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Thank you for your interest in contacting Wikivoyage. Before proceeding, some important disclaimers:

  1. Wikivoyage has no central editorial board; contributions are made by a large number of volunteers at their own discretion. Edits are not the responsibility of the Wikimedia Foundation (the organisation that hosts the site) nor of its staff.
  2. If you have questions about the concept of Wikivoyage rather than a specific problem, the About Wikivoyage article may help.


Wikivoyage is written almost exclusively by volunteers — people from across the world, just like you. This means that sometimes it contains incorrect information, either accidentally or deliberately.

If you find some incorrect information, there are a few things you can do. First, you can fix it yourself! Anyone can edit Wikivoyage. Just hit the "edit" button on the top right of the page, make the correction, and hit "Save page". If you want to learn more about editing, try our help pages.

Article subjects[edit]

If you believe information about your business or your organization is incomplete, inaccurate, or biased, there are several avenues for you to discuss the issue with Wikivoyage's editorial community.

Wikivoyage does not have a centralised author or content reviewer, and our content is maintained by volunteer editors. The people who have edited or who monitor your article are probably the best first point of contact. They can sometimes be reached by leaving a note detailing your issues on the article's "talk" page. This can be found by clicking the "talk" link at the top of your article. Once you're there, click the "new section" tab to the right of that. This will create a new section, where you can post your specific comments or concerns. Click "Save page", and your new section will be added immediately.

If leaving a message on the talk page does not help, you can leave a message in the Pub, which is more frequently monitored.


Do you want to use something you've found on Wikivoyage? Wikivoyage is a freely licensed travel guide; most of our content can be copied and used for any purpose. The exception to this is content used as "fair use". Fair use media is clearly identified if you go to the page about that file; you should see that the file is identified as "fair use under United States copyright law. Other uses of this image, on Wikivoyage or elsewhere, might be copyright infringement" in the "Licensing" section. Fair use text should be marked explicitly as a quotation. All other content should be freely licensed and open for your use as long as you meet the licensing conditions. For specifics, see our page on reusing Wikivoyage content. We try hard to identify the sources and licenses of all media such as text, images or sounds used in our encyclopedia articles. Still, we cannot guarantee that all media are used or marked correctly. If an image description page states that an image was in the public domain, you should still check yourself whether that claim appears correct and decide for yourself whether your use of the image would be acceptable under the laws applicable to you.

Are you concerned that something you've found here is in breach of copyright? If you're worried that we're using your copyrighted works improperly, you can leave a message in our "Travellers' pub".


Wikivoyage and its fellow sites are hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in the United States. Sites like Google or Yahoo are hosted on thousands of servers, with thousands of employees; we have around 800 servers and 150 staff, and cover our costs through donations—almost all from members of the public.

If you're interested in donating to Wikivoyage, you can do so here. If you've got questions about where your money goes, what we spend it on or what our plans are for the future, you can find out here. Should you have any problems donating, or other questions, please email .

Press and partnerships[edit]

If you are a member of the press looking to contact the Wikimedia Foundation, our press department can be contacted at , or by phoning +1 415-839-6885. We also have international contacts, some of whom work for various affiliated organisations and some of whom are editors. Our press room contains more information, along with materials about Wikivoyage, the Wikimedia Foundation, and other projects it hosts. If you work for an organisation that is interested in a cultural partnership with Wikivoyage, the Wikimedia Foundation, or one of its affiliated bodies, there is an outreach page on cultural partnerships where you can propose new ones or get in touch with experienced outreach volunteers. For business development opportunities or proposals, please contact .

For general questions about the Wikimedia Foundation or its work, please email .

Everything else[edit]

If none of the above options are appropriate for your concern you can email, and your message will go into a queue that will be addressed by OTRS agents.

Disclaimer: E-mail to this address is reviewed and responded to by volunteers from the user community. Please understand that the Foundation cannot guarantee confidential treatment of any sensitive information you include in your message.