a Chinese Pinyin user for years, being a foreign English learner, errors may occur from time to time, and almost everywhere. If there's one, please correct it, and I'll surely be grateful for that!