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Greetings. My name is André Carrotflower. I got my start at the old site, as many of us did, and now I am pleased to be here on Wikivoyage.

"André" is a Gallicization of my given name, Andrew (language, and the French language in particular, is my area of academic study). I use "Carrotflower" in homage to this.

I'm a native of Williamsville, New York who currently resides in the Cold Spring area of Buffalo. In my spare time, I am also an amateur photographer; some of my work can be found gracing the pages to which I've contributed or at commons:Category:Original works by Andre Carrotflower.

I've visited 37 of the 50 states of the USA plus the District of Columbia, and seven Canadian provinces. I consider Québec my second home.

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Completed Wikivoyage projects

  • Districting the Buffalo, New York article into seven districts in advance of its term as Destination of the Month — completed May 31, 2015; Buffalo was DotM in June 2015.

Ongoing Wikivoyage projects

  • Merging translated information from fr:Gaspésie into Gaspé Peninsula with an eye to featuring the latter as OtBP — in progress, goal for completion is summer 2019.
  • Writing itineraries for self-guided tours through some of Buffalo's more interesting neighborhoods, such as downtown, Elevator Alley, Allentown, and the Delaware DistrictHistoric Churches of Buffalo's East Side completed in tandem with Buffalo/East Side on May 31, 2015; others forthcoming.
  • Writing articles for Buffalo's six inner-ring suburbs — articles currently exist, but in outline form.

Future Wikivoyage projects

See also User:AndreCarrotflower/Future articles to create.

  • Reorganizing Buffalo's district articles, further subdividing the current seven overlong district articles (see below) — goal for completion is summer 2019, with a view to a Buffalo district article as OtBP
  • Translating the articles for which I am a Docent into French and Spanish for fr: and es: — no particular target date for completion

Notable travels

  • October 2018 — return to Montreal and the Laurentides.
  • September 2016 — Triumphant return to Montréal.

Future travel plans

Spain in some form or fashion, Bermuda, a return to Manitoba (possibly to coincide with the Icelandic Festival in Gimli), a return to Quebec City and the Gaspésie, Åland

Areas of expertise

I am the docent of the Wikivoyage articles on Buffalo, New York (and its districts) and Clarence, New York, with more to come in the future. In addition to this, I have a good working knowledge of the Niagara Frontier region of New York State (in particular Erie and Niagara Counties), the Regional Municipality of Niagara in Ontario, and (of course) Québec. Any fellow Wikivoyagers who need information or assistance on these topics are encouraged to leave me a message on my Talk page.