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Being a bureaucrat here doesn't make you better than anyone else

A bureaucrat (seldom: "bureacraut," 'crat", better: "soulless functionary") is a user who, beyond having gained the trust to be an administrator, has been trusted with further responsibilities.

Just like an administrator, a bureaucrat has no formal power or leading status, but has been trusted with tools which could be dangerous in the wrong hands. The number of bureaucrats shall be kept to an absolute minimum and new bureaucrats should only be appointed if the current bureaucrats do not have time to perform their tasks or have asked to have their bureaucrat rights revoked.

Bureaucrat status is granted per language version. Sometimes, a language version will only have one bureaucrat, who must be an administrator in good standing. Stewards can handle requests for languages that do not have a bureaucrat.


  • Enable administrator privileges for a user after they've successfully gone through the nomination process
  • Enable bureaucrat privileges for a user after they've successfully gone through the nomination process
  • Remove administrator privileges for a user after a nomination for removal of privileges
  • Assign bot status to script owners

How-to for bureaucrats

Assign or remove administrator or bot status at Special:UserRights

Current bureaucrats

Wikivoyage has 3 bureaucrats. The full list of bureaucrats can be found at Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat. The following are the most active of the existing bureaucrats, and thus the easiest people to contact with bureaucrat-related requests:

Click the links below to see lists of bureaucrats for other language versions:


  • The rights log shows the assignments of administrator and bot flags, as well as autopatroller flags.


Bureaucrats who are inactive for a year and don't perform any admin or bureaucrat actions within that year will have their bureaucrat status removed due to inactivity.

Bureaucrats cannot remove the bureaucrat flag; this must be done at m:SRP on Meta by a steward.

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