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The Wikigames have begun!
This is where we can mess around, and have some wiki-fun while we are on our free time. But if you think this is irrelevant to Wikipedia, you are right, only, partially right.
Newcomers--- When I meet a newcomer, or someone with a lack of experience, I invite them here so we can communicate and get to know one another in a friendly environment so I can touch them in just the right way that they'll become better editors, but they don't get hurt in the process. Chess is include here, espically because its a slow, calm game, which brings back to friendliness. ( See "don't bite the newcomers" article)
You are welcome to start a game by all means, even if you are somebody I don't know, but have been on here for a long time. Remember, if you can read this, than you can play!


Ask to start a fresh game!

A. This is a fair space, so no unsportsman like, or unproper character or actions here.
 1. Profane actions will be trouble some!
 2. Any thing seen as violence, or hate, (such as threats) will be condemned.
B. How to play
 1. Move your piece (white) diagonal on your turn. You may jump an opponent, but you can't suash them!
 2. Jumping captures the pieces, so do as much as possible. (NOT ACTUAL JUMPING THOUGH, just move your piece over the other.
 3.  Play is finished when one side is 100% captured.

If you understand the rules,

Click the blue link to play here!