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Cities from Telangana#Cities[edit]

More cities have been added to the article and are not yet in this table.

Star Guide Usable Outline Redlink
Article Status To do
Hyderabad Usable This has the makings of a very good article, as it's rather comprehensive in scope and contains a lot of good writing. However, it is definitely properly classified as Usable, not yet a Guide. The remaining tasks that look most pressing are to make the sections about transportation ("Get in" and "Get around") more user-friendly - which may require deleting some information and restructuring other information to avoid walls of text - and completing location info and descriptions in listings, from "See" on. Turning this article into a Guide and nominating it for a Destination of the month feature would be a good accomplishment, and it looks to be in reach.
Adilabad Outline Interesting article, but it needs more content.
Bhadrachalam Outline Bhadrachalam seems to be an important place of Hindu pilgrimage. The article needs a thorough copy edit, with other edits to make the article easier to read. Improving this article to a truly Usable level should be at least a moderate priority for this project.
Bhongir Outline Extremely lacking in content.
Karimnagar Outline From the beginning of the article: "Karimnagar is a district of Telangana..." So if it's a district, should it be listed as a city in the Telangana article? It's listed as having its own cities, so I think it truly is a district and should not be listed as a city anywhere. In any case, the article is a mess in quite a few ways.
Khammam Outline I think the first steps toward improving this article to Usability would involve copy editing, addition of location info, and addition of more content.
Mancherial Outline Super-listy! More information than just names is needed; some sections are completely empty. Wikivoyage:Small city article template has good descriptions of how to edit.
Nalgonda Outline Some content in "See," but most other sections are blank.
Nirmal Outline Extremely lacking in content. In addition, the "Understand" section is used verbatim on many websites; who knows which one was first? However, regardless, the section should be edited.
Nizamabad Outline Also greatly lacking in content, and what's there needs a thorough copy edit.
Warangal Outline Some sections are lacking in information, and it needs copy editing.