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Cruising destination articles[edit]

Dummy cruising destination article

  1. A destination is a place to leave your boat, such as an anchorage or a marina. A city may have several destinations for boaters which can be combined in an article, or split if there is sufficient information to justify this. Sub-articles may be a suitable format for discussing the deatails of a specific anchorage or marina. They may be idenfied by name if there is a generally accepted one, or by name of the best suited landmark on the relevant chart and lat/long if no name exists.
  2. A description of a place must include how to get there on the water. We cite water depths, tides, buoy numbers, drawbridge schedules, navigational hazards and lots of other technical information. Boaters need to see that stuff in an article.
  3. Some destinations we never go on shore at all. Others we do, and they are identified by where we can land boats or dinghies. Points of interest are limited to those places within walking distance or public transportation of the landing spot. This is why a large place like Miami may be though of as dozens of independent destinations by boaters.
  4. Information on where to buy boating equipment and repairs is too specialized to be of interest to most Wikivoyage users but is of great importance to boaters. This information should be included in a cruising article.
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Cruising itinerary articles[edit]

Cruising travel topics[edit]

Suggested articles:

  • Anchoring
  • Antifouling
  • Drying out between tides
  • etc...