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Viña del Mar is a beach resort town close to Santiago in Central Chile. It's the most important beach in the country. It plays host to a famous music festival every year in late-February.

Get in


By bus


Beyond frequent coach bus service between Santiago and Viña. Numerous operators, abundant seating, about a 90-minute ride (but considerably longer if there's traffic) for approximately 5000 pesos one way (June 2020). The buses depart from Santiago at Pajaritos Station (Line 1 of Metro Station) or Universidad de Santiago Station, is recommendable to do it from Pajaritos Station if you want to avoid the stop over from Universidad de Santiago and the ride within the city. The 2 main lines that travel to Viña del Mar are Turbus and Pullman Bus. The bus will drop you at Rodoviario Viña del Mar (Viña del Mar Bus Station), which is 3 blocks east of Downtown (Valparaiso Street 1055). Taxis are available at this point, but if you want to save some money, walk east to Plaza de Viña, and ask for transportation to your destination.

Airlines also often provide free transportation by bus to Vina del Mar.

By train


Merval has frequent service from Valparaiso (534-595 pesos) and from other destinations in the country side of Viña del Mar such as: Quilpue (762-846 pesos), Villa Alemana (762-846 pesos) and Limache (1004-1118 pesos) (June 2020). For using metro and train services you must purchase a Metro/Train Card (2000 pesos with 500 pesos ready to use), available at the kiosk in the stations. Once you get the card you have to slide it when you get in and when you get out to station (destination), there is not flat rate, each route has a different price and also varies according when you've started your journey (peak periods: 06:30–09:30, 17:00–20:00; shoulder periods: 06:00–6:30, 09:30–10:30, 13:00–14:00, 16:00–17:00, 20:00–21:00; low periods: 10:30–13:00, 14:00–16:00, 21:00–23:59). In Vina del Mar you will find 5 stations. From Valparaiso to the countryside are: Recreo (main residential area), Ecuador (Southern Downtown), Downtown close to Quinta Vergara, Hospital Station and El Salto (industrial area).

Get around

Map of Viña del Mar



Small cars that run routes throughout the city charge around 650 pesos (June 2020) for a ride. They are quicker and more comfortable than the buses.



Buses (called La Micro) go to all parts of town from 380 pesos (June 2020). There's not really a guide with all the routes and their destination so the best way to find the one you need is to ask around.


La Quinta Vergara
  • La Quinta Vergara - a beautiful garden with trees and plants from all over the world. Inside the park you can find the arena La Quinta Vergara, home to the yearly Festival de Viña takes places every year in the last week of February. The festival always marks the end of the summer in Chile and popular in the entire country.
  • Plaza del Reloj/Parque Reloj de Flores - the landmark of Viña del Mar which is a watch made of flowers and working. A lot of tourist takes pictures there and close to the beach so definitely a must for all visitors.
  • Castilo Wulff - headquarters of Unidad de Patrimonio of Viña del Mar (City Hall Patrimony Unit). Built by the German immigrant Gustavo Wulff in 1917 after buying the land from another German living in Chile at that time. Considered as a landmark as well in Viña del Mar and close to the famous street "Paseo Arabe". But if you ask the locals why it's famous, very few know why. But the place around Castillo Wulff offers great view of the beach and the sea for those who likes to take photos.
A view of the beach at Viña del Mar
  • Near the north end of the beach there is an open air museum of naval artillery. Avoid taking pictures without asking permission from staff.
  • Museo Artequin en Viña del Mar, Alcalde Prieto Nieto 500, Parque Potrerillos, +56 32 297 3637. A museum of reproductions of representative works from Western artists, which through an interactive educational methodology, aims to boost the interest in art and creativity in visitors.



Spend time on the numerous beaches found along the coast. They are quite pretty but not very friendly for swimming.

Viña del Mar has a casino, so if you like gambling, this is the right city for you. The Casino and Hotel Enjoy of Viña del Mar is at Avenida San Martín 199, near the mouth of the Marga-Marga River.

