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Visa summary for EU citizens

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This is a summary list of visa requirements for countries, designed to tell EU citizens where they can go without a visa, where they can get a visa on arrival and where they need to apply for a visa. Designed to be useful for people travelling round a continent wanting a simple reference document. Doing research into visa information for all nationalities is a mammoth task so this page is EU citizens only. Please note that different rules apply for certain territories for Irish citizens.

Visa summary[edit]

Country Visa required Maximum stay Vehicle requirements
Albania Albania No 90 days None
Andorra Andorra No 90 days None
Argentina Argentina No 90 days None
Armenia Armenia No 180 days ?
Australia Australia eVisitor, free visa applied on-line for stays up to 90 days. None
Bolivia Bolivia No 90 days annually (30 days initially, can then be extended for free)
Brazil Brazil No 90 days None
Brunei Brunei No 30 days Carnet de Passages
Canada Canada No, but eTA required if entering by air. EU citizens from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania without biometric passport, Poland without biometric passport and Romania need a full visa. 6 months None
Chile Chile No 90 days None
China China Yes, though air transit passengers can make short visits to a few major cities without a visa generally 30 days for tourist visas Vehicle Entry Permit, not obtainable at the border, arrange in advance. You will be given temporary Chinese drivers license and registration.
Costa Rica Costa Rica No 90 days None
Cote d'Ivoire Cote d'Ivoire Yes 90 days None
Croatia Croatia No 90 days None
East Timor East Timor No 90 days ?
El Salvador El Salvador No 90 days None
Gambia Gambia No, although citizens of France, Portugal and Spain get a visa on arrival. 90 days ?
Greenland Greenland No ? None
Guatemala Guatemala No 90 days None
Guinea Guinea Yes 90 days None
Honduras Honduras No 90 days None
Hong Kong Hong Kong No 90 days
India India Yes. Citizens of EU countries except Italy can use an Electronic Tourist Visa (fee: US$48) or obtain a visa from an Indian Consulate [formerly dead link] 30 days (electronic visa) or 180 days (most sticker visas) Carnet de Passages
Indonesia Indonesia No 30 days (for visa-free entry)

30 days extendable to 60 days with visa-on-arrival ($25)

Carnet de Passages
Iran Iran Yes, available upon arrival except for Danish citizens 30 days Carnet de Passages
Israel Israel No 90 days None
Japan Japan No 90 days (extendable once for Austria, Germany, and Ireland) None
Kenya Kenya Yes, except for Cyprus 90 days None
Kosovo Kosovo No 90 days (extendable once for Austria, Germany, and Ireland) None
Malaysia Malaysia No 90 days Carnet de Passages
Macau Macau No 90 days
Mexico Mexico No. 180 days None
Monaco Monaco No ? None
Mongolia Mongolia Yes, except for Germany 30 days ?
Morocco Morocco No 90 days None
Namibia Namibia Yes, except for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden 3 months ?
New Zealand New Zealand No 90 days None
Nicaragua Nicaragua No 90 days ?
Paraguay Paraguay No 90 days Carnet de Passages
Peru Peru No 183 days Carnet de Passages
the Philippines Philippines No 21 days without a visa
Russia Russia 72 hours visa free entry when visiting by some cruises. Otherwise a visa is always required. 30 day single entry tourist visa €35 (longer visas available) Green Insurance Card, Customs declaration
San Marino San Marino No None
Seychelles Seychelles No 90 days ?
Singapore Singapore No 30 days (Extension possible for a fee of S$40) Carnet de Passages
South Africa South Africa No, except for citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia who need visas. 90 days except for citizens of Cyprus, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia who can stay for up to 30 days. Carnet de Passages
South Korea South Korea No 90 days Carnet de Passages
Thailand Thailand No. But The new Thailand eVisa will be prelaunched in the UK, France, China, and the UAE. 30 days if coming from air, 15 days if coming from land (Tourist visas are available if you want to stay longer. Single entry visa gives 60 days, double entry tourist visa gives two times 60 days) None
Turkey Turkey No, except citizens of Austria, Belgium, Republic of Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain, all of whom can get a visa on arrival for €15 (free for Maltese citizens) 90 days (30 days for Republic of Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) None
Taiwan Taiwan No 90 days None
Ukraine Ukraine No 90 days None
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates No, except for Ireland. 90 days None
United Kingdom United Kingdom No Generally 6 months; unlimited for Irish citizens. Proof of insurance
the United States United States ESTA, US$14 visa applied online for stays up to 90 days. [1]. ESTA is possible for citizen of all EU countries with the exception of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland and Romania. 90 days None
Uruguay Uruguay No 90 days Carnet de Passages
the Vatican City Vatican City No Advance permission required
Venezuela Venezuela No 90 days Temporary import visa will be issued for foreign registered vehicles. Carnet is NOT required.
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