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It is sometimes necessary to merge one page into another. Sometimes there are two articles written for one destination under slightly different names. Occasionally it will make sense to cover more than one small destination under the name of a larger area. Other times an article has been written that does not meet our article criteria, and that content needs to be moved (e.g., an article about the Louvre would need to be merged into Paris/1st arrondissement). Whatever the cause, doing a merge is relatively straightforward:


Unless the need for a merge is really obvious, it may be worthwhile to start a discussion before doing a merge. To do so, simply add the merge template to the top of the article you are intending to do away with, and explain on that article's talk page why it should be merged into the other.


Simply cut and paste the relevant content from the merge candidate to the merge target! Try to integrate the content well, so the merge target does not read awkwardly post-merge. For attribution purposes, you must give a link to the article you copied the content from in the summary section. In addition, add Template:Mergecredit to the top of the talk page for the article which content was merged to. For example:

{{mergecredit|Original article name}} produce a message like:



The last step is to turn the now empty article into a redirect to the merge target.

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