If you are in Viña del Mar during February, there is a music festival taking place in Quinta Vergara. If you get tickets, you will be able to see both Chilean, Latin American and other Internationally known artists that have been invited. Besides music it also contains stand-up acts so it can be good to have knowledge in Chilean Spanish to understand when music is not played. Because it's marking the end of the summer, the atmosphere in the city and the area of the festival is very good.

If you like football then Everton de Viña del Mar has something to offer. Founded by English immigrants from Liverpool, it's unknown why they named it Everton. Some believe that it was named after a toffee brand and others think after the English Premiership team Everton FC. They play their home matches in Estadio Sausalito and has a fierce rivalry with Santiago Wanderers from Valparaíso. If you buy tickets, always buy in neutral section rather than where the ultras known as "barras" have their sections.





A very popular treat in Viña del Mar is the alfajor, a typical Argentinean/Uruguayan type of cookie that has also popularized in the village. They can be purchased in several small pastry shops around the downtown area. Usually, alfajores are filled with manjar, fruit, or other sweets and then covered in chocolate. They are a delight for the visitor. Boxes with large quantities make memorable souvenirs, if they make it home.


  • 1 El Guaton, Av. Valparaíso 380.
  • 2 Mahuel, Villanelo 167.
  • 3 La Sazón de Viana venezolana, Viana 967, local 3.
  • 4 La Pica Del Pepe, La Marina 1120-1200.
  • 5 Pronto Copec, Av. Francisco Soza Cousiño 140-148.
  • 6 Donde Las Papas Queman, 12 Nte. 1171.
  • 7 Terrazita Restobar, 13 norte 1063.

in Concón

  • 8 Empanadas Donde Huayi, San Pedro 8.
  • 9 Guadalupe Restaurant, Las Encinas 1390, local 9.
  • 10 Donde elmarko, 898, El Jardín Ote. 802.
  • 11 "Pueblo Viejo", Cortés 700-798.
  • 12 Shawarma Estambul, Av. Concón Reñaca 396.


  • 13 Restaurant Cholos, Von Schroeder 285.
  • 14 Pecado Del Inka, 12 Nte. 1114.
  • 15 Txipirón Restaurant, 6 Nte. 96.

in Concón

  • 16 Alto Mar by La Gatita (The Kitten), 198, A Morales 100 (Camino Costero). An excellent seafood restaurant. It specialises in such typical dishes as Machas a la parmesana y Reineta (Clams with fried Reineta - a local fish).


  • 17 Tierra de Fuego, Playa Acapulco - 8 Nte. 65.
  • 18 Chez Gerald, Av. Perú 496.
  • 19 Fellini, 3 Norte 88 Esquina, 6 Pte.



Good and cheap accommodation is available throughout the city in residenciales (the local B & B). Early reservations are highly recommended during the summer months when the city gets flooded with holiday makers from Argentina and Santiago.

Stay safe

  • Avoid walking alone in the parks when it's dark. Use your common sense and choose more populated streets with more lights rather than taking a shortcut through a dark park.
  • Viña del Mar has a big problem with street dogs and many can carry diseases with them. Avoid touching them and as best, give them some food if you want.
  • Stay alert and be careful with fraud which is a common criminal offense against tourist. Also avoid all unofficial currency exchange and choose only official ones even if the queue is long.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help from the Carabineros, the Chilean police. But don't expect them to talk any other languages than Spanish. As mentioned before when it comes to Chile, avoid trying to bribe them or giving them hints that you want to bribe them. It will cause you trouble since the Carabineros will see it as an insult. They can be trusted and will help you as much as they can (as long as you speak Spanish).


  • There are some guards at the beaches but from March to November the beach season is officially over.
  • Stay near the beach when swimming, most of the people who drown are those who can actually swim. Many of them go out too far and the power of the waves have surprised many of them unfortunately.
  • While bathing during off-season from March to November is not forbidden, you're doing it at your own risk. Authorities won't take responsibility if something happens to you or any related.



If you want to use a toilet there are some public ones on the streets and near the beaches but also in restaurants. They charge a fee but most of them are dirty. If you can, ask the staff in the casino if you can use the toilet. Being a foreign tourist will make it easier.

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    • Valparaiso - just next to Vina Del Mar - the old port and city

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