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This account's last edit will be by 06:00 utc on Saturday 27 April 2019. Please direct all posts to the above link.

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of User: Zanygenius's first edit!
I really would like to thank you for being there for me. Right now I may be dormant, but I'll recover to normal soon.

Send him a happy one!

Part of my reorganization is my main page itself. To access my stuff, click on the available links:

Obviously, my current page/sandboxes are purely a mess, so I am redoing it with better user hierarchy. I feel this should be done by the end of September, but I just don't know. Estimated Time of Completion: 02:15 UTC on 6 October 2017. But don't expect this to be precise.

Get to the New Pages:

Note: To see my sandboxes, or my Gratefullness page, or whatever else not covered on the mian page, click on Extras.

Other Wikis[edit]

  • 2 Click for Wiki-Commons, the image source. You can see my work there :).
  • 3 I'm now on SimCity2013 wiki! This is the wiki where you can find out just about anything about the game. Although, if you have questions, it will be VASTLY easier to just ask me, as the Admin, Planner, and essentially the entire gang disappeared in 2014.
There is a glitch in the link system. If they offer you a correction, then follow it. If not, remove %7C from the URL.
  • 4 On the 16th of December, I got on Wikipedia! Isn't it wonderful, now that I've tried forever to get in? See my page here w:User:Zanygenius

Incomplete Version as of 20:42 UTC 2 October 2017.[edit]

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This is a Wikivoyage user page.
This user was part of the 2018 WikiVoyage MRP before folding his program in May 2017. 

Welcome to the landing page of, created on 8 May 2017, and last edited on 2 October 2017.

Introduction moved to User: Zanygenius/About me#Introduction


Special:Global Contributions/log

Achievements and Statistics

  • Edits:315+ a whole lot more
  • Created Pages: 7
  • Time on WV :1 year 11 months
  • WV Rank: Numbered Editor[1]

THIS SECTION WILL MOVE TO User:Zanygenius/About me#History LATER THIS EVENING. Does this section seem like its messy or missing something? I might have already moved or edited it.

Now, I try to help out as much as I can.

From 5/27/2017 to 5/30/2017, I was "suspected of userpage spam" by an automatic wiki-bot, and the consensus found me innocent, thankfully, and now everything normal again!

During the Holiday Season (Late November 2017-Early January 2018) I was very unactive, and now I'm making a comeback. I feel really bad about this guys

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Glad to help![edit]

If there is something you want to know of, contact my talk page. If I made a questionable edit, contact my talk page. Either way, I'm here for you. You may also invite me to throw in my two cents on a disputable page, and try to fix it. Here for you all.


As a newbie editor, I know how hard it can be to successfully fix a page while making it neat. Linked here is a list of WikiVoyage:Templates to use in a pinch.


<--If you choose to nominate me for something, do so here, and someone will notice. (like I should be nominated for anything, because I am a nobody)-->

Article Status[edit]

This itinerary to Zanygenius is a star article. It covers the route completely with great information and visuals. If you know of something that has changed, please plunge forward and help it grow!

Status History[edit]

  • From 17:53 to 20:08 on May 8(2hr 15min), this article was an outline itinerary
  • From 20:08 to 20:54 on May 8(0hr 46min), this article was an guide itinerary
  • From 20:54 (may 8)to 16:57 (may 11) (2 days 20hr), this article was an usable itinerary
  • From 16:57 on May 11 to 02:17 (2 days 10hr)) on May 14, this article was an guide itinerary


Thanks for Visiting!!

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  1. Wikivoyage Main. The WikiVoyage Homepage, the central nervous system

2. Special: Zanygenius Talk (My Talk). Come chat with me

3. Special: Zanygenius contributions (My contributions). my contribution and log page

4. User: Sandbox. Where I can doodle the page, and make pages. To creat your own sandbox: ser:[your username]/Sandbox

Discussion on defining district borders for User: is underway. If you know the city, please share your opinion on the talk page

5. Special:NewPages. The page to visit so I can see if I can help baby pages grow.

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  1. You have certain levels to work up through, from lowest to highest: Numbered Editor, Named Editor and Admin