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This is a project for developing formats and specific policies for articles relating to cruising on small craft, and anything else that may be necessary for developing a cruising guide on Wikivoyage.


  • Cruising boaters would benefit by a way to crowdsource their own experiences and tips. Until now, the only way they had to do it was to write articles for each other. There are advantages to a wiki article as compared to a dead tree article.
  • Wikivoyage is a suitable platform for this project. It has appropriate resources and the concept is within our goals
  • It is preferable to develop some guidelines for structure and formatting before creating large numbers of articles, as this will save time and reduce misunderstanding and conflict later.
  • It is desirable to fit the cruising articles into the existing article structural framework where appropriate, Extensions are probably neccessary.


  • Create guidelines for structure of cruising articles
  • Develop a recommended format/article templates for cruising articles
  • Develop a naming convention for cruising articles

Crew list.[edit]

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Things to do[edit]

  1. Discuss and develop a Wikivoyage:Cruising Expedition/Structure for cruising articles.