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Cities from Arunachal Pradesh#Cities[edit]

Star Guide Usable Outline Redlink
Article Status To do
Itanagar Outline Very sparse, especially for a state capital's article.
Bhalukpong Outline Has a bit of information, but not close to enough to be Usable. The content in "Connect" seems to be left over from when the subtitle was "Contact" and confused editors into recommending people to contact. Perhaps these are useful people to contact, but why, and where should this information be put?
Bomdila Outline Needs more content.
Deomali Outline The intro to the "See" section (which I just moved from "Get around" - yet another example of the expression "Get around" being misunderstood; I think it has a different meaning in India) is a good kernel, but almost all of the rest of the template is empty.
Dirang Outline 4 sights with descriptions and a hotel, and that's it; every other section is blank.
Pasighat Redlink
Rupa Redlink
Tawang Outline This is the kernel of a good article. The writing style is pretty good and there's good background information plus a bit more, and some nice photos. It needs to be better organized and more information is needed for some listings, such as more specific locations. It's of secondary importance for this project for this article to be made truly Usable, but it would be nice.
Valukpong Redlink
Yingkiong Outline Straightforward, but hardly an article at present.